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The info below, sent in by a volunteer, was abstracted from the book "History of Waverly, N.Y. & Vicinity", written by Captain Charles L. Albertson. A non-circulating copy of "History of Waverly, N.Y." is the genealogy section of Steele Memorial Library, in Elmira, Chemung County, N.Y.

No further info was in the book other than their names, and names appear in the order of the original list. Most of these people owned land, so there should be records of deeds for them at the Tioga County Courthouse. Some of them might not have land but had enough money or stock that it was taxable. Contact the Tioga County Historical Society for further information about people listed and how to do deed research in Tioga County.

Assessment Roll of the Real and Personal Estate in the town of Barton, in the county of Tioga, State of New York, made by Squire Whitaker, James Swartwood and William H. Brown, Assessors of said town for the year 1849.

Andress, James V.
Albright, Jacob
Albright, James
Albright, Adam
Albright, Isaac
Avery, Charles P.
Bowman, Absalom
Bennett, Stephen
Baldwin, Francis
Brigham, Edward
Beekman, Isaac
Benedick, John
Brigham, Elmer
Bristol, Nathan
Barns, Hiram
Brooks, T.J.
Barker, John
Brougham, Aaron
Brooks, Alexander
Brooks & Co.
Beard, Henry
Bensley, William
Bryant, Daniel
Brinkerhoff, J.J.
Barnes, Isaac
Brock, Joseph
Bingham, Charles
Brown, Christopher
Bruster, Clark
Bruster, O.M.
Brown, Daniel V.
Brown, Kelsy
Blue, Jesse
Blue, Samuel
Brown, Chester
Brown, Julius
Brown, D.W.
Brown, Avery
Bruster, Mary L.
Brown, William H.
Brown, Jacob J.
Barden, Ira
Barden, Charles
Barden, Margaret
Barden, Salmon
Barden, Albert
Barden, Levi
Barden, Ahira
Batchelor, Nelson
Barden, Stephen
Bennett, George
Bensly, John
Bartron, Joseph
Bartron, Joseph Jr.
Bare, Nicholas
Bloodgood, Hiram
Bloodgood & Fitch
Bensly, David
Bensley, Daniel
Cahill, John
Clute, Jacob
Case, John
Crain, Nathaniel
Crane, Adam
Curtis, Robert
Camp, H.W.
Crotsley, Joseph
Cruts & Crotsley
Cooly, Stephen B.
Cortright, J.D.
Cashada, Alexander
Cashada, John
Cashada, Elizabeth
Cole, John
Cary, Arnold
Cary, William
Cortright, Abraham
Cortright, Levi
Cortright, William E.
Cashada, Timothy
Cure, D.B.
Canfield, Lewis
Cumber, Solomon
Crausmer, Nathan
Coleman, D.V.
Carl, Harvey
Coleman, Alfred
Carey, Ezra
Carr, Alanson
Crotsley, Willard
Conklin, Gabriel
Crotsley, Lewis
Davis, B.H.
Davis, Adam
Davis, Henry V.
Dunning, Jacob P.
Dean, A.C.
Dickerson, George
Dewitt, Andrew
Dickerson, John B.
Delany, Moses
Deo, Isaac
DeForest, Samuel A.
DeForest, Charles
Dunbar, Nathan
Denslow, William
Daily, William
Dickerson, Jonathan
Drake, Jedediah
Drake, Joseph
Drake, Benjamin
Darke, Benjamin Jr.
Davenport, David
Davenport, Alonzo
Dewitt, Stephen
Ellis, Benjamin
Ellis, Joseph
Ellis, John
Ellis, Seeley
Ellis, Alexander
Ellis, Charles B.
Ellis, Ira D.
Ellis, Christopher
Ellis, William T.
Edgcomb, G.G.
Ellison, William
Ellison, John
Ellison, G. & W.
Edwards, Elias
Edgcomb, Brinkerhoff & Co.
Edgcomb, G. & L.
Evenden, Robert
Edson, Levi
Evelin & Edgcomb
Edwards, Philo
Elston, Jenkins
Everett, J.B.
Freemire, Wm. M.
Field, Jedediah
Fincher, Delia
Fitch, Asa A.
Foster, Franklin
Fox, Robert
Fitzgerald, James
Fordham, Silas
Fairchild, Daniel
Fairchild, Rice
Fordham, S. Perkins
Finch, Philip
French, James
French, Robert
Fitch, L.
Fitzgerald, Jacob
Foster, Philander
Follett, Josiah
Field, Noah
Farling, William H.
Fuller, Martin
Fuller, Allen
Fleming, E.S.
Frisby, Charles
Forsyth, Henry E.
Fassett, Joseph W.
Foster, Ebenezer
Foster, Samuel
Galloway, William L.
Gregory, William
Giltner, Jacob
Grafft, Isaac H.
Goodwin, Floyd H.
Golden, Benjamin
Golden, Nathaniel
Gee, William
Gee, John
Gee, Parker
Gee, Philemon
Gee, Joseph
Genung, Nathaniel
Giltner, Francis
Giltner, John
Giltner, William
Georgia, Eliza B.
Giles, Harrison
Howard, Charles
Hulett, Milo
Hulett, Job
Hamlin, Isaac
Hallett, Joseph E.
Hallett, Gilbert
Hay, Conrad
Hancock, Jerry
Harsh, Charles
Hinman, William
Hedges, Robert
Harford, Jackson
Hyatt, Pierre
Horton, Micah
Hyatt, John
Hanna, George
Hanna, William
Hanna, Seely
Hallock, Daniel B.
Hill, Elisha E.
Hill, Thomas W.
Hill, Miriam
Hill, Armanda
Hill, Mahala
Hedges, Lyon
Hedges, Christopher
Hedges, Esther
Harding, James W.
Harding, Reuben
Hyatt, Ezekiel
Hutchins, Samuel D.
Hubbel, Volney
Hedges, Sylvanus
Hedges & Hoyt
Hedges, John
Hollenback, Richard
Hess, Samuel
Hess, Abraham
Hoyt, E.H.
Hamilton, Thomas A.
Hamilton, Simon
Hanard, Josiah
Hamlton, Josiah
Hamilton, Ellen
Holister, J.L.
Hoyt, Sidney
Hoyt, E.D.
Hoyt, J.T.
Hoyt, J.S.
Hanford, Lewis
Hanford, Henry
Hoyt, B.A.
Hoyt, J.S.
Howell, S.H.
Horton, John J.
Hole, John
Horton, John
Hamilton, L.D.
Holt, Charles B.
Hill, Owen
Hanna, John J.
Hubbel, Lucius
Hubbel, Lydia
Hevener, John
Harford, Peter
Hash, James R.
Howland, Joshua
Hollenbeck, George B.
Islett, Lewis
Johnson, Cyrus
Jarvis, Alvah
Jarvis, Jared
Johnson, Thomas F.
Johnson, William
Jones, Morgan R.
Johnson, Washington
Kingsworth, Leonard
King, James
Kirk, Freelove
King, William H.
King, Willard
King, George
Knapp, William
Kline, Barnabas
Kishpaugh, Jonas
Kinkle, Jacob
Kishpaugh, Joseph
Lane, William A.
Lyons, Justus Jr.
Lowery, Philetus
Little, Archibald
Lott, Allen
Lyons, Ann
Lyons, Jonathan C.
Lyons, Ransom
Larnard, Moses
Levis, R.P.
Lyons, Henry
Lambert, John
Lippencot, Isaac
Lunn, Elias
Lott, William
Larnard, Urseph
Mead, Montgomery
Mandeville, E.S.
Myers, Henry C.
Mulock, Lewis W.
Maloy, Peter
Mills, Lewis
Manners, William
Moore, Joseph
Manning, Robert
McCutcheon, Samuel Jr.
Masterson, Urial
Manning, Job
Meeker, U.
Meeker, John
Mosher, Seth
Marley, William
Moore, Amos
Mills, James T.
Minier, Solomon
McQuigg, E.H.
Masterson, Jacob
Mills, Samuel
Mills, Daniel
Nichols, Robert T.
Newkirk, Jacob
Newell, Loton
Newell, George W.
Nettleton, Heman
Nichols, Jacob I.
Newman, Jonas
Osborn, John
Overton, William H.
Owens, William P.
Osborn, Isaac
Oakley, George
Parke, John
Parke, Clarke
Parke, George
Partridge, James
Platt, John
Pennell, Gershom
Pembleton, Charles
Parker, James
PIerce, J.W.
Presher, William
Pool, Daniel
Pool, Gabriel
Parks, Joel
Payson, Charles
Quackenbush, Joseph
Russell, Jason P.
Rice, Andrew
Reading, John
Royal, M.B.
Robbins, Lucinda
Russell, Jacob H.
Rathbon, William H.
Reed, A.C.
Reed, Alfred
Reed, Mandeville
Rodgers, D.B.H.
Reed, Stephen
Rumsey, James S.
Ransom, E.D.
Root, Silas G.
Rolf, Jonathan
Ricky, George
Richards, Thomas
Raymond, Isaac L.
Raand, William
Reaves, James I.
Shepard, William
Sutton, F.H.
Shepard, Job
Shepard, Isaac
Swain, John
Shackelton, Robert
Shackelton & Hallett Store
Stowell, Aaron
Spalding, Amos
Stewart, Nelson
Strauss, Neil
Smith, Joseph
Spicer, Cela
Shepard, Isaac
Sanders, Hiram
Shackelton, John
Sanders, Jabez
Sanders, Nathan
Swartwood, Harry
Sanders, Christopher
Shelp, Jane
Shelman, George
Shelp, Freeman
Smith, Hiram
Saterlee, John
Solomons, John
Sliter, James M.
Sawyer, John L.
Sawyer, Benjamin
Sawyer, John W.
Shepard, J.L.W.
Sliter, Harvey
Shepard & Reeves Store
Soper, Jesse H.
Spalding, Owen
Shafer, Sanford
Shafer, George
Shafer & Golden
Stebbins, Abiram
Stebbins, Samuel
Smith, John
Smith, William S.
Skilling, Giles
Skilling, John
Smith, David
Smith, Lewis B.
Sawyer, Joel
Sager, Elijah
Sager, James Jr.
Sebeylor, Henry
Shoemaker, Moses
Swain, Robert
Speers, John, Factoryville
Shackelton, Benjamin
Sabine, John
Sorter, Merritt
Spear, Richard
Spear, John
Sager, Simon P.
Stewart, Ann
Stewart, Solomon
Shipman, Shaler
Schuyler, Philip C.
Schuyler, A.H.
Spear, Henry
Schoonover, William G.
Swartwood, William
Swartwood, Seely
Shoemaker, John
Smith, Gilbert
Smith, Nathan
Smith, Julia
Sibley, Samuel
Stratton, John
Shoemaker, Charles
Shoemaker, Aaron
Shoemaker, Daniel D.
Stephens, Leander
Swartwood, James
Swartwood, Ezekiel
Stone, Burgess
Tozer, Henry
Tozer, Edward
Tozer, Frederick
Tozer, A.H.
Tozer, Harris
Tozer, Elishama
Tozer, John R.
Tozer, Charles V.
Tozer, Almeron
Thayer, Martin
Tuttle, William
Tannery, James
Tew, Elisha
Thomas, Abraham
Thorp, William
Tallmadge, Sutherland
Terry, William
Taylor, Charles E.
Taylor, Eli
Taylor, Owen
Tenant, James T.
Talcott, Jerusha
Updike, Hamilton
VanDerBogart, James
Vanderlip, Ira
Vangorder, Daniel
VanAtta, William
VanDerBogart, Nathaniel
VanSike, John
VanAtta, Eliza
VanAtta, Cornelius
VanAtta, Aaron
Vandemark, Wash.
Vandemark, Henry
Vandemark, James
VanAtta, Elisha
VanAtta, Peter
VanAtta, John M.
VanDeBogart, Joseph
VanDeBogart, Peter, 1st
VanHorn, Abraham
Walker, Leander
Walker, George
Walker, Portia
Walker, Marian
Wilcox, Hutchins
Wilcox, Thomas
Whitaker, Squire
Wiggins, Silas
Wheeler, Timothy
Whitaker, James
Walker, Elias
Wilkinson, J.G.
Vanderlip, B.O.
VanAtta, Adam
VanDerBogart, John
Wright, Sylvenus
Washburn, J.G.
Woodward, Amazah
Williams, S.H.
Wilber, Eliphilet
West, Samuel
Wilbert, William B.
Wilber, Alice
Walden, John W.
Willey, James
Walden, Ladawick
Wilber, Howland
Walden, Thomas
Wilcox, Delia
Wilson, Stephen
Wheeler, Grant
Williams, Daniel
Welton, Oliver
Willis, William
Walling, Joseph
Walker, Morris
Wright, Seymour
Yates, T. and T.
Yates, Arthur
Yates & Washburn
Yaples, Albert

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