1887 - 88 Directory of Newark Valley, NY
Surnames "A - E"

Donated by Martha S. Magill


Directory of Tioga County, New York 1887-'88 Compiled and Published by W. B. Gay & Co. Syracuse, N.Y.

The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887 Directory is arranged as follows - Name of individual or firm, postoffice address in parenthesis if different from name of town, business or occupation, figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased

Abbreviations used:
bds - boards; emp - employee; h - house; manuf - manufacturer;
prop - proprietor.
The word street is implied.
(Postoffice address is Newark Valley, NY unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)

I have NO information on the persons listed.
Please contact the Tioga County Historical Society.

Abbey, Reuben, carpenter
Abbott, George (Howlan & Abbott), h Mill
Ackerman, Cornelius R. (Jenksville), contractor and builder, and farmer 40
Ackerman, Joseph, district collector and farmer 125
Allen, Charles W. (Jenksville). retired
Allen, James, retired
Allen, James H. (Jenksville), farmer on shares with F.W. Richardson, 200
Ames, Henry W., farm laborer
Ames, Stephen W., farmer 100
Ames, William, carpenter
Andrews, Charles F., farmer 100
Andrews, Deborah, widow Chester, resident
Andrews, Ezra J., farmer 52
Andrews, Frank, teacher
Andrews, Heman N., farmer 48
Andrews, Jane, widow Luther, farm 200
Andrews, Jesse, farmer, on shares with W. Elwell, 40
Andrews, Judson, farmer 43
Andrews, Lucinda, widow Daniel, resident
Andrews, Sarah, resident
Angell, Elsworth J., contractor and builder, also small fruit grower, h Whig
Angell, Thomas (Ketchumville), retired Methodist preacher and farmer 40
Arnold, Frederick C., harness-maker, bds. Elm
Arnold, Harley, farm laborer
Arnold, James, farmer 89
Ashley, Frank D., clerk, h Whig
Avery, Samuel M. (Jenksville), postmaster
Ayres, Charles H., laborer, bds. Maple Ave.
Ayers, James, cooper, h Maple ave.
Ayers, John S., tinsmith, h Maple
Bailey, Charles (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer for his mother Mrs. M. Bailey
Bailey, Henry (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer for his mother Mrs. M. Bailey
Bailey, Hiram C. (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 125
Bailey, Margaret (Maine, Broome Co.), widow Amos, farmer 70
Baldwin, Charles, farmer
Baldwin, Royal C., farmer 10
Baldwin, William, farmer, leases of E. Barber 22
Ball, A. Rodney, farmer, with his son William H., 60
Ball, Fred, emp. N.K. Waring, h Elm
Ball, Henry W. (Jayne & Ball), h Maple
Ball, Margaret, widow Frank, resident, h Elm
Ball, William H., farmer 60 on shares with his father A. Rodney
Ballard, Addison L., laborer, h East ave.
Ballard, Andrew M., emp. tannery, h Whig
Ballard, Ann (Ketchumville), resident
Ballard, George W., deputy sheriff, h Maple
Ballard, George W. Mrs., laundress and general work, h Maple
Ballard, Horatio, farmer 62
Ballard, John, farmer 50
Ballard, Lewis, farmer 50
Barber, Frederick W., emp. Donley Marble Works, h Whig
Barber, George, farmer 100
Barber, Virgil C., carpenter, h Rewey ave.
Barclay, Mitchell, emp. tannery, h off East ave.
Barnes, Charles H., farmer 52
Barnes, Lewis W., farmer
Barrett, Holmes, retired, bds Main
Barrett, Monroe (West Newark), farmer 200
Barrott, Josephas (Weltonville), farmer 175
Barton, James H., farmer 85
Barber, William C., painter, h Maple
Bean, Fred C. (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 100
Becker, Charles, retired, h Elm
Beecher, Lambert, harness-maker, h Maple
Belcher, J. Waldo, painter and paper-hanger, h Brook
Belden, Uriah L., blacksmith, off Water, h Whig
Belden, William H. (West Newark), blacksmith
Bement, Celia, resident, bds. Whig
Bement, Egbert, milk dealer, and farmer 75, h Whig
Benham, Charles M., farmer with his father Martinus L.
Benham, Martins L., book-keeper in Utica, also farm 75
Benton, Lyman C. (Jenksville), shoemaker
Benton, Willis S. (Jenksville), groceries, also reporter for Owego Gazette
and Newark Valley Herald
Benton, Wilson (Jenksville), farmer
Berkley, Charles E., carpenter, and farmer 43
Berkley, Egbert D., farmer 60
Berkley, Elizabeth, widow Charles, resident
Berlin, David, laborer, h Dam lane
Bevier, Daniel, farmer, bds Whig
Bevier, Elizabeth, widow Ralph, resident, h Whig
Bieber, Allie V., dressmaker
Bieber, Catherine, widow Henry, resident, bds. Whig
Bieber, Philip, live stock dealer, and farmer 73
Bieber, Romaine F., lawyer, Water, h Whig
Billings, William, farmer, bds. Main
Bishop, Francis M., physician and surgeon, Water, h Elm
Bishop, Lamont, carpenter, h Water
Bishop, Lewis D., carpenter, h Water
Blewer, Adelaide, widow Henry, resident
Blewer, J. Frank, farmer 200
Blewer, Jesse, farmer, with his mother Mary
Blewer, Mary E., widow Charles, farm 95
Blewer, Sarah J., widowCharles, resident
Borthwick, Delphine (Jenksville), resident
Borthwick, D. James (Jenksville), farmer
Borthwick, George H. (Jenksville), assessor and farmer 50, and leases of D.
J. Borthwick 112
Bowen, Eugene, farmer 50
Boyce, J. Edgar, painter, h Maple ave.
Boyce, Henry W., retired, h Main
Bradley, Elmina, widow Lambert, resident, bds. Main
Bradley, Mary A., widow Lambert, h Main
Brick, Thomas, laborer, h Moore
Briggs, Sally, widow Salem, resident
Brink, John J. (West Newark), farmer 90
Brink, Peter G. (West Newark), justice of the peace, and farmer 110
Brockway, Joseph B., farmer 74 1/2
Brockway, Lewellyn, farmer with his father Joseph B.
Brougham (Helen and Sarah) milliners, Water, h do.
Brougham, William, farmer 50
Brown, Elmina, widow Amos P., resident, h Main
Brown, Mary A., dressmaker, Main, bds. do.
Buckley, Patrick, night watchman, h Maple
Buffington, Chauncey L. (Ketchumville), blacksmith, and farmer 25
Burch & Wells (L.S.B. and L.E.W., saw, planing and grain threshing mills, Main
Burch, Levi S. (Burch & Wells), h Maple
Burch, Mary A., resident, h Main
Burchard, Harvey J. (Ketchumville), justice of the peace and apiarist
Burr, William H., veterinary surgeon, bds. Whig
Burr, William J., physician and surgeon, office Whig, h do.
Burroughs, Cornelius S. (Cilnton & Burroughs), h do.
Bushnell, Calvin, farmer 64
Bushnell, Edwin G. (Ketchumville), farmer 101
Bushnell, Frank G., commissioner of highways, dairy 9 cows, farmer 93
Bushnell, Philo C., farmer for his father Calvin 64
Bushnell, Theron H., telegraph line repairer, h Whig
Bushnell, Zina H., retired, h Main
Butler, John, farmer 200, h Main
Buttles, William R., retired, bds. Bridge
Byington, Alphonso, general merchant, Main, bds. do.
Byington, Clayton, speculator, h Main
Byington, Savilla, widow Lawyer, resident, h Main
Byington, Sherman W., postmaster and meat-market, Main, h do.
Cady, Gershom (Ketchumville), farmer 16
Cady, Luther (Ketchumville), farmer 125
Caldwell, William J., deputy postmaster, h Main
Cameron, Eugene (Ketchumville), farmer 202
Cameron, Harry A., farmer on shares with E. Saddlemire, h Main
Cameron, John, farmer on shares with G.B. Sutton 100
Campbell, Harrison (West Newark), farm laborer
Cargill, Heman, retired, bds. Main
Cargill, Julius C., resident, bds. Bridge
Cargill, William, furniture and undertaking, Main, h do.
Carpenter, Anna C., widow Joshua L., resident, h Main
Carty, Henry J., laborer, h Main
Cary, Thomas A., farmer 82, h Main
Castline, Moses J. (Weltonville), farmer 35
Chamberlain, Daniel, retired
Chamberlain, Theodore F., assessor and farmer 84
Chambers, Charles, wagon-maker, Water, h do.
Chapman, Canfield, contractor and builder
Chapman, Edgar E., hardware, Water, h Main
Chapman, George M., contractor and builder, h Main
Chapman, Lyman F., groceries and provisions, Water, h Main
Chapman, Noyce P., retired, h Silk
Chittenden, Lester, school collector and farmer 175
Christensen, Peter, laborer, h Whig
Clark, Edgar (Ketchumville), farmer 100
Clark, Elizabeth, invalid, resides with G.M. Dickinson
Clark, Enos M., bridge builder and farmer 50, and leases of L.B. West 180
Cleveland, John, farm laborer
Clifford, John M., farmer 120
Clinton & Burroughs (R.W.C. and C.S.B.) steam saw-mill
Clinton, Alice E., clerk, bds Elm
Clinton, Edwin V., farmer 22, h Main
Clinton, Emma, widow Stephen P., h Elm
Clinton, George L., laborer, h Elm
Clinton, Julian S., farmer 120
Clinton, Henry W., retired, h Main
Clinton, Lydia B., widow George, resident
Clinton, Moris D., farmer 111
Clinton, Royal W., lumber dealer and farmer, h Main
Clizbe, Jay, clergyman (Cong.) retired
Cole, Edward (Ketchumville), farmer
Coney, Alfred T., emp. tannery, h Main
Coney, Lewis J., laborer, h Main
Cook, Eugene D., farm laborer, bds. Bridge
Cook, Henry H., farmer
Cook, Lovisa F., laundress, h Bridge
Cook, Orson J., farm laborer, bds. Bridge
Cooley, Benjamin F., boarding-house and farmer 25
Cooley, Charles H., bridge builder, h Silk
Cooley, John (Ketchumville), farmer 155
Cortright, Angelina A. (Weltonville), resident
Cortright, Josephus M. (Weltonville), farmer 65
Cortright, L. Elton (West Newark), farmer 147
Cortright, Willie N. (West Newark), farmer with his father Elton
Councilman, Edwin W., apiarist, 60 swarms, poultry raiser and farmer 40
Councilman, Jira F., farmer with his father Timothy S.
Councilman, Timothy S., farmer, h Whig
Cronce, John H., farmer 70
Crounse, Charles G., farmer 50
Culver, Frank, resident, h East ave.
Curtis, Isaac, farmer, h Main
Custard, William, farmer 50
Daggett, Barney (West Newark), farmer 86
Dalton, William, farmer 30
Davern, William, farmer 55
Davidge, Eunice (Davidge, Landfield & Co.), widow John, h Whig
Davidge, John, resident, bds Whig
Davidge, Landfield & Co. (S.B.D., J.B.L. and Eunice D.), sole-leather
mnfrs.; also, lumber in Pa. and W. Va., Main
Davidge, Sherwood B. (Davidge, Landfield & Co.), h Whig
Davis, Franklin, prop. saw-mill and farm 100 on rte. 25, h Whig
Davison, D. Henry (Newark Valley), carpenter
Dean, Charles E. (Ketchumville), farmer
Dean, Charles H. (Ketchumville), farmer 32
Dean, Franklin G., farmer 175
Decker, Abram D.W., cartman, h Whig
Decker, Abram L., laborer, h East ave.
Decker, Ira, emp. William's saw-mill, h Elm
Decker, Joseph, stage express to Owego, h East ave.
DeGaramo, James, farmer 51
DeGaramo, Peter, farmer 120
DeGaramo, William, farmer 58
DeGroat, James F., lumberman
Delaney, James, farm laborer
Delaney, John, farmer 96
De Laney, Michael, emp. tannery, h off East ave.
Delaney, William, farm laborer
Dennison, Joseph H., farmer 24
Dickerson, Austin, farmer, h John
Dickerson, Lyman, farmer 60
Dickerson, Orville, resident
Dickson, George M. (Connecticut), farmer 52
Dimmick & Young (O.D. & H.Y.), props. Dimmick House, also dealers in coal,
lime, brick and cement, and produce shippers, opp. Depot
Dimmick House, Dimmick & Young, props., opp. Depot
Dimmick, Ossian (Dimmick & Young), bds. Dimmick House
Dimmick, Simeon L. (Ketchumville), retired Methodist minister, and farmer 60
Dingman, Andrew, farm laborer
Dingman, Ostrom, farm laborer
Doan, Daniel, school trustee and farmer 65
Dohs, Daniel, retired builder, h Main
Dohs, George, furnace builder, and farmer 11
Doney, Catherine M., teacher
Doney, John A., farmer with his mother Saloma
Doney, Randall (Connecticut), emp. lumber mill
Doney, Saloma C. Mrs., farmer 114
Donley Bros. (James G. & Robert), all kinds of granite and marble work,
Maple, also branch at Greene, N.Y.
Donley, Robert (Donley Bros.), h Watson
Dooley, Catherine, widow John, resident, h East ave.
Downey, Robert, emp. tannery, h East ave.
Duran, Mrs., resident, h ard
Durfee, Samantha, widow Amasa, resident, h Rewey ave.
Duygan, James (Connecticut), farmer 50
Duygan, John, farmer with his father James
Edwards, Albert, stage express, Newark Valley to Whitney's Point, h East ave.
Elwell, Catharine, widow Rev. King, h Main
Elwell, Morris, resident, h Main
Elwell, William, general merchant, Main, h do.

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