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Several Lyons family obituaries
from Sherlene Belden


Justus Lyons records from Sherlene Belden

Justus Lyons Will
Justus Lyons Surogate Court Record

Will from
Dianne Delitto

John C. Laning - Owego NY

Obituaries from Ella Foster

Amos Compton
Randall Doney
Nelson Slate
Whitmarsh Family

Records for John Giltner from Jackie Mahoney

Last Will and Testament of John Giltner,

Obituaries from Harriet A Odom

Several Zimmer Family Obits

Obituary from Bruce Forman Pawlak

John Forman of Nichols
Abraham F. Pruyn
Edward Platt
Mattie Forman
Smith Forman

Obituary from Aggie Reynolds

Edgar F. Belden
Hotchkiss S. Finch
Rachel Delilah "Leta" Clark Payne of Berkshire
Lewis Henry Woodard of Moravia, formerly of Richford:

Obituaries from
Bertha Sherwood's Scrapbook

Abbott, Babcock, Barrett, Barrott,
Blanchard, Blewer, Bostwick, Bronson,
Codner, Daggett, Dimon, Galpin
Giles, Hills, Hopkins, Merrill, Moore,
Pease, Probasco, Royal, Sherwood,
Tousley, Williams

Obituary from
Betty Short

Abner Hills

Obituaries from Terrell Shoultes

James R. Castle of Endicott
Harold Thomas Faucett - formerly of Owego
Collection of Shoultes Obituaries

Obituary from
Sandy Wagner Simons

Paul F. Shirley

Obituary from
Reva Wagner

Lillian "Rusty" (Makowsky) Allen
George W. ALVE
Maxine ARASZ
Emma J. (Kelly) Arnold
William A. Arnold
Betty J. (Wolfe) Bailey
Christopher Michael "Chris" Burgert
Ronald L. Chandler
Delores “Dee” (Fink) Cole
Fenton M. Dimmick
Gwen M. Donlick
Linda J. (Wheeler) Drew
Maxine J. Eck
Cecil N. Ennis
Doris M. (Theetge) Erle
Burton Robert Evans
Thomas D. Gunther
Philip Winthrop Ham
Laura K. Hand
Katharine Hathaway
Earl Nelson Hildebrant
William M. Jackman
Ronald M. Jackson Sr.
Florence M. Jones
Gerald John Keniry
Beverly A. (Lattimer) King
Ruth I. Knapp
Nettie B. (Howell) Kryger
Elaine Marriott
Gilbert A. Martz
Durland Mattocks
Christine Marie McCabe
Lillian (Batten) Meade
Helen R. Mullen
Gladys M. Van Nosdall
Hazel (Franklin) Olmstead
Raymond A. Perine
Phyllis G. Peterson
Leo Harry Poole
Georgiana A. Powell
Kenneth L. Prince
John D. Rhodes
Bruce Rimbey
Ann (Short) Rogers
Anthony F. Scott
Arthur M. Scovell
Harry “Smokey” Scovell
Richard W. Sovinsky
Mildred Grace Springer
Brian Stedge
Donald C. Stevens
Thomas C. Stevens
Lillian Krisko Stimik
Lucille Knier Strait
Edna Bastin Strawn
Linda (Woodburn) Sundloff
Mary I. Tompkins
Jean R. Turner
Catherine E. Wade
Tom Walsh
Donald C. Warner
Donald F. Weisse

Miscellaneous Obituaries

Galpin, Hull and Schooley
Hellen R. Mullen
Helen M. (Backer) Park
Thomas "TC" C. Stevens
Rachael M. Yentz
Zimmer Family of Newark Valley

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