Contributor: Reva Wagner

Source: Book 1 Marriage Records from Tioga County, NY.

Book 1 Marriage Records

Book 1, page 190, number 947. Mary Edith Mahood, 33, lives Gillette, married, widowed, housekeeper, born Coryland, parents David and Cornelia Lanterman Beardsley to Silas Emry Olds, 40, lives Gillette, born Springfield, farmer, divorced, parents: Henry and MaHaly Carey Olds. Henry was divorced in Sullivan County, PA. They applied for and were married 12/07/1911 in Waverly, NY by Rev. John E. Miles. Witness's were Annie Stage and John Stage.

Book 1, page 215, number 1068. Lyman D. Soper, 21, born and and works in Waverly, NY as a laborer. Parents both born in US, are Grant and Lydia Barter Soper, married to Bessie English, 21, lives and works as a housekeeper in South Waverly, PA. Born in New Albany, PA. Parents were Wm and Mary Babcock English. They applied and were married 5/13/1912 in Waverly, NY by Rev. John E. Miles. Witness's were Harry C.(?) Thompson and Nellie K Miles. Bk 1, page 215 Number 1068

Book 1, page 200, No. 999. John N. Wheeler, 45, widower, lives works as a farmer in Candor, NY. Born Wisconsin. Parents James and Malinda Howard Wheeler to Ada Belle Anderson, 19, born and lives in Candor, NY, housekeeper, parents: Fred and Lula Whitmarsh Anderson both born U.S. Applied 2/17/1912, married 2/20/1912 in Candor, NY by Rev. Grant E. VanWoert. Witnesses by M.C. Anderson and D.P. Howard.

Book 1, page 285, number 1418 Englebert Howard 33, born and lives in Candor, NY, works as a farmer, parents Edward and Ellen Jasckson Howard both born US to Mary Whipple, 18, born Meshoppen, PA, lives Candor, NY, housekeeper. Parents Otis and Martha Birch Whipple. Applied 4/30/1913, married 5/3/1913, Candor, NY, by Rev. Wm. D. Clough. Witnessed by Bessie Howard and Merian Howard.

Edna M. Howard, 22, born lives Candor, NY, teaches. Parents Truman and Estella Deyo Howard to R. G. Fuller 24, born and lives Slaterville, NY, works as a merchant, born in Candor, NY. Parents George D. and Lillie Cople Fuller. Both born U.S.. Applied 7/15/1916 married 7/5/1916, Union, Rev. G.E. Van Woert. Witnessed Mary Van Woert and X.

Book 1, page 402, number 2008 Mrs. Ida Howard, 36, born lives Newark Valley, housewife married widowed. Parents Fed and Chloe Shaw Chapman both born U.S.. To Leon Price 26, born Lounsberry, Ny (outside of Nichols, NY), lives Newark Valley, NY works as a meat cutter, parents John (born Germany) and Augusta Kent Price born U.S. Applied and married 10/13/1915 in Sayre, PA by Rev. Ferrie D. Cornell. Witnessed by Vivan L. Cornell and Luna E. Cornell.

Book 1, page 179, number 893. Henry M. William 20, born and lives in Owego, NY works as a laborer. Parents Morgan and Hattie Howard Williams. To Jessie M. Hall, 21, born and lives in Wellsboro, PA (that's about 50 miles away) does housework. Parents Jacob and Mary Granger Hall. Applied and married 9/30/1911, in Owego, NY by Rev. Frank W. Young. Witnessed E. and Anna Hitchcock.

Book 1. page 15, number 1908.. Gilbert Elworth Howard, 24, BLACK, born Sandy Springs MD., lives Ithaca, NY works as a janitor. Parents: Greenberry and Mary E. Prettyman Howard. To Cora Elizabeth Kelly, 18, BLACK, lives Owego, NY, born Norwalk, CT. Parents Wm and Elizabeth Griffen Kelly, both born N.Y.. Applied and married 8/31/1908, J. E. Shepard. Parents gave consent.

Book 1, page 106 Frank J. Howard 23, lives Erin, NY, works railroad, born Barton, NY. Parents Henrey and Emma Terwilliger Howard to Iuah Taylor, 19, Candor, NY, born Halsey Valley, NY. Parents Albert and Sophia Norton Taylor both born US.. Applied and married 4/30/1910 in Candor, NY by Rev Gordon B. Kierstead. Witnessed by Wm. C. and Ida Mae Howard.

Book 1, page 113, number 564. Arthur Royal Whitley, 62, widow, shoemaker, born Candor, NY. Parents John and Harriet DyKeman. To Lydia Louise Howard, 63, widow, nurse, lives Waverly, NY, born Newark Valley, NY. Parents Zina H. and Louise Sage Bushnell. Applied 1/15/1910, married 1/28/1910, by Rev. Robert L. Clark. Witnessed by A. I. Decker and Sarah O. Decker.

Book 1, page 137, number 683. Claude E. Hall, 24, Binghamton, NY, a steam fitter, born Anoka, NY. Parents Robert S. and Lucy M. Howard Hall. to Nina E. Barrett of Apalachin, NY, a nurse, born Gaskill Corners (Owego), NY. Parents Eugene W. and Carrie A. Bishop Barrett. Applied 11/23/1910 married 11/24/1910, by Rev Jm Crandell. Their mothers were the witness's.

Book 1, page, 217, number 1077. Gladys Pearl Howard 16, born Colesburg, PA, lives Apalachin, NY does housework. Parents Charles and Adell Persing Howard, Both born US. To Floyd Bost, 25, lives Westfield, PA, a laborer,. Parents Benjamin and Susan McFall Bost. Both born US. Applied 5/27/1912, married 5/28/1912, by Rev. George D. Beach, Apalachin, NY. Witnessed by Charles Howard and Howard Y. Beach.

Book 1, page 192, number 957. William Benjamin, 22, born Monroeton, PA, lives in Owego, NY, a farmer. Parents: Adelbert Ben and Delilah Johnson Benjamin. To Mable Shirley, 27, born and lives in Owego, NY. Does housework. Parents: Nat and Edith Shirley. Applied and married 12/09/1911 in Owego, NY, by Rev. Frank W. Young. Witness's Mrs. Cora F. Young

Book 1, page 133, number 663. Archie W. Forsyth, 37, lives in Owego, NY a laborer. Born in Spencer, NY. Parents: Perry and Liddie Shaw Forsyth, both born US..To Delia OBrien 45, does housework, lives Owego, NY born Ireland, Parents: John and Ellen Mauble O'Brien both born Ireland. Applied 10/14/1910. Married 10/15/1910, in Owego, NY by Rev. Riley A. Vose. Witnessed by Theo Hemstrought and Edith Hemstrought.

Elmer Nelson Forsyth 22, born and lives in Spencer, NY Farming. Parents Nelson A. and Irene Crum Forsyth. Both born US. To Rettie Alice Hoffman 16, student. Lives Spencer. Born Lockwood, NY. Parents Wm. H. and Mary J. Wright Hoffman. Applied and married 4/12/1912, in Spencer, NY, be Rev. George M. Whittemore. Witnessed by Mrs. N. B. (Almira) Taft and Mrs. G. M. Whittemore.

Book 1, page 175, Number 873. Martha Tripp 21, housekeeper, Born Conklin, NY, lives Owego. Parents John born PA, and Betsy Ann Dennison Tripp, born NY. To John S. Sibley 25, born and lives Nichols, NY a farmer. Parents: Wm. H. (PA) and Phebe White (PA) Sibley. Applied 11/14/1911, Married 8/16/1911 Waits (Waits Corners?), Rev George W. Dell. Witnessed by Wm. H. Sibley and John P. Tripp.

No 1050 Bk 1, page 211. Hiram Isaac Campbell, 28, lives and works as a farmer in Spencer, NY, born New Albany to Fred W. and Ida Babcock Campbell, both born US, to Mabel Dora Boda, 19, born and lives in Spencer, NY. Born to Fred I or C and Minnie Dimock Boda, both born US. Applied for and were married 9/15/1912, in Spencer, NY, by Rev. George R. Whieemore. Witnessed by Mrs. Almira Taff and Mrs. G. M. Whittmore.

BK 1, Page 203, Number 1007 Eugene P. Mix Owego, NY, 67 Retired, widower, Born Caroline Center, NY parents Squire I. and Mary Babcock Mix. Both born US to Alice R. Evans, 47, widowed 2x's, botrn and lives Owego, NY does housework. Parents Wm. and Deborah Smith Coole. Both born U.S. Applied and married 2/24/1912 in Owego, NY by Rev. J.R. Allen. Witnessed by Mrs. Wheeler Stedman and Miss Eliza Dunn.

Book 1, page 455, number 2273. Ruth Wagner, 18, born and lives Owego, NY. Parents Fred and Charity Cornell Wagner, both born US. To Albert Furman 21, born and lives in Binghamton, NY, a bricklayer. Parents Frank and Dora Perry Furman both born US. Applied and married 9/9/1916, by Rev. J. R. Allen. Witnessed by Mrs. F. Wagner and Mrs. J.R. Allen.

Book 1, page 248, number 1234 Edward Wagner, 45, widower, lives Owego, NY, works as a laborer, born Town of Tioga, NY. Parents John and Mary Tuff Wagner. To Emma Ryder, 42, a widow, lives Owego, NY, works at housework, born Clairion County, PA. Parents Joseph and Esther Fulmer Whitmer. Applied and married 12/26/1912, by Rev. Frank W. Young, Owego, NY. Witnessed by Alma Hayward.

Book 1, page 25, number 1242. Harry N. Wagner, 26, born and lives in Sayre, PA. Works as a clerk. Parents: Norman and Mercy Davis Wagner. To Edna M. Cannon, 25, a telephone operator. Born Athens, PA, lives in Waverly, NY. Parents: Clinton M. Della Clark Cannon. Applied 12.27.1912. Married in WAverly, NY 12/31/1912, by Rev. George S. B (or R) and (B?)onnell. Witnessed by Mrs.Cora L. Severance.

Book 1, page 185, number 921. Andy Wm. Benjamin, 23, lives Towanda, PA, born Bradford County, PA, a farmer. Parents" Clark and Eliza Johnson Benjamin both born US. To Mary Etha Westbrook 18, lives Towanda, Pa, born Bradford County, PA, does housework. Parents: Wm and Eva Ellis Westbrook, both born US. Applied and married 11/19/1917. Married by Rev. Charles O. Hoagland (Police Justice). Witnessed by Mary E. Kinney and John C. Peckally.

Book 1 page 186, number 928. Golda Winnifred Benson 22, does millwork, lives in Williamsport, PA, born Elmira, NY. Parents: Edwin J.and Ida Horton Benson. Both born US. To Raymond S. Brookman, 23, lives in Sunbury, PA. Born in Elmira, NY. Works as a iron worker. Parents: Thomas M. and Clara E. Terwilliger Brookman. Both born US. Applied and married 11/3/1911 in Owego, NY, by Rev. Henrey E. Spase. Witnessed by Fannie F. Spase.

Book 1, page 153, number 765. Estella Belle Leque, 28. Born Smithfield, PA. Wooks as a cook. Lives in Waverly, NY. A Widow. Parents: Erastus and Pheobe Burlingame Leque. Both born US. To Frank Kenneth Smith, 38. Lives in Towanda, PA. Born in Wellsville, NY. Parents: Wm and Ruth Chase Smith. Both born US. Applied 2/22/1911. Married 2/24/1911, by REv. John E. Miles. Witnessed by Jacob G. Klien and Mrs. Kate Klien.

Book 1, page 179, Number 893. Zoa Joyce Bennett, 21, lives Litchfield, NY, born Towanda, PA to Orrin and Lillie Strope Bennett, both born US. To Millard Kemp Morley, 22, LItchfield, NY works as a machinist. Born Sheshequin, PA. Parents: Houston and Francis (that is the way it is spelled in the book) Chandler Morley. Both born US. Applied and married on 6/17/1911. Rev Charles J. Raynor. Witnessed by Leslie Camp and Sarah Morley.

Book 1, page 183, number 912. Charles L. Payne 24, lives, was born in Berkshire, NY. Farmer. Parents Fed (NY) and Anna Andrews (NY) Payne. To Nellie M. Robinson 21, housekeeper. Born and lives in Berkshire, NY. Parents: Frank G. and Mary Johnson Robinson. Applied 10/5/1911, married Berkshire, NY by Rev. John Robert Gee. Witnessed by FRancis G. Robinson and Charles S. Payne.

Book 1, page 214, number 214. Lazell D. Mott, 21, lives in Sayre, PA. Works as a laborer, born Wellsboro, PA. Parents: Samuel and Virginia Bailey Mott. Both born US. To Ada M. Hapeman, 18, born and lives in Sayre, PA. Housework. Parents: Charles H. and Rose Green Hapeman Waver. Applied 5/5/1912. Married 5/6/1912, by Rev. George S. Connell. Witnessed by: Pearl Capwell and Mrs. Pearl H. Capwell.

Book 1, page 262, number 1304. George Broadhead Catlin, 23, born and lives in Apalachin, NY. Farmer. Parents: George L. and Cora A. Brown Catlin. To Florence May Bailey, 18, lives in Canton, PA. Born Alba, PA. Parents: Emmett and Luella Hardy Bailey. Both born US. Applied and married 4/9/1913, in Owego, NY, by Rev. J.R. Allen. Witnessed by Mrs J. R. Allen and Cora Catlin.

Book 1, page 289, number 1436. Earl Mann, 21, born Wyalusing, PA. Lives Wyalusing, PA. Parents: John B. and Mary Grippen Mann. To Catherine A. Ackley, 17. Born and lives in Bradford County, PA. Parents: Uriah and Mary A. Benjamin Ackley. Both born US. Married in Waverly, NY. Rev. Parke Richards. Witnessed by Lois T. Richards and Anna Bartholomew.

Book 1, Page 9, Number 43. Caroline A. Ingersoll, age 58, widow, does farming. Parents John and Hannah Wagner Lawerence. To Fred Towsend, 49, farmer, widow, lives Windham, PA. Parents: John and Fanny White Townsend. Applied and married 4/18/1908.

I didn't get the pages or numbers of some of these because I just jotted them down for others I really didn't care about them, but they all came from book 1.

Book 1, Charles P. Leasure, 24, Nichols, NY, farmer, born South Owego, NY. Parents: George and Helen Abel Leasure. Both born US. To Lona M. Andrews, 22, Windham Summit, PA, a dress maker. Parents Wm. and Emily Shafford Andrews. Applied 8/3/1908, married 9/2/1908, by Rev. C.L. Lewis. Witnessed by Cortez A. Neavers and Eugene A. Leasure.

Book 1, Charles V. Munroe, 35, a bridge foreman, born Candor, NY. Parents: James and Amelia Hulslander Munroe. To Marian Traynor, 33, a teacher, born Baldwin, Chemung, County, NY. Parents: Edward (born Ireland) and Mary Murry Traynor (born Utica, NY). Applied 8/22/1908. Married by Rev. Jno J. Sheridan. Witnessed by Ella D. Traynor and Homer F. Brown.

Book 1, John Taylor, 21, a farmer, born and lives in Owego, NY. Parents: John and Cynthia Echert Taylor, both born US. To Clara M. Forsythe, 27, a glove maker, born in Spencer, NY. Parents: Nelson A. and Irene Crum Forsythe. All born US. Applied 10/15/1908, married 10/20/1908, Spencer, NY, by Rev. I B. Wilson. Witnessed by Lawrence Taylor and Lucille Hawkins.

Book 1, Fred Babcock, 35, born Rome, PA, a salesman, lives in Athens, PA. Parents Henry and Mary Morris Babcock. To Lucy Ann Smith, 19, was born and lives in Waverly, NY, works as a housekeeper. Parents: Freeman D. and Charlotte Searles Smith. Applied and married on 10/10/28/1908, by Rev Robert L. Clark in Waverly, NY. Witnessed by Mrs. Robert L. Clark and Mrs. J. A. Miles.

Book 1, page 46, number 230. Chester Thomas Bennett, 53, a widow, lives in Athens, PA, born in Asylum Twp. Bradford County, PA, a printer. Parents: J.P. and Eveline Coolbaugh Bennett, both born US. To Flora Emeline Geroulds, 52, lives in Athens, Bradford County, PA, born in East Smithfield, PA, a artist. Parents: Samuel Wood and Ann O. Beach Gerould, both born US. Applied and were married 12/16/1908, in Waverly, Tioga County, NY by Rev. George Briggs. witnessed by Romain and Maud Stevens.

Book 1, page 44, number 217. Glenn Bennett, 23, farmer, born Luthers Mills, Bradford County, PA lives Burlington, Bradford County, PA. Parents O. H. and Lillie Strope Bennett. To Rearl Beardsley, 21, born Columbia Cross Roads, Bradford County, PA, lives Straights Corner's Tioga County, NY. Parents: David and Cornelia E Lanterman Beardsley. All parents listed as born US. Applied 12/28/1908, married 12/30/1908 by Rev. D.J. Unangst. Witnessed by David and Cornelia E. Lanterman Beardsley.

Book 1, page 56, number 276. Lena B. Andrews, 25, born Candor, NY lives Owego, NY, does housework. Parents: Romeo and Mary Ella Crance Andrews. To Irvine Hanock, 28, born Bradford County, PA, lives Owego, NY. Parents: Hiram and Mary Blind Hancock, both born PA. Applied 3/16/1909, married 3/17/1909, in Qwego, Tioga County, NY, by Rev. Riley A. Vose. Witnessed by Mrs. R. A. Vose.

Book 1, page 60 Emma Andrews, 18, Parents Asa and Elizabeth Robinson Andrews. To Floyd Thomas Gilson, 36 married and divorced 2x's. Married 5/09/1909 in Lounsberry, NY by Rev. Arthur E. Hunt.

Book 1, number 351. Royal E. Bellis, 24. Parents: Wm. L. and Cora E. Andrews Bellis. To Edna Doll, 20. Parents: Uriah and Almira Smith Doll.

Book 1, page 45, number 225, Myron Andrews, 24, a carpenter, born Cortland, lives Candor, Parents: Mryon and MeLora Emory Andrews. To Ella Hammond, 23, does housework, born and lives in Candor, NY. Parents: Sith and Mary A. Vergason. Applied 12/22/1908, married 12/23/1908, in Candor, NY, by Rev. A.F. Cornish. Witnessed by Arthur Hammond and Blanch Hammond.

Book 1, page 65, number 321, John SHIRLEY, 63, widower, born and lives Owego, Tioga County, NY, retired. Parents: Jonathan and Mary Milligan SHIRLEY, both born England. To Mrs. Mary J. Dunham, 63, widow, born Nichols, NY, lives Owego, NY, housekeeper. Parents: G.H. (born NY) and Elzina Hibberd (born PA) VanDeMark. Applied 6/22/1909, married 6/28/1909 in Owego, by Rev. E.D. Cavanaugh. Witnessed by Grace SHIRLEY and Hazel Campbell.

Book 1, page 75, number 373. Frederick VanDuser, 29, laborer, lives Owego, born Catatonk. Parents: Ransom and Mary McKay VanDuser, both born Deposit, NY. To Mary E. WAGNER, says housewife for occupation, born and lives Owego, NY. Parents: Frederick (born NY) and Charity Cornell (born Union) WAGNER. Applied and married 9/27/1909, in Owego, NY by Rev. Riley A. Vose. Witnessed by Miss Esther McIntyre and Mrs. Bertha Moore.

Book 1, page 79, number 394. George MERICAL, 17, farmer, lives in Candor, born Caroline. Parents: Charles and Cora BAILEY MERICAL. To Florence Ellen Gray, 22, lives Candor, NY, born Altoona, PA. Parents: Thomas and Isabelle Tomrahill Gray. Applied and married 9/28/1909 in Candor, NY, by Rev. Edgar B. Singer. Witnessed by Charles MERICAL and Mrs. Anna E. Singer.

Book 1, page 87, number 433. Lyman Perry, 29. Parents: Parker and Anna MERICLE Perry. To Elizabeth Rose Tyrell, 19. Parents: Walter and Alma Codner Tyrell. Married 11/13/1909, by Rev. Stewart B. Crandell.

Book 1, page 11, number 54. Grace Kent, 23, lives Apalachin, NY, a glove maker. Parents: Pulaski and Augusta Romaine Kent. To Artemus Sheldon, 28 a blacksmith, lives Newark Valley, NY. Parents: Albert and Adaline Pellet Sheldon. Applied 5/22/1908. Married 5/24/1908, in Owego, NY, by Rev. Riley A. Vose. Witnessed by Maude Watrous and Phynett E. Selover.

Book 1, page 35, number 173. John J. Taylor, 32, farms, born and lives in Owego, NY. Parents: John and Cynthia Eckert Taylor. To Clara M. Forsythe, 27, a glove maker, born Spencer, NY. Parents: Nelson A. and Irene Crum Forsythe. All parents born US. Applied 10/15/1908, married 10/20/1908 in Spencer, NY, by Rev. I. B. Wilson. Witnessed by Lawrence Taylor and Lucille Hawkins.

Karl Lenorard LOVELACE, 23, of 2247 W. 3rd St Williamsport, PA born Lay Port, NY son of Nellie FRITZPATRICK LOVELACE. Married to Thelma Belle Forsyth of 22 Washington St. Williamsport, PA. Born Jersey Shore PA to Enoch and Emma RESSER FORSYTH. Married Rev. John S. Crompton in Waverly, NY. Witnessed by Mrs. Victor BURLEY of Waverly, Mrs. Edward S. CRANMER of Lequin, PA.

Edna B. Forsyth, 48, of 297 Prospect St. Owego, born in Litchfield, PA to Lewis and Eva ANTHONY BRAINARD to Charles E. MESSENEAU of Vestal, a painter. Married in Owego by James E. Clarke in the presence of Gilbert A. FORSYTH of 297 Prospect Street Owego and Maude E. ORCUTT. Married 7/05/1929.

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