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"Candor Courier"
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These articles come from the November 11, 1915 edition of the Candor Courier written by my grandfather Will Beebe. Price was a whopping $1.00 a year.

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Tioga Co. Items from "Candor Courier"

"Lower Fairfield"
"C. A. Patterson had the misfortune to loose a valuable fowl the past week. A charge of lead fired by hunters cause of death."

"Prospect Valley"
"Those who failed to be at church on Sunday missed hearing an excellent sermon, as our Pastor, Rev. C. E. VanWoert, was filled with the spirit and delivered a sermon long to be remembered."
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This comes from the 50th anniversary edition of the Courier. The original piece was written either by my great grandfather Hiram J. Beebe or his son Will L. Beebe in 1899 then my dad Arthur Beebe reprinted it in the anniversary edition.

Here is a copy of an article from the Courier that my dad wrote, thought that you might find it very interesting. It was in the 1949 edition of the paper but I think by the looks of it, that dad took it out of the archives of 1899 when my grandfather Hiram wrote it.

Tioga Co. Items from "Candor Courier"

"Back in the early days, the Courier had items sent in from South Danby, Weltonville, Catatonk, Lake Corners (where is that do you know)? Germany Hill, Straits Corners, District 25 ( where is that)? West Candor, Prospect Valley, Anderson Hill, Speedsville, Pleasant Valley, (where is that)? Chapel Hill (where is that)? Lower Fairfield, Flemmingville, Fairfield and occasionally from Spencer."

"Probably one of the most outstanding correspondents was the late Mrs. Dana Brichard who reported from Anderson Hill. The one point that Mrs. Brichard insisted on was accuracy. Rather than report something as fact that she was not sure of, she would often use the term, "I understand." This became quite famous. Her phraseology was unique and ner descriptions absolutely original. The story goes that when President Teddy Roosevelt was in Africa, he had as one member of his part the late Tod Loring of Owego. Mr. Loring would receive the Owego papers and Mr. Roosevelt immediately would take time out on the arrival of mail from home to grab the Owego papers to read the Anderson Hill news. It has also been handed down that Mrs. Brichard corresponded for several papers in the vicinity and never used the same items in any two of the papers. This seems most incredible inasmuch as Anderson Hill is not the largest place in the world. No doubt, many more people resided there in days gone by than today and many of the leading families of the community were residents of that place."

"Not to slight the Correspondents and to show the happenings in these various communities, the Courier this week is publishing a few items from each locality covered in the early 1900's. With the exception of the Anderson Hill items, which were taken from several subsequent issues, the items were taken from the same issue."

Anderson Hill

"Judson Andrews and family attended the Andrews family reunion which was held at Herman Andrews at Newark Valley last Thursday. About 40 were present and enjoyed a pleasant time and there were only one or two pleasant showers."

Hiram Beebe / father /publisher

Will Beebe Son editor

Art Beebe Grandson later editor, publisher and owner

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