1887 - 88 Directory of Nichols, NY

"A - L"

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Directory of Tioga County, New York 1887-'88 Compiled and Published by W. B. Gay & Co. Syracuse, N.Y.: The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887

The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887 Directory is arranged as follows - Name of individual or firm, postoffice address in parenthesis if different from name of town, business or occupation, figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased

Abbreviations used:
bds - boards; emp - employee; h - house; manuf - manufacturer;
prop - proprietor.
The word street is implied.
(Postoffice address is Nichols, NY unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)

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Adams, Eliza S. (Hooper's Valley), resident
Adams, Maria, widow Absalom, resident
Adams, Stephen B. (Hooper's Valley), McCormick Harvesting Machine company's
agt. for Tioga county, and farmer 140
Alen, Clarence B. (Owego), farm laborer
Allen, John (Owego), farm laborer
Allen, Robert A., laborer, h Main
Allington, Emily J. (Hooper's Valley), resident
Allington, Sarah H. (Hooper's Valley), widow Rev. Jacob, farm 34
Ames, Lloyd H. (Owego), stationary engineer
Ames, Orley L, Mrs., laundress, h River
Anderson, H. Beecher, hostler, bds. Main
Angell, Benjamin P., retired, h Main
Angell, Charles D. (Hooper's Valley), farmer, leases of Pearsall & Gray 250
Annable, Lovisa, widow, resident
Anthony, Floyd H., groceries and provisions and livery, Main, h do.
Atwood, Harrison, farm laborer
Babcock, Willard, farmer, h Railroad
Babcock, William, laborer, h Main
Baird, Frances C., resident, bds. River
Baker Brothers (W.W. and R.B.), props. Nichols creamery
Baker, Frank B., emp. creamery, bds. Cady ave.
Baker, Robert B. (Baker Bros.), h Cady ave.
Baker, William W. (Baker Bros.), h Cady ave.
Barnes, George W. (Hooper's Valley), farm laborer
Barr, George, farm laborer
Barr, John, farmer 150
Barr, John Jr., farmer
Barr, Lawrence, farm laborer
Barstow, Mary L., resident, bds. River
Barstow, Oliver A. (Hooper's Valley), retired
Baxter, Frederick H., farmer
Beach, Ernest C., miller, bds. Main
Bennett, Abraham (Hooper's Valley), resident
Bennett, Elizabeth, widow Elijah, farm 25
Bensley, Fred (Hooper's Valley), farmer
Bensley, John (Hooper's Valley), school trustee and farmer 200
Bensley, John C. (Hooper's Valley), farmer
Bixby, Charles R., carpenter and builder, h Cady ave.
Bixby, Chester, carpenter, h Main
Bixby, George W., farmer
Bixby, Schuyler, farmer on shares with Jos. Reynolds 130
Bixby, Smith R., contractor and builder, h River
Blair, Linus, farm laborer
Bliven, Cranston, member of school board; also, dealer in produce and
general merchandise, Main, h River
Bliven, Cranston V. S., retired, bds. River
Boardman, Elizabeth P., widow Edward, resident
Bonham, Jonas, retired, h Cady ave.
Booth, Franklin (Hooper's Valley), farmer
Boyce, David M., laboarer, h River
Bradley, Hiram (Tioga Centre), farmer on shares with C. Lounsberry
Bradley, Marcus, farmer on shares with Warren A. Smith 60, h River
Briggs, Ebenezer (E. Nichols), farmer 56
Briggs, Edward W. (E. Nichols), farmer 91 1/2
Briggs, Elihu (E. Nichols), farmer 94
Briggs, Herman I., stock dealer and farmer 87 1/2
Briggs, Ira, farmer 75
Briggs, Julius (E. Nichols), farmer
Briggs, Melvin (E. Nichols) apiarist and farmer
Brott, David (Owego), farmer
Brougham, John W., emp. Harris, DeGroat & Co., h Main
Brown, Elizabeth, widow Peter, resident
Brown, Fanny, widow, h Main
Brown, George, retired, h Oxford
Brown, James M., carpenter
Brown, John W., farmer 6
Brown, S. Otis, farmer 114
Burrell, Isaac, farm laborer, h River
Burrell, Lott S., laborer, bds. River
Butolph, Frank E., farmer 76
Butolph, Leroy, farmer 115
Butolph, Sybil, farm 35
Cady, George M. (Latham & Cady), also physician and surgeon, bds. River
Cady, George P., physician and surgeon, River, h do.
Cady, William, retired, bds. Cady ave. (died July 2, 1887)
Campbell, Amos B. (Owego), cooper and farmer on shares with Charles Dunham 80
Campbell, George W. (Hooper's Valley), laborer
Campbell, Smith, farmer 31
Campion, Frank, teacher and farmer
Carpenter, Allen O., farm laborer, h Cady ave.
Carter, Alexander (East Nichols), farm laborer
Childs, Marcus W., principal of the Union School
Chubbuck, Francis Rev. (Hooper's Valley), retired M.E. clergyman and small
fruit grower
Clair, Hiram (Hooper's Valley), farmer 253
Clair, William H. (Hooper's Valley), farmer with his father Hiram
Clapp, Samuel, lumber dealer and farmer 60, bds. River
Clarke, Howard W., traveling salesman, h Cady ave.
Cogswell, Henry S. (East Nichols), farmer, leases of G. Newman 50
Cole, Horace, farmer
Cole, Truman, farmer 114
Coleman & Horton (E.C. & G.H.H.) hardware, stoves and tinware, Main
Coleman, Emmit (Coleman & Horton), also postmaster, bds. Nichols House
Conant, Edward H., painter, h River
Conant, Luther, boots and shoes, Main, h River
Cortright, Charles F., laborer
Cortright, Elijah, cooper
Cortright, John (Tioga Center), laborer
Coryell, Arthur (Hooper's Valley), farm laborer
Coryell, Augusta, widow Henry P., resident, h Cady Block
Coryell, Emanuel (Hooper's Valley), farmer 65
Coryell, Mary, teacher, bds. Cady Block
Coryell, Robert P., school trustee and farmer 250
Crandall, Charles, farmer on shares with I. Dunham
Crandall, George E. (Tioga Center), farmer
Crandall, William, basket-maker
Cure, Andrew J., farmer
Curkendoll, William, carpenter and small fruit grower
Davenport, Abraham, farm laborer
Davenport, Amelia Mrs. (Hooper's Valley), farm 30
Davenport, Charlotte D., farm 25
Davenport, Ellen (Hooper's Valley), farm 30
Davenport, Ira (Hooper's Valley), farmer
Davenport, Joseph, farmer
Dean, Julia A. (Hooper's Valley), farm 34
Dean, Nathan S., apiarist 30 swarms, fruit grower, and farmer 60
De Bolder, Lawrence, farmer 42
De Bolder, William E., stationary engineer, h Walnut
De Groat, J. Fields (Harris, De Groat & Co.), h Main
De Groat, William (Owego), blacksmith
Derring, Herman, laborer
Doty, Charles H., laborer, bds. Cady ave.
Doty, George W., retired, h Cady ave.
Drake, C. Sidney, clerk, bds. Nichols Hotel
Duncan, James (E. Nicholas), farm laborer
Dunham, Benjamin (Owego), carpenter, and farmer 74
Dunham, Charles (Owego), farmer 100
Dunham, Charles, farmer with his father Samuel
Dunham, Ebenezer, produce dealer, Main, h do.
Dunham, Elemer, E. (Owego), farm laborer
Dunham, Frances J. (Owego), teacher
Dunham, Harriet P. (Owego), widow Anson, resident
Dunham, Harvey W., farmer 135
Dunham, Isaac, farmer 300, and in Penn. 100
Dunham, James (Owego), farmer, leases of John Smith 100
Dunham, Joseph M., farmer
Dunham, Mary E., resident, h Main
Dunham, Melissa S. Miss (Owego), resident
Dunham, Nehemiah (Owego), farmer 50
Dunham, Platt (Owego), farmer 50
Dunham, Platt Jr. (Owego), farmer 114
Dunham, Samuel (Owego), farmer
Dunham, Samuel, farmer 71
Dunham, Sands, farmer
Dunham, Stephen H., farmer 135
Edsall, Benjamin F., carpenter, h Howell
Edsall, Brice P., retired, h Walnut
Edsall, Ida O., widow David, resident, bds. River
Edsall, John R., town clerk, also general merchant and dealer in
agricultural implements, Main, bds. Walnut
Edwards, Ann E. (Hooper's Valley), widow Albertus, resident
Edwards, Cyrus (Hooper's Valley), farm laborer
Ellis, George, farmer
Ellis, George Jr. (Hooper's Valley), carpenter and ferryman
Ellis, Hiram (Hooper's Valley), farmer on shares with S. Kirby estate 67
Ellis, John (Waverly), farmer 15
Ellsworth, Aurelia, widow Francis H., resident, h River
Ellsworth, Elwin F., painter and paper-hanger, bds. River
Ellsworth, Henry N., carpenter, also farmer 31, h Cole
Elsbree, Emily C., widow Manning, resident, h head of Main
Evans, Amanda C. (Tioga Center), widow Cyrus G., farm 52
Evans, Cyrus (Tioga Center), farmer 50
Evans, Edward E., well driver, also agt. for wind-mills, h Walnut
Evans, Elijah K., contractor and builder, and farmer 20
Everitt, Elmore, supervisor, and farmer 38
Everitt, Frederick M., tinsmith, h Main
Everitt, George E., farmer, h Main
Everitt, Harvey C., farmer 50, h Main
Everitt, Hovey E., drug clerk, bds r. 8
Everson, George T. (Owego), farm laborer
Everson, Oliver C. (Owego), farm laborer
Farnham, Oscar E., patentee egg preserving rack, also prop. wood turning
shop, and cider-mill, and farmer 4 1/2
Fenderson, John, prop. Nichols steam flour, saw and planing-mills, h River
Ferris, Horace (Owego), farmer 50
Field, Lucas T. (Hooper's Valley), postmaster
Ford, George, farmer
Forman, John, member of school board, excise commissioner, small fruit
grower, and farmer 200
Forman, Miles, resident, h Main
Forman, Smith, farmer with his father John
Fox, Alfred J., farmer
Fox, Harry, retired
Fox, Isaac D., farmer 25, on shares with F. C. Lowman
Goetchins, Maurice L., farmer
Goodenough, Delos, boots and shoes, Main, h do.
Goodsell, Willam S. (Athens, Pa.), farmer 50, and leases of H. Kiff 70
Goodsell, Zina, farmer 50
Granger, Daniel (Owego), farmer 36
Granger, George M. (Owego), farmer 25
Greene, Joseph G. (Owego), farmer on shares with S. Evans
Griswold, Martha (Waverly), widow Henry, farmer 25
Griswold, Thomas (Waverly), farmer 50
Hamel, Charles E. (Owego), watch repairer
Hamel, Clark (Owego), gardener
Harden, Ida Mrs., dressmaker, off Main
Harden, Samuel W., farmer 26, h off Main
Harris, DeGroat & Co. (O.P.H., J.F. DeG., and R.C.H.), wholesale dealers
and shippers of hay, grain, potatoes and general farm products, Main
Harris, Elizabeth D., widow Nathaniel B., resident, h Main
Harris, Oliver P. (Harris, DeGroat & Co.), Main
Harris, R. Corsa (Harris, DeGroat & Co.), h Main
Hauver, George L. (Owego), farmer, leases of J. Hunt estate 90
Hazard, Lois, widow Dwight, resident
Hazard, Willis W., farm laborer
Herrick, Henry B. (Waverly), farmer 6 1/4
Herrick, William, apiarist 11 swarms, assessor, and farmer on shares with
Julia A. Dean 31
Hill, Abner, farm laborer
Hill, Morris M. (Hooper's Valley), farmer
Hilligass, David (Hooper's Valley), district collector, and farmer 27
Hilligass, Jacob, farmer
Hoover, William (Hooper's Valley), retired
Horton, Betsey, widow Stephen S., h River
Horton, G. Henry (Coleman & Horton), also farmer 300, h River
Howell, Arthur M., farmer
Howell, John J., resident
Howell, John L., retired, h Main
Howell, Robert, geologist, mineralogist, and farmer 127, and in Pennsylvania 20
Hunt, Adonijah (Owego), prop. saw and grist-mill, and farmer 140
Hunt Brothers (Enos and Seth), farmer 60
Hunt, Charles E., clerk, bds. Main
Hunt, Ebenezer, farmer 53
Hunt, Elizabeth (Owego), farm 194
Hunt, Ezra C. (Owego), farmer 110
Hunt, George b. (Owego), farmer with his father Thomas J.
Hunt, John W. (Waverly), farmer 160
Hunt, Julia S. (Owego), widow Jonathan, 2d, farm 40
Hunt, Marcella (Owego), farmer 194
Hunt, Samuel (Waverly), farmer 155
Hunt Sisters (Owego), (E. and M. Hunt), farmer 194
Hunt, Thomas J. (Owego), farmer 188
Hunt, Timothy (Owego), farmer
Hunt, Williston, farmer 115
Hyres, Frances, widow Jerry W., resident, h Main
Ingersoll, George A., member of school board, also stock breeder, and farmer 103
Jansen, Abram (Owego), retired
Johnson, Charles H., farmer 47
Johnson, Eliza J., widow Parley, resident
Johnson, John A., farmer
Johnson, John E., farmer 40
Jones, Charles M., laborer, h Railroad
Jones, Eveline, resident
Jones, Lewis, road commissioner and farmer 100
Joslin, Edward, dry and fancy goods, millinery and wall-paper, Main, h do.
Joslyn, Louisa (Owego), widow Peter, resident
Kane, Michael, laborer, h Cady ave.
Keech, Miles W., mason, carpenter and farmer
Keech, T. Wilber, farmer, leases of his mother Laura 50
Kelso, Harry, cigar-maker
Kennedy, John M., telegraph operator, bds. Main
Kent, Pulaski P. (Owego), farm laborer
Ketcham, Eli G. (Owego), justice of the peace, school trustee and farmer 226
Ketcham, William, butcher, Main, h Walnut
Kirby, Allen B., agent D.L. & W.R.R., also, U.S. express agent, Main cor. Life
Lane, David J. (Owego), apiarist and farmer
Lane, Fred H. (Owego), teacher
Lane, George S. (Tioga Centre) farmer 127
Lane, Harvey P. (Tioga Centre), farmer
Lane, Lucinda (Owego), widow Amos, farm 46
Lane, Warren A. (Owego), school trustee and farmer 47
Laning, Charles P., carpenter, h Howell
LaRue, Isaac L., prop. hotel, Main
Latham & Cady (S.H.L. and G.M.C.), druggists, toilet articles and
confectionary, Main cor. River
Latham, Sidney H. (Latham & Cady), h Main
Lisenby, Charles F., farmer on shares with E. Dunham 240
Lisenby, John, farm laborer
Lollis, William, nurse
Losaw, Daniel, farmer
Lounsberry, Benjamin (Owego), farmer 138
Lounsberry, Frederick (Owego), farmer
Lounsberry, George (Tioga Centre), farmer 100
Lounsberry, George F. (Tioga Centre), farmer 62
Lounsberry, Harriet E. (Tioga Centre), farm 50
Lounsberry, Harriet E. (Tioga Centre), widow James, farm 60
Lounsberry, Horace (Tioga Centre), farmer 241
Lounsberry, Horace, Second (Owego), farmer 70, and with Horace Lounsberry,
First, 241
Lounsberry, James (Tioga Centre), farmer 113
Lounsberry, John (Owego), saw-mill and farmer 159
Lounsberry, Platt (Tioga Centre), retired farmer 28
Lounsbury, William R., excise commissioner and farmer 64
Loveland, Mary A., widow Lewis, laundress, h Main
Loveland, Seth H. (Waverly), saw-mill and carpenter
Lowman, Frederic C., breeder of thoroughbred short-horn cattle and farmer
52; stock for sale at all times
Lunn, William H., farm laborer
Lurcock, Adelbert, farm laborer
Lurcock, Frederick (Tioga Centre), farmer
Lurcock, William, emp. De Groat, Harris & Co., h. Main
Lynch, Wiliam, laborer

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