"Echoes of Yesterday"

Eleanor Jennings Myatt

Commentary by:
Joan Beebe Meddaugh

A wonderfully written moving new book called "Echoes of Yesterday", has recently been completed about the life of one of Candor's most prominent families from 1880 to the late 1950's.

Included in the book are:

History of the Jennings family which includes the tale of Three Druggist:
Edwin, William E. and James H. Jennings in Candor 1848-1900,

VanKleeck family in Danby, Candor businesses in 1900,

Colorful stories regarding local characters as told her by her father and grandfather.

In Chapter eleven of the book, the author takes you on a pictured guided tour of Candor's mansions, churches and business many of which were in existence in the 1850's.

Please read the following book review:

Candor Has Done It Again!
By Joan Beebe Meddaugh
Candor, New York

Once known as "Springdale" in the famed 1958 book "Small Town in Mass Society",
by the late Vidich and Bensman, can now happily lay claim to another new author, Eleanor Jennings Myatt.

Eleanor, an accomplished teacher and a much-traveled lady, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jennings Jr. and the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jennings, Sr. of Candor. Formerly of Candor and now living in Boynton Beach, Florida

Eleanor's new book "Echoes From Yesterday" is a delightful read of the once predominate Jennings and Van Kleeck families of Danby and Candor, New York. It leads the reader in an interesting trip back in time to 1806 Danby, all the while tracing the family through many interesting journeys, both joyous and sad, with a few hilarities thrown in for good measure.

The author has done much research on the life of her family, which is evident as you begin to read her narrative. She traces her family back to the arrival of the Van Kleeck family coming from the Hudson Valley in 1806 to Danby in Tompkins County, and later, with the arrival of Isaac Jennings in 1814. In fact, he was considered to be the first Connecticut family member to settle in Danby that year.

Before their arrival in Danby, a son was born whom they named Edwin. Edwin Jennings moved to Candor in 1848, where his son James H. Jennings Sr. was born. Since then the Jennings family has played an important role in the early growth in the town of Candor, as did their forbears before them did in Danby.

Those of you who are interested in reading about early life in a small town will surely want to read Eleanor's book. Her delightful and funny yarns about Candor's colorful characters are included among the stories told to her by her father and grandfather.

"Echoes From Yesterday" is not another 'out-of-state author's view' of small town life in the fictitious town of "Springdale", but instead, it is a former villager's loving tribute to her parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents and friends that helped to shape her life and make the community what it is today. Eleanor's way with words and the well-woven and humorous way of story telling makes this book well worth the read.

I hope you will all join me in welcoming Eleanor as our newest local author, and give her book the support that I know we as Candorites can provide.

If you have questions and or would like to get a copy of the book at the price of $26.75 you may contact me by clicking on the address below.


It will also be on sale at these other locations Edge of Thyme Bed and Breakfast at 6 Main street in Candor, and at the Riverrow Bookshop on 187 Front Street in Owego and the Tioga Historical Society.

Candor is announcing the start up of their very own newspaper called the "Candor Statement."

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The paper will start out being published once a month with the next issue being available Oct. 25th. and later if well accepted, twice a month with issues being available at many locations in Candor.

We want this to be the town's very own paper. We want to hear from you Candorites, we want to know, what is on your mind, how you feel about things and what is going on in the community. We hope the paper will grow into a paper that Candor will be proud of. But if we don't have your support this won't happen. We want to hear from you Candor folk either by e-mail at:

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