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Wayne Furman Tue Dec 19, 2000
I have a Truman AMSBRY that came from NY according to 1850 Tioga County, PA census.

Possibly he came from Newark Valley, NY married a Polly LATHROP.

Newark Valley is where family information that was handed down to me showes he was born. He did end up in Tioga County PA.

Looking for ideas, parents, siblings of either since I am at a roadblock.

Any help would be appreciated.

Charlotte Tue Dec 19, 2000
I am looking for any info on the Eli P. BURTON family of Tioga Co., NY.

I believe his sons Jacob b. July 20, 1803 and Ira b. @ 1805 might have been born in this county and that his wife, Lydia (FOX) BURTON might have died here.

I would appreciate any info you might be able to find on this family. They were in the county between 1800 to 1810.

Thank you for any help you might be able to give me.

Janette Ayers Widmann Tue Dec 19, 2000
Am looking for info on this AYERS line and anyone information on the marriage surnames:

Thomas Floyd AYERS born 1802 in Kings County New York and moved to Owego, Tioga County and married Mariah JONES, Daughter of Horton Jones.

Their children follow:

1. Lyman S. AYERS(aka) AYRES born Sep. 8 1824 in Tioga County, married Maria Helen MURRAY.

2. Charles D. AYERS (aka) AYRES born Aug. 15 1828 in Tioga County, married Mary Jane CRUM

3. Leonard Loyd AYERS born May 15 1831 in Tioga County,married Martha Francis YOUNG

4. Jane AYERS born June 1832 in Tioga County, married ? CRANS.

5. Alexander Ebenezer AYERS born June 8 1838 in Tioga County, married Juliett ROBERTS.

6. William H. AYERS born March 7 1841 in Tioga County, married Clara Ann WILKINS.

Any help would be appreciated very much, thanks in advance.

Teri Andersen Tue Dec 19, 2000
I am searching for information on George RUSCHER or RUSHER.

He and his wife and family were living in Onondaga Co. during the 1855 State Census. Then only his wife and children are listed in the 1860 Federal Census in Richford, Tioga County. That leads me to believe that George died between the years 1855-1860.

George's wife was Elizabeth and their children include:
1. Percelia,
2. John,
3. Susan,
4. William,
5. Henry,
6. Gilbert,
7. Lott A.

I am searching for my gg grandfather Alonzo RUSCHER and all clues point to this family. We are trying to prove that young Lott A. is "our" Alonzo.

If anyone has any information about any of the above people, I would love to hear from you.

Carol Burritt Tue Dec 19, 2000
I am seeking information on PRESHER, LOTT and STEENBERG(H) families who lived in Tioga County in the 1800s.

William PRESHER settled in Tioga County, NY in the town of Halsey Valley right about 1800. He came from Westchester County and had a large family. He was married to Laura LOTT. I know nothing of her. They are both buried in Halsey Valley cemetery.

Cornelius STEENBERG came to Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY from Saratoga, NY with wife and 2 daughers around 1830. He lived in Halsey Valley for quite awhile where he farmed. I have a lot of interesting letters from 2 of the daughters to a 3rd daughter who was in Mendota, Illinois. He had a son, Theodore STEENBERG. Daughters, Emma, Hariett and Addie.

Your help would be appreciated.

Steve Moore Tue Dec 19, 2000 Invalid email address 26 May 2020
I'm looking for information on Emma Janette MOON, born at Berkshire Twp., Tioga Co., on Sept. 1, 1852.

She married Horace LAWRENCE at Newark Valley on Aug. 4, 1869.

They had at least one child, Herbert Eugene LAWRENCE, on Oct. 6, 1869. Emma died at Johnson City on June 1, 1939.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Joanna Ashmun Tue Dec 19, 2000
I'm researching the family of Daniel WOODFORD, my 3g-grandfather. Daniel bought land in Fulton Co., OH, in 1833 and is supposed to have come from Tioga Co., NY. I know there were other WOODFORDs in Tioga County, so I hope someone can give me some leads or ideas. I don't know Daniel's parents or siblings.

Daniel was b. 1780 CT and married Anna NORTON in Greenville, Greene Co., NY, 5 Oct 1801. Both died 1853 in Fulton Co., OH.

I have the names of five of their kids:
1. Martha (1803-1879) m. John M. HAMMETT;
2. Amanda (1818-1881)m. Whitfield W. TAPPAN (my line);
3. Emaline (~1823-1849) m. David HAMP;
4. Hiram (b.~1827);
5. Edwin (b.~1828).

They probably had several children born between 1803 and 1818, and I'd like to find them.

Thank you for any help.

Samuel J. Bornt Tue Dec 19, 2000
I am looking for the last name of the wife of Samuel J. BORNT (my g-g-grandfather) who lived on Bornt Hill Road and is buried in the Campville Cemetery.

He was born in 1819 and died in 1902. His wife is buried there also. She has dates of 1820-1902 and her first name was Lucretia but I have not been able to find her last name or anything about her.

Thanks for any help.

Kem Hart Tue Dec 19, 2000
I am interested in locating information pertaining to the Lower Fairfield School (also known as "The Little Red Schoolhouse") which was located in Fairfield, Tioga Co., NY in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It was the only public building on the main highway (a country dirt road) during this time period.

My paternal grandfather, Jesse Edwin HART along with some of his siblings went to this school in grades 1st through 9th which was located near the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles TURK.

Would very much appreciate hearing from individuals regarding suggestions pertaining to books, articles and/or photos about this school, it's teachers and students and where I might locate them.

Thank you,

Gwen Bray Tue Dec 19, 2000
Looking for children of Asahel H. LEWIS and Esther A. LIGHT of Candor.

They moved to NYC and their children were born there, but they may have returned to Tioga Co to be around grandparents.

Children are:
1. Mary Imogene b. ca. 1850
2. Adelaide b. ca 1852
3. Jennie (Jemima) b. ca 1860
4&5. I. and E. (twin girls) b. ca. 1864

Would appreciate hearing from you.

Dennis Spitzer Tue Dec 19, 2000
We are still looking for information on my Great Grandfather Richard B. SPITZER.

He lived in OWEGO in 1860.

He married Cornelia PRENTICE of Newark Valley.

His mother was Eleanor BRUMMIGHAM BAKEMAN. We believe she may have been married to a John SCHEMERHORN between SPITZER and BAKEMAN. Would appreciate any help on SCHEMERHORN's in Tioga County between 1848 an 1860. Can't read the name of her Bakeman husband in the census. Thanks

Cynthia Ingallinera Tue Dec 19, 2000
I am looking for information about the following families: HUNT, DONNELLY, DOLAND and BILLS. All have Tioga County roots.

My paternal grandfather was George Rodney HUNT, son of Garrett HUNT and Carrie E. INGERSOLL. He was raised in Owego and later lived in Endicott as an adult. Garrett HUNT was born in Warrenham, PA on March 17, 1850, the son of John HUNT and Ellen DOLAND. Before that, I have no records.

George R. HUNT was married to Lucy Agnes DONNELLY, who, I believe, also came from the Owego area. However, I can find no mention at all of the surname DONNELLY in old Tioga County records.

My maternal grandfather was Earl BILLS, of South Apalachin. He married Mildred STEPHENS and lived in South Apalachin. I believe that the family was located in Apalachin for at least a generation or two before. I have heard but cannot verify that his father or grandfather was a trapper and that my grandfather's grandmother was Native American .

Any information you can give me would be most appreciated.


Janet Elaine Stumpf McCully Wed Nov 1, 2000
I'm researching Edward and Catherine or (Mary Catherine) (HUGHES) GAYNOR and children.

Edward and Catherine GAYNOR were my great grandparents.

The oldest of four daughters was born in 1900 and the others a year apart approx after.

The names, starting with the oldest:
1. Florence
2. Regina,
3. Margaret,
4. Blanche Ruth.

Florence and Margaret were said by family members to have been born in Elkland in Tioga County.

Cindy Hunt Ingallinera Wed Nov 1, 2000
I am looking for information about my paternal grandfather. He was George Rodney HUNT, son of Garrett HUNT and Carrie E. INGERSOLL. He was raised in Owego and later lived in Endicott as an adult.

Garrett HUNT was born in Warrenham, PA on March 17, 1850, the son of John HUNT and Ellen DOLAND. Before that, I have no records.

George R. HUNT was married to Lucy Agnes DONNELLY, who, I believe, also came from the Owego area. However, I can find no mention at all of the surname DONNELLY in old Tioga County records.

My maternal grandfather was Earl BILLS, of South Apalachin. He married Mildred STEPHENS and lived in South Apalachin. I believe that the family was located in Apalachin for at least a generation or two before. I have heard but cannot verify that his father or grandfather was a trapper and that my grandfather's grandmother was Native American.

Any information you can give me would be most appreciated.


Gwen Bray Sun Oct 22, 2000
All of the transactions take place in Tioga Co.

I have copies of land records of Henry and Lydia ACKLEY selling to John LIGHT in 1848.

Copies of land records of Bishop B. LEWIS and Asahel H. LEWIS,JR to Mary Ann BENNETT in 1845.

Prudence LIGHT to Jesse SMITH in 1860.

Asahel LEWIS and Esther LEWIS to Jesse A. SMITH in 1860.

Are any of these names familiar to any one? I am trying to find out more about the LEWIS and LIGHT families.

Thanks in advance.

Ruby Gibson White Sat Oct 21, 2000
Researching a son of Ephraim H. GIBSON, Esq., and Hannah Howard GIBSON, William Harrison GIBSON, who married Laura HOWLAND on January 22,1837 in Berkshire.

The methodist minister performing the ceremony was Rev. BROOKS. Most likely this was Bethuel BROOKS, rather than his son, Asa.

I desperately need to know which HOWLAND's were the parents of Laura. She is buried in the Howland Hill cemetery, so it would appear she was a member of the Wm. HOWLAND family. She was born in 1817. Any clues as to her parentage would be so helpful.

Also, Wm. Harrison GIBSON had a brother, Ephraim F. GIBSON, married to an Elizabeth. I have no record of them after 1843. Is there a record of either or both after that time?

Wm H. and Laura moved from Broome to Tioga Co. between 1850 and 1860, and a son, Oscar H. GIBSON, enlisted in the Union Army from Tioga county. He was taken prisoner at Gettysburg and died in a rebel prison camp at Belle Isle, VA. An older brother served with the PA volunteers, and there seems to be a connection to Potter and Cameron counties in PA

Anyone have any information?

Barbara Severance Fri Oct 21, 2000
I am seeking any information on my grandparents, Truman VAN OSTRAND and Catherine CONEY who were married and lived and are buried in Spencer NY.

Sometime in 1886 or 1887, when my grandmother, Catherine I CONEY was fourteen (14), born 1871, she married my grandfather, Truman O VAN OSTRAND, born in 1857. His father was Peter VAN OSTRAND. I know that one of their homes burned to the ground one day when they went to town for supplies. There may have been another home that they owned that burned down. My grandfather was a farmer. He died in Spencer in 1933 and my grandmother died in Binghamton in 1953. My grandmother had a sister, Mayme or Mamie CONEY who is buried in Elmira NY. She also had a brother, George CONEY, whom I know nothing about. Truman must have had some brothers or sisters, but this I do not know. They both must have had aunts and uncles. I don't even know their parents names, except one. Truman's father's name was Peter VAN OSTRAND.

They were married in the 1880s and had eleven children all now deceased:

1. Archibald, - never married. At the time of his death in 1963, he owned a farm (many years) on route 96 just over the Tompkins County line as you are heading north toward Ithaca in the town of Danby, NY

2. Kathryn, - married Bernice VAN BUSKIRK from Spencer (at leat when they married both were from Spencer NY). They had two sons, Harold VAN BUSKIRK, born March 16, 1919 and never married. He died January 5 , 1997. Glenn VAN BUSKIRK, born August 14, 1912 and died on January 30, 1997. He married a girl who died while she was young. They had no children. A daughter of Kathryn was Ruth VAN BUSKIRK , born May 6, 1916, married a man named FLEMING. Ruth died March 8, 2000 and lived on Grand Avenue in Johnson City NY for many years.

3. George, - was married at least once and had at least one child, a daughter. He and Archibald iived together for years on the farm mentioned above.

4. Isabelle, - married Cecil HOLLISTER. He was an electrician and was electrocuted while working at the candy factory in Johnson City NY in the very early 1930s. They had three children. A son, Donald Cecil HOLLISTER, born March 30, 1913 and died October 1968. Another son, Marion(Jake) Warren HOLLISTER served in the US Army for many years and lived in Ohio. He is deceaed, also. A daughter, Helen HOLLISTER born May 17, 1923, maried Irwin CLAPPER, divorced many years ago. Presently married to Thomas DECKER.

5. Melvin, - married Grace Irene (maiden name unknown) and had several children. A son, Leland Melvin VAN OSTRAND, twin daughters and at least one other daughter, maybe more than one. Leland was their only son and of this date is still living.

6. Beatrice, - married Lawrence VAN BUSKIRK, brother to Bernice VAN BUSKIRK who maried Kathryn VAN OSTRAND. They owned and operated a very successful restaurant in Johnson City, NY during the 1940s and 1950s, while also owning and running a farm on East Maine Road in Johnson City, as well. They had one son, Bernard VAN BUSKIRK, now deceased.

7. Charles, - married Mattie or Matty (maiden name unknown) and had at least two children, a son they called Buster and a daughter, Marge. Matiie or Matty died. He then married Helen COWELL and for many years they lived on Cowell Road in Spencer NY.

8. Adelaide, - now deceased, married Charles DAVIDSON and had one son Charles, whom they always called, Junior.

9. Truman, - married Hazel (maiden name unknown) and together they had no children. She had been previously married. Truman and Hazel are buried in a cemetery in Owego NY.

10. Mldred, - born July 6, 1909, married my father, Dana R ELLIS on July 3, 1928. Mildred died December 24, 1971. She had two sons Dana L ELLIS and Roland ELLIS. In their early school years, both attended school in Spencer, NY because the boys lived with their grandparents, Truman VAN OSTRAND and Catherine CONEY in Spencer on the farm until sometime in the 1930s. I am the daughter, Barbara ELLIS. Married and divorced from George GELATT, then married to and widow of Russell G SEVERANCE.

11. Robert. - married Ina (maiden name unknown). This is what I was told: Before they were married, Ina lived with her parents in a large house that people call "the fork in the road". As you drive on route 96 north toward Ithaca, NY, there is a left curve just outside Spencer. The house in on the right and not far from Cowell Road. Robert and Ina had several children. The oldest three are a son Robert VAN OSTRAND who lives in Windsor, NY. A daughter Doris (Nickname Dodee) VAN OSTRAND now KOHLBACH Windsor, NY and another daughter, Virginia VAN OSTRAND. There were other children also. Robert and Ina VAN OSTRAND lived in Windsor for several years. Both are deceased.

My grandfather died in the 1930s and my grandmother in the 1950s. They are buried in Evergreen cemetery in Spencer, NY.

I would like to learn something about their parents and grandparents, where they all lived and if anyone has any photos of them or their home.

I never knew my grandfather but desire information on both sides of their family.

I loved the family members whom I knew and are now deceasd and I love the few who are still living. However, I need a lot of help in learning about the long-ago family that I did not know but who are responsible for me having been born. I dearly want to know who they were and what kind of life they had.

Louise Wolcott Miller Fri Oct 20, 2000
I am looking for information on Henry CORTRIGHT who married Betsey FOX, whose father's name was Russell FOX.

Betsey died June 3, l89l, he died on June 4, l894 and they are buried in Center Lisle.

Can anyone help?

Louise Wolcott Miller Fri Oct 20, 2000
I am looking for Richard CORTRIGHT, my GRGRGR grandfather, who is buried at Waite's Church Yard in Owego, NY.

Their children are:
1. Henry,
2. Darius,
3. William.

I cannot find his father and mother.

I know where Henry, Darius is buried, but nothing on birth certificate. They lived in Apalachin, and Berkshire, NY.

Can anyone help?

Bernard J. Tompsett Mon Oct 9, 2000 Invalid email address 26 May 2020
Searching for information on the Aaron and Prudence WALKER family.

Aaron and Prudence WALKER came to Owega, Tioga Co. NY. after 1830., with the following children:
1. Roswell
2. Ruel
3. Lydia
4. Lucy
5. Mary
6. Susan
7. Sylvia
8. Rial
9. Aaron
10. Moses

Any help would be appreciated.

Isaac G. Taylor Sun Oct 8, 2000
Am looking for information on my uncle Charlie HARRINGTON who lived in Owego (I would guess) from 1920 or 1921 until his death (guessing in the 1970's or 80's).

Uncle Charlie's wife's name was Ethel LISK and they had children:
1. Harold Wilford born December 9, 1921 (deceased)
2. Ronald
and twin daughters:
3. Helen
4. Hilda

Also I would like any and all HARRINGTON ancestors and descendants.

I thank you for any help.

Bernard J. Tompsett Sun Oct 8, 2000
Searching for information on the Aaron and Prudence WALKER family.

Aaron and Prudence WALKER came to Owego, Tioga Co. NY after 1830, with the following children;
1. Roswell,
2. Ruel,
3. Lydia,
4. Lucy,
5. Mary,
6. Susan,
7. Sylvia,
8. Rial,
9. Aaron
10. Moses

Can you give me any help?

Betsy Greenway Sat Oct 7, 2000
My great grandfather was Harrison PITCHER. He died January 3, 1919 and is buried in Hope Cemetery, Newark Valley. His wife was Eva A. ZIMMER PITCHER, who died January 6, 1900 and is buried in Hope Cemetery. His second wife, I believe, was Annie or Anna (name in letters to my grandfather).

My grandfather and his wife are also buried in Hope Cemetery: Allen Deforest PITCHER and Ida May DAVIS PITCHER.

It has been very difficult to find any mention of them, exept one census. Maybe there is some more information out there about them. Can you help me?

Frances Roth Fri Oct 6, 2000
Philip ROTH, my great aunt Dora (Dorothy) ROTH and their five children moved to Willseyville, Tioga Co. some time after 1910.

The entire family was killed when their farm house burned to the ground. The only clue I have to the date of the fire is that my Aunt Mary (born 1910) states that this occurred while she was still a young child but old enough to remember how badly upset her parents were when they heard the news. So I believe this fire probably occurred in the later half of the 1910s.

Any suggestions on resources I might use to narrow down the year better?

Kem Hart Fri Oct 6, 2000
Hoping to locate others researching or having knowledge of the families of HART, MEAD, WOODFORD, WILBUR, DENNIS from Tioga County, NY.

I have just recently obtained pertinent information about my Great grandfather, Alfonso E. HART, and his ancestors who originally migrated to Tioga County from Farmington, Parish of Avon area of Conn.

Lent HART - b. 1760 in Farmington; d. 12 Apr 1837 in Candor. He married Olive HICKOX on 18 Jul 1782 in Ct. Olive was born abt 1760 and died in Candor on 17 Nov 1836. Would like to locate their final resting place. They had two children: Manna and Erastus.

Manna HART - b. 1782 in Northington, CT. In 1804 he married Thede WOODFORD in Candor. Thede b. abt 1784. One known child born to them: Marcus. Would like to locate their burial location and obtain information about Thede's parents, siblings, etc.

Marcus HART - b. abt 1821/22 (probably in Candor area). His occupation as listed on the 1870 census for Candor was a "sawyer" (one who saws, a carpenter). In 1844 he married Melissa L. MEAD in Tioga County. She was born abt 1825/26.
They had the following sons:
1. George, b. abt 1846;
2. Luther b. 1848, d. 1857 at age of 9 in Candor
3. Alfonso E.
Would like to locate information pertaining to Marcus and Melissa's death dates and location of burial.
Who were Melissa's parents and did she have any siblings?
What happened to George? Did he too die young or did he survive, marry and have children also?
Where was Luther buried and what was his exact date of death?

Alfonso E. HART - b. Mar 1858 in Tioga County; d Monday, August 30, 1920 at the age of 62. Married abt 1877/78 to Elta Belle DENNIS; she b. Apr 1861 to George Henry DENNIS and Catherine Malvina WILBUR of Candor. Elta died Monday, Jan 5, 1931; both she and Alfonso are buried in the Peruville Cemetery near Groton, Tompkins County, NY. They had nine children:
Percy, Corey, Jesse Edwin (my grandfather), Maude, Delpha, Dennis H., Ivan, Hazel and Elwin.

I am ready, willing and very eager to locate descendants of the above listed families and would like to exchange pertinent detailed data with you. Will answer all inquiries promptly!

Thank you in advance.

Timothy A. Drake Fri Oct 6, 2000 Invalid email address 26 May 2020
I am looking for Ellsworth and Mark DRAKE and their descendants.

Ellsworth was born 1803, Chemung, Tioga Co, NY and died 1881, in Barton, Tioga Co, NY.

Mark was born 1814, Chemung, Tioga Co, NY, and died 1858, Nichols, Tioga Co, NY.

Ellsworth and Mark were sons of Jonathan DRAKE, born 1771, in Orange Co, NY, and died 1842, Chemung, Chemung Co, NY, and Mary SHONTZ, born 1771, Orange Co, NY, died 1838 in Chemung Co, NY.

Their children lived in neighboring townships in present day Chemung Co. and Tioga Co. NY.

Can you give me any help?

Mary Kolodziej Fri Oct 6, 2000
My cousin, James BUTTS, of Florida and I are tracing Joseph BARKER, one of the first settlers of Spencer, NY. His wife was Phebe DODD.

Joseph was born in 1763 in Massachusetts and married Phebe in Orange, NJ in 1786. He moved to NY in Feb. 1796.

According to records he was the first school teacher there in 1800 and classes were held in his log cabin home.

His daughter Nancy, born March 9, 1802 was married to John BUTTS and their daughter Sarah was my great-great grandmother and lived in Erin, NY. She is buried in the New Scotchtown Cem. there.

If you have any information or questions regarding the BARKER or BUTTS families, please contact me.

Thank you.

Dorothy BeGell Fri Sep 8, 2000
I am searching for the death and burial place of my Great grandfather Timothy GREENE.

I know he owned a farm in Berkshire and his wife's name was Harriet.

Any info on this family I would appreciate.

Thank you.

Justin Dinehart Fri Sep 1, 2000
Seeking data on William, a son born to Conrad and Electa DINEHART about 1845 in Tioga Co. NY.

What is his middle name or initial? Did he enlist in the Union Army or move to Yates Co. NY?

Thank you.

Rebecca R. Sisk Mon Aug 29, 2000
Seeking any info. on Robert Giles BROOKINS b. 26 Aug. 1892 in Richford, Tioga Co, NY. d. 5 Dec. 1956 in Salt Lake City,Utah.

He mar. Lorena May DUNNING in Sheridan,Wy.

Any help would be appreciated.

Todd Crownover Thur Aug 24, 2000
I found an obituary of Enos J. STEDMAN, my GGG grandfathers, which states he was born in Onega, Tioga Co., NY on 8-15-1848.

His father was Enos C. STEDMAN. I believe he moved out of the state at age 7.

Any information on this family would be helpful.


Priscilla (York) Braun Mon Aug 21, 2000
I am looking for father's parent's: Florence Louise CARMER - Mother, Lacey YORK.
Mother was born: June 14, 1876.
I don't know when his father was born.

They had six children:
Clarence E. (1895 - 1958)
Harold A. (1898 - 1980)
Harry Chester (1900 - 1958)
Eva Louise (1902 - )
Donald Marian (1905 - 1984)
Kenneth Walter (1907 - 1972)

Lacey's parents were Abraham YORK and Lois WROUGHT.

Would appreciate all the help I can get.

Fran Mitchell Sun Aug 20, 2000 Invalid email address 26 May 2020
Researching William DONEY b. Abt. 1764 in Berkshire, Tioga Co., N. Y.. Most of my information concerns William's descendants of which I will gladly share.

I am also researching the BARBER family of Tioga Co. N.Y. and surrounding areas.

Anyone researching or knowing anything about these families, please contact me.

Rachelle Cromer Mon Aug 14, 2000
I am hoping to find information on Lucy SCHOONOVER, b. June 12, 1828 in Tioga County, NY.

Her parents are David SCHOONOVER and Mary Miranda Pierce SCHOONOVER. I have a great deal of info on her siblings, but none on her.

Any help or clue would be greatly appreciated. I would be more than happy to share all the info I have.

Aimee Raines Thur Aug 10, 2000
Researching Willie Isaac SIMS who died 3/15/1978.

I have been told he is buried at Tigoa Cemetery. The family states his full given name on the headstone is Willie Isaac SIMS. Also been told his wife Ruth Louise is buried there also, can find no information on her either.

Have checked Social Security Death Index, Texas Birth records (where he was born?), checked throughout the U.S. for his marriage and his parents marriage records (found none). Believed to be buried in Tioga Cemetery, related family trying to get information, mainly any of his siblings.

Looking specifically where he was born, what year, parents name.

Carol Jaques Crawford Fri Aug 4, 2000
Researching Louisa JAQUES, born 1817, married 1835 to Eleazer VALENTINE born 1815, Tioga Co. NY. Eleazer died 1845. I think Louisa died 1902 Tioga Co. Town of Spencer.

Her brothers - Samuel, Hiram, William Hudson moved west to IL, and sisters - Olive and Anna (married James WEBB) were all born in Tioga Co. Her brother Benjamine Abraham and her sister Anna WEBB lived in Delaware Co.

Eleazer died 1845.

Their children were:

1. James 1836
2. Abraham 1838,
3. William Eleazer 1840,
4. Louisa Ann 1841, (married 1865 to Alanzo BUNELL, b. 1837 Tioga NY
5. Sara 1843 (married 1873 to John W. HARDIN).

I need to find someone who can help me find Louisa's mother and father who may have been Jesse and Maria JAQUES. I know all of her brothers and sisters were born in various counties in New York. Her brother Benjamine Abraham and her sister Anna WEBB lived in Delaware Co.

My great grandfather was William Hudson JAQUES. Is their an obituary or something that might have Louisa (died 1902) parents names listed?

I'm looking for any connection to any one who might know Louisa (JAQUES) VALENTINE's parents.

Please help me.

Kem Hart Tue Aug 1, 2000
Hoping to make a connection with other descendants/researchers of the following families from Candor area of Tioga County:

1. Manna HART, born Northington, CT 1782, eldest son of Lent HART and his wife, Olive HICKOX. Manna married 1804 to Thede WOODFORD (b. 1784, Candor).

2. Marcus HART, b. 1822 in Candor, the youngest son and child of Manna and Thede Woodford HART. Married 1844 to Melissa MEAD (b. 1825); 3 known sons born to them: George,b. 1846; Luther, b. 1848 - d. 1857; and Alphonso E.

3. Alphonso E. HART - b. 1858 in Candor, Tioga County; died - date unknown. Believe buried in Peruville Cemetery, Tompkins County, NY. Married (date and location unknown) Elta Belle DENNIS (b Apr 1861 - d. ??). Daughter of George Henry (abt 1836-1887) and Katherine M. WILBUR (1836-1887) of Candor. Three of Elta's siblings: Cora, Allie and George all married into the GALPIN family from Candor.

There were nine children born to Alphonso and Elta:
Percy, Corey, Jesse Edwin (my grandfather), Maude, Delphia, Dennis H., Ivan L., Hazel M. and Elwin.

Would like to find info regarding other siblings of Marcus, his date of death and burial location. Also any information regarding Thede WOODFORD and Melissa MEAD and their families.

Especially interested in locating Elta's burial location, date of death, her marriage date and location to Alphonso and any information about their children and their families.

Catherine Comeau Fri Jul 27, 2000
Seeking any descendents of William HOLLENBACK born 1839 in Owego, New York, married Mary MCCLAIN July 25, 1868 and died Feb 5, 1914 Owego, New York.

William & Mary HOLLENBACK had seven children:
1. Charles Henry HOLLENBACK born June 1869,
2. Guy HOLLENBACK born 1872 (Never married),
3. Fannie HOLLENBACK born Apr 23, 1874 married George MASON,
4. Sarah HOLLENBACK born 1877 married George CAMPBELL,
5. Edith HOLLENBACK born Feb 21, 1878 married Henry BARTON,
6. Martha HOLLENBACK born Sept 3, 1881 married Daniel ANDERSON (Never had any children)
7. Fred HOLLENBACK born 1883

If you are descended from this couple, please contact me.

Michael DePalma Fri Jul 27, 2000
I am looking for burial or whereabouts of Susan BAKER, widow of James BAKER, who lived in Berkshire, N.Y.

Susan was last seen on the 1880 Tioga Co., N. Y. census as Susan BAKER living in East Berkshire. Her son John's death certificate says she was called Susan HOLES and was married to a William BAKER. Her maiden name was DECKER, later married a HOLES, or HOLTON. Some say she lived in Speedsville in Tompkins Co. Do not know where she died or when.

I have some data on the BAKER family and descendants and will share gladly.

Barbara Armstrong Cleveland Cofer Fri Jul 27, 2000
I'm trying to find information on my gg grandfather, Henry ARMSTRONG, born 20 Feb 1791, Oblong, Dutchess Co., NY, and died 18 Apr 1878 Owego, Tioga Co.
He married Elizabeth CADY, born 8 Dec 1794, died 27 Apr 1874. (No further info at all on her.)

Henry and Elizabeth ARMSTONG, had the following children:

1) Eliza Jane, b 1816, marr Sabin M. JENKS; Eliza Jane d 4 Jan 1898.

2) Caroline E, b 1820, marr Hon. C.P. ROUNDSVILLE.

3) Mary, b 1823, marr Alfred SMITH.

4) Theodore Spencer, b 1825, d 1891, marr Sarah Jane PRATT.

5) Hannah, b 1827, d 10 Oct 1849, marr Asa G. THOMAS.

6) William Henry, b 21 Apr 1828, d 20 Oct 1880, marr Hannah Amelia STRONG

7) Anna, b 1831, d 1916, unmar.

8) James, b 4 July 1834, Candor, Tioga Co., d 18 May 1917, Lakewood, NJ.
Married (1) Mary E. BAKER, b 5 Nov 1835, d 8 Feb 1901, Amityville, NY.
James marr, (2) Elizabeth DOUGLASS, on 14 July 1903 (no info on Elizabeth).

James and Mary (BAKER) ARMSTRONG had at least two sons, and one daughter, Allie ARMSTRONG, b 12 Mar 1866, d 2 Apr 1953, NYC.
She married James GREGORY, b 2 Dec 1867, NYC, and d 9 Apr 1947, NYC.

James and Allie (ARMSTRONG) GREGORY are my maternal grandparents.

I've never been able to find any other info on either Henry ARMSTRONG, his wife Elizabeth CADY, nor the wife of James ARMSTRONG.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Thank you.

James S. Butts Fri Jul 27, 2000
I am looking for John BUTTS from Spencer, Tioga Co. NY, b. 1827., d. 1861.

He had brothers named Elihu and Aaron and a sister named Abby, who married a SPAULDING.

One of Johns sons was Horace BUTTS. I am trying to find out where John was born. I have one report saying Conn.

John married a Nancy Barker. I would also like information on Johns father Daniel BUTTS and his wife Elizebth. Daniel Butts who moved from Conn. to NY. at one time he lived in New Berlin NY. and then with his family moved to Spencer around 1818.

His Wife was a Elizabeth who married a WATTLES after Daniels death. The children of Daniel and Elizabeth where, Elihu b. 1792. John b. 1795. Aaron, and Abby Butts, who married a John Spaulding.

Thanks for any help.

Steve Moore Sun Jul 2, 2000 - Email address invalid 1 Oct 2020
I'm looking for info on the ancestors of Martha "Mattie" Maria HINES, b May 31, 1868, Apalachin, Tioga Co., NY, who married Frank Robert KEITH of Jenksville on Dec. 24, 1889, Fairfield, NY, died Jan. 23, 1904, Caroline Center, Tompkins Co., NY.

Her father was Jesse HINES, mother UNKNOWN. I'm looking for a connection to Hines families in either Tompkins Co., NY, or Bradford Co., PA.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Pat Coolican Sun Jul 2, 2000
Need name of cemetery in Apalachin for burial of Ellen VALERIUS 1 July 1953. Can you help me?

Arlene Outzen Sat Jul 1, 2000
Newel WATKINS had a son Alvertus (Albertus) LeRoy WATKINS born on May 10, 1826 in Newark Valley, Tioga Co., NY.

On his death certificate they had his mother Mary WRIGHT. My mother also had written down Mary WRIGHT.

Newel married Clarinda HOVEY on October 9, 1828.

I would appreciate any information or verification on Newel WATKINS and Mary WRIGHT. Or any verfication of Alvertus's mother.

Thank You.

Tom Cozzens Sat Jun 17, 2000
Researching Simon PROUTY who was born 7 June 1798 in Cambridge, Washington Co.

He moved with parents at age 9 to Tioga Co. NY. He enlisted Black Rock for the War of 1812, and was wounded at Lundy's Lane.

He married in Licking Co. Ohio, 1819 to Lydia BASSETT, born in Rutland, Vermont, 1805. Simon died Iowa, 1885, Lydia also died Iowa, 1887.

Any connections appreciated.

Bailey Francis Sat Jun 17, 2000 Invalid email address 26 May 2020
I am researching the LASUER family.

My stepfather's great great grandfather, Gilbert LASUER, abt 1812-1890, lived in Dryden and married Amanda TAYLOR, born 19 Dec 1816 in Dryden, NY. She was the daughter of a Dr. TAYLOR of Dryden.

The LASUER family moved to Kendall County, IL, where Gilbert and Amanda died in 1890 and 1903, respectively.

I am interested in any information relating to this family.

Dan McIntyre Sat Jun 17, 2000
I am looking for Waterman MCINTYRE/MCINTIRE b.1801 NY. I can trace with absolute certainty from myself to him. He married Polly HOLDREDGE or HOLDRIDGE in Wells Twp., Bradford Co., PA between 1819-21. I can put Waterman in Wells Twp. in 1823(tax rolls). Polly HOLDREDGE's father, Daniel HOLDREDGE, migrated to Wells Twp.a.1818 (tax rolls) from Otsego Co.,NY.

Waterman and Polly had the following children:

1. Hiram H. (b.22 Feb.1822,
2. John H.,
3. William S.,
4. Alva S.,
5. Daniel H. (my line),
6. Waterman H.,
7. Caroline B.,
8. Polly M.,
9. Materne H.

William S., Hiram H. and Waterman all were born( 1822-24) in Wells Twp. Bradford Co., PA. All the rest of the children were born in Daggett's Mills, Tioga Co.,PA.

I suspect that Waterman migrated from Otsego Co. or Tioga Co. NY to Bradford Co. PA, but I can't prove it.

Any help would be apprciated.

Brenda Hare Sat Jun 17, 2000
Researching Edward S. BECK, 53 yrs old who was living in Owego, Tioga Co, NY in 1880 census with his wife, Sabrina. With them were BECK children:

1. George, 25 yrs old - b NY

2. Charles, 23 yrs old - b NY
(married Lucy abt 1883 - had children:
a. Louis b 1888;
b. Ethel b 1893;
c. Orpha b 1894;
d. Leslie b 1898)

3. Edward, 17 yrs old - b NY (Physician in 1900 census) (married Josephine)

4. Frank, 13 yrs old - b NY (married Anna C. - had children:
a. Florence b 1890;
b. Rowena S. b 1892;
c. Margarite M. b 1894)

5. Louie, 11 yrs old - b NY

6. Ella, 8 yrs old - b NY

Am searching for information on descendants of the above families - obits - etc. I have a lot of information to share regarding their ancestors.

Thank you in advance.

Mikki Judge Sat Jun 17, 2000
I am reseaching my g grandfather Charles Henry DE MARANVILLE/
and am looking for information on where to write for vital records for Tioga County, NY.

One piece of information I have, states that he was b. 24 Dec. 1838, Ithaca, Tioga, NY. Another states that he was b. on that date in Richford, Tioga, NY. Supposedly this entire family of siblings was b. in Tioga county.

This is the information I have on this family:

Nehemiah DE MARANVILLE s/o Nehemiah and Mary (HASKELL) DE MARANVILLE b. Cheshire, Berkshire, MA 12 Apr 1800, d. Atkinson, Henry, IL 28 Feb 1881 m. Middleboro, Plymouth, MA (no date) Phebe Samplson PARRIS who b. Middleboro, 11 Aug 1801, d. Milo, Bureau, IL 25 Aug 1866 (d/o Sampson & Patience (PIERCE) PARRIS.

Children born in Richford, Tioga, NY:
1. Elisha Pierce b. 1 July 1825 m. Adelia A. ______ 2nd m. Maria ALBE
2. James Sullivan b. 6 July 1826, m. Sophia BROWN 2nd m. Oliva M. WALKER
3. Serena Maria b. 1 Mar 1828 m. Daniel O. HUNTER
4. Sarepta Hix b. 1 Mar 1828, d. Milo, IL 1 Jan 1873 m. ________ BARBER
5. Abigail Jane b. 9 Oct 1830 m. Isaac D. FREER
6. Lurana Lois b. 3 Feb 1832 m. David MC CULLOUGH
7. Phebe Ann b. 2 Nov 1833 m. Orange Howard EDMINSTER
8. Nehemiah Sampson b. 4 Apr. 1836 d. 1 Oct 1837
9. Charles Henry b. 24 Dec 1838 (this is my g grandfather) m. Harriet Minerva PICKARD.

I have additional information on this family, but it is the birth certificate I am interested in obtaining for Charles Henry at this time. This family is a direct link to the Mayflower family of Resolved WHITE, and I am trying to gather all the necessary documents for submission of lineage.

Any help you could give would wonderful!!

Thanks for your time.

Gladys Campbell Murray Sat Jun 17, 2000
Searching for information on Jesse CAMPBELL, born Vermont? 2 April 1779, died Tioga County, N. Y., 11 December 1852.

Jesse married Sally (JONES?) who was born 7 April 1780, and died 18 January 1848. Jesse and Sally are buried in the Woodbridge Cemetery, Candor, New York.

This couple had 12 children:
1. Jessie, Jr.;
2. James;
3. Harry;
4. Alford;
5. Alba;
6. Robert;
7. Nathan;
8. Sally:
9. William Eley;
10. John Friend;
11. Harriet;
12. George Washington.

Have birth dates for all of these children and information on spouses for some.

Some descendants are said to have moved to Fort Recovery, Ohio.

I descend from William Eley CAMPBELL born 12 January 1820, in or near Candor. William Eley married 15 September 1841, Julia WHITMARSH in (Candor?). William and Julia are buried in the Oregon Hill Cemetery, Lycoming County, Pa.

1880 census information on some of the children lists New York as birth place for Jesse and Sally but other information indicates Jesse lived in Vermont before arriving in Tioga County.

Will be happy to exchange information. Have been stuck on this family for 30 years!

Dorothy BeGell Sat Jun 17, 2000
I am looking for any Timothy GREENE family information.

Any burial, births or land ownership would be appreciated.

I think they were in Berkshire

Kelly Spencer Sat Jun 17, 2000
I would love to receive any information regarding the SPENCER or KENYON families from Tioga Center, NY.

Thank You.

Kenneth Colby Sat Jun 17, 2000
I have a lot of COLBY data that I have put together over several years and would like to be able to share it.

This covers over one hundred years in Tioga County New York.


Millie Murphy Tue May 30, 2000
My FOOTE parents and grandparents (and others) are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, the big cemetery on Rt. 96B in Candor, NY.

I am currently looking for information on my mother's side of the family, RANDALL.

My grandfather, Harry RANDALL, lived in and is buried in Owego.

His father was Myron RANDALL.

Myron's father was David RANDALL. I am looking for information on Joseph RANDALL. David's father, grandfather and great grandfather were all named Joseph.

If any one can help me, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Beverly Wallen Williams Mon May 29, 2000
Researching surname WALLEN, WALLIN, WALLING, WHALLEN, WALEN, WALLAN and etc.

They were in Tioga Co. around 1775 to 1818. I believe they may have been in or near Barton and Springer.

Thank you very much.

Jerry Forman Mon May 29, 2000
Looking for parents of 3 siblings born in Tioga County:

1. David Smith FORMAN (1815),
2. Charlotte FORMAN (1818)
3. William Henry FORMAN (1822)

Charlotte married Jonas WHITNEY Dec 1835.

The name is also spelled as FARMAN, FOREMAN, FURMAN, etc.

Thank you,

Leeanne A. Dyson Mon May 29, 2000
I am doing research on all MIKELS families in Tioga co., NY. Time frame abt. 1850 to present. Samuel MIKELS - civil war from Nichols, NY.

Thanks for any help.

Leeanne Dyson
P.O. Box 145
Swiftwater, Pa. 18370.

Donald E. Kunkle Mon May 29, 2000 Invalid email address 26 May 2020
Looking for a Jacob KUNKLE and wife Anna MECHLING KUNKLE born about 1805 in Westmoreland County, PA. who, according to legal documents, resided in Tioga County, N.Y. in 1848.

Any help would be apppreciated.

Betsy Greenway Mon May 29, 2000
Allen Deforest PITCHER, born Jan. 5, 1868 at Newark Valley, died December 29, 1963, Everett, Washington, buried before 1972 in Hope Valley Cemetery.

He married (in Kalamazoo, MI, July 22, 1895) Ida May DAVIS, born May 8, 1871, Kalamazoo, MI, died February 19, 1962, Everett, Washington, buried with Allen at Hope Cemetery. The marker was done by Richards Monument Service, Owego, NY.

They were buried next to the grave of Harrison, wife EVA, daughter CARRIE and ANNIE (I don't know who this is.)

I would like to have these facts confirmed, along with location of the cemetery and a way to contact someone in Newark Valley. I would like to know if any other PITCHER relatives are there, names, dates, marriages, etc.

Allie DeF. and Harrison PITCHER were mentioned in the Directory of Tioga, County, NY 1887-1888. Also mentioned as coming from Maine, Broome, Co., NY, where Harrison came from, were Eli PITCHER, James PITCHER, Nathan PITCHER, Silas PITCHER, Adelbert PITCHER.  Need to find out if they were relatives.

Please help me, if you can. I have other ZIMMER and SCHOOLCRAFT information to share, also.

Jane Ashby Sun May 28, 2000 Invalid email address 26 May 2020
I am looking for information on Polly LANGTON JACKSON BARDEN b. 1790 near Lee, Berkshire, MA.

Married first _____ JACKSON by which she had three children:
1. William JACKSON 1810,
2. John JACKSON 1811,
3. Catherine Elizabeth JACKSON b. 1813
All born in Clinton, Dutchess Co., NY.

Married second Thomas BARDEN b. 10 June 1796 Lee, Berkshire, MA by which she had 5 children:
1. Julia BARDEN b. 1820,
2. Ebenezer BARDEN b. 1822,
3. Benton BARDEN b. 1830.
4. Alexander BARDEN b. 1839,
5. Diana BARDEN b. 1844,

Thomas and Polly BARDEN moved to Tioga Co., NY prior to 1840.

Gwen Bray Sun May 28, 2000
I am still looking for the Asahel LEWIS, JR that married Esther A. LIGHT in Tioga Co. in 1848.

They moved to NYC (he worked there) to live. They had at least 4 daughters that I have found on census records.

Does anyone know of Asahel LEWIS, SR. who was a JP in Candor 1836, 1840 and 1844.

Any help would be appreciated.

Paula Pompeii Sun May 28, 2000
I'm looking for any information on Ely YOUMANS b. March 6, 1795 in Owego, Tioga Co. Ny married to Hannah HORTON b. June 9, 1796, also Owego.

Their son John YEUMANS, born Jan 21, 1817 in NY moved to Jefferson County, PA he married Mary Ann STEELE and their son Calvin is my great-great-grandfather.

I'd like to find out who Ely's or Hannah's parents were, when they died or where they're buried? They may have come from CT.

Another spelling is YEOMANS.

Thank you.

Penny Kessler Sun May 28, 2000
I am looking for information on David DIKEMAN born 9 Dec 1834 in Candor, Tioga Co., NY.

His parents were Parks DIKEMAN and Roxie CASS.

David married Marian NASH in Trempealeau Co. Wisconsin on 3 Mar 1867. They had one son, William, before moving to Nebraska. While in Wisconsin, David was a soldier in the Civil War.

Children born in Nebraska were:
1. Edson,
2. Mary,
3. Clarence,
4. Estella
5. Arther.

David died on 6 Jan 1909 in Neligh, NE.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kelly Spencer Sun May 28, 2000
I am looking for information on the Elijah SPENCER family from Tioga Center New York.

Elijah married Elizabeth (Betsey) KENYON and lived in Tioga Center until his death.

I am also looking for someone who could give me information about the Baptist Churchyard in Tioga Center New York.

Thank You,

Diane Bowman Thur May 4, 2000
I am looking for information on the DENNISON family who lived in Tioga County in the 1800s.

In the 1850 census, family members are listed as:

Mary 51
David 22
George 20
Henry 19
Joseph 17
Betsey 12
Angeline 9

A later census lists William who may have been Angeline's son. Is anyone researching this family? Does anyone know the father's name.

I do know that Henry DENNISON married Cerene BILLS and lived in the Owego area.

Any help would be appreciated.

Wendy Sacket Fri Apr 21, 2000
I am searching for the name of the cemetery in Spencer, Tioga Co., N.Y., where Sarah Adelaide "Addie" (RAUB) DAY was buried.

She was born Sept. 24, 1851, in Etna, Tompkins Co., N.Y., and died Jan. 21, 1933, in Little Silver, N.J., at the home of her daughter, Lucy Day IVINS. Addie DAY was buried in Spencer next to her husband, but I don't know his first name.

Any leads would be appreciated.

Roger Howland Sat Apr 15, 2000
Lawrence and Cornelius Van KLEECK emigrated to the Candor area ca. 1804 from Duchess County.

Laurence returned to Duchess County to marry in 1805 and returned to the Candor area.

He had at least one son, John, who married Jane THOMPSON and had a family:

1. Pheobe,
2. Mary E.,
3. George J.
4. Amy D.

I am interested in any additonal information on the Van KLEECK's and identification of the line back.

Rachelle Cromer Mon Apr 10, 2000
Joseph SCHOONOVER was b. Jan. 5, 1775 in Tioga Co., NY and died in Pleasant Twp. Ohio.

His siblings are:

1. Peter,
2. Benjamin,
3. Anna,
4. Eleanor,
5. Sarah,
6. Nicholas

All probably were born in Tioga Co. also.

His son, my 5th Great Grandfather, David SCHOONOVER was b. April 21, 1807 in Tioga Co.,NY to Joseph and Margaret Elizabeth DECKER.

David's siblings are:

1. Jacob,
2. Daniel,
3. Hannah,
4. Elias,
5. Ira,
6. Lydia Ann,
7. Simeon,
8. Maria,
9. Fayette,
10. Joseph

All probably born in Tioga Co.,NY.

I would love to share info if anyone connects.

Marianne Long Mon Apr 10, 2000
I have been researching the HORTON family.

Silas HORTON, John HORTON and Hannah HORTON are all in our family.

Also found them on the 1887-88 Directory-Town of Tioga, NY. They lived at Owego. John died there Silas took his mother Hannah and wife Sally Ann (BRUNDAGE) with him to Tama Co., IA with there children.

I hope to find more of their decendants and I have more info on them I am willing to share.

Mavis Olenski Mon Apr 10, 2000 Invalid email address 26 May 2020
Looking for information on the following:

Gilbert KINNEY,  BOSTWICK, Emory PRICHARD, Alvin SPAULDING, Ida HARRIS, Rev. M. Erford FREELOVE, Frederic Oliver HOOSE, Lydia Myria CURKENDALL.

These families resided in Tioga,Chemung & Broome Co.

Willing to share information.

Kem Hart Mon Apr 10, 2000
Hoping to locate someone who would be willing to help me in locating the grave site(s) and any other information about my GG grandparents, George Henry DENNIS and his wife, Catherine Malvina WILBUR DENNIS. Their daughter (my G grandmother) Elta Belle DENNIS HART may also be buried somewhere within the cemetery along with my G grandfather, Alfonzo or Alphonso HART.

I have just recently received a positive lead that indicates there may be a DENNIS family burial area the Lower Fairfield Cemetery in Tioga County. Would very much like to obtain information from their headstones and if possible, a picture of it (or both, if separate ones) and possibly any other DENNIS family members who may also be buried there.

I have compiled quite a bit of information and old family photos about the below listed surnames - would very much like to communicate with others doing the same.

I have been waiting a long time for such an opportunity but I live in VA. Would someone be willing to help me? I am more than willing to reimburse any reasonable costs incurred.

Also researching surnames: GALPIN, MILLAGE, DREW, GARDNER, AUSTIN families from Tioga, Tompkins and surrounding counties of NY.

Thanks, Kem Hart in Portsmouth, VA

Beverly Wallen Williams Thur Apr 6, 2000
I am researching the following surnames:

Wallen, Wallin, Walling, Whallen, Walen, Wallan

They were in Tioga Co. around 1775 to 1818. I believe they may have been in or near Barton and Springer.

Thank you very much.

Dan Lee Mon Mar 13, 2000
I am seeking any additional information for the WOODARD family living in Waverly 1830?-1900?

Henry WOODARD married Lucy (Iroquis) KYRK 1857?

Their children are:
1. Emma, dob 1858, marriage to Joe MESPELL 1885?,
2. ILa, dob 1859, marriage to Wilber COUTANT 1892, daughter Alice
3. Charles, dob 1860
4. Sam, dob 1861
5. Thaddeus, dob 1862
6. John, dob 1863
7. Myra, dob 1864
8. Joe, dob 1865


William Meier Sun Mar 12, 2000
I'm looking for any information available for the COWELL family that moved from Connecticut to New York about 1786-1806.

John COWELL b 4/2/1733 Truro, Mass, married first to Rebecca HINE and second to Deborah CURRAN.

Children of John/Rebecca:
1) Elizabetha Anne B 8/1/1762 Milford Ct. D Unknown
2) John B 12/7/1763 Milford Ct. D Unknown
3)Samuel B 7/18/1765 Milford Ct. D 2/5/1841 NY
4)William B 11/9/1767 Milford, Ct. D Unknown
5)Truman B 2/28/1769 Woodbury, Ct. D 9/9/1852 Spencer, NY
6)Joseph B 1/9/1771 Woodbury, Ct. M. 2/22/1800 Cyntha JOHNSON D 2/2/1836 Albany, NY
7)Amos B. 1/3/1773 Woodbury, Ct. D 9/20/1860 Cato, NY
8)Joshua B 1/20/1775 Woodbury, Ct. D 6/9/1848 Spencer, NY
9)Rebecca B 10/23/1776 Woodbury, Ct. D Unknown
10)Benjamin B 10/23/1776 Woodbury, Ct. D 5/25/1810 Spencer, NY
11)Abraham B. 5/4/1781 Woodbury, Ct D 1848
12) Sarah B 4/3/1783 D Unknown.

I'm a decendent of the above via Joseph COWELL of Albany. I have been searching in Woodbury, Ct. and there is no record of the COWELL family being born there? However the town historian had confirmed that John owned land there? According to other accounts the family left Ct. about 1786. I'm wondering if anyone would know if the above children born in Woodbury were baptized? If so, when and where? Also if any has any information where the family was between Woodbury and the time they show up in Spencer. Did John their father die in Spencer? Are there any records. How about wills? For your information, John's father is Joshua of Truro, Mass. who married Sarah YOUNG...(decendent of a Mayflower Family).

As a small boy my mother use to tell me that her great grandmother had said that the COWELL family were decendents of the Mayflower Family. I never put much stock in this until I started researching a family tree that was in our family starting with Joseph COWELL 1771, however I need proof to make the connection.

Any help would be appreciated.

Dennis Clark Sun Mar 12, 2000
I am looking for information on Elias and Hiley (COLE) CLARK.

Their offspring are Elizabeth FROST, Margaret JAY, Peter CLARK ( wife Hannah TAYLOR ) , Samuel CLARK, James CLARK, and Josiah CLARK.

I now know that Peter and Hannah , Elias and Hiley, and Samuel show up in the 1825 Town of Catharine, Tioga County ( now Schuyler County ) Census.

I am missing information on James and Josiah. I have found a Josiah in the Richford Congregational Cemetery list in this Tioga County Genweb Site. It shows a Josiah , his wife Fanny , daughter Abbie, son Everett, and son Samuel. It shows that this Josiah died in 1868 at 82 years of age that would make his birthyear around 1786.

Peter CLARK my ancestor was born in 1790 in Orange County so the time period is very good. The fact that he named a son Samuel also peaks my interest.

Does anyone have documentation on this CLARK family?
Where is the Richford Church in relation to the town of Catharine?
Since several other members of the family were in Catharine in Tioga County I am hoping that this Josiah is the son of Elias and Hiley ( Heyltje ) (COLE) CLARK.

Thank you and any ideas would be appeciated.

Bill Griffing Sun Mar 12, 2000
I am seeking more information on the family of Rev. John GRIFFING (1784-1844) and Lydia REDFIELD (1792-1872)of Berkshire, NY; later Tioga, New York.

They had twelve children:

1. Henry GRIFFING (1809-1855), married 1st Mary Ann DODGE (1813-1843), 2nd Nancy C. ORCUTT (1821-?). Children were: Emma, Velma, and John.
2. Clarissa GRIFFING (1810-1880), married Charles W. GIDDINGS (1810-1879). Children were: Giles, Fanny, Lydia, Sarah Amelia, and Mary.
3. Lydia GRIFFING (1813-1846) married John C. KELLY (1812-1880)of Owego. Children were: Louisa, John, Julia, and Mary. After Lydia's death, John Kelly married Charlotte HILL of Owego.
4. John G. GRIFFING (1815-1855), married Sarah Ann BEARDSLEY (1818-1881) of Union Springs, NY.
5. Daniel Shoemaker GRIFFING (1817-Aft 1865), married Eliza SHAFFNER (1822-Abt 1910)of Baltimore, Maryland.
6. Beriah GRIFFING (1819-1837).
7. Artemesia GRIFFING, died infant in 1821.
8. James Sayre GRIFFING (1822-1882), married Jemima Augusta GOODRICH (1829-1906) of Tioga. Children were: John Silas, William James, Mary Lydia, and Sarah Augusta Clarissa.
9. Samuel B. GRIFFING (1825-1896), married Lucinda Melvina TAYLOR (1829-1901) of Owego. Children were: Helena A., Lydia Permelia, and David Taylor.
10. Osmyn GRIFFING (1828-Aft 1866), married Sarah ?.
11. Permelia GRIFFING (1831-1916) married Rev. Asa BROOKS (1819-1897). Children were: Edward H., Ella A., Myrtle L. and others.
12. Mary GRIFFING (1834-?) married Z.N. PIKE of Waverly.

Any information would be appreciated.

See also:
for more information on this family.

Nancy Griffith Thur Mar 9, 2000 Invalid email address 26 May 2020
I am interested in an Abraham SNELL, who applied in 1832 for a pension from the Rev. War.

At that time he was living in Chemung, Tioga County.


Ann Stryker Lester Fri Feb 25, 2000
Zelotes OLNEY appears on the 1800 federal census in Tioga Co., NY.

A son Samuel OLNEY was b. Feb. 23, 1792, Tioga Co., NY. Samuel married Caroline BURGIT, daughter of Abram BURGIT and Lovicy REESE, in 1816.

Their children were born between 1816 and 1829, supposedly in Berkshire, Tioga Co., NY. Are birth records available?

I need proof that Sarah Louvisa OLNEY, b. 19 Nov. 1816, is the daughter of Samuel OLNEY.

Dan McIntyre Fri Feb 25, 2000
My GGGFather, Waterman McINTYRE/McINTIRE, arrived in Tioga Co. abt. 1832 and owned a farm in Daggetts Mills until he died Nov.1870. We think that he originally came from Tioga Co., NY.

We have now traced Waterman (b. 1801 NY) to Wells Twp. Bradford Co., Pa in 1818. That would have made him 17 Years old. We still don't know his father's name.

The evidence that we currently have points to Waterman and Polly HOLDRIDGE (b.15 May 1804 NY) meeting in Wells Twp. some time between 1818-1821.

Their 1st son Hiram H. McINTYRE was born 22 Feb. 1822 in Wells Twp. Bradford Co., PA. In 1818, Polly would have been 14 yrs old. We can trace his Father-in-law to Ostego Co., NY. His name is Daniel HOLDRIDGE b.14 Dec.1776 m. Sally, b.Conn.

I'm trying to find out where Waterman was born in NY in 1801. Any help would be appreciated.

Elizabeth Marie King Blitz Tue Feb 20, 2000
Marie Blitz I am seeking information on Montford KING, my grandfather.

He was born12-19-1861 and married Georgianna PARKS from Allis Hollow Pa.

They had three children:
1. Gertrude
2. Herman
3. Harold

They lived at the end of the old Smithboro bridge, on the corner of River Road and Mount Pleasant Road in Nichols.

Thank You.

Charles Bunnell Tue Feb 20, 2000
I am looking for the burial plot for Abram or Abraham EVERETT/EVERITT and spouse Deborah.

Based on census data I expect that it will be in either Owego or Candor Townships. Current on-line cemetery lists do not have this family listed.

Any help would be appreciated.

Gwendolyn Clark Tue Feb 20, 2000
Orange BOOTH received the deed for a large tract of property in Candor, NY from his father in 1793 when they were living in Connecticut.

He migrated to settle in 1801. He built a home approximately in 1802 in Candor. He married Lucy BOOTH and they had 9 children, including Edwin BOOTH his youngest son who eventually helped to set up Candor Bank. They operated a sawmill and a general store.

I am interested in all information pertaining to him and his children.

Joanne Shackford Parkes Tue Feb 18, 2000
Looking for parents of Donna Lovilla EVANS, born Jun 4, 1865 in Owego, NY.

She married Joseph E. SHACKFORD (my great grandfather) on Oct 20, 1887 in Cook, Co, IL. She was 22, he was 38.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Tim Rodabaugh Tue Feb 18, 2000
I would like to correspond with anyone who is researching the DEGROAT family of Tioga Co., N.Y.

Harry DeWitt DEGROAT was born on a farm three miles east of the Village of Owego, in the Hiawatha neighborhood, southside, Tioga Co., N.Y.

He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. J. DeWitt DEGROAT. He was the President of Cortland State Teachers Training College until Sptember 1, 1943.

He married Helen GOODRICH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen GOODRICH. Helen died December 1, 1936.

Harry and Helen had two daughters and one son.

Please email me with any information.

Thank you very much,

Lewis Taylor Tue Feb 18, 2000
I am looking for Calvin TAYLOR, born 1802 and died November 20, 1883 in Upper Lisle NY.

He was born in Tioga Co. NY.

I am trying to tie him in with Jasper TAYLOR of Candor NY.

Calvin lived in Upper Lisle, NY most of his life.

One of his sons was Valentine TAYLOR, b. May 14 1883. He died July 17 1921 and was my Great Grandfather.

Thank you.

Lynne Barton Baldwin Tue Feb 18, 2000
I'm searching for Robinson W. BARTON, b. 3 Sep 1845 - I believe in Tioga County, NY.

He is listed at age 24 "farmer" with mother Rebecca BARTON in 1870 census in Owego Town along with four sisters:

1. Eunice, age 26;
2. Katherine or Kate, age 22;
3. Harriet or Hattie, age 19.

Earlier census lists another sister: Syaina E. BARTON b. 1840.

I have no father's name.

Robinson enlisted in the 109th NY Volunteers on 11 Aug 1862 in Owego, NY. His mother Rebecca is buried in Riverside Cemetary near Apalachin, she died 5 May 1891 at the age of 79 years 24 days.

Robinson married Sarah Melissa HILL or HILLS around 1872. Sarah was born 8 Feb 1850 in ?, New York and d. 12 Mar 1924 in Mount Vernon, WA. Sarah's death certificate indicates her maiden name is HILL and her father was J.M. HILL, mother not known. I have been in contact with another researcher who thinks her maiden name was HILLS. An old letter written by their daughter indicates that both grew up in Owego, Tioga County, NY.

Am seeking any more information on the family that may be available in the Tioga County area. Also would appreciate any tips as to other sources to contact for information, such as the address of a local genealogical society, group or individual who may be willing to do some poking around in old records for me.

I thank you in advance for your assistance!

Paul Zimmerman Tue Feb 18, 2000
I'm looking for info on Philander GILLETT who was in the 1830 census in Tioga in Elmira. with 2 sons, 3 daughters, and a wife.


Tom McNeill Tue Feb 18, 2000
I am looking for information about members of the VANDERLIP family that moved to Tioga Co. from VT between 1800 and 1806.

John VANDERLIP settled there and started to raise a family before moving on to Ontario, Canada. Many of his relatives remained in the area of Tioga and Chumung counties.

My information is available.

Ed Hall Tue Feb 18, 2000
Abraham ROSMAN was a member of the 1st Regiment (Davis) New York Militia during the War of 1812. He enlisted as a Private and was discharged as a Private. This information from a web site. Need more info such as place of enlistment, age and where service was performed. Also geographic area from which recruits came.

There is a 1830 census record of an Abraham ROSMAN living just across the state line in Richmond Twp, Tioga County, PA. About the correct age for military service. Find no Abraham ROSMAN in 1830 NY census which matches as well. Search of muster rolls for state of PA War of 1812 personal does not include an Abraham ROSMAN.

Did the Abraham ROSMAN living in Richmond Twp slip across the state line and enlist in an NY military unit? Or, was he living in Tioga County, NY at the time?

If any one can furnish some info about the make up of the 1st Regiment (Davis) New York Militia I will have an additional piece to the puzzle. Did personnel come from the Tioga County area and maybe from across the PA state line?

Penny Pietré Wed Jan 5, 2000
Could anyone possibly tell me where to find birth records for the town of Barton? Grandmother Arvilla Marian TERWILLIGER was born in Barton, 11 Oct. 1899 and I can't seem to find out anything on her father Fay TERWILLIGER.

I thought perhaps her birth certificate would contain useful information on her parents. I appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank you very much.

JB Wilson Sat Jan 1 2000
I just located the maiden name of my great grandmother. Now I'm wondering if anyone has any info on Ira WILLIAMS and Olive UFFORD of Owego, NY circa 1840-1860?

They had a daughter, Sarah Louise who was born 6 March 1842 in Owego, NY. She married Sereno MINER 9 Sept. 1863 and had one son in Owego, John Berry MINER, b. in 1864, d. in 1867.

Their next two children were born in Norwich, NY, Fred W. MINER and Hattie L. MINER.

This is the only information that I have on Ira WILLIAMS and Olive UFFORD. Any additional details, if known, would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Karen Cooper Sat Jan 1 2000
I am looking for an Andrew J. MC INTYRE.

According to the family Bible, Andrew was born in Spencer, Tioga Co. NY on 5 April 1861.

He apparently moved to St. Louis Mo. and married Denia FULLERTON.

If you have any information on Andrew, please contact me. Thanks.

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