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Kem Hart Sat Jan 2, 1999
I am seeking information pertaining to my paternal grandmother, Edna (MILLAGE) HART and her family.
I have recently received information about Edna's parents, Oscar and Isabelle (DREW) MILLAGE, and two of her siblings (probably more).
They probably lived in the Candor area for a while and possibly has descendants that still may live in the Tioga County area.

Edna's brother, Lee MILLAGE, is supposed to have lived in the Candor area and had at least one daughter, Thelma MILLAGE, who married Andy CONSALVI.
Her sister Florence (MILLAGE) HART BILLINGTON was also originally from the area but possibly moved to the Tompkins County area after her 2nd marriage. Her known children's names were Lloyd and Alta.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with knowledge of any of these family members or any of their descendants.

Craig M Spencer Mon Jan 4, 1999
I need some help, finding infomation on Isaac POLLARD,
born Nov 1846, in Hoopers Valley, Nichols, Tioga Co. NY and died Jan 1929 Conrad, Potter Co. PA.
He married, Augusta BESANCENY.
Any inforimation would be appreciated. Thanks

Fred Peterson Tue Jan 5, 1999
Looking for information, especially on siblings and ancestors, of Chester MOFFITT
and his wife, Harriet, who lived near Spencer in Tioga Co. in 1860.
Chester was born in 1825 and died in Ceresco, MI in 1905. Harriet was born in 1836 and died in Ceresco, MI in 1911.
We do not know Harriet's maiden name.
They had four sons while living in Tioga Co:
1. William b. 1854;
2. Romeo b. 1856 in Owego;
3. Edgar b. 1860;
4. Elmer Charles b. 1864.
5. Fred, was born in Ceresco, MI in 1869.
They moved to Ceresco, MI (near Battle Creek, MI) around 1865-1868.
My wife is Susan MOFFITT, Great Grand Daughter of Romeo MOFFITT.
Any information would be sincerely appreciated.

Kenneth W. Colby Fri Jan 8, 1999
Doing research on my grandfather Walter Frank COLBY,
who says that he was married in Owego, NY on March 3, 1918 to my grandmother
I would like to know if anyone has done research on the COLBY family, and who his parents are.

Selma Bonewald Sun Jan 10, 1999
Seeking information on the James and Asa HADLOCK
who lived in Tioga before 1810 in Union Twp.
They moved to Cayuga Co., NY about 1810.

Julie Preston Sun Jan 10, 1999
Searching for any information on Hubbard PRESTON, b.ca.1813/14, NY, possibly Tioga Co.
His parent's names are unknown.
He married pre-1852 NY to Lucy (Lucinda/Lucena) PEASE.
If anyone has FTW Family Archives CD#317 or easy access to the 1850 Census for Tioga Co., NY, there's a listing for 1850 for H. PRESTON and one for L. PEASE. A lookup would be greatly appreciated! This couple migrated to Mecosta Co., MI, from Tioga Co. sometime before 1869.
They had two children:
1. Lucy, b. Nov. 27, 1852;
2. Aner (son), b.ca.1860.
Hubbard PRESTON was *murdered* (blow to the head) in Michigan in 1869 (Big Rapids Twp., Mecosta Co.).
His widow remarried in 1870 to Joseph SMITH.
There may be a relationship to a BOWERS family, possibly also from Tioga Co.
Very interested to hear from anyone working on this particular PRESTON.

Cheryl Shaffer Sun Jan 10, 1999
Need information on Phineas MILLS who lived in Tioga Co. 1835-1850.
He had a son George W., b. 1824 NY who married Cynthia LaCLAIR.
I located Phineas on 1835 NY State census Town of Catlin, Tioga Co.
Would appreciate any help.

Alice Carmel Wed Jan 13, 1999
We have an unpublished 300 page memoir of our grandfather, Henry WHEATON, who was born on Richford Hill, Feb 8, 1869, along with his twin, Harriet.
His father, Mason Solomon WHEATON, was also a farmer there, as was his maternal grandfather, Benjamin BERRY. Other surnames living there in the mid 1800's were:
The AYERS left for Harford Mills in 1890, renting their farm in Richford Hill.
In the 1870's, Dem MILLER was the blacksmith at Harford Mills.
There may be more in the memoirs. Also I have names of students/football team at Dryden Academy in the 1890's.
We are interested in:
1. Descendants of Benjamin Berry, (1804-1890, of Richford)
2. Descendants of the twins Henry and Harriet Wheaton b. 2/8/1869, Richford Hill, Tioga Co.
3. Descendants of Charles Pinckney Wheaton and Jane Fitch of Richford in the early 1800's after their move to Minnesota in the late 1850's from Chautauqua County, NY.
Any help would be appreciated

Ian Willson Fri Jan 15, 1999
I am looking for any info on a Michael CARRIGG(farm equip and carriage builder) born and resided in Owego, and married Katherine COLLINS DUNNE, also born in Owego.
I'll guess Michael CARRIGG was born around 1860, since his son Paul Dunne Carrigg was born Dec 25, 1894 in NY, NY.
Gay's Historical Gazetteer of Tioga Co. c 1887 lists:
Michael Carrigg as a machinist bds at 118 Paige St.
Directory of Tioga Co., NY 1887-88, page 112 lists:
Michael Carrigg, machinist, and Patrick Carrigg as yardmaster Erie R.R., 118 Paige St.
My mother in law, (sheila carrigg) thinks Michael died in Owego in 1948.
Our lineage stops there except for the fact that there are about 15 gravesites at St. Patricks cemetery with the names:
Carrigg, Dunne, and Collins, all relatives.
If you run across any info on these people or pictures, please send them to:
Ian Willson
711 Ramona
Albany, Ca 94706
and we will happily reimburse you.
Any help would be appreciated.

Ken Hartke Sun Jan 17, 1999
Seeking information on the family of Calvin DRAKE who lived in the Apalachin area beginning about 1820.
Calvin DRAKE was born in MA c. 1775 (probably Bristol Co.) and by c. 1800 he had moved to CT where he married Polly ______.
Calvin and Polly DRAKE had at least two children in CT, Luna, 1802 and Noble, 1805, before moving into NY by 1808.

The family is listed on the 1820 census living in the Apalachin NY area.
Children born in NY are:
1. Jerome (1808)
2. Lloyd (1819)
3. Polly
4. Martin

Luna DRAKE married Elias FREAR and they lived their entire married life in Apalachin. Elias FREAR died in 1896 at age 95.
I'm seeking any information on their marriage date and location. Approximate date is 1828.
Elias and Luna had four children:
1. Phoebe,
2. Charles,
3. Effie Ann,
4. Lucinda

Noble DRAKE married Lucy _______ and they had no children. Noble died 1880.

Jerome DRAKE married Tamer ______ (possibly GOODENOUGH). They had four children:
1. Martha,
2. Merwin,
3. Mary,
4. Noble.

I'd like any information on this DRAKE family history prior to Calvin and on any of his the off-spring. Also seeking his wife's maiden name.

Heather Ebert Fri Jan 22, 1999 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020
Searching for information about Samuel Benedict BARNUM, 1799-1877,
who md. Polly REYNOLDS, 1808-1883, both are buried in the Town of Barton, Tioga Co., NY.
Their daughter Matilda BARNUM married Prosper SHIPMAN. They also lived in Town of Barton.
I believe Matilda BARNUM SHIPMAN had at least two siblings, Malvina BARNUM and Warren BARNUM, though I have no other information.
Any assistance about them, or about Polly REYNOLDS' and Samuel BARNUM'S families would be appreciated.

Marie Spencer Fri Jan 22, 1999
I have been searching for more information on John Willson BRUFF b. March 12, 1824
in or near Birmingham, England and moved to Owego, NY 1842.
He married Aurelia HINE who possibly died and was buried in Owego, NY.
Aurelia Hine was also listed in census records as Amelia Hines.
John BRUFF died August 30, 1904 and was buried in Addison, NY. He was married to Margaret J BORDEN STEWART on April 13, 1889. He had 3 daughters, one of whom was Lydia Jane, my grandmother, and 1 son Clinton who lived in Pierce City, MO. Lydia Jane was buried in Big Flats, NY.
Margaret BORDEN STEWART BRUFF was the daughter of John BORDEN who was a minister in Hornsby, NY. She was the widow of William Friend STEWART.
I would appreciate any further information on any of these families.

Kem Hart Wed Jan 27, 1999
I am seeking assistance from individuals with knowledge of my paternal grandfather, Jesse Edwin HART, his parents and siblings.
Jesse was born 17 Aug 1885 in Cayuga County, NY to Alfonzo (hard to read) HART (born in Tioga Co.) and Ellen F. (or J.) DENNIS or DAVIS (again hard to read) (b Tioga Co.).
He died 29 Feb 1936 at his home on the Bone Plain Road in West Dryden, NY at the age of 50 years, 6 months 12 days and was buried in the Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY on 3 Mar 1936.
Jesse married Edna Drew MILLAGE, b. 8 Sep 1887, the daughter of Oscar Abram MILLAGE and Isabelle D. DREW.
I believe at one time they lived in the Candor area of Tioga Co. because her newspaper obit listed her place of birth as Candor. I have since obtained documents that validate her birthplace as Danby, Tompkins County, NY.
She died 9 Apr 1983 in Ithaca, NY, and was buried in Willow Glen Cemetery also.
Together they had 11 children that survived to adulthood.
I would like to find more information about Jesse's parents (Alfonzo and Ellen) and the identities any other children they may have had.
I would also like to correspond with any living descendants to exchange information and family photos.

Franklin E. Tucker Fri Jan 29 1999
Researching the family of Henry E. TUCKER of Avon, CT, who md. Emeline E. POTTER of Candor, on Nov. 29, 1836 in Farmington, CT.
They lived in Candor, and at least one son, Chauncey, was born there Nov 12, 1844.
I've heard of 3 other children, but don't have any birth information.
Chauncey married Mary Jane CURRIER.
Any further information on additional siblings, his parents, or the children of Chauncey E. TUCKER would be appreciated.

Beatrice Daggett Fri Jan 29 1999 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020
I am researching John Calvin CHAFFEE b. Dec 14, 1843 who lived in Tioga Co, NY.
Any information would be appreciated

Tim Kreh Sun Jan 31 1999 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020
Looking for info on families from Alsace-Lorraine who settled in Tioga Center, in a settlement called Germany Hill.
I descend from the BAUER and KOENIG (KING) families who came to Tioga in 1840 (see article on this website).
Much of the family still lives in Tioga.
I am also looking for info on allied families (Farnham, Tracy)

Dawn Pratt Thur Feb 4 1999
Looking for info on a Daniel M. GARVEY, b.1794 Dutchess Co.
who was raised in Rensselearville, Albany Co.
He married Amy DAY, also b. Rensselearville.
They moved to Straits Corners, Tioga Co. abt. 1830? They are mentioned in the Germany Hill story.
All I have is a son Isaac b.1825 d. 1872 wife Elizabeth COLE, 1828 - 1877, Straits Corners.
Can anyone give me more information on them?
I have info on the GARVEY and DAY to share.

Wanda Walker Thur Feb 4 1999
I am researching Clarence Eugene WALKER, born July 22, 1901,
Berkshire, NY, who married Alfreda TALBOT, Jan. 25, 1928.
Clarence's father, Fred M. WALKER, born Jan. 1, 1872, Berkshire, NY, married Eva AYERS. Alfreda's father, Herman TALBOT, married Amanda LuCetta BARROWS.
Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Sue Ozawa Sun Feb 7 1999
I am looking for information on Jane Cynthia BAIRD, b. 17 August 1828 in NY.
She was "of Newark Valley" at the time of her marriage in 1848,
the daughter of William B. (Brown?) Baird
(son of Absolom Baird and Nellie POWERS)
and Cynthia ROBBINS
(daughter of Ebenezer Robbins and Asenath RICHMOND).
I am trying to determine:
1. information on the marriage of William and Cynthia, when and where
(probably either Berkshire or Newark Valley)
2. the names of other children of the marriage
3. the date and place of death and burial site of William
4. there is some connection with William to Luke Baird, also of Newark Valley, if anyone knows what that is, I would be very grateful to finally solve the puzzle.

Susan Austin Wed Feb 10 1999
Need information on the family of Georg/e, (possibly "Yarre") NOTWEHR/NOTEWIRE/NOTEWEAR/NOTEWARE.
He was b. 1755 Hessia, and a soldier of the Brunswick troops, captured at the battle of Saratoge 1777 and fought the end of the Rev. War with the American Troops.
He settled in Great Barrington, Berkshire Co., MA. d: 1840 Apalachin, Tioga Co., NY
He md. Huldah KLINE, probably in NY after the Rev. War.
Their children were:
Born in Great Barrington, Berkshire Co., MA
1. John NOTEWIRE b: June 05, 1787
2. Jacob NOTEWIRE b: October 06, 1790
3. Rebecca NOTEWIRE b: January 01, 1793, md. Jonathan/Nathaniel DODGE, April 20, 1812, and had child, George DODGE b: November 20, 1813 Hillsdale, NY? or MA?
4. Diadamia "Diadimmi" NOTEWARE, b: October 17, 1794, d: Lisle, Broome Co., NY
She md. Joel MILLEN, b. Great Barrington + West Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA, md. December 20, 1812 d. "Pierce Hill", Lisle, Broome Co., NY.
First 3 children born West Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA.
A. Mary Ann MILLEN b. November 20, 1813
B. Eliza MILLEN b. December 20, 1814 d. December 30, 1814
C. John James MILLEN b. January 21, 1816
D. Levi Caldwell MILLEN b. June 12, 1826 Lisle, Broome Co., NY d. December 19, 1878, Lisle, Broome Co., NY. He md. Mary Ann LEWIS, July 04, 1849, d. August 08, 1875 Lisle, Broome Co., NY
E. Joel Millen b: December 25, 1833
F. William J. Millen d: May 08, 1864 battle, Civil War
G. David Millen d: July 30, 1864 Petersburg, VA, in battle, Civil War

5. Norton NOTEWIRE b: June 04, 1797
6. Eliza NOTEWIRE b: July 16, 1799
7. Lorinda NOTEWIRE b: February 09, 1802
Any help would be appreciated.

Carol (Bickford) Lang Mon Feb 15 1999
Stephen WILCOX, b. in NY. His son Stephen Wilcox, b. 1764 in ? 3rd generation Hiram Wilcox, b. 1797, Chenango, Tioga Co., NY. I understand there are old cemeteries in Tioga Co. I'd like addresses and phone numbers for contact. Hiram Wilcox was my gr. gr. grandfather. I'd like to correspond with anyone with interest in this family. Thank you very much.

Roberta Heorman Mon Feb 15 1999
Researching Israel Uzal WILLIAMS, b. 1810 in Condor, Tioga Co., NY who married Mabelle McMATH in 1831.
Uzal was the son of Levi WILLIAMS and Jerusha WHITE.
Jerusha's father was Zephaniah WHITE.
Do you have information regarding any of these individuals.
Would like to hear from you.

Sandy Castle Mon Feb 16 1999
I am looking for ancestors and descendants of Eliza KNAPP and George Clinton KRESS.
Their marriage was in 1842. Eliza was the daughter of Sylvester KNAPP and Lucy FITCH.
Any information would be appreciated

Gary Dunham Sat Feb 20 1999
Searching for ancestors of Able BEARD (abt 1788 - abt 1868)
and Luther W. DUNHAM (Oct. 1804 - abt 1850).
Luther W. DUNHAM married Mary Jane BEARD (Feb. 1815 - Mar. 1892),
daughter of Able and Huldah (GARDNER) BEARD in Spencer, Tioga Co., NY in 1833.
Their children were:
1. Edwin A. (b: 1834 Tioga Co. NY);
2. Christopher T. (b: 1836 Tioga Co., NY);
3. Charles L. (b: 1836 Tompkins Co., NY);
4. Alfred G. (b: 1840 Tioga Co. NY);
5. Henry A. (b: 1841 Tioga Co., NY);
6. Mary Jane (b: 1845 Tompkins Co. NY);
7. Hulda C. (b: 1847 Tompkins, NY).
Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Hollis Abbott Sat Feb 27 1999
Trying to locate parents and birth record of William D. HARRIS born 1824 in NY.
His parents were also born in NY but I do not have names.
William moved to Tioga Co. PA by 1850 as indicated on the 1850 census.
He was married to Maria KENNEDY of Bradford Co. PA. The 1830 and 1840 census for Tioga Co, NY lists a Jacob HARRIS and a David HARRIS with a male about the age of William.

Sue Ellen Lamb Sat Feb 27 1999
Researching my father's family. His name is Sheldon Joseph LAMB Jr.
He was born on June 9th, l925 to Sheldon Delbert LAMB Sr. and Esther MUTCHLER LAMB.
My father passed away on December 29th, 1983. My father and I were both born in Tioga Co.
My great grandfather was Alonzo LAMB, I think his wife's name was Susan.
My grandfather had a farm in, North Orwell, PA. Right before he died he was given something by the president for being the oldest living voter in the U.S.
At that time my grand father was l06.
My grandmother used to own a tea house some where in either, Binghamton or Edicott. That was year's before I came along.
She left my grandfather and divorced him, over that business, to the best of my recollection.
Any information on my family would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Karen Close Goodman Tue Mar 2 1999
Jonathan CLOSE lived in Catlin Twp., Tioga Co. in 1830 and had a child the correct age for my great grandfather, Montgomery CLOSE, b. 1827.
Does anyone have any information on either of these names?
Any help would be appreciated.

Fran Richards Tue Mar 2 1999
I am searching for information on the BRINK family.
George BRINK (Rev. War Soldier) born 1761 Wantage, Sussex Co. NJ, married
Sena (Asenath) WALKER.
Children I am sure of:
1. Abraham, born 1761, Wantage, married Sarah CARWOOD and then Julia BEEHEE
2. Solomon
3. Jacob married Patience KILDY.
Possible children:
4. Simon
5. Uriah
6. Samuel
7. Issac
The BRINK family moved from Wantage, Sussex Co. NJ to Ithica, Tioga Co. NY and then onto Catherine, Chemung Co, NY.
One of the families had children:
1. Murray
2. Rachel
3. Hannah
4. Sarah
5. Eleanor
Need to know which of the brothers was the Father of Eleanor who married my
GGG Grandfather, Ebenezer Phineas SLOCUM.
Many thanks in advance.

Kem Hart Sat Mar 6 1999
Searching for any information about my paternal family members from Tioga Co. NY.
Great grandparents, Alphonso (Alfonzo) HART and his wife, Elta Belle DENNIS.
Verbal family information has it that they were both born in Tioga Co., NY (dates unknown).

I have no information about Alphonso's parents or siblings. The only information I currently have regarding Elta's family is the name of a sister,
Cornelia (Carrie - nickname). Carrie married ? GOLPIN and had 3 sons:
Lloyd (never married), Sherman (died very young) and Norman (married Josephine ?).
Sherman and Norman were twins.

Alphonso and Elta had 9 children:

1. Percy - married Florence MILLAGE. They had 2 children Elta (Alta) and Lloyd. She later remarried Bert BILLINGTON from Candor, NY
2. Cory - died 1914
3. Maude - no known information
4. Jesse Edwin (my grandfather) - b 17 Aug 1885 in Cayuga County, NY; d 29 Feb 1936 in West Dryden, Tompkins County, NY.
Married: Edna Drew MILLAGE - date and location unknown (sister to Florence and d/o Oscar Abram MILLAGE and Isabelle D. DREW) b 8 Sep 1887 in Danby, Tompkins Co. NY. Died 9 Apr 1983 in Ithaca, Tompkins Co. NY. Jesse and Edna had 11 children, the youngest of which is my father.

5. Delphia - married Fred BROWN, they had 4 children: Percy, Donald, Doris, Gordon
6. Dennis - no information
7. Ivan - no information
8. Hazel - married Merritt CHAPMAN, they had 3 children: Norma, Harold, and Helen.
9. Elwin - b 13 Aug 1901, d 2 Jun 1955; married the widow of Clifford Hall of Groton, Tompkins Co. NY.

Any connection to above families? Would like to exchange information.
I would gladly accept any suggestions/leads to assist me.

Dennis Clark Mon Mar 15 1999
I am looking for any information on an ancestor of mine named Elias CLARK who I believe resided in Tioga Co. in the Town Of Catherine up to 1821.
I have been led to believe that his wifes name was Hiley but I do not know this for sure. Elias emigrated on a boat from Holland. He was a minute man in the Rev. War and later it is believed he drew a pension for his service.
I am a decendant of his son Peter who was married to Hannah TAYLOR,
dau. of John TAYLOR.
It is believed that he had other children:
1. Josiah,
2. James,
3. Elizabeth,
4. Margaret,
5. Samuel.
Elias was supposed to have been born in 1755 (country unknown).
I would venture an educated guess of one of the British Isles.
I do have reason to believe that Elias, Hiley , and Margaret are buried in Chautauqua Co. NY.
I would like to find information on:
1. Elias's country of Origin
2. Hiley's maiden name
3. Any of the children except for Peter. We have most of his information.
I would be more than willing to share that with anyone interested.
Thank you very much.

Sandy Castle Thur Mar 18 1999
Researching KNAPP, KRESS, FITCH surnames.
Looking for ancestors and descendants of Eliza KNAPP and George Clinton KRESS, md. in 1842.
Eliza is a dau. of Sylvester KNAPP and Lucy FITCH.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Frances Reid Thur Mar 18 1999
I am searching for info on Joseph DODD and Jane WILCOX.
They married March 1806 and had at least 2 sons in Tioga Co.
1. Joseph Dodd b Sept 27, 1817
2. Ernest Daniel Dodd born October 18,1821
Jane Wilcox was listed as a relative of James D Wilcox in Bradford Co. Pa.
The family was in Tazewell Co. IL in 1839 and by 1840 they were in Milwaulkie WI where Jane died in 1858 and Joseph I died in 1860.
Joseph II and Daniel went on to Jasper Co. IA by 1850 and Daniel came to Jackson Co. AL. in 1881.
Thank You.

Duane Covington Tue Mar 23 1999
I am searching for information on Luke C. CLARK who married Ruth CHURCHILL?
Children were born in Tioga Co.
His daughter, Joanna CLARK, married Isaac GRIFFIN, also from Tioga Co.
Any info appreciated. Thanks

Liz DuBois Tue Mar 23 1999
Searching for Orrin DUBOIS, born 1820 in Tioga Co., son of John DuBOIS and Lucy CROCKER of Tioga Co.
Orrin married Francis and they had four children:
1. William,
2. Charles,
3. John,
4. Elizabeth.
He then left the children boarding with neighbors, married another woman and went to CA!
Francis remarried a William ELLIOT.
Would appreciate information on any of these folks.

Edward Carter Wed Mar 24 1999
I am interested in finding the family of Frances Elizabeth PALMER
who was born on 7 March 1910 (probably Owego) or C.D. PALMER (male) who lived at 80 Silver St., Norwich, NY in March of 1910.
Drop me a note if this is your line.
Any information would be appreciated.

Barbara Bates Fri Mar 26 1999
Am searching for information on the Jacob STEEN family of Candor, Tioga Co NY.
Jacob STEEN was born about 1815 in Orange, NY and came to Candor NY about 1848.
His wife was Jane (?) and their children were:
1. Elizabeth
2. Rachel
3. Stodell
4. Benjamin
5. Charles born about 1849
6. Mary
7. Phebe Ella
8. Robert
9. Albert

Except for Stoggle and Benjamin, I never found any more records of the family.
Charles F. STEEN was my husband's g-grandfather and he married Hannah BRINK (1840-1916), dau. of Lorenzo BRINK and Elsie COURTRIGHT.
Charles and Hannah had a son George STEEN, born Owego, March 1876, and died in Sayre, PA. He lived in Maine, NY, and Rush, Susq. Co PA prior to his death.
George married Ella BALDWIN 1908, Smithboro, NY and the children that I know of are:
1. Anita Pearl born 1915, still alive in nursing home, FL
2. Charles Lee 1916-1992
3.Carrie 1917-1962
4.Thelma 1919-1994 and married Richard BATES, my husband's parents

My main questions are:

1. What became of Charles? I found no marriage record for him and Hannah, no record of death, know of no places of residence. Where is he buried? Hannah was living with her sister, Mary Baldwin in Susquehanna or Bradford Co., PA when she died. She is buried in the Prattville Cemetery, Bradford Co.

2. Did Charles and Hannah have any other children besides George??

3. When did Jacob and Jane die? Where are they buried?? What was Jane's maiden name? What became of any of their other children?

If any one can be of help, I will appreciate it very much.

Karen Reagan Sat Mar 27 1999
I am looking for info about Bridget KELLEY dau. of Patrick KELLEY and Sarah?
She married Patrick REAGAN or RAGAN on Jan. 1 1868, either at St. Mary's in Cortland or St. Pat's in Owego.
She was from Owego. Bridget was born in Owego 1/28/1851 and died 12/15/1933.
Any information would be appreciated.

Martha Potteiger Sat Apr 3 1999
Searching information on Rhoda PARIS of Tioga Center, Tioga County.
She was the mother of Warren RANSOM (1830-1915). Warren was the illegitimate son of Col. William RANSOM (1801-1883).
I'd appreciate any information concerning this. Thanks.

Donna Stoner Sun Apr 4 1999
Looking for information on John STONER listed in the 1810 census.
I believe this is the John STONER, son of Henry STONER and brother of Nicholas STONER.
John died during the war of 1812 at Sacket's Harbor. He was married to Susanna PHILES.
Since both Nicholas and John had sons named John it is difficult to be certain that I have the correct one.
Would be happy to share information we have.
Thank you.

Janice Weihs Wed Apr 21 1999
I am researeching the family of John CARTLEDGE, his spouse, Elizabeth (BUTLER) CARTLEDGE and their daughter Ann E., who are listed in the 1860 census for Owego, Tioga Co. John and Elizabeth are my gr-gr-grandparents. They emigrated from the Nottingham, England, area in 1843.
I'd appreciate any information concerning this. Thanks.

Nancy Buening Wed Apr 21 1999 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020
I am researching William GORDON/GORDEN b. 1760. and his wife Rhoda, b. 1773.
They resided in Jericho in Delaware Co. in 1778 when he signed the charter for the learning academy.
Between 1791-1794 he purchased land at Oxford where there was a
Henry GORDON, who might have been a brother, b 1768.
In 1791 he purchased lot #93 in Fayette. Many other land deeds are located in Tioga Co.
In 1805, he ran Wattles Ferry across the Susquahannah River at Franklin.
One source said he had a large family, but only one son Samuel is known and possibly another is William (B). His sister is possibly Roxana, wife of Stephen WOOD.
William died 1825 and Rhoda remarried to William ROOT.
Question: where did they come from and who are their children?
Can not find on 1790 census. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Barbara W Blackwelder Wed Apr 21 1999 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020
I am looking for any information on R. W. and Augusta WEBB, their son James E. WEBB, or any other relations.
Info I have is that R W was living in Waverly, N Y in 1913 and his wife Augusta was deceased. There may be a daughter named Augusta, also. I'd appreciate any information concerning this. Thanks.

Kem Hart Wed Apr 21 1999
Seeking information about George Henry DENNIS and his wife, Catherine Malvina WILBUR DENNIS and their descendants from the Candor area of Tioga County, NY.

George and Catherine had the following known children:

1. Cora Julia DENNIS, b Oct 14, 1864, d Mar 15, 1947 both in Candor,
married George Franklin GALPIN (b Feb 23, 1859 d Aug 24, 1940 both in Candor) on Nov 5, 1881 in Candor; the son of Taylor L. and Betsey E. LANE GALPIN
Their children:
Elmer Henry, Sherman George, Norma Taylor and Lloyd Edgar.

2. Allie DENNIS: b Candor, NY May 31, 1886 d (?), married Sidney Francis GALPIN on Nov 25, 1880 in Candor, NY.
Sidney b Sep 15, 1863 d Jul 1, 1910; both in Candor was the son of Taylor L. and Betsey E. LANE GALPIN.
Their children: Asa Williams and Muriel May.

3. George DENNIS: b Nov 23, 1870 Fairfield, Town of Candor, NY; d (?), married Hattie May GALPIN on Dec 5, 1889 West Newark, NY.
Hattie was born Nov 23, 1870, Candor; the daughter of Taylor L. and Betsey E. LANE GALPIN.
Their children: Leon and Dorothea Vernon.

4. Elta Belle DENNIS (My great grandmother): Birth and death dates and location unknown. Married Alphonso (Alfonzo) HART (My great grandfather) - date and location unknown.
(Birth and death dates, location and parent's names of Alfonzo unknown). Verbal family information has both being born in or around the Candor area of Tioga County.
Their children:
Percy, Corey, Maude, Jesse Edwin (my grandfather), Delphia, Dennis, Ivan, Hazel and Elwin.

Would like to correspond and exchange information with anyone researching these families or with first hand knowledge about them.
Especially would like additional information about George H. and Catherine M. WILBUR DENNIS and Alfonzo and Elta Belle DENNIS HART.
I have a HART family photo dated 1927 with two young unidentified teenage GALPIN boys in it.
Willing to provide a copy to "lost" relatives!

Norma Soule Engelbert Thur Apr 29 1999
I am looking for my long lost grandfather, Ernest SOULE
who married, Estella Rita YAPLE in Ithaca, N.Y. on Aug. 7,1918.
He listed Candor as his place of birth and Whitney Pt. as his residence at that time. They lived at 127 Park Ave. Waverly, NY in 1918.
He left the Waverly area approx. 1926 to 1927 and never returned. He may have died in a factory or lumber mill accident in Chambersburg, Pa. ( I have also heard Delware and NJ.)

His Father, George W. SOULE, was buried in Smith Valley Cemetary, Willseville, NY in 1901.
His mother, Cecilia (THORNTON) Soule, later married a Henry PAIGE from the Ithaca area and is buried in a cemetary in North Lansing, NY. After his mother died in 1908, it is believed that he lived with his grandmother, Elizabeth THORNTON, in Whitney Pt.,NY.

Ernest younger brother, Charles Lewis SOULE and Bessie (CARPENTER) SOULE, lived most of their lives on a farm in Berkshire, NY.

Ernest and his wife, Estella, had two sons:
1. Floyd E. SOULE , born July 24, 1920, died in June of 1980, Waverly, Ny and is buried in Ellistown Cemetary (behind the Emory Chapel).
2. Roger SOULE, born July 21,1923, died in 1999 in Tampa,Fla.
If anyone has any information about Ernest SOULE, or our family, I would love to hear from you...Thank you

Kay Brownell Reed Thur Apr 29 1999
I am researching Eli GIBSON, b. 15 Jun 1795, Stow, MA d. 7 Mar 1864 Owego, NY.
On Oct 9 1815 he married Betsey WALKER, d aft 1850 Owego, NY.
Their children are believed to be as follows:
1. Eli GIBSON b 11 Oct 1816 d 3 Dec 1816 Stow, MA
2. Arrington GIBSON (Rev.) b 21 Apr 1818 Stow, MA, resided in River Falls, Wisconsin.
3. John Walker GIBSON b 3 Mar 1820 Stow, MA, resided c 1900 Owego, NY
4. Eli GIBSON b 3 Apr 1822 d 25 Aug 1824 Stow, MA
5. Timothy GIBSON b 24 Aug 1824 d 6 Sep 1824 STOW, MA.
6. James Gibson b 1829
7. Sarah G. Gibson b 24 Apr 1831 Greene, Chenango Co., NY, resided Owego, NY.
Any help at all on this family will be greatly appreciated.

Mark Upton Sun May 2 1999 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020
I am looking for information on Amos MAYHEW and wife, Serene.
They had three known children:
1. Stella b. 14 August 1847,
2. Susie, (twin) b. 05 November 1852
3. Oliver E. (twin) b. 05 November 1852.
All three children were reputed to have been born in Owego.
Also interested in any by surname, MAYHEW in area.
All assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Carol Stansell Mon May 3 1999 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020
I am looking for any information on my grandfather's family,
Arthur Hibbard STANSELL, born in Newark approx. 1900.
Unfortunately that is all the info I have any more info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Carolyn Zenoniani Tue May 11 1999
I am researching the Osborn TERRY family.
Osborn was born 28JAN 1810 in Elmira, NY. He married Lovina TRAVER, who was born about 1809 in Elmira, NY.
In the 1830 US Census I find Osborn in Big Flatts, Tioga Co.
I would like to find documentation of their births and to find the name of their parents.
Thank you.

Ellen Picard Mon May 17 1999
I am searching for my HOBART/ HUBBARD and HUGG ancestors.
This is what I know:
Edmund HOBART, b. Mar 14, 1745, MA, died May 22, 1808, in Spencer, NY.
He was married to Mehitable PECK, whose family was from CT.
In 1800 census, Edmund is listed as Edward HUBBARD, pg 276, Tioga Co, Spencer.
In 1810 census, Mehitable is listed as Matetteabel HUBBARD. Sons of Edmund and Mehitable are also listed in 1810 census as Rodney and Isaac.
All three are on page 87, Tioga Co.
In 1820, Rodney is listed as Rodney HOBART, pg 276, Tioga Co, Spencer.
In 1830, Rodney HOBART, pg 144, Tioga Co, Spencer. Also listed on same page is John W. (probably brother John Watson).
In 1840, Rodneyh HOBART, pg 108, Tioga Co, SPencer.
In 1850, Rodney HOBART, pg 111, Tioga Co, Spencer. Also listed on the same page is Prescott (probably his son, Prescott).
Rodney is said to have died in 1860. He does not appear on the census.
HOBART/HUBBARD are gone from 1880 Tioga Census.

Rodney HOBART, b. Mar 23,1783, m. Margaret HUGG. Since he appears to have been in Spencer or at least Tioga Co from 1810 on, he probably married in Tioga Co. The Hugg's I have found, but don't know the relationship for are:
1800 census, Isaac HUGG and William HUGG, both listed pg 276, Tioga Co.
Same page as Hobarts above.
1810 census, William HUGG and John HUGG, both listed pg 87, Tioga Co.
Same page as Hobarts above.
1820 census, William HUGG, Milton HUGG, and Anson Hugg, all pg 268,
Tioga Co, Danby
1820 census, Isaac HUGG and Daniel HUGG, listed pg 276, Tioga Co,
Spencer. This is the same page as HOBARTS above.
1850 census, Milton HUGG, pg 122, Tioga Co, Spencer
1850 census, Lyman HUGG, pg 100, TIoga Co, Spencer
1860 census, Milton HUGG, pg 682, Tioga Co
1860 census, David HUGG, pg 678, Tioga Co
HUGG's are gone from Tioga Census in 1880.

Any assistance, connections, information, leads, help, etc. would be appreciated. Rodney HOBART and Margaret HUGG's child Eliza HOBART married Asa HOUGHTON in NY and were in Ionia Co, MI, by 1840.

Bob Swenson Mon May 17 1999
We are searching for New York source of emigrants to Oakland and Macomb Co. MI around 1820-30.
Especially interested in four families from 1810 Census of Spencer in Tioga:

1. Orrin BATES 00100 10100 page 86B
2. Mary VAN NATTA 01100 21101 same page
3. Joseph BATES 01101 42101 page 87A
4. Abraham GRIFFIER 01001 00110 same page

Orrin BATES probably moved to Oakland Co., Michigan about 1825 and lived in that area until 1878. We would like to know his parents and origins!

Our ancestors were VANNATTERS from NY and it is possible that "VAN NATTA" is same. Would like her husband and children's names. Perhaps deed/probate/obit of her, altho we have one Census information.
Thank you.

Kenneth W. Colby Tue May 18 1999
I am researching my great-great-grandfather, Frank E. COLBY, born December 20, 1854 in Groton, Tompkins Co, NY who married (E)Sella M. HIMAN sometime around 1870-1877 who died on March 13, 1879.
He then married a Harriet E. KYES at Groton, Tompkins Co, NY on December 7, 1883 before coming to Owego, Tioga Co., NY where he died July 6, 1918. His second wife Harriet, died September 30, 1927.
Frank came to Owego sometime around 1883 when he and his brother Ellery became bridge builders in the Owego Bridge Co. at Owego.
I descend through the first marriage through his son Watson, born November 9, 1877 at Groton, Tompkins Co, NY and died June 22, 1935, at Owego. He is also buried in the Tioga Cemetery beside his wife Ada L. Mosher COLBY.
I am trying to locate a marriage record for Frank.
He is listed in the 1865 county census page 26, as the son of Lucius H. and Rosetta F. COLBY.
Any help you can put on I would be most thankful. And also mighty blessed if I could get this first marriage of Frank E. COLBY.
Anyone having data on this line please let me know.

Elinor Claflin Thur May 20 1999 - Email address invalid 1 Oct 2020
I am looking for Eleanor HUMPHRY b. 26 Oct. 1807 m. Abt. 1826
Alexander DORN b. 18 Nov. 1808.
They lived in Candor, NY in 1830 and moved from there to Danby, Tompkins Co. NY. They are buried in Spencer, Tioga Co. NY.
I know their 1830+ history, but not their pre 1830 history, except that they were supposed to have been married in Cherry Valley.
I know there were quite a few HUMPHRY's in Tioga Co.(some even from Candor) early on (1750+), but none that seem to be Eleanors family.
Any clues?

Linda Sue Cox-Wildes Sun May 23 1999
Looking for Robert V. MARVIN born about 1795 in N.Y. who married Rachel SMITH and lived in Candor, Tiogo Co., N.Y.
There children's names are:
1. Smith Timothy,
2. David Edward,
3. Charles,
4. George,
5. John G.,
6. Joshua,
7. Clara.
Thank you for any help you can be.

Connelly VanValkenburgh Wed May 26 1999 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020
We are looking for information about Timothy ANDREWS and his wife,
Phebe (ENGLISH) ANDREWS, who lived in Tioga County, NY in 1815 and 1816. Phebe was of Tioga County in 1852.
We would also like to find out what children they might have had.

16 February 1816, Phebe, the wife of Timothy ANDREWS, and several of her siblings, signed papers making Abraham MIDDAUGH, of Tioga County, their true and lawful attorney, in settling the estate of Phebe's great grandfather, Derrick (Dirk) WESTBROOK, of Sussex Co., NJ.

4 March 1816, the same parties agreed to a settlement by sale of the property in Sussex County, NJ, which was their inheritance.

In 1852, Phebe ANDREWS was living in Tioga County, NY, according to papers relating to her father's (John ENGLISH) pension papers.
Any help would be appreciated.

Eloise Wilson Mon May 31 1999
Would like info on SUITER name.
Augusta is known to be living on Ithaca St. Waverly, Tioga Co., NY
when her son, Earl died in 1923 just across the border in Athens, Pa.
Especially would like the name of her husband, and if possible any dates on either of them.
Thank you.

Tom Howard Wed Jun 2 1999
George (no dates) and Helen J. (BEERS) (11 Nov. 1855- ?) STORM were from Owego, Tioga Co., NY.
They were married between 1873 and 1875 probably in Owego.
Their children were:
1. Fred Westcott STORM (6 June 1877- ?)
2. Louis Beers STORM (20 May 1882- ?)
I have no information on George's parents or siblings.
Helen was the daughter of Stephen Clark BEERS (24 Feb 1826-25 Oct 1867)
and Mary Elizabeth MUNSON (5 Aug 1830-21 Jun 1874).
The BEERS line is from Danby, Tompkin Co., NY.
I would appreciate any other information on George's ancestry, or on his descendents.

Sally Close Meabon Fri Jun 4 1999
I am researching the CLOOS/ CLOSE family. They moved to Tioga Co. in 1807.
I would like any and all information anyone can supply about them, their spouses and children.
Thank you.

Mitch Nichols Wed Jun 9 1999
Researching the family of Philip WEBER Sr.,
born: 21 April 1811, died 7 Nov 1887, who emigrated from Alsace-Lorraine, France to Germany Hill in 1851.
His wife Caroline E was born 18 Feb 1816, died 20 July 1899.
The children of Philip Sr. and Caroline are:
1. George Washington WEBER, born 1853, died 22 Feb 1922, wife - unknown
2. Philip Jr.
3. Caroline
4. Margaret
5. Christine

Son of George Washington WEBER:
1. Frank WEBER, born 9 Aug 1887, died 3 Jan 1965, who md. Melissa Francis EARL, aka Elizabeth, born 6 July 1891, died 11 March 1959.

Children of Frank and Melissa:
1. Thelma Maude
2. Byron
3. Mildred
4. Ruby
5. Reginald
6. Robert

I have information to share. Any help would be appreciated.

Claudia P. Bement Fri Jun 11 1999
Looking for information on Lulu KINNEY, born ca. 1881 in Newark Valley.
She married Irving CONGDON, ca. 1898.
Daughter, Flora CONGDON, was born February 8, 1899, in Newark Valley, died September 1904.
Looking for a death date for Lulu KINNEY and whether there are any other children from her marriage to Irving CONGDON.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Phillip Green Fri Jun 11 1999 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020
Looking for the parents of Timothy GREENE born about 1822 and wife Harriet M. HOUGHTALING who lived at Newark Valley, NY.
Buried at Berkshire Cemetery in Tioga Co. married in Binghamton, NY I believe.
1. Myra
2. Lena
3. Martha
4. George
5. Richard
6. William Lee
William Lee GREENE who, was born July 18, 1865 at Newark Valley, Tioga Co., NY came to Potter County, Pa., during the lumbering days. Any help would be great even if only a better place to look.
Phillip L. Green
305 Watkins Rd. Lot 30
Horseheads, NY 14845

Mitch Nichols Sat Jun 12 1999
I am seeking information pertaining to my maternal Great-Great Grandmother
Cynthia WHITMARSH FRONK, b 22 Sept 1857.
She married Frederick FRONK, son of John FRONK.
I know of one daughter:
Blanche May FRONK b 3 June 1884, d 11 Nov 1962.
Blanche lived in Owego, and was married to William Thomas SMITH.
They had two daughters, Julia Marie and Cynthia.
There are the following WHITMARSH's in the Candor Census:
1. Edwin,
2. Elizabeth,
3. Robert,
4. Cynthia,
5. Edwin Simon.
I believe Edwin and Elizabeth are Cynthia's parents?
I would appreciated any information that can be shared about these descendants, and if anyone knows where they are buried.

Mitch Nichols Sat Jun 12 1999
I am seeking information on the OTT Family of Germany Hill,
specifically names of any siblings or the parents names of my Great Great Grandfather George OTT, Sr.
George Sr. was b 1842 in Strausburg, Germany and died 20 March 1893.
He married Lena SNYDER, daughter of Adam SYNDER/SNYDER.
Lena was born in Alsace-Lorraine, France 1 Jan 1871, died 6 March 1937.

Children of George, Sr. and Lena born on Germany Hill include:
1. Anna
2. Louisa d Owego
3. Charles b 15 Oct 1871 d 1934
4. Harry b 28 Dec 1872 d 17 Dec 1952 Cortland, NY
5. George, Jr. b 14 Aug 1873 d 5 Aug 1954 Owego
6. Frederick b 25 Dec 1875 d 1 Oct 1960 Clarksburg, WV
7. Edward Walter b 15 March 1881 d 23 March 1965
8. Jennie b 16 Dec 1885 d 1978

Louisa OTT married Frederick CAPLE
Charles OTT married Nellie ULRICH
George OTT married Grace Alice SNYDER

Charles and Nellie had three children:
1. Joseph E.,
2. Pearl, and
3. Frank.

Joseph E. OTT, married Julia Marie SMITH. Joseph was b. 13 Oct 1912 and d 9 April 1949 on Germany Hill.

Joseph and Julia had three children:
1. Walter,
2. Joanne Marie,
3. Marlene.

Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Mitch Nichols Sat Jun 12 1999
I am seeking information on the COLE family.
My paternal Great Great Grandfather was Wilson G. COLE
born in Nichols, NY and married Catherine PATTON. I know of one daughter, Anna COLE, who is buried in Tioga County/Owego.

Wilson was the son of Jacob COLE b 1787 in (New Jersey)d 1865 and Rhoda MILK(s).
Jacob's name appears in the Nichols, NY 1820 Census.
Jacob and Rhoda had three children:
1. Wilson G.
2. Charles
3. William H.
Wilson was a member of the 109th NY Volunteer Army in the Civil War and was wounded in the head during the Wilderness Battle in Virginia.
William H. also fought in the Civil War and is buried in Lounsbury.

Anna COLE married George NICHOLS, and lived at the Waits Settlement.
They and seven children:
1. George
2. William,
3. Clara,
4. Orpha,
5. Clifford,
6. Paul,
7. Mildred,
8. Helena.
Anna and George also had three additional children who died in one week of Scarlet Fever. The three children are buried in a cemetery on Wait or Waits Road.

Any information you can share about the COLES would be appreciated.

Connelly VanValkenburgh Mon Jun 14 1999 - Email address invalid 1 Oct 2020
I am seeking information on Albert ENGLISH and his wife, Letta BOWEN.
Where did they go after they appear in Spencer in the 1850 Census.
Their three children are shown as:
1. Abner,
2. Electa,
3. Samantha (or Clemantha).

In the 1855 census, Abner ENGLISH, and Samantha ENGLISH were in the household of Samuel BOWEN, of Spencer.

In the 1860 census, Abner ENGLISH and Samantha ENGLISH were in the household of Albert SIGNOR, in Spencer.

Abner ENGLISH served during the Civil War.

We have found no record of Albert ENGLISH, his wife Letta, or daughter Electa, after the 1850 Census.
Can you help solve this mystery? I would appreciate it.

Patricia Wilson Sun Jun 27 1999
I am seeking information on Jesse and Susan or Chlor LUNN married about 1845 in Tioga County,NY.
Any information would be appreciated.

Cynthia Dickinson Tue Jun 29 1999
I am seeking information on the following Dickson brothers.

1. Samuel Dickinson b 1805 Tioga or Broome County, NY who married Caroline Blakeslee, b 1807, dau of Gervais Blakeslee, Harpersville, NY.

2. Peter Dickinson b 1797 Jericho who married Mary Tracy, dau Uri Tracy of Oxford, Chenango Co., NY.

3. John Dickinson b 1817 NY. married Mary Pierce Jackson, dau of Mordecai Jackson and Hannah Iddings of Wellsboro, Tioga Co., PA.

4. Daniel B. R. Dickinson unknown birth and family.

All four brothers were successful businessmen in the lumber business in Broome, Tioga and Chenango Counties of NY and Tioga County, PA. In partnership with Hezekiah Stowell, of Chenango Co., son of Calvin and Polly Stowell, of Tompkins Co, NY. Also working with William E. Dodge of Phellps/Dodge, NJ.

Sister of the above brothers, Mrs. Bixby of Harpersfield, NY.

Also interested in information regarding M. Daniel Dickinson, Daniel Dickinson partner of Elizabeth / Betsey Stowell, dau of Hezekiah Stowell and Hezibah Persis Rice, VT sufferers who removed to Chenango Co, 1787 from Windham Co., VT. Believe Daniel resided in Delaware Co, Seneca Falls area, Guilford area of NY.

Thanks. Will share information. Information welcomed.

Mary Piper Wed Jun 30, 1999
I am looking for any information on Daniel BROOKS and wife Pattie (last name unknown). He was born in England 20 Dec. 1751, m. 4 Jan. 1771 d. 4 Nov. 1816; fought in the Revolutionary War in 1774 and again in the War of 1812. He was connected with the Sheffield Cutlery Company. They had 7 children. I have most of their names.

One of their children, George W. BROOKS, married Betsy BILL. Betsy Bill d. 1844, buried Evergreen Cemetary, Spencer, NY.
They had 2 children:
Alma Olive BROOKS b. 19 Feb 1842, born in Spencer, NY. He md. Harmon HOAGLIN 1862 in Berkshire, NY d. 1 Aug. 1907. Son was Leonard BROOKS b. Nov. 9, 1840 died June 3, 1907 (possibly a soldier from some writings).

His wife Phoebe Ann Emery of Spencer, b. Nov. 1, 1841, d. Oct. 30, 1925, buried Evergreen Cemetary, funeral at Spencer Baptist Church. Phoebe's mother's maiden name was Hugg.

Isaac Hugg was her maternal grandfather. Her parents were Noah and Sophia Emery, lived I believe in Ithaca, NY and then on a farm in a place called Crumtown, 2 1/2 miles east of Spencer, NY. Not sure which place of residence came first.
Phoebe's grandfather was Isaac Hugg, soldier in Rev. War.
A pioneer settler in Spencer.

I have 2 photocopies of old articles giving some information on Daniel BROOKS: MEMORIAL DAY IN SPENCER, NEW YORK, 1923 - copied from the "Spencer Needle" of May, 1923 (honoring soldiers of the Revolution who are buried in Spencer) and THE OLD CONTINENTALS, Written by Mary F. HALL for the "Spencer Needle."
Any help would be appreciated.

Patricia Wilson Wed Jul 6, 1999
Researching Delana PATTERSON who was born 1829 in Nichols,Tioga,NY.
On 30 Sep 1845 she married Wilder LUNN in Nichols.
I cannot find a PATTERSON family in Nichols at that time. Found her brother, James, aged 14, alone,living near Delana and Wilder in Warren,Bradford,PA in 1850.
I want to find her parents and any help would be appreciated.

Carol Evans Fri Jul 16, 1999
Looking for information on Louisa REINHART, born Tioga Co., who married Lorenzo Dow HART 1840. d. South Dakota 24 August 1891.
Any help would be appreciated.

John Nelson Sat Jul 31, 1999
Searching for ancestors and or descendents of John NELSON who lived in Tioga Co. New York about 1818-1838.
We don't know a whole lot more. John married a Catherine Eliza (Elizabeth) whose maiden name is unknown.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Catherine Comeau Sat Jul 31, 1999
Seeking information on Charles H. HOLLENBACK born June 1869 Owego, NY, died March 1950 Burlington, Pa. the son of William H. HOLLENBACK and Mary McCLAINE or McCAIN.
I would appreciate any information on wife or wives, marriage dates etc.
Seeking knowledge of family separation.

Loraine K. Prutzman Sat Jul 31, 1999
Looking for some person in Tioga Co that has access to the GOODRICH family records.
Need information on Thomas Fanning GOODRICH b.25 March,11833 in Albion, NY married Mary Neal RANSOM, b. 30 November 1846 in Owego,NY.
Looking for his parents names or siblings names and dates ,etc.
Thanks in advance.

Kenneth W. Colby Tue Aug 3, 1999
Researching the COLBY family.

These are known descendants of Lusius H. & Rosette F. COLBY

Lucius H. COLBY was born in Goshen, CT in 1814, he died in Auburn, NY March 20, 1894, age 80 years, according to his gravestone in the Fort Hill Cemetery there. It has been said that he was the son of John and Anna COLBY. He married August 30, 1835 at Betheny CT, Rosette F. PERKINS. She was born in 1815 in CT, and died January 22, 1891 in Auburn, NY, at the age of 76, and rests beside her husband Lusius in the Fort Hill Cemetery.

Sometime after their marriage, about 1848 Lucius moved with his family to Scropio, Cayauga Co., NY. According to the 1850 federal census. Ten years later he again had changed their place of residence to Groton, Tompkins Co., according to the 1860 federal census. Sometime after the taking of the 1865 Tompkins Co. census and the 1870 federal census, Lucius had changed their residence to Mentz, Cayuga Co., NY, thence to Auburn, by 1880 where he is listed in the city directories until their death.

Lusius and Rosette, were the parents of the following children.
Addie, Sarah, Francis, Lewis, Henry, Ellery, Mary, Immogene, Lauren, Frank E, Ida, and Addie COLBY.

SECOND GENERATION: Frank E. COLBY, was born at Groton, Tomplins Co., NY, where he is listed 1860 federal census page 77. He was married twice,

(1) Estella Maria HINMAN, who was born in 1860 daughter of Milp and Ruth HINMAN of Locke, Cayuga Co., NY and died March 13, 1879 in Groton, Tompkins Co. where she is buried in the Groton Rural Cemetery.
(2) On December 7, 1873 Frank remarried to Harriet E. KYES. and removed to Owego Tioga Co. NY where he joined his brother ELLERY and formed the Owego Bridge Co. in 1893. Frank died July 6, 1918 in Owego. and is buried in the Tioga Cemetery beside his wife Harriet who died September 30, 1927.

Frank and Estella had one child:
Watson W COLBY who was born November 9, 1877 in Groton, Tomplins Co., where he was married:
(1) Ada L. MOSHER, who was born in 1877 and died in 1906 at Lumsburry, Tioga Co. and buried in the Tioga Cemetery.
(2) June 5, 1909 Nellie SHERWOOD at Lumsburry, Tioga Co. WATSON died June 5, 1935 and is buried beside both wife's in the Tioga Cemetery.

According to the 1905 Tioga Co. census, Watson and Ada had two children.
(1) Walter Lemont COLBY, born August 14, 1898 at Locke, Cayuga Co., NY. Married at Owego on March 3, 1918 to Ruth Ester BUTTERWORTH. RUTH died in Garden City, KS on April 25, 1969. Walter died September 10, 1985 at Diamond Springs, CA.
(2) Estella Maria COLBY, born 1904 at Lunsburry, Tioga Co., NY.

Looking for the descendants of Estella Maria COLBY, anyone having data on this family please contact me.
Or if you wish please write to:
Kenneth W. Colby
111 Skylark DR
Danville, VA


Darlene Bowen Mon Aug 9 1999
I am trying to get as much information on WHITMARSH as possible.
My great grandfather's name was John J. WHITMARSH, born in Catatonk area circa 1860 and died in 1932.
He was married to Lena TURK, born around 1868, died 1947.
I believe Lena came from Spencer, NY and they md. in Owego about 1897.
I believe they lived in Catatonk or Candor area in what was called the Whitmarsh Hollow.
They had children:
1. Durvan, Sept. 20, 1899 - Aug 1990
2. Claude Leroy, Dec. 15, 1900 - Dec. 12, 1990
3. Twin, Paul, born (unknown) lived in Tompkins Co area died (?).
4. Twin, Pauline, born (unknown) lived and died in Syracuse 1970's.
Also trying to find out John's father's name.
Thank you for any information that I can receive.

Jane Ruck Mon Aug 9 1999
Seeking to share info with the decendants of Robert CONKLIN, who married Catherin INGLES, Bergen Co, NJ.
Their son John Joseph, married Catherin TERHUNE and moved to Newark Valley.
Their children are:
1. Chas,
2. Ida,
3. Geo
4. Robert

Thanks in advance.

Mark W. Cole Sat Aug 14 1999
I am searching for information about John COLE and his wife Mary who came to Tioga County abt. 1807.
John was from RI and Mary was from Washington Co. NY.
Their sons include:
1. Robert C Cole,
2. Daniel H Cole,
3. John M Cole, my ancestor.
Other surnames I am researching in Tioga Co. include COLE, HOLMES, HIGBY, HIGBE, WARD, and HINE(S).
Any help would be appreciated.

Barbara DiMunno Sat Aug 14 1999
I am searching for a death date for Andrew D. KIMBER.
He lived for many years in Tioga Co. He was born 1821 in Orange Co., NY and married Arminda WHEAT 1843 also in Orange Co.
Their children were:
1. Elizabeth Emeline b. 1845 mar. William H. WHITE,
2. Samuel W. b. 1848 died several years after civil war.
3. Adda G. b. 1855/6
4. John C. b. 1860
5. Fred.

They left Orange Co. after 1850 and resided in Susquehanna Co. PA before relocating to Nichols by 1865. By 1875 Arminda WHEAT KIMBER must have died since Andrew had a new wife named Julia. In 1892 Andrew KIMBER was again widowed living with his daughter Emeline and her husband William H. WHITE in Nichols. He was in Nichols per the 1900 federal census and it is at this point that I lose track of him.

I have searched the NYS Vital Records Death Index for him without any success.
Can anybody help?

Barbara DiMunno Sat Aug 14 1999
I'm looking for Hannah KIMBER originally from Orange Co. NY born about 1824-1829. She married Merrit C. BRUNDAGE in Orange Co. 1843. They had moved to Candor, Tioga Co. by 1855.
Their children were:
1. William W. b. 1848,
2. Samuel E. b. about 1851
3. Mary E. b. about 1856.

By 1860 they had relocated to Tioga township. Merrit C. BRUNDAGE died in 1867.
What became of Hannah KIMBER and her children?
Help would be appreciated.

Eleanor Fenner Sat Aug 14 1999
My ancestor, Stephen BATES was listed in Tioga County 1800 NY census index,
(age abt 63), and in Candor, Tioga Co. in the 1820 NY census index as living in Tioga County, in Ulysses, which has since become a part of Tompkins County.
Can anyone help me find him, or his son, James BATES, born 1785(?) came with him from Vermont some time between 1790 and 1800.
James married Anne CASTERLINE and had a son born in Ithaca in 1881. Looking for more data on both.
I would appreciate any information.

Tom Walters Sat Aug 14 1999
Researching my great grandmother, Adeline HUBBARD JEWETT,
born Sept 8, 1849, in Candor, NY, died May 14, 1947 on her farm in Catatonk, NY.
She was the daughter of Albert Caleb HUBBARD, Oct 17, 1819 - Jan 28, 1907 and Mary (THROOP) Hubbard, Feb 26, 1823 - 1909.
Both were born and died in Candor,NY.
Thanks for your help.

Marion Scherer Sun Aug 15 1999
Looking for information regarding Jeremiah FRENCH,
b. ca 1759, he married Margarete Van GORDER, d. 1846, Erin, Tioga Co. NY.
Jeremiah served in the Continental Army and appears on the 1840 Military Pensioners list for Owego, Tioga Co. NY.

Jeremiah and Margarete had five children, three sons, William, Moses, unknown, and two daughters, unknown.

I do not have Jeremiah's place of birth, parents names or siblings. Nehemiah is my 4th great grandfather.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I answer all email and will share what I already have.
Thank you.

John W. Walker Jr. Wed Aug 18 1999
Researching Nellie SEARS born 1864 in Richford, married James Thomas and moved to Plainville, Conn. They had at least one son named Howard.
What happened to her after leaving Richford?
Have located the gravesite of Timothy HOLCOMB.

Will appreciate your help.

Howard E. Lane Sat Aug 21 1999
Researching Peter LANE (Gilbert3, Jonathan2, Daniel1) who was born in Rombout Patent, Dutchess Co, NY 3 August 1774.(15) Peter died, 21 January 1844, in Lounsberry, Tioga Co, NY, at age 69. His body was interred, 23 January 1844, in Lounsberry, Tioga Co, NY, in the Old Lounsberry Cemetery.

He married Elizabeth SATIRLEY, about 1802, in Shandaken, Ulster Co, NY. Elizabeth was born, 31 January 1780, in Ulster Co, NY. Elizabeth died, 23 May 1859, at the home of her daughter, Adeline, in Lounsberry, Tioga Co, NY, at age 79. Her body was interred, 25 May 1859, in Lounsberry, Tioga Co, NY, in the Old Lounsberry Cemetery. In the Census of 1850, roll 604, page 58, Elizabeth was listed as a head of household, in Nichols, Tioga Co, NY.

In the Census of 1810, roll 37, page 168, Peter was listed as a head of household, in Shandaken, Ulster Co, NY. In the Census of 1820, roll 79, page 290, Peter was listed as a head of household, in Tioga, Tioga Co, NY. In the Census of 1830, roll 109, page 297, Peter was listed as a head of household, in Nichols, Tioga Co, NY. In the Census of 1840, roll 344, page 46, Peter was listed as a head of household, in Nichols, Tioga Co, NY. He made a will, before 21 January 1844, in Lounsberry, Tioga Co, NY.

Peter LANE and Elizabeth SATIRLEY had the following children:

i. Daniel5 LANE was born 2 January 1803.

ii. Amos LANE was born 2 December 1804.

iii. Margaret LANE was born 11 June 1807.

iv. Joseph LANE was born 9 November 1808.

v. Esther LANE was born in Shandaken, Ulster Co, NY 20 January 1811. Esther died, in Michigan. She married Joseph GRANGER, in Lounsberry, Tioga Co, NY. Joseph is the son of Joseph GRANGER and Sally ROACH.

vi. Isaac LANE was born 9 August 1816.

vii. Mary LANE was born 30 April 1818.

viii. Sarah LANE was born in Lounsberry, Tioga Co, NY 8 February 1819. Sarah died, 8 March 1837, in Lounsberry, Tioga Co, NY, at age 18. Her body was interred, 10 March 1837, in Lounsberry, Tioga Co, NY, in the Old Lounsberry Cemetery.

ix. Elizabeth LANE was born in Lounsberry, Tioga Co, NY 8 May 1820. Elizabeth died, 19 May 1866, in Lounsberry, Tioga Co, NY, at age 46. She bought property from her brother, Isaac, 9 July 1846, in Lounsberry, Tioga Co, NY.

x. Adeline LANE was born 4 June 1825.

If you have an interest in my iformation on this surname or any information to share please contact me.

Cathy Knauff Sat Aug 21 1999
Seeking maiden name of Sarah C. RIDER, b. March 25, 1849, Indiana, d. April 28, 1899, Tioga, Tioga Co, NY.
She was the wife of William E. RIDER (1839-1901), the son of Solomon RIDER and Elthea(need maiden name).
William and Sarah's daughter, Mary E. RIDER, b. 1867 in Ill. d. 1912 Town of Barton is buried in the Halsey Valley Cemetery. She married Frederick HESS son of Jonathan HESS and Lucy Ann BUTTLES.
I have scanty info on all these families. Please help.

Mary E Hover Sat Aug 21 1999
I am looking for the parents of George F. HOVER (born in Candor, Tioga Co., NY, 10 July, 1831, d. 16 March 1911, Candor).
He married Adalaide Nancy WARD in 1860 in Candor.
They had 3 children of which I am sure:
1. Charles Frederick born 1864 (m. Margaret E. CRAWFORD, Candor, 16 Jan 1886);
2. Adaline born 1861 in Candor;
3. Genevieve S. born 1870 in Candor.

Anyone need information on a line of Hovers starting with Virgil Newton HOVER who married Lela Stein in Celina, Ohio, 1919? Their children were Lloyd Hudson HOVER, Howard Judson HOVER, Waldo Richard HOVER and Ilva Jean HOVER, all born between 1920-30. The line goes all the way back to Johan Hendricus HUBER and Susannah HOHLEYSEN in the 1700's. I worked this line out for a Donald J. HOVER but his e-mail was no longer in use, so I offer this information to anyone who would like to have it.

If anyone has any information for me about George F. HOVER's parents, please let me know.
Thank you.

Jerry Forman Sat Aug 21 1999
Looking for parental documentation for the following three siblings born in Tioga (Finger Lakes Region):
1. David Smith FORMAN (1818);
2. Charlotte FORMAN (1818), Charlotte married Jonas WHITNEY Dec 1835.
3. William Henry FORMAN (1822).
Thank you.

Robert Williams Sat Aug 21 1999
I am looking for information on Ephriam PIERCE and Sarah Ann ALEXANDER. Her Spelling on last name could be ELAXANDRIA, They were married March 15,1857 in Wellsboro, PA.
They had two daughters that I know of, my great-grandmother, Rachel C. and Mary Elizabeth. There may have been a brother James.
If any one knows of these people please contact me.

Brian Freeman Sat Aug 21 1999
Looking for information on Joseph FREEMAN, who died at Owego NY in 1850. His wife was named Isabel. He had a son named George FREEMAN born in 1825.

Nancy Hunsaker Fri Aug 27 1999
I believe the ONSTINES were in Tioga NY.
Fred(e)rick was born in Tioga, NY 12/21/1760 and was married 1782 in Chumung Co, NY.
Can someone guide me where I should research? I might go back there this fall and need some help as to where best to use my time.

Jean Brooks Sun Aug 29 1999
I am searching for a William Rensalear BROOKS, II. 12/22/1861-2/17/1937.
Born in Hornellsville, NY. He married a Carrie SAULSMAN in 1882 at Woodhull, NY the first time. They had a child Renselear Delancy BROOKS, 1884-1937 in Woodhull, NY.

He then married a Jennie Mable ENSIGN 11/10/1881-03/26/1956. She was born in Arkport, NY and is buried in Tioga Cemetary. They were married on 12/24/1902 in Addison, NY.
They had 7 children,
1. Wilda Clare,
2. Leonard Fred,
3. Florence Bell,
4. Edward Walter,
5. Donald Rexford,
6. Robert Marion,
7. William Malcolm.

William's parents were William Rennsalear BROOKS and Jane SIMMONS BROOKS.

William I was born in Somerset County, England in 1821 and died on May 22, 1864.
Jane SIMMONS was born in Richford, NY in 1828 and died on 09/17/1906.
They were married in Richford about 1841.
William II's brothers and sisters were Jerusha, Marion, Mary, and Ella Nancy.

Jennie ENSIGN'S parents were William Brace (or Brace William),born in England and Mary Tilden ENSIGN born near Arkport, NY. Her brother's and sister's were Grant, Julie, Stella, Minnie, Cora, and Clara. I have a little more information and am willing to share it.
I would appreciate any information that anyone has.

Susan Kirkwood Zeller Sun Sep 5 1999
I'm looking for any further information on my Uncle, John Lanning TAYLOR.
He was born in Owego NY on 18 Feb 1894 and was married in Owego on 19 Jan 1924 to Margaret KIRKWOOD. John's parents were Emile G. TAYLOR who married Theressa MERSEREAU.
I would also like to get any info on his parents re: birth, marriage, death records.
Thanks for you help.

Carol (Swinford) Kessner Thur Sep 9 1999
I am hoping someone will have info on the John and Ann WINSHIP family of Owego, Tioga Co.
I had recent information that John and Ann were the parents of my 2nd Great Grandfather, Russel P. WINSHIP b 1804 in or near Owego.
Could the P. stand for Park?
The first child of Russel was named John Park WINSHIP, reportedly killed at 9 yrs by a horse in or near Owego?
I will be grateful for any help on any WINSHIP surame.
Thank you.

Lewis Taylor Tue Sep 14 1999
I am looking for any decendents of Jasper TAYLOR.
Jasper was a early settler in the eastern part of Candor in the town of Weltonville.
He married a Maria EDMUNDS.
Seven of their 11 children are:
1. Samuel
2. Jane
3. Levi
4. Jared
5. James
6. Calvin
7. Jasper

Calvin, my Greatgrandfather, moved to Upperlisle, NY and was the town gunsmith.
Any help would be appreciated.

Laura Bender Wed Sep 22 1999
Seeking any informtion for Jonathan PHILLIPS and Olive WHITAKER. Both born in the early 1800's. I know of one child, Elmer PHILLIPS born Dec. 30, 1856 in Vestal, Broome Co. His death certificate states that his father, Jonathan was born in Owego, Tioga Co. and his mother, Olive was born in Vestal, Broome Co.

Other possible PHILLIPS children are:

1. Anson,
2. Delos,
3. Malissa,
4. Lydia,
5. Wesley,
6. Abigail

Any help at all would be appreciated!

Nancy Lanni Wed Sep 22 1999
Would like information on the family of Jefferson HERDMAN
born 25 Jan 1848 Cherry Valley, NY, died 21 Jan 1917 Owego, Tioga Co., NY.
He married Elizabeth SHUTZ.
Any help would be appreciated.

Kristi Jahns Wed Sep 22 1999
I am searching for information regarding my ancestors Henry Philander CRANE
(born 22 Sep 1827 Candor, Tioga county, NY) and his wife Harriett Atwood NEWELL
(born 12 Apr 1820, Barton Township, Tioga, NY), as well as their ancestors and descendents.

I believe Harriett's parents were named Layton NEWELL and Marcy WINDSOR, but I do not have any primary knowledge of this or know any dates associated with them.

I think Henry P's parents may have been named Henry CRANE (b. 28 Apr. 1780) and Martha SALOMA (b.12 Jun 1789), but I do not have any other information about them.

Any information about any of these people would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

Claudia Boggs Sun Oct 3 1999 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020
In the year of 1812 Alexander Anderson MURDOCK was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. I have traced Alexander from Ithaca, to Cortland and now Tiogo.

Alexander MURDOCK, 87, shows up in the 1900 Census of Tiogo, Burton Township in Waverly Village living on Waverly Street. He lived with his Son John Knox MURDOCK (b. 4 July 1845) who was married to Emma D.(b. Mar 1849) they had two children Eva J. (1880 Census 7 years old) and Emma N. (1900 Census b. Sept. 1881). Daughter Emma married Frederick(unsure of spelling of first name) DRISKO.

I'm interested in when Alexander Anderson MURDOCK died, when his wife Eliza NEWCOMB died. If Eva J. died as a child and if both John and his wife died in Tioga. If you have any info, thanks.

Children of Alexander were:
1. John Knox,
2. James McAlister,
3. Mary Emma,
4. Eliza Newcomb
5. Charles Summer.

Any help would be appreciated.

Avis Russell Sun Oct 3 1999
Researching Peter WRIGHT, born about 1813, Orange Co., NY,
living in Candor 1855 with wife, Lydia? and children Luran, Samuel,
Elry, Charles, Peter, William.

My ancestor is William Parker WRIGHT, born 1830, Minisink, Orange Co., NY,
died Michigan, parents Peter and Mary WRIGHT.
He had a sister, Lucinda (m. Wesley SHERWOOD),
a brother, Samuel Youngs (m. Emily FREEMAN).
William lived in Candor 1855, Newark 1860, Town of Tioga 1870.
What was the relationship between Peter born 1813 and William born 1830?
Any help will be appreciated.

Marian Holbrook Fri Oct 8 1999
I am seeking information about a childhood friend named Irene LOOMS DOUGLAS who lived next door to me in Waverly.
She was born about 1920 and I have not heard from her in 45 years.
At one time I heard that she had moved to Corpus Christi, Texas but I don't know if she ever returned to Waverly where she was born.
Thank you for any information.

Dorothy Denison Fri Oct 8 1999
Looking for the family of Harry Rush MORSE, born1892 and his wife Cynthia BRAINARD MORSE born 1903. They had 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls and lived west of Owego on a farm.
The family is buried in Tioga Cemetery.
Would appreciate any help any one can give me.

Pamela Benight Lawhorn Sun Oct 10 1999
Searching for JOSEPH A. BENIGHT.
The only thing I know about him is that he married Margret ROSSEN (I think) and had come from Tioga Co. NY to Vigo Co. IN around the 1800's.
Any help would be appreciated.

Steve Moore Tue Oct 19 1999 - Email address invalid 1 Oct 2020
I am seeking information on George Evits KEITH, b. Dec. 15, 1812 presumably at Newark Valley, d. July 3, 1876 at Newark Valley.
On Sept. 2, 1839, he married Nancy Mary AYERS. She was b. Dec. 15, 1818 at Berkshire, d. Sept. 8, 1863 at Newark Valley.

My main question:

When did both families arrive, and where did they come from?

I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Jane Frost Tue Oct 19 1999
I'm looking for any information on Ira S. CHIDSEY, b. May 09, 1835 in Candor, NY, d. July 13, 1914.
He married, Oct. 16, 1859 in Candor, NY, Mary E. TURK, b. April 09, 1841 in Heckton, NY, d. July 18, 1919.

Their daughter was Minnie S. CHIDSEY, b. March 17, 1861 in Candor, d. Nov. 10, 1937. She married, Nov. 15, 1882, to Dell VAN DUSER b. Sep 27, 1861 in Taller Hill, NY, d. July 26, 1889.

A child of Minnie and Dell was Nellie C. CHIDSEY, b. Sept 8, 1883, in Candor, NY, who, Feb. 16, 1911, married Clayton W. FROST. b. Aug. 21, 1844 in Rome PA, d. Sep 10, 1912.

Clayton and Nellie FROST were my grandparents.
Any help will be appreciated.

Pam Goddard Wed Oct 20 1999 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020
I would appreciate information on Calvin W. SMITH
(b. 1833; d. 1871) or his wife, Amanda MILLER SMITH (b. 1835; d. 1902), daughter of a local innkeeper in Jackson Twp., James MILLER.

Calvin W. SMITH supposedly had 6 children:

1. Brandt and 2. Grant (twins),
3. Hester,
4. Celestia,
5. Martha,
6. Carlton W.(b. 1865).

135 years ago yesterday Calvin W. SMITH received a disability discharge from the Union Army. I believe MILLER descendents may still live in the area.
Calvin and his wife Amanda are buried in the Millerton Cemetery.

Any help will be gratefully accepted.

Steve Moore Sun Oct 24 1999 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020
I am seeking information on Esther BORTHWICK, b. about 1846.
She married Lucius KEITH of Jenksville sometime before 1866.
Gay's Gazetteer has a Joseph BORTHWICK listed at Jenksville, possibly an uncle.
Also James Daniel BORTHWICK married Milla LAWRENCE of Newark Valley (a related family to me) in 1845.
I have info stating that the BORTHWICKs came from Scotland in 1795 and settled in Bloomingburg in the Catskills. I don't know when they moved to Tioga County.
Thanks for your help.

Linda Charrier Wed Nov 10 1999 Email address invalid - 1 Oct 2020
I am looking for information about Ira WHITMARSH, born ca. 1812 in New York (county unknown).
He is my gg grandfather.
Ira WHITMARSH is listed on the 1840 NY federal census, along with John, Samuel, James and Daniel WHITMARSH, in Tioga Co., Candor Twp.
I am trying to find out who his father was and any other information.
By 1850, Ira had moved to Perry Co., Indiana.
I have found a small biographical note stating he was a teacher and studied medicine in his youth in NY prior to moving to Indiana.
Any info would be appreciated.

Patty Warren Wed Nov 10 1999
I am searching for more information on Seymour WARREN (b. 1865 NY)

The only Seymour I have been able to find as a child is on the 1880 NY Soundex in Hector, Schuyler Co.
The parents(?) were James and Martha WARREN.

Other children were:

1. Frank age 19,
2. Seymour was 15,
3. Minnie age 10,
3. George W. age 8,
4. Mary J. age 5.

Seymour WARREN (b. 1865 NY) married Cora Bell RING (b. 1867).
They are the parents of Daniel LaTourette WARREN, born Apr. 10, 1892 in Waverly, Tioga Co.
The family moved to Springfield, MA before 1900, as they are listed on the census. I believe Cora died in Springfield, probably between 1904 and 1908.
According to the 1910 MA census, Seymour "removed" to NY, but I don't know where. Seymour remarried at some time, as I have a picture of him and his wife ca 1919.
I have tried to connect to the LATOURETTE family with no luck.
(Why would anyone name their son LaTourette unless it was a family name? :)
If you have any info on Seymour or RING please email me.
I would appreciate ANY leads.
Thank you.

Joan McCullough Fri Nov 12 1999
I am seeking the almost IMPOSSIBLE.

I am searching/seeking for my g-g grandmother's maiden name. The following is what I know, and just maybe someone might know or suggest something.

Harriet Unknown was born 1811 Tioga Co, New York; d Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada, 15 Feb 1873 (61y9m25d) and is buried beside her husband, Fulton Stone Cemetery, Ontario.

Harriet UNKNOWN md Alexander NELSON who was five years her junior, possibly in Ontario. From the census records I believe the 3 oldest children are from a first marriage, possibly with the surname NELSON.
The first three children are:
1. James W NELSON, b 1831;
2. Hannah M NELSON b 1834;
3. George F NELSON b 1836.
If these children belonged to Alexander, he would have fathered James at the age of 15-16 yrs old. In addition these children are not listed in Alexander's will, but all others are.

The mystery remains, did Harriet marry 1st a NELSON; and 2nd a NELSON, possibly a cousin?

Any information or help is greatly appreciated.

Neal Thompson Wed Nov 17 1999
Need any information on Clarence F. THOMPSON who married Josie PERSONIUS or Charles H. THOMPSON who married Mary THOMAS. Charles is the father of Clarence. I haven't found any info prior to this on any of the above.

Josie PERSONIUS, b: 1889 Tompkins Co. NY, d 1952 in Ketchumville, Town of Newark Valley NY, buried in Berkshire NY His Parents were Everett PERSONIUS b:1862 and Ida (?) b:1869

One known brother is Jay b:1887

Josie (Josephine on census 1892) married Clarence F. THOMPSON, date unknown, place was in PA I believe. This is because he was married to a Mary THOMAS first and later found out they were cousins and divorced. In that divorce was stipulated if he remarried he could not live in NY. My father was born in Ulster Twp. Bradford Co. PA in July 1917. He had 1 sister Versie (Versy) 2 brothers Paul and Boyd.

My fathers name was Neal.

Clarence THOMPSON's parents: Charles N. THOMPSON, B. 13 May 1866, D. 12 Nov 1934 Buried Berkshire Cemetery Mary THOMAS, b. 6 Aug 1864, d. 3 Nov 1940, buried Berkshire Cemetery. This Mary Thomas is not the same one Clarence was married to. Clarence was born in Berkshire NY.

I am hung up as to the PERSONIUS family prior to Everett. There are a lot of PERSONIUS listed in the Mormon Church records in NYS. I am hung up on the THOMPSON family at Charles THOMPSON. Can't find marrage of Clarence and Josie THOMPSON.

Josie's ggg grandfather's brother was James PERSONIUS. Cornelius PERSONIUS is Josie's great uncle. He fought in the Civil War, buried in Candor NY I believe.

Josie's family is French and Peekapu Indian acording to family members.

Clarence's family is English/Irish I believe.

Any help would be appreciated.

Eileen Liddy Wed Nov 17 1999
I am looking for information on the LIDDY family. We have a grandfather named Jeremiah LIDDY. A newpaper article we found about his death in Hagerstown, MD in 1903 said he was survived by his mother and 3 brothers and 2 sisters of Waverly NY. His initials are J.J. That's all we know about him.

In addition to information about the family, I'd like to know what newspapers were published in the area at this time, so I could check them. I know there are a lot of LIDDY's in Chemung Co., but I've yet to make any connection between Jeremiah and them (although one of them is named Jeremiah).

Thanks in advance.

Matthew McCormack Wed Nov 17 1999
Daniel COLLINS was born between 1770 and 1794 and died June 27, 1820 in Berkshire, NY. The following is all the information I have available about him:

"I have little record of the COLLINS line. Daniel COLLINS was a cooper and died June 27, 1820 at Berkshire, NY, where they had come from Onondaga Co. NY. His wife's name was Anna Lisk (see Hyde).

They had three children:
Bristol Lisk COLLINS, b. May 26, 1809
Orra Ann b. Dec 3, 1811
George Bristol Lisk COLLINS, b. Dec 19, 1815, m. Ann BRYANT

Daniel COLLINS had two sisters, Olive and Wealthy.

The records state they were born in Richmond, Mass. and were the children of Daniel and Amy (Bristol) COLLINS.

Evidently, the George Bristol in the family name, comes form the father of Amy Bristol. I got most of this from Aunt Ann, as well as notes from the Hyde family. Olive COLLINS married Ransom Wiliams, and Wealthy married Judge McKnight. Aunt Ann said that some of the family in Ohio, after great grandfather died, went to New York and brought the family to Ohio. She was a little vague in the matter, so I can state things exactly."

Above taken from a Johnson history done by Caroline COUCH WORLEY, 1911.

Any information or leads would be great.

Glen Perazzo Thur Nov 18 1999
I am looking for the parents of Chauncey BILLINGS who appears in the 1840, 1850 and 1860 Tioga Co. Owego twp. census with his wife, Abigail, and children:
1. George,
2. Frances,
3. Ransom(?),
4. Caylin,
5. Mary,
6. James,
7. Wallace.
My ggg grandfater, Chauncey Billings SMITH, (1819-1891) came from New York state and may be related to him.

Karen Dickson Thur Nov 18 1999
I am looking for my gg grandfather, Lewis B. GRIFFIN.

I found in a Paster's handbook, Book B. on the Tompkins Web site, that he married Fanny M. POOL, 17 Oct 1882, and that he lived in Candor and she in Ithica. Could this be the same Lewis B. GRIFFIN, that is on the Town of Caroline census in 1850 and 1865 with wife, Sarah D., b. 1832, Putnam Co., NY and Lewis B., b. 1823, Putnam Co.?

1865 census, has them listed with having 6 ch., only 4 on the census:

1. Ada E., 1854,
2. Benjamin, 1855,
3. Ida Mae, Sep 1859 (my g.grandmother)
4.Walter, 1860?

Fanny M. POOL could be a second wife.

I am looking for where he is buried and possibly any further information on this family.

I didn't see any Candor cem. Not familiar with this area, but I know there has to at least one.??

My grandmother who lived to be 102, could only tell me her mother's family came from the Caroline area. Not much help and I have searched all the cem. in the Towns of Caroline, Dryden and Ithaca trying to find him.
I think his grandfather could be the Benjamin GRIFFIN that was one of the first settlers in Caroline.
Any help would be great.

Steve Moore Sun Dec 5 1999 - Email address invalid 1 Oct 2020
I am looking for any information on the HINES family in Tioga Co. (possibly related to HINE and HINES in Tompkins Co.)

My great-grandmother was Martha Maria HINES, b. May 31, 1868 possibly at Apalachin, though more likely at Candor. Her father was Jesse HINES, listed in Gay’s as a farmer at Candor, along with a possible son, Eddie.

Martha (aka Mattie) m. Frank Robert KEITH (of Jenksville) Dec. 24, 1889 at Fairfield (listed as East Candor in Gay’s?). She d. Jan. 23, 1904 at Caroline Center, Tompkins Co.

Thanks for your help.

Rosemarie Richards Sun Dec 5 1999
Looking for information on Horace COLE who married Mary WATERMAN. They had a daughter Betsey J. COLE who married Ellis KEENER.

Need to know where the COLE's resided, any ancestors, where they are buried. I believe they lived in Nichols, NY.

Any help would be appreciated.

Rosemarie Richards Sun Dec 5 1999
I need information on William and Susan (KEENER) LUTZ. Susan KEENER was the daughter of Ellis KEENER.

Apparently they moved to Ohio from Nichols NY.

Any information would be most appreciated.

Rosemarie Richards Sun Dec 5 1999
I am looking for information on Charles BURGESS who married Cora KEENER of Nichols NY.

Need to know if they had any children, their residences, and where they are buried.

Thank you.

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