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Janet White Garner Fri Dec 28, 2007

I would like to get information on Samuel N. WHITE.

The information I do have is that he was born in NY in 1812 and died in Iowa, 22 Oct. 1890.

He married Sarah A. AGARD, daughter of Rev. Horace AGARD and Polly STONE. They had one son, Leonidas Hamlin WHITE, born in NY,1851.

They lived in Tioga County, NY from 1840 to 1860, according to the census. He was a tanner, shoemaker and farmer.

I would like information about his parents and siblings.

Thank you.

Jerry Forman Tue Dec 11, 2007

Searching for my possible ancestors in the Town of Danby which was part of Tioga County in the early 1800's.

The 1825 census lists David FURMAN and Williams FURMAN.

Each of the families attributable to these males could be my lost family.

Searching for David Smith FORMAN born 1817;
his sister, Charlotte FORMAN born 1818;
and their brother, William Henry FORMAN born 1822.

Charlotte married Jonas WHITNEY in 1835 in Ithaca, NY.

Any related information greatly appreciated.

Jerry Forman Tue Dec 11, 2007

Interested in corresponding with ancestors of Miles FORMAN,

Rev. War Soldier, who settled in Tioga Co. after moving from Westchester, NY.

Strongly suspect a family connection to MILES but need more proof.

Jerry FormanTue Dec 11, 2007

Looking to correspond with any ancestors of Miles FORMAN of Nichols, Tioga County, NY or any FORMAN connections to this family.

I wish to know the exact location of Lounsberry Cemetery where Miles FORMAN and his relatives are buried.

Please contact me.

Janet White Garner Fri Nov 30, 2007

I am looking for information about my GG Grandfather, Samuel N. WHITE.

Samuel was born in NY in 1812 and died in Iowa 22 Oct, 1890.

He was a tanner, shoemaker and farmer, who married a preacher's daughter. The preacher was Rev. Horace AGARD and his wife Polly STONE.

They had one son, Leonidas Hamlin WHITE, born in NY in 1851.

Samuel WHITE and Sarah AGARD lived in Tioga County, NY from 1840 to 1860 according to the census.

Appreciate any help

Connie Gaban Wed Nov 28, 2007

I am looking for any WAYMAN in the Waverly, NY area.

My ggrandparents were Mary (WAYMAN) SMITH and Manning SMITH. Together they had my grandfather, Claude E. SMITH born in Lopez, PA 1888. Mary and Manning died when my grandfather and his brother Harry were rather young.

I came across an address for a Mrs. E. WAYMAN in Waverly (the address is probably from the 1930's) and wondered whether there is anyone with information that could be a connection.

Thank you

Dale Moore Fri Nov 9, 2007

George and Cynthia LaClair MILLS along with children George II, Phineas, Alice and Ezra make the Land Run of 1893 into Oklahoma Territory and staked a claim near Mulhall, OK.

They were originally from New York state.

Ref: Story in The (Oklahoma City) Oklahoman, November 7, 2007
Possibly from Tioga Co, ref: 1999 Tioga query:

Cheryl Shaffer Sun Jan 10, 1999

Need information on Phineas MILLS who lived in Tioga Co. 1835-1850. He had a son George W., b. 1824 NY who married Cynthia LaCLAIR.

Cheryl Shaffer does not answer email.

Any help is appreciated.

Alan Stuart Thur Oct 11, 2007

Looking for living male BAKER descendants of early Candor BAKERs.

Nathan BAKER was raised in Candor town, Tioga county, New York. It is believed by his descendants that his half brother Isaac BAKER raised him after the death of Peter BAKER and Ruth BAKER. The issue comes in when some have interpreted the now missing headstone (DAR records 1927, family visit 1957 ) from Crines Corners cemetery as the Peter BAKER who died in 1822 as being the man referred to on Ruth's stone ( also in Crines Corners, "Wife of Peter BAKER" ). Nathan was born in 1824. A pregnancy doesn't last more than a year. It is important to discover a male BAKER descendant of the early Peter BAKER. Or perhaps link him to one of the other early BAKER families in Tioga or Thompson counties. The testing may also help resolve which other BAKERs are related.

One family story has it that Peter BAKER was buried on the farm, possibly with his first wife and that the Peter in Crines Corners Cemetery was actually Peter Jr.

A male BAKER descendant of Nathan BAKER has agreed to have his YDNA tested. A cousin should match or at least come close on even the smallest test.

The family in question; that of Peter BAKER of Candor can be found in the 1820 census. In the 1830 census Betsy Buckman ( Elizabeth Ruckman ) resides at that location along with some of the children of Peter and Ruth. Isaac may have been from an earlier wife of Peter but in that year he has assimilated Nathan into his household. There are believed to have been four boys born to Peter from the earlier family.

We need to know if any one knows the whereabouts of other male BAKER descendants of Peter or possibly one of his brothers.

Date of settlement was around 1814. One story says that Peter had brothers Thomas and Samuel and that the family settled in areas now in Caroline in Thompkins co. as well as Owego.

Your help would be appreciated.

Rev. Henry G. Keyser Mon Sept 17, 2007

I have been told that my Great Grandfather John or Johan WERNER is buried in the oldest section of the cementary in Candor, New York.

His wife, I am told, was one Catherine or Katherine O'DRISCOLL and that they were from County Cork, Ireland.

They lived in Candor and were proberly the fore-runners of the BANGS Family.

John BANGS went to California and dug for Gold. I was lucky enough to get some Family History which shows he is related to me by my mother, Daisy LeNeta BANGS. On his return to Candor from California, he purchased the grist mill, general store and a tavern which my grandfather John Franklin BANGS kept for him.

The family came from Pennsylvania with a timber crew, from Friendsville, PA and settled in Candor. Any information that anyone has would be greatly appreciated by me as I'm just getting into tracing that part of the family.

Thank in advance for any information that you could supply me with.

Cindy Weatherby Tue Aug 7, 2007

Researching Ichabod FORD, b. 1765 d. 1846, buried in Hope Cemetery, Newark Valley. He was born in Norwich, CT and came to Berkshire with his family in 1822.

He married twice, first Rebecca THOMAS of Barnstable, MA and reared eight childrenm viz: Charles Backus, Susan T., Marcus, Margaret, Elijah T., Caroline, Lebbeus and Alfred. His wife died in 1813 and he married for his second wife Theda ABBY, and reared four children Calvin, Susan, Ichabod and Philena. The foregoing was from Gay's Gazetteer.

My specific concern is finding other documentation proving Charles' descent from Ichabod and also any information on Charles' marriage to Sophronia Sparks. Also, proof that he had a daughter named Mary T. who married John DURLING of Trumansburg.

I do have the Ford Family History, but doubt it will be accepted as proof for my father-in-laws application into a heritage society.

Any help appreciated.

Miriam Kubinski-Phillips Tue Aug 7, 2007

I am researching my husband's family and found a connection to Tioga Co., New York. My husband's maternal great grandmother was Eva (LAWRENCE) ROGERS.

From the U.S. census records I know that she was born in New York State in 1865, was married to Herbert E. ROGERS in 1883 presumably in New York State, and had her first child, Madge A. ROGERS, in New York State in 1884. Herbert and Eva then moved back to Bradford Co., Pennsylvania, where Herbert had been born and raised and where the rest of their children, including my husband's grandfather, were born.

The only other records I have found for Eva LAWRENCE are the following: 1) her gravestone in Pennsylvania, which gives her death date and place as October 1937 in Ithaca, NY; and 2) the 1870 census record for an Eva LAWRENCE in Spencer, NY, who was the 5-year-old daughter of Sevellan and Helen LAWRENCE.

I have been unsuccessful, however, in finding any additional records for Sevellan and Helen LAWRENCE. No census records prior to or after 1870. The only thing I was able to find was an online listing for a gravestone at the Evergreen Cemetery in Spencer, NY, for Sevellan Fowler LAURENCE (b. 1832 d. 1903). This spelling may be a typo on the website or this may be how it appears on the headstone.

I would appreciate any information on the LAWRENCE family from Spencer and also any hints as to where to find marriage records from 1883. Neither my husband nor his siblings know the religion of Eva or Herbert, so I have no idea which church records to search.

Thank you very much for any help you can provide. .

Steve Doty Tue Aug 7, 2007

I am looking for information about my great grandfather, Charles F DOTY.

He married Mabel AMES. They had three children that I am aware of.

My grandfather Ransom James DOTY, twin brother William Francis DOTY and a sister.

I think I found him in the 1870 census living in Tioga Center, NY. If this is him he had twin sisters showing only initials and initials for the mothers name also. No father was listed so I came to an abrupt halt while doing my research.

The 1880 Census shows a charles DOTY in Newark Valley working as a farm laborer, but not sure if this is the same Charles, the age is right. It shows him living with the KURIS family at that time.

I really am not sure why no father is listed. Possible early death, or maybe working out of town, don’t know. I would like to find out his father’s name so I can continue my search for my roots.

Thank you for any help.

Patty Walden Johnson Thur Jun 14, 2007

I am searching for more information on my great grandmothers side of the family,

Her parents were:
Henry Clay PATTERSON (no info avail)
md. 6/07/1852 Elizabeth SPENCER b 6/02/1833 in Pa.
2nd marriage to SHORES (no more info) died 8/10/1894 Waverly

Elizabeth's parents were:
Jabez Swan SPENCER and (Lena) Helena ELLIOTT

Jabez's parents were:
Nehemiah SPENCER who was married to Betsy SWAN

I am looking to document the facts that I have listed and also would like any new info someone may have on my family.

Thank you.

Patty Walden Johnson Thur Jun 14, 2007

Researching my father's family. They lived in Waverly is Tioga Co. NY, town of Barton, and have the following information:

My Father: Edward Donald WALDEN b 5/30/1924 in Waverly NY (living)with his parents.

His parents: (this generation I can document)
Lynn Leander WALDEN b5/31/1896, Waverly, NY died 8/13/1966 Ithaca NY (Tompkins Co.)
md. 9/14/1922 to Nora Elizabeth CROWLEY
b 6/22/1898 Smithfield Pa. (Bradford Co.), died 1/08/1971 Ithaca NY.

His grand parents were:(some of this I have documents)
Leander WALDEN born 8/20/1847 Lockwood NY(town of Barton)died 12/07/1920 Waverly NY
md 10/(20?)/1880 to Mary Ella PATTERSON
b 2/08/1856 Sheshequin Pa (Bradford Co.) died 11/17/1936 Waverly NY

His great grand parents were: (no documents)
Thomas WALDEN b 1821 Ct. died 1903
md. (?) to Susan LACEY born 1828 died 1913

I would like any additional information available on this family.

Joan Meddaugh Thur May 25, 2007

I am looking for anyone that is willing to give me for free any old Candor Couriers that they might have sitting around taking up space that you don't want. I will take all years no matter what the shape.

My grandfather Hiram J. BEEBE and his son Will L. BEEBE started the paper back in June of 1899 it remained in the Beebe family till my dad retired in 1952. The paper was still published after that under the direction of new owners Robert and Fran FOX. In Nov. of 1956, they sold it to the very capable Bill and Vera MUIR who ran it until 1966 perhaps 1967.

I would eventually like to own every single year that the paper was in publication. I have some of the very early years but not very many. My desire is when I get a goodly amount of the couriers that I will be able to put them all on CD's by years and make them available for all to enjoy.

So if you would love to help preserve a Candor legacy by sending me your Candor Couriers no matter what the condition please get in touch with me. If you live in Tioga Co. we will come to get them. The same for counties near us such as parts of Broome, Chemung, Tompkins, that is if they aren't to far from Candor. Other wise they will have to be mailed and we will reimburse you for postage.

Please e-mail me by clicking on my blue name above.

Thanks in advace.

Shelley Cardiel Fri. May 25, 2007

I am researching my BALDWIN family.

Charles BALDWIN was born in Sullivan County, New York abt.1816. He died in Newark Valley NY 10 Jan 1892. He married Sarah MEAD, born abt. 1823 in Owego NY and died 13 Nov. 1896 in Newark Valley.

I am looking for any information verifying Charles BALDWIN's heritage being that of Native American.

Charles and Sarah apparently had 18 children, one of which was my great, great grandmother Ellen Miranda BALDWIN born 13 Nov 1864, married 14 Feb 1880, died 15 April 1905 in Groton NY.

I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Shelley Cardiel Thur. May 17, 2007

I've "rescued" two old photographs identified as Gertrude BASSETT SMITH which were taken at the B. L. Wright Studio in Canton, Pennsylvania. The two photographs are identical and appear to have been taken in the 1880's. Gertrude looks to be in her teens at the time they were taken. Based on limited research and thanks to the assistance of BASSETT and SMITH Family researchers we've been able to gather the following information regarding Gertrude and her family:

1870 census of Canton Township, PA:

A. B. BASSETT, age 56, a Farmer, born MA Caroline BASSETT, age 59, a Housekeeper, born NY A. B. BASSETT Jr., age 30, a Painter, born MA Maria M. BASSETT, age 27, a Housekeeper, born PA Gertrude BASSETT, age 4, at Home, born PA Warren H. BASSETT, age 1, at Home, born PA

1880 census of Grover, PA (with a new wife):

Andrew James BASSETT, age 39, born MA, a Farm Laborer, parents born MA/NY Annie BASSETT, wife, age 23, born PA, Keeping House, parents born PA Gertrude BASSETT, dau, age 14, born PA, at School Warren H. BASSETT, son, age 12, born PA, at School Mirtie May BASSETT, dau, age 2, born PA

In 1926 when her sister (Mertie BASSETT HAMM) died Gertrude (Mrs. Lewis K. SMITH) was living at 430 Pennsylvania Avenue in Waverly, NY. The obit notes that Gertrude was a step-sister, though I believe that she actually was a half-sister (different Mothers) though I don't know that for sure. I am hoping to locate someone from her family so that this wonderful old photographs can be returned to the care of her family.

If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.


Anita Morrison Tue. May 1, 2007

I recently found an address for a great-aunt, Lillian Addie TYO, who lived in Waverly, NY in 1928.

This is the first new information I have been able to find on this "lost" relative, so I am very excited. I only have her address from 1928 listed as:

Lillian Addie TYO
100 Providence St
Waverly, NY

All previous family history info states that Lillian Addie (sometimes Addie Lillie) TYO was born January 31, 1896 in Louisville NY. Her parents were George N TYO and Callie Lillian (Raymo) TYO. Her parents both died in 1906. She was sent to live with an Aunt and Uncle, Frank and Ida TYO. When Lillie was in her teens, she ran away from home and there has been no information before now to indicate where she went or if she married or when she died.

I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give me, especially to know if Lillian ever married.

Thank you.

Paul S. Robbins, Ph.D. Thur Mar 1, 2007

I am looking for info about the families of John E. ROBINS/ROBBINS (1818-1903) and his son Myron Clark ROBINS/ROBBINS 1854-1933.

Does anyone know if there are any records from the Upper Fairfield Church near the cemetery at the intersection of Barden and Lathrop Hill Road?

They lived nearby and John and his wife Isabel are buried in the cemetery attached to the church.


Georgianna Tracy Thur Feb 8, 2007

I am looking for anyone with information on Joshua and Eveline DOWNS who lived in the Candor area around 1865-1875.

Joshua married Eveline DEYO around 1865. They had a son, Frederick, born 1869. After Joshua died Eveline remarried James REASOR.

Eveline in buried in Fairfield Cemetery, Candor.

Any information on the families would be appreciated.

Does anyone know who I can contact for records to Fairfield Cemetery.

Thanks in advance.

Jim Atwell Sat Jan 27 2007

Serching for the parents of Charles A. TIBBITS (TIBBETTS)
born 5 July 1843 in Newark and died 15 January 1908, Mt. Vernon, Knox co. Ohio.

He was married about 1871 in Barton to Katie Marie ADAMS,

the daughter of Seymour ADAMS and Marcelia MENOUGH. She was born 23 January 1850 in Waverly and died 12 May 1884, in Youngstown, Mahoning co. Ohio.

Their children are:

1. Bert Charles, born 10 Feb 1872 in Bingham Mills and married Bertha McKINLEY.
2. Musidore Emma, born 12 Febuary 1874 in Bingham Mills, and died 17 May 1950 Beacon, Dutchess Co. N.Y.
She married 30 June 1896 Emmett L. CRIDER.
3. Claude Morgan, born 29 October 1877 in Bingham Mills.
4. Hailey Lee, born 5 October 1880 Athens, Bradford co. PA. died 2 June 1882 in Athens, Bradford co. N.Y.
5. Charles A., shows up on the 1880 census in Athens, Bradford co. Pa.page 71. He was in the civil war in the 141st Regiment company E. He enrolled 16 August 1862 in the Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and was discharged 28 May 1865.

Charles married a second time to Emma Jane BARTLETT on 26 Dec 1886 in Limestone, Cattaragus Co. N.Y.

Bingham Mills is now the town of Lockwood on the border between Tioga and Chemung Counties in NW Barton Township.

Any information would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

LJ Levy Thur, Dec 28, 2006

Looking for the following members of the HARRINGTON family living on a farm in the town of Richford in Tioga County NY:

Milan HARRINGTON - Age 29 in 1860
Sarah HARRINGTON - Age 24 in 1860
Henry HARRINGTON - Age 23 in 1860
George HARRINGTON - Age 16 in 1860
Mary HARRINGTON - Age 5 in 1860

Also included in the 1860 census were Stephen, Amy, and Martha HARRINGTON who lived with the above.

Jump ahead 10 years to the 1870 census and I find Stephen, Amy, and Martha living in nearby Tompkins County in the Town of Caroline with NO mention of the others....anywhere that I can find.

Mary and Martha appear to be twins so I can't imagine why they would have been separated which leads me to believe that Mary and at least a few of her family members died between 1860 and 1870. But if so, how? And if not, what happened?

Thank you for any help.

Connie Toschlog Thur, Dec 28, 2006

I am trying to find more information about the parents of Isaac FOOTE.

I was at the Philadelphia National Archives yesterday and found a Levi G. FOOT living in Berkshire in the 1830 census with several children, one of which was a male child between ages 5-10.

This Isaac Daniel FOOTE was my great, great grandfather and was born in 1823 in Tioga County, but have had difficulty finding any records of his parents.

Is there some information that you have that could make a connection?

The only other FOOT living in Tioga County with a male child between ages 5-10 was a Nancy FOOT living in Candor and was between the ages of 40-50, perhaps a grandmother. She had a male between 20-30 and a female between 14-20 also in her household.

Thank you for any information or leads that you have.

Christine Gillette Wed, Dec 18, 2006

Searching for ancestors and descendants of Calvin E. GOODRICH b. abt 1817 NY & wife Clarissa OSBORNE b. abt. 1813 Southbury, New Haven Co., CT.

Known ch. were:

Calvin J. b. abt 1842 NY, mar. Anna HAWLEY b. May 1848 PA;
Catherine I. b. abt 1843;
Ethan b. abt 1844;
Pendleton b. abt 1847 NY & mar. Ella, June 1870 who was b. abt 1851 NY.

Where are Calvin E. and Clarissa buried?

Also searching for burial place of Calvin J. GOODRICH & Anna HAWLEY.

Their children were:

George (whose son George is buried in Halsey Valley Cem.);
Nettie D. b. abt 1866;
Hiram D. b. March 1874 Tioga Co., NY & d. bef. 1950 in Union, Broome Co., NY, mar. Mary Ann Mabee;
Charles C. b. Feb 1878;
Ira b. May 1880, d. July 30, 1851, Binghamton, Broome Co., NY.

I have information on Hiram D. and his descendants.

Thomas Harman Mon, Dec 18, 2006

I am searching for the grave of Abner TURNER b. 1/18/1839 d. 11/3/1890.

According to his obituary his body was brought back to Owego, from Columbus, NE, which is where he died.

Abner TURNER was the son of Daniel and Mary JOSLIN TURNER.

Daniel and Mary are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, but the online transcription does not list Abner.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thomas Harman Mon, Dec 18, 2006

Researching the MCQUIGG family lines and would like to share/exchange family information.

John MCQUIGG, Jr. b. abt. Dec. 1750 d. 1804 Owego married (1) Mollie GILMORE abt. 1770 (2) Sarah COBURN abt. 1773

John and Mollie had one son before she died: John M. MCQUIGG b. 10/19/1771 NH d. 8/13/1812 Spencer, NY

John and Sarah COBURN MCQUIGG had 11 children: Mary, Daniel, Elizabeth, Robert, Jesse, Sarah, Patience, David, Rachel, Jane and Diademia. Almost all either were born or died in Tioga County.

John M. MCQUIGG married Lucy LEE abt. 1795 in NY. Lucy b. bet. 1767-1768 Canada d. 7/3/1850 Spencer, NY. After John M. died, Lucy married Rev. Michael BURDCK b. abt. 1757 d. 4/10/1841 Spencer, NY. They are all buried in the Old Spencer Cemetery.

John M. and Lucy LEE MCQUIGG had 9 children: John Jr., Mary, Simon Lee, Robert Gilmore, Sarah, Lucy, Jesse, Henry S., and Abner Turner. All were born in or around Spencer, NY.

I would very much like to make contact with any descendants of this MCQUIGG family.

Thomas Harman Mon, Dec 18, 2006

Searching for the graves of Abner TURNER and his wife, Mary MCQUIGG TURNER.

Abner TURNER b. abt. 1766 d. 11/1/1833 Owego, NY, married
Mary MCQUIGG, b. 2/8/1774 NH d. 1/25/1838 Owego, NY.

Mary is the daughter of John Jr. and Sarah COBURN MCQUIGG.

Abner and Mary MCQUIGG TURNER had 4 known children: David, Jesse, Sarah, and Daniel.

David (1793-1842) m. Deborah Platt (1805-1885) 3 children: Sarah J, Mary Ann and Charles Edward
Jesse (1796 - aft. 1850) m. Sarah B. Joslin (abt. 1803-aft. 1850)
Sarah (1798 - ?)
Daniel (1800-1861) m. Mary JOSLIN (1816-1906) 6 children: Abner, Robert, Mary, Jesse, George, Katherine.
Abner (1839-1890)
Robert (1840 - 1862) died at Battle of White Hall, NC
Mary ( abt. 1843 - ?)
Jesse (1847-1872)
George (abt. 1848 - ?)
Katherine b. abt. 1849 - ?)

Any information pertaining to this TURNER family would be greatly appreciated.

Dee Austin Bond Fri, Dec 15, 2006

I am researching the following families:


Frederick L. AUSTIN b. 8 Jul 1872 Ogdensburg, PA d. 5 May 1956 Newark Valley, NY

Jennie M. WEBSTER b. 22 Aug 1873 Roaring Branch, PA d. 25 Apr 1955 Newark Valley, NY.



Leon J. MIKELS b. Jul 22, 1889 Lounsberry, NY d. 26 Mar 1966 Endicott, NY

Florence M. BARTON b. 19 Jul 1890 Apalachin, NY d. 19 Sep 1973 Vestal, NY.

Great Grandparents:

William H. BARTON b. 28 Nov 1867, Apalachin, NY d. 3 Apr 1937 Apalachin, NY

Susan E. HILTON b. 6 Jun 1871, Apalachin, NY d. 15 Apr 1951 Owego, NY

I would like to correspond with anyone researching the above families.

You can visit our family website at the link below to see photos and more information:


I would like to correspond with anyone researching the above families.

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