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Diana Moilanen Thur Jan 6, 2005

Researching Le Roy HANCOCK, born 1814, Wyalusing, PA and died 1861 in Tioga Co. NY

He md. Eliza Hancock SHAW born 1830 died 1911.

LeRoy was a brother of my gggrandfather, John Hancock.

They are sons of Jesse and Louisa.

Jesse was the son of Isaac and Jemima Van Horn.

William and Sarah Dawson were Isaac's parents.

Another piece of information, Silas F. ANDREWS born 1753, Sugar Run Creek, PA moved to NY State in 1800 md. to Patty HANCOCK born 1766 in Montgomery Co. PA.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Dennis Lee Rickard Mon Dec 20, 2004

My grand father, Elmer E. LEE, was born 11 October 1863 in Newark Valley, Tioga county N.Y. His father was Francis Lightfoot LEE and his mother was Elizabeth WOOLHEATER.

I can not seem to find any more about his parents or where they are buried.

If anyone has info please contact me

Dick Root Mon Dec 20, 2004

Rearching John McGILIVAY, b. abt 1710, Isle of Islay (one place says JURA) his wife, Catherine McDONALD, Islay (or JURA)

1. Bridget,
2. Donald
3. Hugh
4. Mary
(Maybe more after arriving in USA)

On same ship was Effie McGILIVERY & Mary McGILIVARY, Effie went to N.Y. City, Mary Also in Washington County was????????????

Archibald & Susan McGILIVERY- Deed 1801 Bk 1, pg 495
Donald McGILIVERY, Deed 1801 Bk 1 Pg 496
Daniel McGILIVERY b. 1776 Argyle, Spouse, Mary b. 1780

Daniel McGILIVERY b.Aug 1 1802, Argyle, spouse, Catherine LANCASTER, b. Jan 31, 1803 at New Cornwall, Orange Co. N.Y.

The following is only conjecture on my part. This is where I need help.

Donald McGILLVRA"s "WILL", (Son of John McGILIVERY) recorded Nov. 5, 1812, leaves to his son's Archibald & Daniel ????????????????

The son Archibald had a son Hugh, born 1800, Washinton Co., as per 1865 census, Tompkins Co., Town of Caroline, NY. (also a son George of Tompkins Co. and Archibald of St. Lawrence Co., NY.

Archibald sold property in Washington Co., Town of Argyle in 1806(Liber B, Page 339 and he next appears in 1810 census of Tioga Co., Town of Spencer, NY, which became Tompkins Co., Town of Caroline on Feb. 22, 1811.

I find no mention of these McGILLVRA's until 1840 census of Tompkins Co. Town of Caroline. Both Hugh and George appear at same location as in 1810.

Ouestion.1 Archibald never reappears. Were they missed by census taker in 1820-30 or did Archibald die and wife remarry?

I am trying to establish that this Archibald is the son of Donald and the father of Hugh. Hugh is my 3GGrandfather. Hugh had brother, George, of Tompkins Co.

Hugh marries Elizabeth CHAMBERS, daughter of Abraham & Mary Jeanette CHAMBERS.

Hugh died March 21.1872, at home of son, Isaac, Town of Candor, Tioga Co. Buried ?? Hugh resided in Caroline his entire life.

His family all born in Caroline, consisted of:
1. Abraham, b, 1821,, Married Susan Ann EARSLEY, b, Conn.
Children - Leroy, Frank Orea, Clara.
2. Isaac, b, 1833, Md. Rachel (?),
Children- Eliz, Mary, William, Maranda, (m, Lyman LOVEJOY)
3. Josiah, b, 1835, m, Christina LYNCH
Children- Elsworth (Photographer In Ithaca) and Violet (died young)
4. Archibald, died in the Civil War, 1862.
Please any information appreciated.

Cheryl Kirkendall Wed Oct 20, 2004

I do not know if Candor Town Records or Library records contain birth information. If they do I would appreciate if someone can look this up for me.

According to WWI Draft Registration:

George WILSON born in Candor January 24, 1895

Clarence WILSON born in Candor February 8, 1897

I am looking for their parent's name.

Their sister was Edith WILSON (my paternal grandmother) other siblings included Margaret, Mabel, Minnie, Kathlyn, Dorothy, Etta and Jeanette.

Some of these others may have also been born in Candor. I believe my grandmother was born in Elmira, but I don't know for sure.

I do not know the parent's name. I have William or Eugene WILSON and I have Louella or Sophia CONKLIN.

If you find any info I would be forever grateful. Thank you so much.

Dennis Lee Rickard Tue Oct 12, 2004

My grand father, Elmer E. LEE, was born 11 October 1863 in Newark Valley, Tioga county N.Y.

Elmer and Martha had 13 children. I have the names, dates of birth and death on all. My mother was the last of these and passed on the 19th of September.

Elmer, only had one siblng , a sister named Ida Bell.

Elmer's father was Francis Lightfoot LEE and his mother was Elizabeth WOOLHEATER. I can not seem to find any more about his parrents or where they are buried.

I am presently working on the Lee family. Yes,I have much more info but I dont have it all togather yet.

If anyone has info please contact me

Suzanne Dickinson Sat Jul 31, 2004

Researching CUSICK,

In Tioga County: John CUSICK married Elizabeth HAUGHEY and had 6 children:

Patrick Ambrose (married Nora CHRYSLER),
Thomas (married Mary E. RADER).

Thomas died in Owego in 1944.

His obit reads:

"He is survived by his wife Mrs. Nora CHRYSLER CUSICK; three daughters, Mrs. Hilda COOK of Johnson City; Mrs. Helen De GABRELL and Mrs. Elizabeth HILLMAN, both of Albany; three brothers, Daniel CUSICK of NYC; James CUSICK, of Hammondsport and Thomas CUSICK of Owego; two grandsons, Clinton and Donald De GABRELL, both in service."

Any information will be appreciated. Wondering if this Cusick is from County Clare, Ireland.

Eunice Harmon Sat Jul 31, 2004

I am looking for information on Eliza PAYNE who married Edward S. GRANSBURY/GRANSBERRY
on 19 Feb 1870 at Town of Owego in Tioga County.

Eliza's name is also listed in records as Elizabeth.

She was born about 1853 and her mother was Adeline ______. Father's name unknown at the present time.

Please contact me if you have any information on this couple.

Rachel LaVenice Sat Jul 24 2004

We are looking for information on the HALL/WOODRUFF/VALENTINE families of Spencer.

My husbands great-grandmother Emily (HALL) WOODRUFF is buried there.

Her husband was Jacob WOODRUFF and her father was Hervey Smith HALL and Cornelia L.

Appreciate any help in this area.


Emma L Peak Smith Sat Jul 24 2004

Researching Giles BEACHAM, DOB abt 1830 in England and his wife Sarah, DOB abt 1835, came from Lockwood Tioga, NY.

They were married abt 1855 in Chemung Chemung, NY.

They are parents of Emma Anna BEACHAM, which comes down through my line.

Appreciate any help in this area.


Madeline Emery Sat Jul 24 2004

I have been researching my HANAFIN family roots for sometime now and so far haven't been able to find anything on my grandfather William HANAFIN.

He was the third born of seven sons of John and Mary (MADDIN) HANAFIN of Bradford Co.PA. John and Mary came to Bradford Co. from Ireland about 1845 and settled in Windham Twp.

William married Lillie Bell HINEY(?) of Rome Twp. Lille died when my mother was born in 1888. William was living in Owego,NY in the 1930's , I remember visiting him there as a child. He had married again, I believe his wife's first name was Margaret.

I think he was employed by the railroad.

I hope someone can help me locate where he is buried and the date of his death---I would be so very grateful.


Ron Cross Sat Jul 24 2004

Looking for information to confirm or deny the family link of one Nathaniel CROSS, buried in Flemingville Cemetery, Tioga Twp, Town of Owego.

Nathaniel CROSS d Jan 10, 1842, age 69 yrs 9 mo, making birth date circa April 1772. His wife Lydia d May 13, 1842, age 63 yrs 10 mo, making birth date circa Aug 1778.

I have an ancestor Nathaniel CROSS born sometime after 1768-74, the son of Nathaniel CROSS and Abigail Walbridge of Columbia Cty NY. A number of family move west through Steuben Cty and Cattaraugus Cty. Nathaniel is the final elusive son of this line I cannot place.

Hope someone can confirm or deny his parentage for me.

Bernard Tompsett Sat Jul 24 2004

Jeremiah and Ruth (GARDNER) BURCH, children lived in the area of Nichols, Tioga Co. NY in the 1800's.

1. Daniel Burch b.1794
2. Paul Burch b.1797
3. Gashum Burch b.1800
4. Freeman Burch b.1803
5. William Burch b.1805
6. Richard Burch b.1810
7. Nelson Burch b.1812
8. Jahanah Burch b.1814
9. Marcia Burch b.1815.

I would like any information on them.
Thank You.

Constance Mahoney Sun Jul 4 2004

I am interested in the LACY/LACEY families of Tioga County.

John T LACY, born in Ballston, Saratoga Co, NY in 1805 and his wife Mary Polly KELLOGG were the parents 10 sons and 1 daughter.

Wm. Josiah,
Thomas G,
James M,
Phillip Judd,
Charles Truman,
Rufus Horatio,
Alfred D,
Sanford M,
Sanford D,
John Henry

Eight of their children were born in Tioga County. Three were born in Onondaga County.

For the most part this family lived, worked, died and are buried in Tioga County.

I am interested in any information on these people, those that they married, their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

I am also eager to discover who were the parents of John T LACY .

Also I have a question that you may or may not be able to shed some light on for me.

John T Lacy was supposedly born in 1805 in Ballston Saratoga Co, NY. I have this information from my grandmothers search done in the 1920s & 30.

His children , as I mentioned above are all credited with being born in Tioga Co. LDS has 2 pages on each child (on line) One crediting their birth to Tioga Co.  and a second crediting their birth to Ballston Saratoga. Naturally this would have been impossible. But I do wonder why these births are registered in Tioga and also in Ballston the supposed birth place of their father. Is it possible that even John T was not born in Ballston NY? Or was Ballston a center for such records? Was this common practice at the time?

Thanks for your help.

Mary Lou Cook Mon Jun 21 2004

I am seeking information regarding my great grandfather George Ward HOWELL.

He was born in Spencer Twp. in Tioga County on March 30, 1840.

According to the 1850 Census his parents were Daniel and Susan and there were 10 children listed in the home at that time.

I am wanting information on Daniel HOWELL (b. 1796) and Susan his wife.

I would like to know her maiden name.

The other children listed were Jeremiah, Hannah, Mariah, Ira, Henry, Esther, Sara, David and Charles.

They were farmers.

Deborah Horzen Wed Mar 10, 2004

I am researching for Harry James FRALLEY b. 2/19/1871 Owego, Tioga County, NY, d. Maybe l928, buried maybe Owego, Tiogo County, NY, and his wife Grace Palmer FRALLEY.

Wife: Grace Palmer FRALLEY b. 1876 Bainbridge, NY, d. perhaps l928.

Parents of Harry James FRALLEY:
Jonathan Robert FRALLEY, b. 5/04/1826 England, d. 9/16/1903 Owego, NY.
(Perhaps buried Evergreen Cemetery, Tiogo County, NY

Wife lst - Sarah Isley FRALLEY, b. 1829, d. 7/5/1866

Esther Jane FRALLEY, b. 11/23/1854, d. 7/17/1860
Ann Elizabeth FRALLEY, b. 12/11/1857, d. 5/14/1940
Sarah FRALLEY, b. 2/10/1860, d. 7/5/1866
Emily Louise FRALLEY. b. 12/12/1861, d 2/13/1947
Abbie Jane FRALLEY, b. 1/12/1864, d. 8/22/1875
NOTE: Three of the above (Sarah, Esther, & Abbie)are listed as being buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Tioga County, Owego, NY.)

Wife 2nd - Irene Vanderberg FRALLEY, Unknown birth & death date

Robert FRALLEY, b. 7/16/1868, d. 3/5/1919
Harry James FRALLEY, b. 2/19/1871 Owego, NY, d. maybe 1928
Amanda Mae FRALLEY, b. 4/3/1874 Elmira, NY, d. 9/12/1921

Any information, please contact me.

Deborah Horzen Wed Mar 10, 2004

I am seeking further information on James W. SHERMAN of Bershire, Tioga Co NY b. abt 1821.

He married Elizabeth HARDY (dau of Samuel and Elizabeth HARDY of Maine, Broome Co NY).

They had at least four children:

1. Edward b. abt 1847 m. Elizabeth CLARK,
2. Hiram b. abt 1851,
3. Sarah b. abt 1859 m. George LANE,
4. Anna b. abt 1861.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ann Ashworth Mon Mar 8 2004

Interested in any information about the Richard MILLER Family b. 1782 Nobletown 1783 md. Davenport Sally White d. 1 June 1860 Candor, Tioga Co. N.Y. bur. Woodbridge Cem. Catatonk, N.Y.

Daughter, Catharine md. Henry VAN DUSEN(Duzer). Catharine died 17 March 1886 and is buried in Woodbridge Cem. Catatonk. Henry Van Deusen d.7 April 1895. bur. Woodbridge Cem. Catatonk, Tioga Co. N.Y.

Any help would be appreciated.

Richard Howard Sat Feb 22, 2004

I have been searching for parents and/or siblings of Alvin HOWARD, born on, or about Aug 18, 1818/19.

He married Mary STEVENS, daughter of Timothy STEVENS and Deborah VOSE.

They had six children:

Julia b. 1842
Rebecca b. 1843
Timothy b. 1845
Henry b. Feb 11, 1848
Samuel b. 1849

Henry was my Great grandfather.

They lived in Candor and Spencer.

Any info would be appreciated.

Anita Schultz-Peters Sat Jan 31, 2004

I'm researching Ziba RUNDLE.

He lived in Tioga County during the 1810 census.

The son I descend from was born in Orange County in 1800 and Ziba died in Ohio in 1815, so I would think Tioga was just a stopover.

Any help would be appreciated.

Patricia Stillwell Mims Sat Jan 31, 2004

Hoping for a connection with another descendant or researcher of Sylvester WHITE (1784-1882) and Margaret BOICE (1784-unknown) who married 1805 probably in Ulster Co.

Between 1810 and 1838 they lived in various places in Tioga county and Tompkins Co.

Had ten children:

1. Abraham,
2. John,
3. Sarah Ann,
4. Mary Eliza,
5. Julia E.,
6. William,
7. Naoma Catherine (Kate),
8. George W.,
9. G. Elie and
10. Roxy.

After 1838 Sylvester WHITE moved with some of the family to Bradford Co. PA.

Son Abraham WHITE returned to Tioga Co. a short time later where he lived until 1891 and was buried in Candor.

Son George WHITE also returned where in 1880 he owned a grist mill in Newark Valley. He married Augusta PETTIGROVE in 1853. George is buried in Jenksville 1894.

Thank you very much.

Patricia Stillwell Mims Sat Jan 31, 2004

Also searching for descendants or information on Robert B. VAN LUVEN born about 1790 in Ulster Co. who married Naomi BOICE possibly about 1817 in Tioga Co.

Naomi was born about 1796, the daughter of Abraham and Amy BOICE.

Robert and Naomi are both buried in the cemetery at Straits Corners, 1873 and 1875.

Thank you very much.

Patricia Stillwell Mims Sat Jan 31, 2004

In addition, I am seeking information and contacts with descendants of John COURSEN born about 1763 and married Charity born about 1774, both of New Jersey.

John is buried in Straits Corners cemetery May 8, 1850 and Charity in May 20, 1839.

Their son John Marvin COURSEN born 1808 married Margaret Ann VAN LUVEN born 1818. They lived in Tioga Co. until their deaths in 1891 and 1887.

Thank you very much.

Barry Wiseman Sat Jan 31, 2004

Researching Lillian BANDLER, daughter of Robert & Gussie Fox BANDLER.  She married Fred EMENS in Owego, Tioga Co., NY in 1908-1914?

Would like to find the names of Fred & Lillian EMENS children and date of birth if possible.

Fred was an undertaker at the funeral home in Owego.

Also would like to know Fred EMENS parents names.

Thank you..

Penny Creeley Thur Jan 29, 2004

I am looking to see if anyone might have some information on my WHITAKER, great great grandparents.

They are buried in Nichols Cemetary. Their names were:

Charles Milton WHITAKER 1868 - 1944
Bertha (Wilbur) WHITAKER 1872 - 1936

I am just looking for any info on them.

This is possibly the only connection they have to Tioga County I am not sure. They had two children Mildred and Truman.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you..

Nancy Doutt Tue Jan 27, 2004

I live in Big Flats, NY and, until recently, had a small bookshop in my home. I collected and sold "ephemera" as well as books. I sold my book inventory 2 years ago, but saved some items that had local historical interest. Among that collection are 17 copies of The Waverly Enterprise of 1868 and 2 from 1871. They are in very readable condition and have a limited amount of genealogical items as well as lots of ads and stories.

If your historical society does not already have these, I would be interested in donating them.

Please advise. I'll be leaving Sat. morning, Jan 31, 2004 for a 3-week vacation.

Sincerely, .

Virginia Haight Brown Mon Jan 26, 2004

I am searching for records on Frank Darius FERRIS and Emma Celia CLARK FERRIS and their ancestors.

My father, Carl HAIGHT, informed me they were buried in the cemetery by the old Elm St. Waverly high school and spaulding street. We visited the cemetery, but there is no name identifying the cemetery and there was so many old broken head stones, we could no longer figure out where they were buried.

I think I have figured out that the name of the cemetery is Forrest Home.

Any help would be appreciated..

Nicole Parker Tue Jan 13, 2004

I am in search of information regarding Allen Jay ANGELL who was born abt. 1869 in New York to Frank ANGELL and Melissa Ann ANGELL.

He married Ona PARKER on June 22, 1891 in Barton, Tioga County, New York. Ona Parker was born to Charles and Mavilla PARKER in 1873 in Tuscarora, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

Allen Jay and Ona had two sons who were both born in New York.

Any information regarding this couple and their families would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time..

Irene Crout Johnson Tue Jan 6, 2004

I am searching for any CROUT and GROUT that was in Tioga county.

I found my Christian CROUT in Caroline, Tioga county 1810 census.

I also have located a John GROUT buried in Caroline Center cemetery.

I am wondering if the transcribing of CROUT, it was recognized with a G instead of a C...

Is any one also searching CROUT?

They ended up in Schyler county by 1820,1830,1840.Than he disappeared...died? he was born in NJ in ca 1763...

Any help woud be appreciated.

Barry Wiseman Sun Jan 4, 2004

I'm doing my genealogy of my Bandler family.

The Benard Bandler, Robert Bandler and William Bandler families were in town of Owego 1863 to 1920.

Trying to located the death dates for Robert & Gussie Bandler.

Thank you!

Cheryl Parsons Fri Nov 21, 2003

I am researching John W. STRYKER, my great-great grandfather.

He married Jane[Jennie] TUCKER. They where in Spencer in the 1870's as I found there daughter Fanny May buried in Evergreen Cem..

She died Feb. 14th 1873. I believe he may have lived around there his young adult life and then the family moved to Yates County NY.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Penny Creeley Fri Nov 21, 2003

I am looking for information on Ella (Van RIPER) SHORT who was born in Tioga County 1854 (I believe) and died in 1916.

She was a homemaker and married to Fred SHORT who lived in Owego also.

They lived on Mutton Hill Road until their deaths.

Some of their children would be listed as Herman, Henry, Elmer, Morris and Walter.

They had one daughter, but I do not know her name.

Ella had one brother Fred Van RIPER.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

April (Akins)Richardson Fri Nov 21, 2003

I am searching for information on Franklin AKINS, born in Bershire, Tioga County around 1837.

I do know that there are alot of AKINS living in that area.

Perhaps, someone has some information on Franklin AKINS who married Mary POTTER and fought in the Civil War.

Any information appreciated.

Ted McLean Fri Nov 14, 2003

I am seeking information about the family of James McLEAN (1803-1877) who was a farmer in Nichols, NY from about 1859 to his death.

He married Eliza C. PERRY (1813-1878), who had a brother named W.H. PERRY who lived in Owego, NY.

Children of James and Eliza McLEAN included:

Francis ("Frank") J. McLEAN (1837-1914), a lawyer, who moved from Nichols to Menomonie, Wisconsin about 1870,

Rose E. McLEAN (1839-1890) who became the second wife of John Fields DEGROAT (1837-1912), a produce dealer in Nichols,

Martha McLEAN (1846-1909), who married David H. DECKER, M.D. and moved to Menomonie, Wisconsin,

and William H. McLEAN M.D. (1843-1868).

James, Eliza and William McLEAN and Rose and John DEGROAT are buried in Nichols Cemetery.

Daughters of John DEGROAT by other marriages include Martha DEGROAT FORMAN of Nichols and Sarah DEGROAT OSBORNE.

I am particularly interested in locating pertinent Bible records, photographs and living relatives of any of the above.

Any information appreciated.

Pat Eierman Sat Nov 8, 2003

I am trying to locate a will of John McCLURE who died in the 1830's.

His wife was Sally/Sarah.

The John McCLURE I am researching lived in what is now Montour Falls, Schuyler Co. NY.

It is my understanding that part of Schuyler Co. was Tioga Co. at one time.

Thank you for any help.

Jane Milner Fri Nov 7, 2003

Hunting cemetery where Walter and Minerva (HOPKINS) HERRICK are buried.

Walter was born in Amenia, Dutchess CO. 9 March 1781, but lived most of his life in Tioga CO, dying there 11 July 1851.

His will calls him of Candor and he was there in most censuses.

Minerva died 21 November 1861 in Flemingville.

Walter's parents, Samuel and Margaret, are buried at Weltonville.

Thanks for any information.

Parma Sibyl Lyon Reynolds Fri Nov 7, 2003

I am trying to find something about my Grandfather Robert (?) LYON.

He died when my Father, Adelbert Fuller LYON, was only three months old.

They lived on Charles Street in Waverly, NY. The LYON's had a furniture factory on Broad Street. There were several brothers. I have never known any of my LYON relatives.

I guess when my Grandfather LYON died and my Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth FULLER LYON remarried Alson A. PHALIN, she lost contact with the LYON family. I have always wondered about any LYON cousins I might have had.

How can I ever get a search started on this. I put in the name Robert LYON but the only LYON's I come up with are named LYONS...not LYON.

Thank you for any information you can provide.

Lawrence V. Chapman Wed Nov 5, 2003

I`m seeking information on my maternal grandfather, Merton HALL Sr.

I thought he lived in Lisle, NY, but on documents he has signed he gives his address as Richford RD#2 NY, so his address is in Tioga Co.

Quite a few of his relatives are buried in Center Lisle cemetary.

Trying to find out where he is interred, when he was born and when he died. Any info would be appreciated.

Thank You

Roberta Lower Fri Oct 31, 2003

I am searching for TAYLOR ancestors.

Polly PETTENGILL TAYLOR (b. 1782 NH) died in Tioga, Tioga, NY in 1823 after emigrating from Andover, VT around 1820.

Her husband Benjamin TAYLOR must have died there also. I'm also trying to connect Perkins and Foster TAYLOR to family. Polly and Benjamin supposedly had 12 children.

Does anyone know anything about these TAYLORS and/or where they are buried in TIOGA, TIOGA?

Thank You

Denise Griswold Mon Sept 29, 2003

Am looking for information on Samuel GRISWOLD b. abt 1775 lived in Apalachin-Owego, Tioga Co. NY. d.? buried in Riverside cemetery, Apalachin.

1. Polly,
2. Josiah,
3. Sylvania,
4. Steuben,
5. Erastus.

Josiah GRISWOLD may have been married to a Martha?

Steuben GRISWOLD m. Maria (Mariah?) BILLS.

1. Belle,
2. Barney,
3. Martha,
4. Polly
5. Jake.

My ggggrandfather Barney (P.?) GRISWOLD b.1824 Tioga Co. NY.

Also working on ACKERMAN, BOIS.

Any info on this family would be great! Thank You

Denise Griswold Mon Sept 29, 2003

I am researching surnames:


I am looking for a burial listing or any information about the Riverside Cemetery near Apalachin, Tioga Co. NY., Caretaker Phone #, anything!

I am even willing to transcribe the list if it can be found. I am told I have many family members buried there, I would like to find them.

Information I have is from the Tioga Co. Historical Assoc. via obit in the Apalachin account book 1829. My 6x Great grandfather Samuel GRISWOLD b. abt 1775 d. Aug 3.1843 in Apalachin-Owego, NY. m. Hilda WILLOUGHBY, Also his son Steuben Griswold ( my 5xggrandfather) b. abt 1800 d. ? (I think before 1826) m. Maria Bills. Samuel and Steuben are supposed to be buried in the Riverside Cemetery near Apalachin. Thats all the info I have. I didn't realize there were more than one Riverside Cemetery in that area.

Any help would be great!

Thank You

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