Candor 1933 Telephone Directory


Candor Telephone Company



We wish to urge upon our subscribers the importance of some rules which may seem trivial to them, but the observance of which will greatly aid the operators in their efforts to give quick and satisfactory service. The telephone office will be open from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm for general use, and from 9:00 pm to 6:30 am for emergency calls only. Sundays from 9:00 to 10:00 am, and 5:00 to 6:00 pm for general use.

All other hours for emergency use.

Holidays from 7:00 to 10:00 am and from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. All other hours for emergency only.

Always call by number

When through talking always hang up the receiver and give one short ring without pressing the button.

Conversation will be limited strictly to five minutes.

If you must listen to the conversation of other

-and we have a few subscribers of this class-

will you be kind enough to leave your receiver on the hook until the operator has time to get the party wanted? It is impossible to give good rings on a line with a receiver off the hook.

Name Address
Alert Hose Company Candor
Alpha Hose and Chemical Company
Allen, Luke Candor
Allen, F. W. Snyder
Andersen, Jay Candor
Andersen, Anna Candor
Andrews, Geo. F. Hubbardtown
Andrews, Herman Candor
Art Shoppe Mrs. F. R. Perkins, Prop
Baird, James Legg Hill
Bakeman, Chas. Candor
Bakers Drug Store Candor
Bangs, Charles District 25
Baptist Parsonage
Barrett, Leon Fairfield
Baty, John Fairfield
Bebel, Wm Mrs. Andersen Hill
Bennett Homestead Candor
Birdsall, Frank A. Store Willseyville
Blinn, Laurence Candor
Blinn, Samuel A Owego
Blinn, Will
Bolton, Mark Tuttle Hill
Booth Farm Candor
Bostwick, W.G Main
Bostwick, Roy
Boice, Frank, Mrs. Candor
Boyd, Benj
Boyd, Mildred, Nurse Candor
Brewer, Charles
Brink, Bryon Andersen Hill
Brink, Herman, Store Candor
Brougham, Chas Willseyville
Brown, Arthur West Candor
Brown, Harry, Mrs. West Candor
Burt, R. D. Catatonk
Cahill, Frank Candor
Candor Coal Office Candor
Candor Creamery R(ail) R(oad) Ave
Candor Glove Co. McCarty
Candor High School
Canfield, Amos, Dr. Main
Caple, Judd Catatonk
Caples, E. P. Tuttle Hill Farm
Carter, Nina B., Nurse Candor
Cass, Jennie Mrs. Main
Central Garage Candor
Chace, Eanest Main
Congregational Parsonage Main
Cooke Jar
Cornick, Fred Candor
Courier Office Main
Coursen, L. F. Spencer Rd.
Cortright, David Bank
Cowles, George Candor
Cozdeba, August
Craig, T. V. Candor
Craig, John G.
Capital Garage Candor
Coil, Percy Candor
Cook, John Willseyville
Cook, John
Coons, Mrs. Willard Straits Corners
Coupe, John West Candor
Crowley Milk Co. Willseyville
Cronk, Charless Candor
Cummings, Burt Willseyville
Cummings, Wm. Dry Brook
Cyzarnienick, Gene
Dean, M. G., Dr. Owego
Dence, Howard Candor
Dennis, Walter Fairfield
D. L. & W Main
Depot, Lehigh Willseyville
Dewey, F. E. Mill
Dewey, Ray Candor
DeWolf, Arthur
Doane, David
Doane, W. H. West Candor
Delinski, Francis Candor
Dora, Prof W. Lee Candor
Doty, Mrs. Geo
Dougherty, J. E. Straits Corners
Douglass, Otis Main
Duff, Will, Store Straits Corners
Duff, Frank, Store Catatonk
Dykeman, Bessie, Miss Gridleyville
Dykeman, S. Prospect Valley
Eiklor, Roy Mrs. Candor
Estelle, Ralph Candor
Fessenden, D.S. Mrs. Owego
Fiebig, Charles Candor
Fiebig. Jno. P. Mrs. Main
Foote, Leon E.
Foote, Mrs. H. W. Candor
Forbes, Frank
Fountain Inn
First National Bank Main
Fuller, Wilson Candor
Furtack, Albert Candor
Galloway, George Mrs. Fairfield
Galpin, Clyde Fairfield
Galpin, Geo P.
Galpin, Ross Candor
Galpin, S. D. Mrs. Candor
Garrat, Robert, Store Willseyville
Genung, Clair F. Turnpike
Gooding, William Candor
Glove Factory McCarty
Grange Hall Main, Candor
Gray, B. S. Candor
Gridley, Burt West Candor
Gridley, Francis West Candor
Gridley, C. L. West Candor
Gridley, William
Gridley, Samuel Turnpike
Grippin, John West Candor
Grippin, George
Hager, S. H. Owego
Haight, Mrs. S. G.
Haines, Lee Owego
Hallett, David Willseyville
Hart, George H.
Hart, Cora
Hasbrouck, Minnie, Mrs. Willseyville
Haynes, B.N.
Haywood & Sons Residence Owego
Heath Coal Office
Heath, Karl Mrs. Main
Herrick, Ford
Herrick, Ford
Higginson, I. G. Willseyville
Hilbert, Dr. Arnold E. Veterinary
Hilbert, Fred West Candor
Hills, Austin
Holcomb, Webster
Holdridge, W. A. Mrs. Kinney
Holland, D. H.
Hollenbeck, Addie
Hollenbeck, Arthur Catatonk
Hollenbeck, Willard Straits Corners
Holly, E. D. Dr. Office Main
Hover, Merle
Hover, George Candor
Hover, Jospeh Candor
Hover, R. C. Lower Fairfield
Hover, Robert E. Fairfield
Hover, W. S. Fairfield
Howard, Bert Andersen Hill
Howard, Lester Candor
Howard D. P. Andersen Hill
Hoyt, Fred Hoyt District
Hull, Harold
Hull, Lulu Candor
Hulslander, G. A. Candor
Huston, Walter, Mrs. Candor
Jackson, A.B. Main
Jacobs, Fred Turnpike
Jameson, Henry J.
Jantz, John
Jennings, Herbert Smith
Jennings, J. H. Sr. Main
Jennings, J. H. Store Main
Jennings, Jas H. Jr. Main
Jewell, A.B. Candor
Jones, F. E. Candor
Johnson, Ben Dry Brook
Johnson, Oliver
Jordan, Mont Hoyt District
Kelsey, Marion
Kilpatrick, E. G. Candor
Knapp, E. W.
Kyle, A. J. Owego
Kyle, E. J. Candor
Kyle, Floyd Mrs.
LaGrange Hardware Main
Lane, A. M. Willseyville
Lane, Lewis Owego
Larcom, J. C. Fairfield
Lathrop, Homer Candor
Lewis, George Main
Logue, G. C. Candor
Luciana, James
Manley, Allen
Manley, George L. Ice & Trucking
Manning, Frank
Manning, Leon Candor
Manning, Chas. Dry Brook
Martin, George Candor
Masonic Hall Candor
Mayo, Charles Mrs. Turnpike
Mackoski, Peter
McLeese. Curtis W. Candor
McWhorter, Sylvia
Meddaugh, F. L.
Meddaugh, P. C. Bank
Merithew, J. J. Candor
Meservey, M. C. Candor
Methodist Church Parsonage Owego
Millage, Lee Crines Cors
Miller, F. G. Store Main
Miller, F. G. Main
Miller, George Owego
Mix, Emory Willseyville
Munroe, Floyd Spencer Rd.
Moore, Leslie Jenksville
Moore, W. E. Candor
Moore, W. S. Hon Main
Moro, Mike Straits Corners
Moulton, W. A. Dr. Main
Newman, Glenn Fairfield
New York State Electric & Gas Assoc
Norris, C. Mrs. Main
Odd Fellows Hall Main
Olkowski, Brony Fairfield
Osovski, Chas. Whitmarsh Hollow
Owen, Jerome Tuttle Hill
Payne, Wm. J. Spencer Ave.
Perham, Leon V.
Perry, Frank Catatonk
Personeous, Melvin Crines Corners
Pichany, Mead Willseyville
Pierce, George Candor
Powers, Reed Hoyt District
Raish, Edgar Farm
Reed, Howard
Richards, A. L. Candor
Roberts, Harold Candor
Robinson, Clifton, Store
Robinson, Clifton, N. Candor
Robinson, Melvin Candor
Rockwell, Calvin Hubbardtown
Roden, Robert Candor
Ross, E. D. Church
Ross Garage Main
Ross, L. Z. Turnpike
Ross, Leon Main
Scharf, Frank Bank
Seaman, B. H. Hubbardtown
Shaw, John Cass Hill
Slozenski, Walter
Smith, E. C.
Smith, Ella, Mrs. Main
Smith, Judd Candor
Smith, Lloyd
Snyder, Frank
Southwick, Arthur Catatonk
Southwick, John
Starkweather, Jay Hoyt District
Steele, Raymond Main
Stevens, Clarence Willseyville
Stevens, Wilbur Mrs. Candor
Storms, Chas Mrs. Candor
Storm, Edward Catatonk
Strong, Chas. A. Crines Corners
Strong, Harold Candor
Strong, Manley Candor
Tacey, R. Church
Tasker, W. W. Rev. Candor
Terwilliger, Clarence Candor
Terwilliger, S. E. Candor
Tholen, John Candor
Tubbs, M. D. Fairfield
Tucker, W. E. Prospect Valley
Turk, Charles Mrs. Railroad
Turk, Nathan Main
VanDeBogart, M. W. Store Mill
VanDeBogart, M. W.
VanEtten, G. F. Prospect Valley
VanEtten, H. D. Crines Corners
VanEtten, James Candor
VanScoy, R. D. FeedMill
VanKleeck, George Turnpike
VanScoy, Homer
VanVorce, Harry
Vose, A. W. West Candor
Walter, Frank
Walker, Nancy
Walters, Louis Willseyville
Ward, Kenneth Candor
Ward, O. J. Candor
Ward, Paul Candor
Ward & VanScoy, Lower Mill Candor
Ward & VanScoy, Upper Mill Candor
Ward & VanScoy, Mill Willseyville
Warner, R. E. Candor
Warner, S. P. Fairfield
Wells, Robert Candor
Wells, D.F. Candor
Wentworth, Eda C. Miss Millinery
Wheeler, Rush Candor
Wheeler, Myron Mrs. Candor
White, Bertha Mrs. Straits Corners
Whitcomb, H. A. Spencer Ave.
Whitmarsh, Melvin
Whitmarsh, Simon Catatonk
Williams, Ed Candor
Winnick, Peter Candor
Wise, Harvey West Candor
Woodford, Charles Turnpike
Woodford, Florence Miss Candor
Worden, Ray Candor
Wright, Ed Straits Corners
Zamoiski, Peter Fairfield
Zimmer, Charles Fairfield

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