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Judy Carleton Fri, Oct 7, 2011

I’m researching the WILSON surname of ancestors who lived in Owego, Tioga Co. and area. They are:

John P. WILSON b. about 1785, who was married to Catherine. John died on Nov. 25 1864 and Catherine died on Dec. 1, 1864. I have found these 2 people in the 1840, 1850, and 1860 census of Owego, Tioga Co. They had family listed in the 1840 one, but only the head of family name and then just numbers in age groups.

As far as I can figure (without any concrete evidence) their children were:

Catherine Jane – b. 27 July, 1808
Barbara Anne – b. about 1810
James – B. Sept. 1815
R. (female) – b. about 1820

Not sure if any other children.

I know that James became a doctor and after doing many other things like farming, traveling salesman, worked with a circus. He opened the Owego drug store on Lake Street in 1857 and started practicing medicine in Owego. He wrote a book called “The Family Companion and Physician on Reformed Botanical Principles and Treating of the Symptoms and Remedies of Acute Diseases” (long title). He built the Wilson Opera House with brick blocks on North Avenue and built his residence on Main Street. With his son-in-law, Dr. P.S. STEARNS, he built the Park hotel. He had a livery business with George W. Sweet. In 1876 he was elected as President of Owego Village. He was married 3 times and had a son named Dr. Darius Wilson who lived in Boston. He is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Owego. I do not have confirmation of any of this, just a letter from a relative to my aunt in 1979.

Catherine Jane is my g. g. grand mother and I would like to find out more about her family and find vital documents and prove parentage, etc. if possible.

There was another note that said that at least 2 of the children, James and Catherine, were born in Sharon Springs, Schoharie Co. NY. But again, no proof.

Any help, suggestions or information regarding this family would be appreciated.

Thank you, Judy Carleton

Blackfalds, Alberta, Canada

Kathryn Atkinson Wed, Aug 31, 2011

Doing reaearch on Patrick HASTINGS. He was in Tioga after the 1920 Census. I cannot find him in the 1930 Census. Patrick's wife, Julia HICKY/HICKEY, died in 1939. Patrick was still alive after WWII.

Some children were born in Warren, Bradford Co, PA before they moved to Tioga.

Children were:

Margaret Julia (HASTINGS) ATKINSON,(my sister-in-law)
Kathryn Rita,
one other girl....possibly Catherine.

Daughter Margaret "Maggie" was known as the "Shangri-La WAC". She and two men were the only survivors of a plane crash in the jungle of Dutch New Guinea during WWII. She moved to Rome, NY and raised two children there but is buried "near her parents in Owego, NY". She died in 1978.

I need to know the name of the cemetery and how many in her family are buried there.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Philip D. DeLamarter Sun, July 24, 2011

My Query - I am looking for the marriage record of Edward James DELAMATER sometime written as De La Mater and Lillian DREW who were married 8/28/1913 at Waverly. I know that Lillian was the daughter of John V. DREW and August Ann COOK.

I hope to find out who Edward James' family was. I know after they married they moved to Geneva, NY but I do not know anything about him before or after their marriage.

Someone said that there was a fire at the County Court House and records were destroyed.

For over 40 years I have been researching the DELAMATER Family tree with over 36 different spellings of our name; tracking all descendants of Claude LE MAISTRE born 1611, Richebourg, Artois, France. Lord willing, I hope to republish our family history in 2012 with over 2,000 pages.

My website is

no longer exists - Sep 2020

Appreciate any help.

Linda Loy Sat, June 25, 2011

Hello. I am Linda Gallagher Loy, from Rochester, N.Y. My mother, Barbara BIKELY GALLAGHER, grew up in Owego and I am trying to find out more about my family, whose surnames were BIKELY (possibly spelled BAUGHLE, BACHLE or BEIKELY before 1900 or so), and WHALEN. I know my grandparents (Romeo and Nellie) are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, along with perhaps two aunts of my mother's, Louise and Minnie BIKELY.

Romeo's father was also known as Frederich BIKELY from Wortemburg (also spelled many ways) Germany, married to Sophia STROBEL (or STRUBLE). Frederick was born in 1821. Romeo was the youngest child - the others were William, Louise, Minnie, and Fred BIKELY. I THINK both my BIKELY grandparents are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Owego. I have found online records of burial there for Martha B. BAUGHLE and Lettie E. BAUGHLE, children of Frederick and Sophia BAUGHLE, both infants, one in 1863, one in 1865. Romeo's father Frederick worked for the gas company and lived, according to an 1887 census, at 440 Main Street.

I know my grandfather, Romeo, had a plumbing business on the main street in Owego. Front Street? Romeo died in the 1950s and I am guessing he retired some time before that. I can't seem to find any death notices for him or for my grandmother, who died in May of 1949. I did not find their names listed when I did a web search of all the cemeteries (thanks to your wonderful Tioga County info site!) but I am mostly trying to learn about all my relatives from that side of the family, which included a lot of WHALENs. My grandmother was named Nellie WHALEN, and there were five sisters all together, I think. My grandfather, Romeo BIKELY, had a plumbing business with his brother on the main street in Owego, Front Street?.

My mother was an only child, born in 1906 in Owego. She grew up on Main or Forsyth Street, I think near some railroad tracks, and down the hill from, I believe, Evergreen Cemetery. Her mother's name was Nellie BIKELY. She was an only child, although, to add more interest, there was an older half-sibling who died young, and I only know his first name - Clifford. Apparently my grandmother was married before she met Romeo, to someone I only know was "a drunk." My grandmother died the year I was born, in May (I think) of 1949 and my grandfather in 1957 or 1958.

I believe my grandfather may have grown up somewhere over the PA border - perhaps near Sayre? and I will investigate that, as well as Candor, N.Y. as I remember my mother speaking of visiting both as a child.

As for the WHALENs, I have a written history of them that someone sent to me in the 1970s, but have lost touch with whoever put it together. The name "CAMP" was one I remember, a gentleman named Fay or Faye CAMP was a family member. He lived at the time in Endicott.

Thank you very much for your help!!

Myrna G. Perry Thur Oct 28, 2010

I am researching James STEWART, a son of Joseph STEWART, Sr. a Revolutionary War veteran from Minisink, Orange Co., New York, born near Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Joseph's children:

1. Joseph STEWART, stayed in Orange Co.
2. Enoch Stewart ??
3. James STEWART, went to Tioga Co.
4. Amy STEWART STINNARD went to Tioga Co.
5. Elizabeth STEWART DOAN stayed in Orange Co.

James was the brother to Joseph whose 1864 will is shown below. This will was probably written by Joseph (Jr.) a sibling of James who was in Jenksville, Tioga Co.

Will of Joseph STEWART of Town of Goshen, Orange Co. on file in Goshen (Liber 28, page 331) and dated April 18, 1864 lists seven children as heirs:
1. Rosetta LANE of Lehman, Luzerne Co., Pa;
2. Enoch STEWART of Slate Hill;
3. Dewitt STEWART of Westtown;
4. Arminda WELLS of Goshen;
5. Solomon STEWART of Goshen;
6. Wm. Reynolds STEWART of Westtown;
7. Harriet Emily VREELAND of Goshen

In addition without relationship being mentioned,

James STEWART of Jinksville [sic], Tioga Co., N.Y.; Amy STINNARD, also of Jinksville [sic], N.Y.; and Betsey DOAN of Westtown, N.Y,

I have found information on the STINNARD's in Tioga Co. but not on James, hence the query.

Any information on James STEWART or his descendants would be appreciated.

Michael Alexander Fri Sept 10, 2010

My paternal grandparents are Peter and Genevieve Alexander, interned at the Epiphany Cemetery in Sayre, PA. My maternal grandparents are John and Mary Marcoccia, interned at a cemetery, I believe, in Horseheads, NY

Can anyone give me more information?

Thanks in advance.

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