1887 - 88 Directory of Newark Valley, NY
Surnames "N - Z"

Donated by Martha S. Magill


Directory of Tioga County, New York 1887-'88 Compiled and Published by W. B. Gay & Co. Syracuse, N.Y.

The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887 Directory is arranged as follows - Name of individual or firm, postoffice address in parenthesis if different from name of town, business or occupation, figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased

Abbreviations used:
bds - boards; emp - employee; h - house; manuf - manufacturer;
prop - proprietor.
The word street is implied.
(Postoffice address is Newark Valley, NY unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)

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Neal, Amy, teacher, bds. Brook
Neal, Harvey, stone mason, h Brook
Neal, Mary, teacher, bds. Brook
Neal, Nettie, teacher, bds. Brook
Neal, Orlie Mrs., dressmaker, h Brook
Nearing, Ira (Main, Broome Co.), farmer 250
Neff, Asel, basket-maker, h East ave.
Neff, Stephen, laborer, h Main
Nicholson, Colonel H. (Connecticut), farmer 40
Nicholson, Grant, farmer with his father C.H.
Niefer, George P., farmer with his brother John 160
Niefer, John, farmer with his brother George P. 160
Nixon, Charles D., prop. Jenksville steam mills, residence in Owego
Nixon, Ephraim, retired
Nixon, George H. (Jenksville), sup't Jenksville steam mills
Nixon, Isabella (Jenksville), widow William, resident
Nixon, Jane F. (Jenksville), widow George G., resident
Nixon, John G. (Jenksville), general store
Noble & Purple (C.L.N. and G.E.P.), props. Tioga County Herald, Water
Noble, Charles L. (Noble & Purple), h Main
Noble, C.S. Miss, farm, h Main
Noble, David W., farmer 75, h Main
Noble, E. George, farmer 30, h Main
Noble, James T., farmer, h Main
Noble, Lyman B., dealer in eggs and poultry, bds. Main
Noble, Mary L., resident, bds. Main
Noble, Washington A., farmer, h Main
Nolan, Mary, widow John, general housework, h Main
Nolan, Patrick, emp. tannery, h East ave.
Nolton, Byron, farmer 51
Nolton, William, carpenter, h Maple
North, Sarah A., widow Samuel D., resident
Nowlan & Abbott (E.G.N. & G.A.), blacksmiths, Main
Nowlan, Edward G. (Nowlan & Abbott), h Main
Owen, James K. (Ketchumville), farmer 30
Owen, Wesley (Ketchumville), watch and clock repairer
Pangburn, Stephen, farmer 56
Partridge, John B. (West Newark), farmer
Patrick, Leroy (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer, leases of Turner estate 150
Patterson, Alfred, farmer 100
Payne, Ellis (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 50
Pearl, Albertine Mrs., housekeeper, h Main
Pease, George W. (Ketchumville), farmer, leases of Fred North 20
Pease, Henry F. (Ketchumville), carpenter
Pease, Morris (Ketchumville), farmer
Pellett, George, farmer 30
Pellett, William M., farmer 132
Perry, Cephas (Ketchumville), farmer 30
Perry, George, stone mason, h Ward
Phelps, Diana, widow Jason, resident, h Main
Phillips, Harriet, widow William, resident, h Moore
Phillips, John M., painter, h Moore
Phipps, George (Ketchumville), peddler
Pier, Bradford S., farm laborer
Pierce, Hiram C., farmer 25
Pierson, Charles O., harness-maker, Water, h Elm
Pierson, William, retired farmer
Pinney, Egbert B., traveling salesman, h Silk
Pitcher, Adelbert (Maine, Broome Co.), farm laborer
Pitcher, Alfred, farmer 50
Pitcher, Allie De F., farmer for his father, Harrison
Pitcher, Eli (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 80
Pitcher, Harrison, farmer 111
Pitcher, James (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer, leases of Frank Lewis 50
Pitcher, Nathan (Maine, Broome Co.), farm laborer
Pitcher, Silas (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 90
Pitcher, Wesley, farmer, leases of David J. Shear 50
Pollard, Ira J. (Ketchumville), teamster
Prentice, Elmer E., farmer
Prentice, Ulysses G., Jr., farmer with his father William F.
Prentice, William F., farmer 110
Prentice, William G., emp. William's saw-mill, h Franklin
Purple, Gilbert E. (Noble & Purple), h Main
Quail, William, farm laborer
Quick, Frederick, farmer
Race, Lucy A., resident, bds. Whig
Raleigh, Orrin, emp. N.K. Waring, h Maple
Randall, Oscar S., general merchant, Water, h do.
Recordon, Theodore, farmer 50
Reeves, William J., excise commissioner, and farmer 145
Rewey, Emeine, widow Oliver, resident, h Main
Rice, James, laborer, h Main
Rice, John, retired, h Silk
Rich, Marion F. (Connecticut), farmer, works on shares for William Bushnell 50
Richardson, Fred W., traveling salesman, and farmer 200, h Whig
Riley, Andrew, clerk, h Maple
Riley, Andrew B., carpenter, also dealer in wagons, h Maple
Riley, Kate, widow Michael, laundress, h off East ave.
Riley, Maggie, clerk, h Water
Robbins, Clark M. (West Newark), farm laborer
Robbins, George, traveling hair-dresser, h Maple
Roberts, John O., groceries and provisons, and wholesale dealer in butter
and eggs, Water, h Elm
Rockwood, Lorenzo, station agt. S.C.R.R., also agt. U.S. express, and
telegraph operator, h East ave.
Rogers, Cornelius R., physician and surgeon, Main, h do.
Rogers, Edward (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 16
Ross, John (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 50
Roulet, Alfred, farmer 140
Roulet, Felix, traveling salesman, h Elm
Roys, Alpheus D. (Roys & Todd), h Main
Roys & Todd, (A.D.R. & Mrs. P.E.T.), general merchants, Main
Russell, Henry (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 93
Ryan, Mary, widow Michael, bds. Brook
Ryan, William, principal school, h Main
Saddlemire, Alexander, farmer 80
Saddlemire, Anna E., widow David, resident
Saddlemire, Daniel J., carpenter, and farmer 25
Saddlemire, Elias, farmer
Saddlemire, Emily, Mrs., farmer 40
Saddlemire, Ephraim (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 61
Saddlemire, Fenton R., farmer with his father, Noyes P.
Saddlemire, Frank, farmer 60
Saddlemire, Jacob H., egg buyer, and farmer 78
Saddlemire, Jerome, farmer 111
Saddlemire, Manfred, farmer for his mother, Mrs. Emily Saddlemire
Saddlemire, Noyes P., farmer 188
Salisbury, William H. (Weltonville), farmer on shares with J.W. Barrett
Sandwick, John K., barber, Water, h Whig
Schnapp, Jacob Jr., farmer 25
Schoolcraft, Hattie E., widow Lucius, resident
Schoolcraft, John, laborer, h East ave.
Schoolcraft, John D., farmer 19
Schoolcraft, Minor, farm laborer
Schoolcraft, Paul, resident
Schoolcroft, Abagail, widow David, resident
Schoolcroft, Adam (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 102
Schoolcroft, Earnest, farmer, leases of D. Pitcher estate 200
Schoolcroft, Henry, farmer 40
Searles, Ezra, mason and farmer 50
Searles, Jack E., painter
Sears, Lizzie M., dressmaker, Elm, bds. do.
Sears, Sophronia M. Mrs., resident, h Elm
Sebastian, Christina, widow G.O., resident
Settel, Deidamia, widow John, resident
Settel, Oscar, farmer 300
Settell, David, retired, h White
Settell, Elmer E., farmer with his father, Ira D.
Settell, George, farmer 90
Settell, Ira D., farmer 177
Settle, Peter, farmer 105
Shafer, Egbert, farm laborer
Shaffer, Charles E., farmer 50
Sharp, Osmer (Ketchumville), farm laborer
Sharp, Robert B. (Ketchumville), blacksmith and farmer 152
Shaw, Laura M., widow Joel, h Main
Shaw, Philander M., farmer 62, h Main
Shay, James, laborer, h Maple ave.
Shear, David J., resident, h Elm
Shear, John I., farmer 64
Sheldon, Harley G., retired farmer, h Main
Sherman, Hiram L., carpenter, h Maple
Sherman, Peter (Ketchumville), farmer
Sherwood, George F., supt. Davidge & Landfield's tannery, h Maple
Sherwood, Warren D., sewing macines, h Main
Shoultes, Chauncey, farm laborer
Shoultes, Edward W., farmer with his father, William H.
Shoultes, Frederick, farmer 95
Shoultes, George, farmer 50
Shoultes, Ira, farmer 100
Shoultes, Ira A., farm laborer
Shoultes, William H., farmer 75
Shulenburg, Wallace H., farm laborer
Simmons, Joseph, retired, h Elm
Slosson, George W., justice of the peace, h Maple
Smith, Alfred (Jenksville), horse-breeder and farmer 120, farm for sale
Smith, Benjamin F., resident, h Main
Smith, Edwin P., farmer, h Main
Smith, Elijah (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer, works on shares for Frank Lewis 315
Smith, Harvey B., resident, h Brook
Smith, Jabez C., farmer, leases of E.P. Smith 70
Smith, Joel E., farmer 25
Smith, John E., excise com. and farmer 100
Smith, John S., resident, h Bridge
Smith, L.M. & Son (Lewis H.), drugs and wall-paper, 5 Water
Smith, Lewis H. (L.M. Smith & Son), h Water
Smith, Lucius M. (L.M. Smith & Son), h Water
Smith, Randolph L., farmer 58
Smith, William H., farmer 45
Smullen, Charles M. (Jenksville), blacksmith
Snapp, Edward E., farmer 106
Snapp, Emeline, widow George, resident
Snapp, Frank, farmer 90
Snapp, Henry O., farmer 75
Spaulding, Lucius W., farmer 160
Spaulding, Luther J., retired, h Main
Spaulding, Marcus M., retired, h Main
Sprague, Almander, retired, h Main
Sprague, Henry A., resident, h Main
Sprague, Lewis H., resident, h Main
Stannard, Aretus R., emp. Donley Brothers, h Brook
Stannard, Henry, farmer 100
Stannard, Hiram R., bakery, Water, h do.
Stannard, John M., farmer 104
Stevens, Aaron C., millwright and turner
Stevens, Elvira Mrs., resident
Stevens, Henry W., apiarist, small fruit grower and poultry
Stevens, William W., farmer 23
Stever, Fred A., painter, h Whig
Stinard, Jane H., widow James D., resident
Stowell, Alexander D., farmer 18
Strait, Edward, farmer, leases of J.R. Johnson 63
Strait, Joseph (Connecticut), lumberman and shingleman
Strong, Fanny C. (Jenksville), widow Isaac B., resident
Strong, Fred W. (Jenksville), farmer, leases of J. Evans 10
Strong, Orin (Jenksville), farmer 200
Sturtevant, David M., carriage painter, Brook, h Whig
Sutphen, Horace (Jenksville), supt. Nixon farm
Sutton, George B., artist and farmer 100
Sweet, Charles E. (Ketchumville), blacksmith
Sweigler, Robert, farmer 45
Tappan, Charles, small fruit grower and farmer, bds. Whig
Tappan, John C., farm laborer, h Whig cor. Moore
Tappan, Rebecca A., widow Asher C., resident, Whig cor. Moore
Tappan, Revere C., physician and surgeon, Main, h do.
Tappan, Riley A., farmer 150
Thornton, C. Frank, stone mason and prop. of quarry, East ave.
Thornton, Chauncey G., resident, h Franklin
Thornton, George, farm laborer
Thornton, Mary E., laundress, h Franklin
Tibbitts, Eli D., retired farmer, Main
Tidd, John, retired
Tioga County Herald (Noble & Purple), weekly, issued Saturday, Water
Todd, Frank H., clerk, h Main
Todd, Phebe E. (Roys & Todd), h Main
Tompkins, George (Ketchumville), farmer
Towner, Lucy M., widow Milo B., resident
Treible, Wilson Rev., pastor M.E. church, h Main
Tripp, Emma (Maine, Broome Co.), widow Frank, resident
Turner, Charles (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 113
Turner, Leroy (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 400
VanDemark, John (Weltonville), farmer 62
VanDemark, Lucius, farm laborer
VanGlowe, Abram (Jenksville), farm laborer
VanPatten, Richard H., farmer 40, h East ave.
Wade, Edgar O., farmer with his father William H.
Wade, William H., farmer 86
Waldo, Betsey C., resident, h Main
Waldo, William D., farmer 46
Walter, Charles, farmer 63
Walter, Clarence S., carpenter and joiner
Walter, Eugene C., farmer 30
Walworth, Clark, farmer 140
Walworth, LaVern, farmer 96
Walworth, William, farmer with his father Clark
Waring, Norman K., manuf. fly-rods, Spring, h do.
Warner, Frank (Connecticut), emp. lumber-mill
Warner, William (Connecticut), emp. lumber-mill
Washburn, Stoddard, farm laborer, h Maple ave.
Waterman, Charles H., farmer, leases of A.C. Matthews 128
Watkins, William (West Newark), farmer
Watrous, Frank, farmer 185
Watson, Abbie J., widow Seth, bds. Whig
Wells, Henry L., book-keeper for Davidge, Landfield & Co., h Main
Wells, Jane B., widow Frederick, farm 130, h Main
Wells, Lucius E. (Burch & Wells), h Main
Wells, William F., farmer with his mother Jane B., bds. Main
Westfall, E. Frank, farm laborer
Westfall, Frank, farmer 15
Westfall, Frederick W., farmer with his father Joseph F.
Westfall, Joseph F., farmer 100
White, George W. (Jenksville), custom grist and saw-mill
Whiting Bros. (J.E. and W.V.B.), wagon and carriage makers, repairing done
with neatness and dispatch, Brook
Whiting, Warren V.B. (Whiting Bros.), h Main
Whiting, Jerry E. (Whiting Bros.), h Main
Whitmore, Horace L., leather finisher, h Whig
Whitmore, Martha, widow Hezekiah, resident, h Whig
Williams, Edson, farmer, leases of James Reed 100
Williams, Lucius E., saw, planing and feed-mill, and dealer in coal and
lumber, off Main, h Rewey ave.
Williams, Margaret, widow Almeran, bds. off Bridge
Williams, Oliver G., laborer, h Maple
Williams, Royal R., farmer 85, h off Bridge
Williams, Theodore, carpenter, h Elm
Willis, Henry (Maine, Broome Co.), farm laborer
Willis, Horace B. (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 43
Wilson, Elnora, widow Charles F., resident, h Main
Winship, Charles B., boarding-house, Maple
Winship, Henry, retired, h Main
Wood, Henry A., billiard room and shoemaker, Water, h do.
Wood, Joseph, retired, h Rewey ave.
Woodard, Andrew J., laborer, bds. Maple
Wright, Malborn W., resident, h Main
Wright, Sarah, widow Giles, resident, h Main
Young, Hiram (Dimmick & Young), bds. Dimmick House
Young, John, farmer 96
Zimmer, Addie Mrs., nurse, h Whig
Zimmer, Asa W., farmer with his father Elias
Zimmer, Charles, farmer
Zimmer, Charles W., farmer with his father Elias
Zimmer, Daniel, farmer 70
Zimmer, Delmar, farmer with his father Seymour E.
Zimmer, Edgar (West Newark), farm laborer
Zimmer, Edward, farmer with his father Seymour E.
Zimmer, Edward, farmer 85
Zimmer, Elias, farmer 180
Zimmer, Eva M., teacher, bds. Whig
Zimmer, Henry S., farmer 65
Zimmer, Jacob, farmer 20
Zimmer, Lyman, farmer 125
Zimmer, Manier (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 93
Zimmer, Miner S., farmer 54
Zimmer, Nathaniel (Maine, Broome Co.), farmer 96
Zimmer, Peter A., farmer 115
Zimmer, Peter B., farmer 200
Zimmer, Ransom J., farmer 128
Zimmer, Seymour E., farmer 112
Zimmer, Sherman, farmer with his father Seymour E.
Zimmer, Wesley, farmer with his father Elias

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