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The following were copied for the D.A.R. from an old church record book of marriages of the Owego Station of the Methodist Episcopal church, owned by Owego United Methodist Church. A transcription of the original lists was found in Volume 416 of miscellaneous compiled DAR records and transcriptions at the New York City Public Library. Fees collected by the minister for performing the marriage varied depending on his expenses, e.g. travel, food, etc. Methodist Episcopal ministers kept their records with them so it's fortunate that these records survived.

All spellings and awkward punctuation are exactly as on the original onionskin paper typescript. The presence of ___ means that the transcriber didn't attempt to make a guess at a word they couldn't read. No year or transcriber's name was given. The site coordinator has no information about couples and persons mentioned below.

Marriage Record by Rev. G.H. Blakeslee

On Sept. 7th Mr. William H. Chapman of Candor, N.Y. to Miss Emily M. Curtis of Owego, N.Y. $3.00
Sep. 16th Mr. Charles Neally of Tioga N.Y. to Miss Frances E. Manning of Owego, N.Y. 5.00
Sep. 20 Mr. Stephen W. Jones to Miss Prudence Anthony both of Tioga N.Y. 5.00
Sep. 21 Mr. Samuel A. Price Jr. of Wilmington Delaware to Miss Fanny M. Wallis of Tioga N.Y. 10.00
Oct. 13th Mr. Philip Fullmer to Miss Sarah A. Pearl, both of Owego, N.Y. 1.50
Nov. 8th Mr. Lorin Livermore of Lisle, N.Y. to Miss Angeline Houk of Owego, N.Y. 3.00
Nov. 14th Mr. David B. Wallis to Miss Eleanor C. Sharp, both of Tioga, N.Y. 5.00
Dec. 3 Mr. ___ to Miss ___ both of Owego 3.00

1855 Jan. 1 Mr. Elston Holmes of Owego, N.Y. to Miss Chloe A. Newman of Warren Pa. 2.00
Jan. 13 Mr. Elias M. Courtright to Miss Mary E. Nichols, both of Tioga, N.Y. 2.00
Jan. 14th Mr. Charles Courtright to Miss Mary E. Nichols of Tioga. N.Y. 1.00
[typist's note - the minister or records transcriber made an error in recording the bride's name]
Jan. 31st Mr. Hamilton Courson to Miss Mary G. Goodale, both of Tioga, N.Y. 1.00
Feb. 8th Mr. Edward P. Herrick of Candor to Miss Caroline Carpenter of Berkshire, N.Y. 3.00
Feb. 16 Mr. Barnard __an to Miss Adelia M. Hand, botoh of Windham, Pa. 2.00

Feb. 19th Mr. Lorenzo D. Hathaway of Boston, Erie Co., N.Y. to Miss Emeline Billings of Owego, N.Y. 5.00
March 8th Mr. Oscar Howes to Miss Rebecca Ryan both of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
March 17th Mr. Hiram D. Shaw of Owego, N.Y. to Miss Amanda Boynton of Schoharie, N.Y. 2.50
March 19 Mr. Jonathan M. Smith of Owego to Miss Betsey H. Sleeper of Warren Pa. 2.00
May 1st Mr. William H. Dunn of Portland, Me. to Miss Sarah M. Cooper of Tioga N.Y. 3.00
May 10th Mr. Charles Billings of Little Meadows Pa. to Miss Mary J. Corbin of Owego, N.Y. 2.50
May 22 Mr. Joseph Dunn of Portland Me. to Miss Caroline Lyon of Warren Pa. 3.00
June 6 Mr. James T. Elsbee, of Windham Pa. to Miss Caroline Lyon, of Warren Pa. 3.00
June 6th Mr. Peter N. Mackey to Miss Annett E. Rogers, both of Warren, Pa. 3.00
July 25th Mr. J.W. Webb, of Hancock, N.Y. to Miss C.P. Keeney of Painted Post, N.Y. 2.50
Aug. 1st Mr. Thomas Lloyd of Muncy, Pa. to Miss Amelia Green of Owego, N.Y. 5.00
Aug. 18 Mr. H.E. Pierosn to Mrs. E.A. Benjamin, both of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
Sept. 4 Mr. John B. Searles to Miss Martha J. Shelden, both of Owego, N.Y. 1.00
Sep. 10 Mr. Geo. Riley of Maine, N.Y. to Miss Lucy A. Bichuell of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
Sep. 13 Rev. J.S. Griffins of Lawrenceville Kansas Territory to Miss J. Augusta Goodrich of Owego, N.Y. 3.00
Sep. 22 Mr. Geo. Thompson to Miss Mary J. Steward both of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
Oct. 10 Mr. William Leonard to Miss Jane Harkness, both of Springfield, Pa. 2.00
Oct. 31 Mr. E.G. Nichols to Miss M.L. Frost, both of Rome, Pa. 2.00
Oct. 25 Mr. Charles A. Bunell to Miss Nancy A. Everett, both of Berkshire, N.Y. 1.00
Nov. 21 Mr. Oscar F. Saunders to Miss H. Albertine Patch, both of Owego 5.00
Nov. 1st Mr. Jacob C. Evans, of Jamesburgh, N.Y. to Miss Rachel M. Segar of Newburgh, N.Y. 2.00
Nov. 28 Mr. Wm. C. Bangs of Candor, N.Y. to Miss Huldah Bichnell of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
Dec. 31 Mr. Martin V. Lewis, to Miss Elen C. Stevens, both of Tioga N.Y. 1.00
(typist's note - surnames given above as Bichuell and Bichnell should be read as Bicknell)

Feb. 2 Mr. Ira Timer of Newark, N.Y. to Miss Mary Holmes, of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
Feb. 20 Mr. Geo. Moor of Nichols, N.Y. to Miss Ann Dunham of Windham, Pa. 2.00
Feb. 26 Mr. Wm. G. Snow to Miss Phebe E. Gilkey, both of Ithaca, N.Y. 2.00
March 23 Mr. James T. Smith to Miss Maria A. Courtright, both of Tioga, N.Y. 3.00
March 23 Mr. Henry P. Crane to Miss Deborah Faulkner, both of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
March 28 Mr. Geo. C. Parmenter, both of Owego, N.Y. to Miss Helen Deuel of Tioga, N.Y. 5.00
July 11th Mr. Charles Perry of Owego, N.Y. to Miss Phebe A. Buffington of Warren, Pa. 3.00

A Record of the names of children baptized by me on this charge.

G.H. Blakeslee

Nov. 5 ___ and ___ children of Alexander and Orinda Parkinson
Nov. 5 Mary Elen Durryfsel, daughter of Louis and Polly Durryfsel
(typist's note - Lewis F. Durussel is listed in the 1887-88 Directory residing in Owego village)

No entries

March 30th James Eugene Bishop, son of James & Jane Bishop
March 30th Mary Elizabeth Thurston, daughter of J.S. & Phebe A. Thurston
March 30th John William Vredenburgh, son of ___ and Catharine Vredenburgh
June 10th John Wells Hunt, son of ___ and Mary H. Hunt
June 10th Frank Dewitt Rouse, son of ____ Rouse

June 26 George Alfred Durisel, son of Louis & Polly Durisel
June 26 Emma Thurston, daughter of James S. & Phebe Thurston

1858 Record of Marriages by John J. Pearce

June 1st Judd (?) Putney to Ruth Ann Barnes, Tioga Co.
June 1st William Crawford to Sarah Hick all of Rome, Bradford Co., Pa.
June 2nd Moses Casline to Clarrisa Bakeman all of Tioga, N.Y.
June 14 Nathanael Wilcox to Sarah Newman all of Tioga Co. Pa.
June 22 R.C. Ressman of Baltimore, Md, to Mary D. Harvy of Wyoming, Pa.

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