1887 - 88 Directory of Newark Valley, NY
Surnames "F - M"

Donated by Martha S. Magill


Directory of Tioga County, New York 1887-'88 Compiled and Published by W. B. Gay & Co. Syracuse, N.Y.

The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887 Directory is arranged as follows - Name of individual or firm, postoffice address in parenthesis if different from name of town, business or occupation, figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased

Abbreviations used:
bds - boards; emp - employee; h - house; manuf - manufacturer;
prop - proprietor.
The word street is implied.
(Postoffice address is Newark Valley, NY unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)

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Fairchild, Salley A., widow Hiram Z., resident
Fellows, Russell S., dentist, Main, h do.
Fellows, William A., carpenter, h Whig
Finch, Charles (Ketchumville), postmaster, and general merchant
Fisk, James, farm laborer
Fivaz, Jules B., farmer 40, h Whig
Flanagan, John H., retired, h Elm
Flanagan, Susie, dressmaker, Elm, bds. do.
Flanagan, William J., foreman Donley Bros. marble works, also prop. orange
grove in Hernando, Fla., h Elm
Fogle, Elias E., farmer
Fogle, George F., farmer
Fogle, Jacob, farmer 80
Ford, Albert N., general merchant, Water, h Elm
Ford, Herbert, clerk, bds. Elm
Ford, Ichabod A., farmer 83, h Main
Frank, Charles, jeweler, Water, h Whig
Freeland, Lyman, farmer 110
French, Charles, farmer 31
French, Jerry, farmer for his father Charles
Gage, Rilla, farmer 44
Gager, Ulysses S., farmer for Peter Settle, also dealer in Champion drills
Gale, Hiram (Ketchumville), reformed Methodist minister, and farmer 12
Gaskill, Levi C., carpenter, and farmer 60
Gates, Norton S., farm laborer, h Bridge
Gleason, George, farmer
Gleazen, Julia, resident, h Rewey ave.
Gleazen, Sabrina, resident, h Rewey ave.
Golden, Augustus H. (West Newark), cooper
Golden, Prentis E. (West Newark), school trustee, and cooper
Goodfellow, Hezekiah, mason, and farmer 50
Gould, Arthur J., farmer 50
Gould, Melvin J., farmer, leases of D. Sturtevant
Gould, Thaddus, stationary engineer, h Silk
Gould, Warren Mrs., resident, bds. Brook
Grenell, Sherman, farmer 100
Griffin, Hiram, farmer 105
Griffin, Irving D., farmer with his father Hiram
Griner, George Mrs., resident, h Elm
Griswold, Eben, farmer 25, and 275 in Pennsylvania
Grummons, Truman, sawyer, h Moore
Guyon, Charles S., farmer 70
Hale, Adelbert (Maine, Broome Co.), 127, farm laborer
Hale, Jerome H. (Connecticut), farmer, leases of Frank Ashley 100
Hale, Simeon, farmer with his son Jerome H.
Hall, Abner G., farmer 90
Hall, Polley B., resident, bds. Whig
Hall, Sheridan G. (Jenksville), constable, also shoemaker, and farmer 35
Hammond, Adelbert C., carpenter and joiner, also farmer 37
Hammond, Levi B., farmer 56
Hammond, Melville F., carpenter and jointer, and farmer 90
Hancy, William B., farmer on shares with M. Mead 160
Hand, Delmer C., aborer, h Maple ave.
Hardendorf, George M. (Ketchumville), farmer 100
Hardendorf, Henry D. (Ketchumville), farmer 30
Harris, Emma, widow John, resident
Harris, Isaac, tailor, h Bridge
Harris, Luther C., farmer 46
Harris, William H. (Connecticut), farmer 50
Harvey, Catharine, widow Abel, resident, h East ave.
Harvey, Jed, laborer, h East ave.
Harvey, Mark, laborer, h Maple
Havens, George, shoemaker, Water, h do.
Henderson, Alexander, farmer 170
Henderson, Irving, farmer with his father Alexander
Henry, George, emp. tannery, h Main
Herrick, Perlee, farmer 175
Hess, David, resident, h Maple
Higbe, Charles, retired farmer, h Main
Hill, Chauncey (Ketchumville), resident
Hilligas, Charles (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 57
Hilligas, Lorenzo D., mason and builder, h Maple
Hinsdale, Frank, farmer 160
Hinsdale, James E., farm laborer
Hoff, Erastus, farmer 165
Hoff, George, retired, h Whig
Holden, Ermina, teacher
Holden, Harlan P., farm laborer, h Main
Holden, Hiram, farmer 110
Holden, Laura E., widow Walter, resident
Holdrege, Ira J. (Ketchumville), shoemaker
Holes, John, farm laboer, h Moore
Holladay, Anna M., milliner, Water, h do.
Holladay, Eli J., egg buyer, h Water
Holladay, Herbert, farmer, h Water
Holland, Vienna, widow Abram, resident, h Main
Hollenbeck, Chester (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 200
Hollenbeck, Harrison (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 60
Hollenbeck, Whitfield (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 100
Hollister, Herbert, farmer 56
Holmes, Jerome d., dealer in horses, h Main
Holmes, Rufus, dealer in horses, h Main
Hooker, Charles B., painter and paper-hanger, Whig, h do.
Hooker, Frederick, farmer for Frank G. Bushnell
Hooker, John J., bridge builder, h Maple
Hooker, Mary E., teacher, bds. Whig
Hopkins, George, emp. N.K. Waring, h Whig
Hooper, Peter Q., farm laborer, h Silk
Hotchkin, Mary E., widow Marshal, resident, h Main
Hover, Albert (West Newark), farmer 25, and leases of W. Watkins 125
Hover, Albertus C. (West Newark), farmer 25, and leases of W. Watkins 125
Hover, Cornelius (West Newark), retired
Hover, Hannah, widow Gilbert, resident
Hover, James, farm laborer
Hover, Lucinda A., widow Charles, carpet-weaver
Hover, Marvin L. (West Newark), carpenter
Hover, Willis E. (West Newark), postmaster, and farmer 66
Howard, Anderson, marble and granite polisher, h Maple
Howard, Barzillia S., laborer, h Maple ave.
Howard, Uriel A., painter, John, h do.
Howard, William R., farmer
Howland, Henry H. (Howland & Hill, Auburn), creamery, h Elm
Howland, Jane E., resident, h Main
Hulslander, John H., small beer manuf.
Humphrey, Cyrus, farmer, leases of W. Tappan
Humphrey, Edward G. (Jenksville), farm laborer
Humphrey, Jacob V., milk dealer
Hunt, Lewis, fire and life insurance, Water, h Bridge
Hutchinson, Horace W., hardware, Water, h Whig
Hyden, Charles (Ketchumville), farmer 72
Hyden, John, laborer, h Main
Hyden, Henry, retired, h East ave.
Jackson, Nelson E., farmer 50
Jackson, O. Lester, carpenter, h Whig
Jackson, Robert, farmer, leases of Alfred Roulet 140
Jackson, William H. (Byington & Jackson), h Whig
Japhet, Levi, farmer 55
Japhet Mrs., resident, h Ward
Jayne & Ball (G.F.J. and H.W.B.) meat market and produce dealers, Walter
Jayne, Anna M., teacher, bds. Whig
Jayne, George F. (Jayne & Ball), h Whig
Jayne, Henry F., produce dealer and farmer, h Whig
Jennings, Mary, widow David, resident, bds. Whig
Johnson, Clark H., farmer 350
Johnson, Jefferson, farmer 80
Joslin, Almond (Flemingville), lumberman and farmer
Joslin, Daniel (Flemingville), lumberman and farmer 97
Joslin, Edward A., farmer
Joslin, Joseph D., telegraph operator
Kaley, Ira, laborer, h John
Kattell, Erskine, farm laborer
Keith, Frank R. (Jenksville), farm laborer
Keith, Lucius A. (Jenksville), carpenter
Kelleher, Timothy, laborer, h Dam lane
Kelleher, Thomas, hostler, bds. Dam lane
Kellogg, Alva D., farmer 40
Kellum, Bradford (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 20
Kellum, Frederick (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer, leases of Freeman Madison 100
Kennedy, Charles, farmer 90
Kennedy, J. Arthur, laborer, h Watson
Kennedy, Joseph L., farmer with his father Charles
Kennedy, LaMont, farmer with his father Charles
Kenyon, Charles E., dealer in Wiard plows, farmer 50 and in Owego 100
Kenyon, Edwin, farmer 18
Kenyon, Frank, farmer
Kenyon, Lorenzo, farmer 42
Kenyon, Lydia, widow Howland, resident
Kenyon, Raymond, farmer
Kershaw, C. Benjamin, farmer 73
Ketchum, Seneca (Ketchumville), prop. hotel and farmer 80
Kinney, Edward G., school trustee, h Whig
Knapp, Frank J., farmer
Knapp, George, farmer with his father Gaylord
Knapp, M. Gaylord, farmer
Knapp, William T., farmer 95
Kniskern, E. Ann, widow George, resident, h Moore
Lainhart, Abram, farmer 96
Lainhart, Arthur (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer for his father Aaron 140
Lainhart, Elias, farmer 135
Lainhart, Ephraim, farmer 30, and leases ofW. Elwell 150, h Whig
Lainhart, John (Ketchumville), farmer 300
Lamb, J. Bruce (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 90
Lane, Jacob, farmer 50
Landfield, Jerome B. (Davidge, Landfield & Co.) h Main
Lawrence, Horace F., farmer 30
Lawrence, Melton, farmer for W.H. Harris
Lawrence, Miles A., school trustee, also farmer 20
Lawrence, Sarah A., widow Joel, carpet-weaver
Lawrence, William J., farmer 100
Leach, Daniel F. Rev., pastor Baptist church, h Whig
Leach, R. Jennette, widow John, resident, h Main
Legg, Melville M., carpenter, h Spring
Leonard, Arthur, farm laborer, bds. Franklin
Leonard, Augustus N., retired bds. Franklin
Leonard, Grace A., dressmaker, bds. Franklin
Leonard, Herbert, marble-cutter, h Franlin
Lipe, Albert, farmer, leases of Romaine Bieber 50
Lipe, Austin, farmer with his father Jacob
Lipe, David, farmer 45
Lipe, George F., farmer with his father John W.
Lipe, Gilbert, farmer with his father Jacob
Lipe, Jacob, farmer 125
Lipe, John W., farmer 165
Lipe, Lyman, farm laborer
Livermore, Bert J., clerk, h Main
Livermore, James M., retired farmer, h Main
Livingston, Eugene, farmer 55
Lockwood, Daniel (Ketchumville), farmer 117
Loomis, Anson (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 79
Loomis, George W., resident, h Bridge
Loomis, Myron L. (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer, works on shares for his father 50
Lord, John, farm laborer, h East ave.
Loveland, Elizabeth H., teacher, bds. Whig
Loveland, Henry B., sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 115, h Whig
Loveland, William, farmer with his father Henry B., bds. Whig
Luck, Ozias F., carpenter
Lull, Charlotte Mrs., resident, h Maple
Lull, George T., farm laborer, h Maple ave.
Lynch, J. Henry, farm laborer
Madan, R. Jennie (Jenksville), widow Benjamin C., seamstress
Mahar, John, farmer 150
Marean, Alson J., farmer 25
Marean, Lucian B., resident
Marinus, David, farmer 82 1/2
Marshall, John, farm laborer
Matile, Mary L., widow G. August, h Elm
McCabe, William, laborer, h East ave.
McCrady, William H., farmer 78
McCullough, Catharine, widow William, farm 38
McCullough, Lorenzo D., farmer 150
McMahan, Patrick, laborer, h Whig
McPherson, George B., farmer with his father John
McPherson, John, farmer 25
McPherson, Robert, retired farmer
McVean, Charles U. (Ketchumville), farmer 120
Mead, Clyde V. (Jenksville), farmer with his father Rogers D.
Mead, Levi (Weltonville), farmer 45
Mead, Lewis J., farmer
Mead, Martin, farmer 15, h Moore
Mead, Marvin, farm laborer
Mead, Nelson C., farmer 116
Mead, Rogers D. (Jenksville), orchard 400 trees and farmer 400
Mead, William R., farmer 85
Meara, Margarite, resident, h Elm
Merrill, Lucinda B., widow Abel, resident
Millen, Arthur L. (Jenksville), farmer with his father Elisha
Millen, Elisha (Jenksville), farmer 114
Millen, Myron L. (Jenksville), farmer with his father Elisha
Miller, Daniel H., carpenter, also farmer 24
Miller, Sarah, widow Robert B., resident, h Main
Minard, Theodore, farmer on shares with Thomas Cary 70, h Main
Minturn, A. Mary, dressmaker, bds. Main
Minturn, Amelia F. Mrs., teacher, h Main
Mix, Eugene P., blacksmith, Main, h Franklin
Monell, Wilford (Ketchumville), farm laborer
Monell, William F., farmer 187
Monigan, Barney, emp. tannery, bds. East ave.
Monigan, Patrick C., emp. tannery, bds. East ave.
Moon, Levi B., cooper, Spring, h do.
Moon, W. Adelbert, stationary engineer, h Elm
Moon, Kernen, emp. tannery, h East ave.
Moore, Frank, farmer 100
Moore, Lucy M., widow David R., resident
Moore, Mary, resident
Moore, Winnie (Ketchumville), farmer 300
More, Cornelia, resident
Moseman Naomi J., widow William, h Silk
Moses, Frederick E., miller, bds. Main
Moses, Philander P., prop. Newark Valley custom mill, Main, h do.
Mott, William H., farmer 25
Munson, Nathan J., farmer 81
Murray, Thomas D., section foreman S.C.R.R., h Elm
Muzzy, Charles, farmer 50
Muzzy, Emily, resident, bds. Main
Muzzy, Frank H., farmer 100
Muzzy, George B., surveyor, and farmer 100
Mynard, Benajah, farmer

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