First Baptist Church of Owego, N.Y.

Rev. Wm. H. King, D.D.

Feb. 20, 1850 - Feb. 19, 1867

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Martha S. Magill


The following were copied in the mid-1950s by Miss Nellie D. Vothers, member of Beulah Patterson Brown Chapter, D.A.R., Newark Valley, N.Y. A transcription of the original lists was found in Volume 215 of miscellaneous compiled DAR records and transcriptions, on microfilm at the New York City Public Library.

A note at the top of the listings says:
"Filed in Tioga Co. Clerk's Office at Owego, N.Y. by Charles R. Dean, Sr., representing the First Baptist Church of Owego, N.Y. on Oct. 25, 1922." Susan Richardson, County Clerk (in 1922)

All spellings, some obviously misspelled, are exactly as on the original onionskin paper typescript, which had been typed on a manual typewriter. Some letters were difficult to discern on the microfilm. Words in () are in parentheses on the typescript and probably made by Miss Yothers. Words in [] are the present typist not making a guess with the microfilm. The site coordinator has no information about couples and persons mentioned below.


Feb. 20 John L. Corbin and Mary Ann Toser
Feb. 28 Owen Park and Mary Snyder
Sept. 18 Raymond L. Welles and Amelia I. Page

Jan. 6 Henry Sanderson and Mary Myer
Jan. 15 Jacob Harder and Maria Fritcher
Mch. 27 Job Robbins and Rebecca Bovier
Ap. 23 Albert B. Hay [May?] and Sarah E. Hall
July 3 Jeremiah Rolge and Sarah Green (copied in book as Ap. 3, 1851)
July 3 Peter Patterson and Elizabeth Tompson
July 9 Harrison Adams and Susan Kidder
Aug. 7 W.J. Drake and Martha C. Lane (Lain)
Aug. 28 Mr. Charles Cooper and Miss Caroline Carmer
Dec. 24 George B. Snell and Miss Lemira Parshall

Jan. 1 Luther Wood and Larenna Vangorder
Jan. 21 Daniel D.[?] Parker and Alma Pierce
Feb. 3 Mr. Robert McCutcheon and Mrs. Lorinda Bray
June 9 Henry Hewit and Phebe Averil
June 17 Abner Cary and Mrs. Mary Evert (Evert)
July 2 Mr. James Fosburgh and Miss Martha Loomis
Oct. 27 Constant Williams and Caroline E. Wolcott
Dec. 11 James Johnson, Owego and Jane Gardner, Towanda

Mch. 27 William Jackson and Mary Gere (Gore)
Mch. 30 George W. McAfee and Arsula C. Gates
June 6 George Roggers and Sarah Gillet
July 3 Theron Hollister and Elizabeth Palmer
Aug. 21 Henry L. Mingle and Wealthy A. Lane (Lain)
Sept. __ Robert R. Blivin and Sarah Hendershot
Sept. __ William Durrit and Ann Ruggles
Oct. 20 Mr. Aaron W. Fox and Miss E. (Emeline) Hull
Oct. 21 Mr. H.A. Wood and Sarah E. Merrill (Merril)
Nov. 1 Mr. Wm. Huff and Mrs. Beulah Hoose
Nov. 2 Mr. A.A. Hart and Clarrissa Allen
Dec. 22 Mr. John Fuller and Catharine Carneby

Jan. 4 Mr. Everet Delany and Miss Mary E Maloy
Jan. 14 Mr. Jacob Gordenier and Harriet Middaugh
Ap. 6 George C. West and Amanda Russell at Ulster
July 4 Henry W. Miller and Miss Electa E. Adams, Owego
Aug. 7 Riley Shirly (Shirley) and Hannah Stanton
Sept. __ Sextus B. Ross and Lovina Cornell
Sept. 29 David F. Robertson and Miss Charity Wickham
Oct. 23 William S. Forsyth and Maria D. Corbin
Nov. 1 Yetman Eaves and Phebe Woughter
Dec. 7 J.W. Cole and Ella M. Olmstead
Dec. 13 Francis A. Bliss and Mary F. Spendley at Tioga
Dec. 28 Lyman Adams and Esther D. Thatcher

Feb. 17 Mr. James Hillock and Miss Harriet Wyans
Ap. 3 Mr. Wilbur F. Wents and Miss Cornelia M. Wents
June 24 Mr. Henry W. Smith and Miss Julia E. Smith
July 4 Mr. Horace Wickham and Miss Hannah R. Bennett
July 4 Mr. Samuel Densmore and Miss Lucinda Philips
July 4 Mr. James Philips and Miss Diantha Densmore
Aug. 22 Mr. Lelotes G. Lane (Lain) and Miss Esther R. Toser
Oct. 16 Mr. Lawrence H. Scott and Miss Lydia H. Stephens
Oct. 23 Mr. Lawrence L. Burk and Emily Woughter
Oct. 23 Mr. Dana F. Park and Miss Catharine Ball
Oct. 25 Mr. Franklin McNeil and Miss Mary Jane Bishop
Oct. 30 Mr. George A. Bogart and Miss Charlotte A. Perry
Dec. 20 Mr. Judson A. Goodrich and Miss Sarah A. Williams
Dec. 20 Mr. Ethan C. Ball and Miss Hulda A. Goodrich
Dec. 30 Mr. Jacob B. Yost and Miss Mary E. Baker

Jan. 1 Mr. Eduarde Lequeira (re) and Miss Ann Horton
Feb. 6 Ephraim D. []arner and Nancy M. Kinyon
Feb. 12 Jesse Coe and Elen (Ellen) Wheeler
Ap. 23 Chester L. Houk and Jane Whiteman
May 4 William A. Stephens and Lucretia McCane
June 18 Daniel (David) Burdett Goodwill and Maria J. Hunt
Aug. 2 Amos E. Deuel and Mary J. Brown
Aug. 27 Rev. Jay Huntington and Caroline Scott
Sept. 6 David Randolph and Rachel A. Kelly
Oct. 14 Jerome B. Richardson and Rebecca Duane
Oct. 29 W.W.H. Dorsey and Elvira Vaness (colored)
Nov. 18 Silas B. Goodrich and Hannah E. Whitney
Nov. 18 Henry (Harvey) A. McCan and Harriet L. Blair
Dec. 20 John S. Orcutt and Emily Russel (Russell)
Dec. 29 C.M. LaMonte (Cornelius M. Lamont) and A.L. (Adelia L.) Woughter
Dec. 31 Thomas Smith and Mary E. Woolheater

Jan. 1 Nathan Newman Jr. and Mary E. Bowen
Jan. 1 Alexander Bailey and Mary Forbes
Feb. 14 Joseph Campbell and Sarah Newton
Feb. 17 Isaac N. Seaman and Charlotte C. Camp
Feb. 26 Wilkinson P. Kinyon and Lydia Wheeler
May 6 James P. Nichals (Nichols) and Phebe Ann Witter
May 6 Peris F. Cleveland and Patience Darling
June 9 Alfred Dodge and Mary E. Truman
June 24 Nelson Bachelor and Roxa Hollister
July 4 Wakely P. Spencer and Alma E. Truesdall
July 25 George F. Wiggins and Lucy A. Liesure
July 29 Rodrich B. Mabee (Maybee) and Nancy Worrick
Sept. 12 Andrew Settle and Phebe T. Coffin
Sept. 22 Jacob Beitelman and Sarah Jameson
Sept. 26 Arson G. Howes and Mary A. Reymour
Oct. 3 Isaac L. Potter and Clarissa M. Rodman
Oct. 12 Rev. H.W. Barnes (Barns) and Frances M. Camp
Nov. 4 Samuel Decker and Hannah E. Jones
Nov. 18 John J. King to Elvira J. Perry
Nov. 24 Horace Jones and Rachel Anthony
Dec. 15 Moses C. Olmstead and Maggie Coburn (given Dec. 24 in copy)
Dec. 24 John Willis and Cordelia A. Scott (not written in copy)

Jan. 26 Ebenezer Swift to Fanny Searles
Feb. 17 Isaac E. Orsborn to Eliza (Elisa) E.[?] Caskill
Mch. 31 Mellville A. Cole and Sarah Clark
Ap. 14 Charles H. Catlin and Hetty Ann Russell
Ap. 20 Malcolm Bliss to Frances J. Lacey (Lacy)
June 26 Willis Bogart and Rachel Williams (colored)
Sept. 2 Oliver Burton and Julia Knapp
Sept. 25 Edward M. Newton (Weston) and Juliet Williams
Nov. 3 A.J. Balsey and Priscilla Barden
Nov. 11 H.P. Johnson and Maria B. Cleaveland

Jan. 1 Jacob Romain and Ann Eliza (Elisa) Barto
Jan. 24 Israel Day and Mercy Newland
Feb. 16 Ruben B. Lawrence and Elizabeth (Elisabeth) Brooks
Feb. 17 Henry Hayes (Hays) and Mary Jane Rodman
April 20 Westbrook Probaace and Mary J. Groesbeck
July 21 E.L. Clark and Hannah E. Springer
Sept. 12 David Taylor and Jenny Kingsland
Oct. 1 John A. Killer[?] and Electa Hall
Oct. 14 Levi Terbush and Mary P. Whipple
Nov. 1 David C. Benton and Elizabeth Shoemaker
Nov. 13 Hervey (Harvey) P. Lane and Kati Lake
Nov. 23 Isaac W. Smith and Justa F. (J.) Williamson
Dec. 10 [16?] William S. Fox and Sarah Ann Lewis
Dec. 31 Charles R. Krum and Emma C. Lawrence

Jan. 12 Andrew Myers and Emeline Forbes
Jan. 20 [29?] Truman M. Hubbard and Jane A. Manley
Feb. 16 Holloway Mead and Charlotte Gage
Mch. 11 H. Fredrick Johnson and Euphemia D. Wolcott
Mch. 24 Norman Whittemore and Perna Foster
Mch. 2_ [?] George Martin and Lucy M. Doolittle
Ap. 1_[?] Mortimer Searles and Mary M. Chappel (Chapel)
May 30 Francis Elias and Betsey J. Lurcock
July 1 Sylvester Leonard and Samantha Butler
July 4 Charles C. Williams and Mehitable Heacorh (Hacock)
Aug. 7 Abram Good and KateL. Bovee
Aug. 14 Horace B. Adams and Mary E. Webster
Aug. 23 William W. Lawn and Ophelia Groesbeck
Sept. 4 Zina Beman and Polly Tyreel
Sept. 5 Charles V. Hewlett and Mary E. Chadborn
Sept. 12 Melvin Rose and Josephine L. Fritcher
Oct. 2 Asahel Sackett and Cynthia Forman
Nov. 14 Martin V. Schoonover and Mary E. Catlin
Nov. 15 Clinton Kipp and Althea C. Curtis
Nov. 15 Edward Richardson and Mary Walker
Nov. 25 John Foot and Juliet Westfall
Dec. 1 Charles D. Ledyard and Anna V. Springsteen
Dec. 8 Thomas H. Courtright and Mary J. Tilbury
Dec. 30 Stephen A. Dangs and Lavinia (Lavina) N. Willis

Jan. 30 Amos Everhart and Louisa Benedict
Feb. 6 E.H. (Edward H.) House and Kate E. Brown
Feb. 7 John Carson [Sarson?] and Agnes Hedges
Feb. 18 Stephen B. Catlin and Charlotte Doty
Feb. 21 Rodrick Hamilton and Jane Mitchel (colored)
Mch. 14 Warren S. Beecher and Charlotte A. Hull
Mch. 19 George L. Brenson and Angeline G. Stanton
Mch. 20 Adam T. Brown and Mary Crane
Ap. 17 Mead Catlin and Christianne Shaffer
May 15 Samuel Olmstead and Hannah J. Youngs
June 26 Miles N. Smith and Mary A. Cole
July 4 George A. Lawrence and Isabel Vanriper
Sept. 25 Sylvester How and Mary Miller
Oct. 2 John Sherman and Lydia Leisure
Nov. 6 John C. Cheney and Harriet E. Chamberlain (Chamberlin)
Nov. 17 Charles Ayres and Harriet Philips
Dec. 24 Edward J. Platt and Emma A. Ketcham

Jan. 1 William B. Henstought and Melissa E. (A.) Livingston
Jan. 9 Rev. James M. Roberts and Sarah A. Mead
Feb. 6 William H. Perry and Adaline S. De Groat
Feb. 20 Franklin J. Green and Harriet E. Murphey
Feb. 26 Edward P. Sadler and Deette Spencer
Mch. 20 Frederick J. Shellman and Josephine P. Ross
Ap. 4 E.B. Chadborne and Louise Goodrich
Ap. 12 John Walker and Elizabeth Johnson (colored)
Ap. 14 Andrew J. Gibbs and Mary J. Vanbuskirk
May 6 [8?] Jesse C. Carpenter and Anna E. Watkins
May 10 Orestus E. Chubluck (Chubbock) and Mary Livermore
June 12 Eugene B. Burdick and Mary Smith
July 4 W.H. Dunlop and Elisabeth Hadlock
July 4 James H. Catlin and Fanny M. Brooks
July 9 Henry W. Cook and Julia E. Laning
July 15 Henry H. Howell and Cornelia C. Wheeler
July 24 Wesley D. Hull and Adelia D. Wheeler
Aug. 8 Albert Mann and Elisabeth Dunn
Aug. 18 John F. Blewer and Adeline Truman
Aug. 30 William S. Bales and Melissa V. Vernoy
Sept. 6 William Thayer and Elisa A. Severn
Oct. 2 Edward Toser and Jane Johnson
Oct. 30 Charles A. Allen and Elisabeth Steen
Dec. 6 Jeremiah Rogers and Margaret (Margret) Craft
Dec. 24 George A. Madill, Esq. and Julia A. Peck

Jan. 1 Royal A. Allen and Mary A. Townley
Jan. 1 Jacob F. Catlin and Helen M. Probasco
Feb. 11 James Mareane and Elisa Chaffee
Mch. 5 Wm. C. De Groat and Amanda M. Padgett
Mch. 18 Edward W. Williams and Betsey Thomas
Ap. 22 Rev. W.E. Bogart and Emma Lynk
May 14 Frank Cafferty and Dorah Kinney
May 27 Asa N. Potter and Georgia Archibald
May 30 Jospeh Berry and Mary E. Dickason
June 17 Lieut. Ira Cane and Isabel Thayer
June 23 Charles P. [?] Perry and Mary E. Caulkins
June 30 Rev. John Griffith and Anna E. Fiddis
July 1 Alexander H. Clark and Martha S. Bidwell
July 15 Charles Ketcham and Julina Briggs
July 18 or 19 Silas Smith and Sarah Granger
Oct. 11 Benjamin F. Rosell and Susan Shaw
Oct. 13 Richard Thompson and Marret Howland (colored)
Oct. 21 John Worrick and Sarah Worrick
Nov. 4 Lieut. W.H.S.[B.?] Bean and Elisa Henrietta Hoskins
Nov. 5 Williston Hunt and Mrs. Emily Orcutt
Nov. 12 John J. Curtis and Emily Sickler
Nov. 16[18?] Nathan R. Whitney and Emma O. Fritcher
Dec. 13 James H. Johnson and Marian C. Fritcher

Jan. 20 Alfred C. Cheney and Ida J. Hull
Feb. 19 Charlie R. Stockwell and Emma D. Marsh
Feb. 29 Ezra Ward and Mary E. Wilkin (not in copy)
Mch. 15 Charles D.Wheat and Martha A. Smith
Mch. 16 Leonard Hull and Adeline White
Apr. 30 Abel Prince and Mary Jones
May 29 Jerome Richardson and Melissa L. Allen
June 14 Christopher Haywood and Pluma A. Dearborn
June 22 Thomas E. Crawford and Justinie C. Russell
July 30 Robert McLain and Marilda Mead
Aug. 6 Martin V. Schoonover and Franses (Frances) E. Taylor
Aug. 15 Aaron Sailes and Susan E. Lyons
Aug. 20 John R. Best and Caty Hoose
Sept. 14 Cornelius S. Potter and Desdemonia E. Barden
Sept. 29 Ezra S. Barden and Sophia Corbin
Oct. 12 Henry H. Ingersoll and Edna J. Kellogg
Oct. 20 James T. Beckwith and Mary F. Ireland
Oct. 26 Abram R. Schoonmaker and Mary L. Webster
Dec. 6 George W. Patrick and Charlotte H. Tucker
Dec. 15 B.F. Phillips and C. Maria McNeil (Maria C.)
Dec. 24 Warren Green and Esther Wolcoot (Wolcott)
Dec. 28 B.B. McCarthy and Mary LaMont (Lamont)

Jan. 16 H.D. Pinney and Mrs. Jane Harris
Jan. 26 C.W. Buck and Ann E. Woughter
Feb. 15 Anson Dunham and Harriet Lanning (Mrs.)
Feb. 23 J.R. Tracy and E.M. Havens
Mch. 1 Gardner H. Smith and Elisa Kellogg
Mch. 26 Reuben B. Locke and Mary Williamson
Ap. 5 Nathan W. Green and Melissa R. Potter
Ap. 7 Alonso Hausner and Sarah E. Wood
Ap. 11 J.T. Delany and Harriet Thorn
Ap. 19 George W. Loomis and Julia Broughm
May 21 Charles F. Winters and Elizabeth J. Lewis (colored)
June 3 Benj. A. Davis and Katie A. Doty
June 7 John Haner and Helen Cornwell
June 25 Orrin Hutchinson and Mary F. Smith
July 9 William Mayo and Mrs. Charine (Catherine) Swartwood
Aug. 23 Thomas Taylor and Adelia _? Ross
Sept. 6 Rollin L. Beecher and Mary F. Brink
Sept. 11 King Buchard (Birchard) and Frances A. Taylor
Sept. 14 Samuel Gordon and Lynda Munn
Sept. 16 Squire J. Smith and Elizabeth L. Williams
Sept. 29 Samuel M. Swick and Theresa E. Murray
Sept. 30 James M. Pitts and Mrs. Harriet E. Cartrite
Oct. 4 William H. Welch and Charlotte M. Miller
Oct. 4 Willialm H. Reynolds and Mary Ann Palmer
Oct. 10 D.S. White and Lucinda Baldwin
Oct. 26 Dewane Whittemore and Addie Benjamin
Nov. 16 Mills B. Weed and Mary E. Truman
Nov. 23 W.S. Bravo and E.O. Tucker
Nov. 28 Jackson Peppart and Celestia Crandall
Dec. 6 Truman M. Hubbard and Ella R. Newell
Dec. 10 David W. Sherwood and Libbie _[?] Jackson
Dec. 20 William J. Taylor and Minerva Barrett

Jan. 1 Spencer E. Smith and Mary E. Cole
Jan. 1 Albert Hanson and Rachel Evans
Jan. 6 Francis M. Letts and Mary L. Richards
Jan. 18 Amos Livingston and Kittie Sawyer
Jan. 31 John Dunham and Mary E. Bostwick
Feb. 6 Joseph H. Albright and Percy M. Lane
Feb. 15 Daniel C. Wilbur and Roxana Higby
Feb. 21 Paul Decker and Almira Martin
Feb. 28 Dewitt Tuthill land Mary C. Doty
Mch. 8 H.H.[?] Seymour and Adell Smith
Mch. 31 Lyman L. Briggs and Amanda Newson[?]
Mch. 31 George Caulkins and Louisa Yoke
Ap. 4 James Scrafford and Mary Jane Stalker
May 8 Otis A. Jakway and Prudence M. Canfield
May 23 H.C. Pierce and Hattie M. Olmstead
May 24 Youngs Wright and Emma Leonard
June 21 Hiram Perry and Mrs. Betsey Kingsbury
July 11 William L. Jones and Mrs. Almira Clapp
Sept. 8 George W. Lillie and Elisabeth Marquit
Sept. 20 Demaris Chandler and Annis Howard
Oct. 9 Edgar P. Holdridge and Melvina Babcock
Oct. 16 Ira Dewitt and Lucy G.[C.?] Smith
Oct. 20 Fredrick Howard and Mary Logan
Nov. 7 George Snyder and Helen D. Clark
Nov. 14 William H. Van Etten and Emeline Smith
Nov. 15 Mortimer Hungerford and Sarah J. Searles
Nov. 21 Myron Layton and Adaline Huntley
Nov. 25 George W. Rhodes and Maria L. Harden
Dec. 24 W.H. Knowlton and Louisa R. Schoonover
Dec. 25 Lemuel A. Clift and Martha S. Reed

Jan. 31 James Ivory and Lucy A. Lovejoy
Feb. 2 Charles W. Ingersoll and Alice Walker
Feb. 19 Joseph Ackerman and Mary Decker

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