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C. M. Knox, Jr Thur Sept 24, 2009 I am searching for any information regarding Robert CRAWFORD, born about 1808, in Tioga County and wife, Polly, born about 1808.

At time of the 1870 US Census they were living in Apalachin with their son Albert.

Robert and Polly's children listed in 1850 US Census:

James b.1842;
Jefferson, b. 1844;
Charles, b. 1836;
Louisa, b. 1837;
Eli, b. 1838;
Abram,b. 1839;
Maria, b. 1843;
Albert, b. 1844,
Rhoda, b. 1847

Please help if you can.

Beth Flanagan Sat Aug 24, 2009

Patrick FLEMING emigrated to NY from Galway around 1864 – I have him in the 1870 census living in Newark Valley with his children Bridget (b1857), Michael (b1859), Patrick (b1861), Celia (b1863) and Catherine (b1867 in Newark Valley). He was a tannery laborer. Bridget is my great-grandmother and married Thomas FLANAGAN (b1857 in Newark Valley). Thomas’ parents John (who also was a tannery laborer) and Ellen are buried in St John’s cemetery.

The following 1870 census info has been found.

Location - Newark Valley, Berkshire

Flanagan – John 1814-1893

Spouse – Ellen Barry 1825-1899


Patrick 1845 ireland- ?

Mary 1848 Ireland - ?

Bridget 1849 NY - ?

John Jr 1852 NY - ?

James 1855 NY - ?

William 1858 NY -1892

Thomas F 1859 NY -1928

Susan 1862 NY - ?

Ellen 1867 NY - ?

John and Ellen emigrated to the US from either Clare or Roscommon – Patrick and Mary were born in Ireland and the rest of the children in NY. John worked in a tannery and is buried with Ellen and their son William in St John’s cemetery in Newark Valley. I have them on the 1850, 1860 and 1880 Federal Census records. I really don’t have any information about the rest of the children besides Thomas (my great grandfather).

Fleming – Patrick b1830 Ireland d?

Spouse – Mary McDermott b1835 Ireland – d abt 1867 NY


Bridget 1857 Ireland-1925

Michael 1859 Ireland - 1938

Patrick 1861 Ireland - ?

Celia 1863 Ireland - ?

John 1865 Ireland -1865 (on ship)

Catherine 1867 NY - ?

I have an 1865 ship manifest showing Mary with Bridget, Michael, Patrick and Celia, with the note that Johnny died on the ship. Then I find them in Newark Valley in the 1870 census – a few houses away from the Flanagans. Patrick was a tannery laborer.

The next census – 1880 – is when I lose track of Patrick and Celia and Catherine. The son Patrick is a blacksmith’s apprentice in Newark Valley, but Bridget has gone to NYC and Michael is a barber in PA. I know that Bridget married Thomas Flanagan in 1886 from family records, and then I find them in Ralston, PA in the 1880 census.

I cannot find further records of Patrick and the children Celia and Catherine after the one 1870 census, nor can I find any death or cemetery records for them. The 1880 c Michael have relocated to NY and PA, respectively. census records finds the son Patrick remaining in Newark Valley but Bridget and

I’m guessing the tannery shut down? Are there any newspaper archives detailing the history of Newark Valley in the 1870s?

Thank you for any help.

James H. Taylor Fri Jul 24, 2009

I am trying to locate the burial site and any info for Ezekiel NEWMAN, b. 2/27/1750 Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT, d. 7/31/1836 Smithboro, Tioga Co., NY and his wife Temperance STEWART NEWMAN, b. 9/30/1752 Stamford, Fairfield Co., NY, d. 8/17/1840 Smithboro, Tioga Co., NY.

Thank You

Joan Hutter Sun Jul 5, 2009

Looking for my ancestor Josiah HOWE who migrated to New York from Connecticut. Josiah HOWE had the following children, William HOWE b. 1799, Eri b.1801, John 1803, Caroline 1805, Phidelia b. 1807, Mary b 1809, and Aurelia b 1811.

The Federal Census 1800, Tioga Co.,NY has Josiah HOWE living in Tioga at that time. I am unable to locate additional information of William HOWE'S birth in either Tioga County or in Florida, Montgomery County, NY.

Does anyone have any death information for JOSIAH HOWE? I do know that William HOWE is buried in Ulysses, Potter Co., PA

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Judith Van Pelt Thur Jun 4, 2009


I am the former wife of Robert C HOLLENBECK son of Rachel & Henry.

This Saturday I will be attending the interment of ashes of Catherine Anne HOLLENBECK COMEAU, daughter of Henry & Rachel in Maple Grove Cemetery.

While married to Robert I was given a steamer travel trunk from the barn of the HOLLENBECKs. It has an engraved card on it for a D. Anna WOODFORD. I was told by Rachel that the owner of this trunk was buried in Maple Grove in Candor. When I checked cemetery lists on this web site, I discovered 2 WOODFORD's with the first name beginning with D.

Do any of you know whether Diana Or Daidemia are the owners of this trunk? I would love to trace the history of the antiques that I own and would like to take a rubbing of the grave stone to put with the trunk.

Please advise location of the grave site that you believe might be the owner of this trunk.

I thank you for your time in this matter.

Marcia Truman Thur Apr 16, 2009

The TRUMAN family came to Tioga County late 18th century. I would like to connect with anyone from the Tioga County, NY area who might have information about descendants of Aaron B and Experience (PARK) TRUMAN of the Flemingville, Owego, Newark Valley, Gaskill Corners, or Candor area. I have a lot of photos and family information to share, too.

The first Aaron TRUMAN married Captain Thomas PARK's daughter, Experience,

Their son, Charles E TRUMAN, my gggrandfather, was born in 1807 and the two sons (Aaron and Elias) that I am researching were born around 1840-1845.

*Aaron B TRUMAN (1785 - 1823) came to Candor/Flemingville and married Experience Park (1782 - 1844). They remained in Flemingville, established our farm on what is now PARK Settlement Road).

Their children were:

Lyman Park TRUMAN (1806 - 1881) maried to Emily GOODRICH. Lived in Owego
*Charles E TRUMAN (1807 - 1897) married Harriet WEBSTER. Lived in Flemingville at the family farm.
Dorinda M TRUMAN (1809 - 1895) married Captain John GORMAN, Owego. He died in the Civil War at Cold Harbor, Va.
Orin TRUMAN ((1811 - 1885) Owego
Francis TRUMAN (1812 - 1893) Owego
George TRUMAN (1816 - 1907) married Eunice GOODRICH, Owego
Fanny TRUMAN (1819 - 1894) married David GOODRICH, Owego

I do have some information about the spouses and descendants of my great grandfather, Charles E TRUMAN's siblings, but its sketchy. Charles E and Harriet WEBSTER's children were:

Aaron B TRUMAN (1839 - 1892) married DELSEA ?? They farmed in Gaskill Corners and he died unexpectedly in 1892. In a farming accident???
Twins:Adeline TRUMAN (1840 - 1920) married John B BLEWER
and Adelaide TRUMAN (1840 - 1918) married William H BLEWER. They all lived in Newark Valley
Helen TRUMAN (1841 - 1921) - lived at the Flemingville farm.
Lyman B TRUMAN ( 1843 - 1932) ....lived where??
Elias W TRUMAN ( 1844 - 1917) farmed near Apalachin. Elias married a beautiful woman (I have a photograph) named Jennie B... is that BEECHER? may also have farmed in Gaskill Corners.
*Charles F TRUMAN (1846 - 1922) married Ada CHAPMAN (1852 - 1912) of Newark Valley; later married Elnora COOLEY (1856 - 1929)
Lucy TRUMAN ( 1848 - 1935) married William MEAD of Owego
Lydia TRUMAN (1850 - 1927) married Adelbert "Del" HAMMOND of Newark Valley

Charles F TRUMAN and Ada CHAPMAN had one son, my grandfather, Harry Lucius TRUMAN ( 1883 - 1960). They lived at the Flemingville family farm.

*Harry Lucius TRUMAN married Grace Stiles MILLREA of Owego ( 1883 - 1965). Their son, *Charles W TRUMAN (1920 - 1998), was my Dad. They each inherited the family farm in Flemingville/Owego.

My Dad married Jean COMFORT TAYLOR (1918 - 1963) of Binghamton, NY.

My brother, *Charles W TRUMAN, Jr is restoring the farm to viability with his wife, Alice QUICK of Owego.

I am very interested in knowing the names of the spouses of the above list, so I can learn more about their branches of our family.

Thank you.

Barbara Lovell Winter Sun Mar 8, 2009

Researching my grandfather, Abijah F. LOVELL

The information I do have is:

Abijah F. LOVELL

born: September 11, 1858 in Barton District 4, Tioga, NY.
Married: 1882 to Nettie SWAIN
Died: June 17, 1918 in Chemung, NY

He had a sister:

born: Abt. 1863
died: 1912

They are both buried in the Chemung Cemetery. Some place I found that there was a Hannah - born 1839, died 1910. I believe she adopted or cared for Abijah and Jane. She is also buried in the Chemung Cemetery. I believe she was married for the second time with a last name of Cain.

I called the town hall in Barton and was told the birth certificates from the time Abijah was born were in the Court House in Owego and it had burned thus so did the birth certificates. Abijah had two sons: Frank S. and Harold L. I believe Abijah's middle i nitial stood for Frank - don't know that. Abijah was a blacksmith in Chemung, NY for many years,

I notice there is a LOVELL in the Catharine area who is looking for LOVELL's and I see one of them is John. I have an album that has a picture of a John LOVELL. I will contact Sandy LOVELL.

I seem to be stuck and any info you could provide or direct me to check would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Marianne Aarons Tue Mar 3, 2009

Researching the BARR family.

They came originally from Germany to Nichols & Barton. Parents & 2 brothers moved on to Minnesota, then SD, ID, WA; but two brothers, Nicholas & John and their families stayed here.

Sister Catherine and her husband John E. HIBNER, went on to Williamsport PA, and later to DuBois PA. Grandchildren spread out across the entire nation.

Later generations nearby were also in Candor, Owego and Tioga Center -- also in Schuyler & Chemung counties.

One thing I'd like to find out is where the shoemaker's shop was in Barton. It was first John E. Hibner's, then Nicholas Barr's (after John E. Hibner bought "the Farm of Mr. Nicholas Shoemaker") -- multitudinous "shoemakers". I think it would have been there in the 1850's.

Any help in finding other relatives would be appreciated. I have information to share.

Patrick Phillips Wed Dec 17, 2008

I am researching Hiram BUCK, b. 2 Oct. 1790 - d. before 1850? He was the son of Rev. Daniel BUCK & Olive STEVENS, Great Bend, PA.

I'm looking for info about his wife, Prudence DEAN, and family...between 1815 and 1870 after moving from Great Bend, PA, but mainly the gap between 1830 and 1845. I haven't found his death date, but family records say he died in Owego, Tioga Co., NY. I'm guessing he's probably buried wherever Alonzo was. My guess is between 1840 and 1850 for his death. I don't have Hiram's and Prudence's wedding date, either.

In 1820 Hiram BUCK was on Candor federal census which enumerated 3 sons and 1 daughter.

And, in 1830 Hiram BUCK and family was listed on Owego census. Apparently there were 2 families under his household with 15 people enumerated in the household and 2 people in his age range.

Around 1845 Hiram BUCK's sons, James Porter, Charles E. and daughter Frances Josephine BUCK moved to Wisconsin and Hiram's wife, Prudence Dean BUCK, had joined them by 1850. Alonzo remained in NY.

The1850 census had Alonzo D. BUCK and his family on the Owego census and his occupation listed as carpenter. The later censuses mentioned that his son Charles both farmed and did carpentry as well as grandson, George.

Hiram's son, Alonzo D. BUCK evidently remained and farmed just outside Owego as the 1870 census has a Susan SAWYER, 65, living with Alonzo, Martha, Charles, Eliza and George.....Susan was Martha's mother. (A "Record of Marriages of Rev. Wm. H. King, D.D" lists that on Jan. 26 1865 C.W. BUCK and Ann E. WOUGHTER married in 1st Baptist Church of Owego, NY. Eliza may be her middle name...or short for Elizabeth)

I have no records of marriages of Hiram's daughters Phoebe, Ann (Minerva), or Eveline in Owego nor their birthdates. And, I haven't found the family on the 1840 censuses, yet. The 1887-8 Directory listed BUCKs living outside of Owego as:

BUCK, Alonzo D., farmer on 46 1/2 acres
BUCK, Charles W., carpenter and farmer (son)
BUCK, George H., carpenter (grandson)

I hope you can help.

Sandy Castle Wed Dec 17, 2008

Seeking Marriage and or death info Re. Ann KRESS, b. 1827 in Smithboro, Tioga County, NY, daughter of John and Catherine Light KRESS and listed with mother [Catherine] and her second husband Thomas COOPER in 1850 Census.

Thank you for any help.

Lois (Layton) Carmack Wed Dec 3, 2008

Seeking any info on Thomas LAYTON who was born in Morristown, Morris Co., New Jersey in May 1765 according to pension records.

Later being in Northumberland County, PA where he enlisted with the militia in 1785. From PA to New York and then in Clark County, Illinois in the 1820 census.

He was in the Tioga County, New York censuses for 1800 and 1810.

Appreciate any info on this LAYTON family! Thank you,

Kent Mauk Fri Nov 8, 2008

I am trying to track down the "South Apalachin Cemetery" that is described in the following article from Owego Times, 22 Jul 1948, p 12: George Noteware Article. Particularly, this paragraph early on in the article:

George and Huldah NOTEWARE.

George NOTEWARE was born in 1755 in Germany and probably in the state of Hesse-Cassel.

He came to America in 1776 as a Hessian Soldier. He died Aug. 21, 1825, at South Apalachin, N. Y. He married April 22, 1786, Huldah KLINE at her home town, Salisbury, Litchfield Co., Conn.

Huldah was born in 1761 and died Aug. 1, 1840 at the home of her son Daniel NOTEWARE, as a result of asthma and dropsy.

Both were buried in the little cemetery on the south edge of the Noteware farm, just north of the country schoolhouse. The writer secured a government soldier’s headstone and erected it and Huldah’s headstone in the South Apalachin Cemetery.

Her will was dated June 23, 1840 and is recorded in the book of Wills E-2 at the Tioga Co. court house. In 1828, she was granted a soldier’s widow’s pension of $80. per year.

Her husband George, died intestate, and son, John Noteware, was executor of the estate.

I am mainly trying to figure out where the South Apalachin Cemetery is so I can add their graves to Find A Grave and request a photo.

I have found the following information regarding "South Apalachin Cemetery" in the tioga/nygenweb website:

Township: Owego
Cemetery: South Apalachin
Co Historian Name: South Apalachin
Co Historian Location: South Apalachin Rd, northside; 8 3/4 mi from Town Hall
Source Location: DAR

Do those directions make any sense to you? From what I read, Apalachin and South Apalachin seem to have been incorporated into Owego. I'm not sure from whose Town Hall one would start but if you went 8.75 miles north from South Apalachin seems like you would in Apalachin?

George and Huldah would have been my 6-times-great grandparents.

Thank you so much for any info you can provide about their burial site!

Jane Edmondson Dupree Fri Nov 8, 2008

I am researching Stephen D. REEVES, Candor, Tioga County 1800's (L on 1880 census) married to Marinda.

Searching for Marinda's maiden name.

My mother was Mildred Hazel REEVES of Courtland, daughter of Jay Ray REEVES; married William F. EDMONDSON in Florida.

Thanks for any help.

B Guenther Mon Nov 3, 2008

I would like to find out info on the surname of CORNISH from 1800 to 1900.

I have the name of Rufus J CORNISH born 1842-1844; married to Myra G HARRINGTON; lived in Owego; died 1893 of TB.

I would like to find info Rufus' parents, etc


Janice Beurling Tue Sept 30, 2008

I would like to correspond with any descendants of Philip and Barbary CAPLE who arrived in New York in May 1836 from France (probably Alsace).

They lived and are buried in Germany Hill.

They came with three young boys, and had a couple more children in Tioga, including William, from whom I am descended.

In those early days they were closely tied to the KING, SNYDER and HANBURY families, as well.

See their story here:


I would be glad to hear from anyone with information (anecdotal or otherwise) on these early families.


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