1887 - 88 Directory of Spencer, NY
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Directory of Tioga County, New York 1887-'88 Compiled and Published by W. B. Gay & Co. Syracuse, N.Y.: The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887

The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887 Directory is arranged as follows - Name of individual or firm, postoffice address in parenthesis if different from name of town, business or occupation, figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased

Abbreviations used:
bds - boards; emp - employee; h - house; manuf - manufacturer;
prop - proprietor.
The word street is implied.
(Postoffice address is Spencer, NY unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)

I have NO information on the persons listed.
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Lake, Fred W. (North Spencer), farmer 99
Lake, George W. (North Spencer), farmer 150
Lake, Harvey (North Spencer), farmer 10
Lake, Orlando (North Spencer), farmer 15
Lane, Oscar (West Candor), farmer 40
Lang, Charles F., blacksmith Brooklyn, h Maple
Lange, Frederick W., farmer 175
Lange, Parker P., farmer
Lange, Wililam H., blacksmith and horse-shoer, h Water
Larne, James C., farmer 75
Lawrence, Ernest, butcher, h Van Etten
Lawrence, Sevellan F., laborer
Leonard, John, farmer
Leonard, Michaael, farmer 94
Leonard, Sarah J., teacher, bds. Main
Leonard, William J., butcher, h Main
Lewis, Benjamin F., farmer 300
Lewis, Fred, farmer
Livermore, Albert Rev., pastor Presbyterian Church, h Aurora
Loomis, Herman, farmer 80
Lotz, Hartman (North Spencer), farmer 56
Lyke, Stanley, farmer
Lott, Benjamin, carpenter, h Laurel
Lott, Isaac M., clerk, h Water
Loushay, Adelbert E., fireman N.Y.L.E. & W.R.R., bds. Liberty
Loushay, Julia A., widow Henry, h Liberty
Mabee, Clarence, farmer
Mabee, Daniel, blacksmith Van Etten, h do.
Mabee, Franklin H. (Halsey Valley), farmer 103
Mabee, John B., farmer 40
Mabee, Theodore, farmer 258
Maine, Ira L., farmer 57
Maine, William F., painter and paper-hanger, h North ave.
Manning, Frank D. (Halsey Valley), farmer 100
Manning, Robert (Halsey Valley), farmer
Manning, William H., farmer 170
Marsh, William, laborer
Martin, Charles, laborer, h Main
Martin, Frank A., farmer, leases 105
Martin, Jane B., widow Ira, farm 85
Martin, Olive C., farm 50
Matteson, George E., dentist, Main, h Center
McFall, Dorus H., farmer, h Tompkins ave.
McKee, George R., carpenter, h Van Etten
McKoon, Patrick (West Candor), laborer
McMaster, James O., manf. and dealer in lumber, lath and wood, with Jeremiah T.
McMaster, Jeremiah T., prop. saw-mill, dealer in lumer, lath and wood,
also farmer 550
Mead, John (North Spencer), farmer 50
Mead, Lewis (North Spencer), laborer
Messenger, Chauncey P., emp. Seely's mill, h off Liberty
Middaugh, John, farmer
Miller, Edmund, emp A. Seely, h Liberty
Miller, Sherman, laborer, h Main
Mills, Henry C., station agent E.C. & N.R.R., also National Express agent,
h Brooklyn
Montgomery, George, expressman, h Academy
Montgomery, John, expressman, h Academy
Montgomery, William, shoemaker, Brooklyn, h Maple
Moody, Charles E., milk dealer, market gardener and farmer, leases of
Charles Moody 95
Morse, Dana, peddler, h Van Etten
Morse, Mary M., resident, h Van Etten
Mosher, Stephen G., stationary engineer, h Park
Mosher, William G., emp. Seely's mill, h Liberty
Mosier, Bartley L., farmer 32
Mowers, Jacob Henry (North Spencer), prop. saw-mill, and farmer 60
Nelson, William B., emp. Seely's mill, h Academy
Newman, Daniel, mason, h Main
Newman, Henry, farmer 50
Newman, William H., cabinet-maker and farmer, leases of Henry Newman 50
News, Gabriel P., farmer 97
News, Jane, resident, h Cedar
Nichols, Charles, porter Grove Hotel, bds. do.
Nichols, David A., groceries and provisions, Main, h Liberty
Nichols, Jane, widow John A., resident, h Academy
Norris, Alonzo, M.D., physician and surgeon, also farm 550
O'Connor, Jerry, R.R. section foreman, h North ave.
Odell, Marcellus C., billiards, pool-room and restaurant Main, h do.
Odel, William H., farmer 83
Osborn, John, meat market, h Van Etten
Osborn, John C., carpenter
Ostrander, Jerome, retired, bds. Aurora
Ostrander, Mary J., widow William, h Aurora
Owen, Fidelia, widow Elijah, resident, h Liberty
Palmer, Heman L. (J.H. Palmer & Son), also telegraph opp. h Main
Palmer, J.H. & Son (Heman L.), undertakers, Main
Palmer, John H. (J.H. Palmer & Son), also farmer 45
Parks, Anthony, farm laborer, h Main
Parlett, Robert Jr., bakery Academy, h Railroad
Patrick, Alva T., clerk, h Liberty
Patty, Jasper, farmer 105
Pelan, James, laborer
Perrin, Alexander, farmer 60
Perrin, Daniel, farmer
Perrin, William, blacksmith and farmer 73
Personius, Ester, widow Jacob, housekeeper, Maple ave.
Personius, Myron C. (North Spencer), section hand, and farmer 50
Pert, Ellen P., widow Rev. Luther B., resident, h Liberty
Pierson, George, carpenter and builder, h Academy
Post, Catherine, widow Thomas L., resident, h Main
Post, Thomas, farmer 280
Post, Wiliam, resident, h Van Etten
Pritchard, Pratt A., blacksmith, h Academy
Puff, Charles H., buyer for S.A. Seely, h Park
Quick, Elmer (West Candor), farmer 50
Radeline, Sarah A., farmer 40
Ransom, William, farmer 124
Raub, Henry S., farmer 150, and in Tomp. Co., 18
Raub, Robert J., farmer
Reeve, Aaron D., carpenter, h Liberty
Rice, Charles J., manager Grove Hotel, bds. do.
Richardson & Campbell, contractors and builders, also manuf. of Spencer
brick, residence in Ithaca
Richardson, Sherman, farmer, works for Milton Dawson estate 100
Riker, Captain L., carpenter, and farmer, works for Mrs. C. L. Riker 48
Riker, Charles F., farmer 50
Riker, Eugene, farmer, works for Anthony Riker estate
Riker, James L., Rev. (local M.E.), retired, h Main
Riker, Oliver P., farmer 50
Riker, William H., carpenter
Ritchie, George, farmer
Ritter, Charles W., emp. Seely's mill, bds. Academy
Ritzler, Charles C., photographer, and farmer 22
Robinson, Clarissa, widow Dana, resident, bds. North ave.
Robinson, Fletcher O., carpenter and builder, h Maple ave.
Roe, William W., carpenter
Rogers, Benjamin F., emp. Seely's mill, h Liberty
Rogers, John F., resident, h VanEtten
Rolfe, Leonard, farmer 50
Rumsey, Johnson (Halsey Valley), farmer 73
Rumsey, Nelson, laborer, h Maple ave.
Ryant, Daniel J. (North Spencer), blacksmith
Ryant, James P. (North Spencer), with Ramsom, steam threshing, and farmer 100
Ryant, Ransom (North Spencer), with James P., steam threshing, and farmer 100
Ryder, Thena J., widow James, resident, h Laurel
Sabin, Otis L., with William P., farmer 160
Sabin, Seth O., blacksmith
Sabin, William P., farmer with Otis L., 160
Sager, Cornelius (Halsey Valley) farmer 52
Sager, Douglass C. (Halsey Valley), farmer 80
Sager, Willard J., jeweler, Main, h Creek
Sammons, Matthew (West Canada), farmer
Sandford, James, traveling salesman, h Brooklyn
Sawyer, Carrie C., teacher, bds. Academy
Sawyer, Ezra O., contractor and builder, Academy, h do.
Sawyer, Viola M., teacher, bds. Academy
Sayles, Charles E. (North Spencer), farmer 56
Schutt, Charles (Halsey Valley), farmer 78
Schutt, Lemuel H. (Halsey Valley), farmer 25
Scofield, Albert L., farmer
Scofield, Horace, farmer 111
Scofield, Wallace L., farmer 115
Seely, David N., book-keeper for S.A. Seely, h Railroad ave.
Seely, Francis S., miller, h Mill
Seely, Fred, emp. Seely's mill, h Mill
Seely, Myron, farmer 70
Seely, S. Alfred, general merchant, saw and grist-mill, creamery,
blacksmith shop, and farmer 140, h head of Academy
Seely, Seymour, farmer, h Mill
Seely, Seymour A., resident, bds. Maple ave.
Shaw, George E., apiarist 70 swarms, and farmer 25
Shaw, Henry C., farmer 90
Shaw, Henry W., farmer 71
Shaw, John W. (West Candor), carpenter and farmer 54
Shaw, Joseh B. (West Candor), farmer 100, served in Co. G., 1st N.Y.
Veteran Cavalry
Shaw, Silas H., farmer 60
Shaw, William, mason and farmer 87
Shepard, George T., live stock dealer and farmer with J. Q. Shepard
Shepard, Goodrich C., farmer 107
Shepard, Hattie F., teacher, bds. Liberty
Shepard, Heth H., laborer
Shepard, John Q., dealer in cattle and sheep, and farmer 255
Shepard, La Grange S., farmer 106
Shepard, Lewis A., clerk, bds. Main
Shepard, Myra A., widow Sylvester, resident, h Liberty
Shepard, Sylvenus, general merchant, Van Etten, h do.
Signer, Adonijah (North Spencer), lumberman and farmer
Signer, Albert (North Spencer), prop. saw-mill and farmer 519
Signer, Edward, farmer 4
Silke, Louisa, clerk, h Railroad ave.
Silke, James, supt. Seely's mill, h Railroad
Simms, John C. (Van Ettenville, Chemung Co.), carpenter, farmer 50
Simms, William R. (Van Ettenville, Chemung Co.), farmer
Sincepaugh, William, farm laborer, h Main
Sipley, Sidney W., traveling salesman and farmer 50
Skinner, Oliver, farmer, h Main
Smith, Edmund, farmer 140
Smith, Leroy (North Spencer), farmer
Smith, Schuyler F. (Halsey Valley), farmer 40
Smith, William H. (North Spencer), leases of F. B. Clark 46
Sniffin, William A., general merchant, Main, h Liberty
Snook, David L., apiarist 75 swarms, and harness-maker, Main, h do.
Snook, Eshter, widow Peter, resident, bds. Main
Snyder, Sely, farmer 130
Southern Tier Bachelors' Endowment Association (W.H. Fisher, M.D., prest.;
W.R. Swartout, secy.; M.P. Howell, treas.), Academy
Spaulding, Adelbert, laborer
Spaulding, Frances, wife of G.S., farm 100
Spaulding, John J., farmer 128
Spaulding, John P., laborer
Spaulding, John S., farmer, works 100
Spaulding, Maria, widow Joseph, resident, h Main
Spaulding, Phineas E., traveling salesman, h Liberty
Spencer Creamery (S. A. Seely, prop., D. La M. Georgia, supt.), Liberty
Spencer Herald (Van Gelder & Son, publishers) Main
Spencer, Hezekiah, farmer 55
Spencer Marble Works, L. E. Baker, prop., Academy
Stage, Eliah, clerk, bds. Liberty
Stage, Philip A. (North Spencer), farmer 92
Stanclift, Elizabeth, teacher, bds. Main
Stanclift, Isaac S., general merchant, Van Etten, h do.
Starkes, Charles, laborer
Stebbins, Frederick, farm laborer, h Liberty
Steenburg, Albion L., with Francis E., prop. Spencer Springs farm 119
Steenburg, Asa H., farmer
Steenburg, Francis E., with Albion L., prop. Spencer Springs farm 119
Stevens, Charles N. (North Spencer), farmer 64
Stevens, David, farmer 75
Stevens, Harmon, farmer 158
Stevens, Jacob, farmer 59, and in Candor 75
Stevens, John (West Candor), laborer
Stevens, Seneca, carpenter and farmer 30
Stevens, Thomas J. (North Spencer), farmer 50
Stevens, William H., basket-maker
Stewart, Ira (North Spencer) farmer 80
Stilson, Dianna (West Candor), widow of James L., farmer 37, and with N.T.
Stilson 60
Stilson, James L. (West Candor), farmer 97
Stilson, Nelson T. (West Candor), farmer 100, and with Diana 60
Stone, Silas (West Candor) farmer, leases of Patrick Gay 150
Stow, John M., turning and sawing, North ave., h do.
Strait, David, laborer
Stubbs, William A., farmer 42, served in Co. C., 76th N.Y. Vols.
Sutton, Charles A., emp. Seely's mill, h off Liberty
Sutton, William W., emp. Seely's mill, h Liberty
Swartout, James (North Spencer), farmer
Swartout, Lewis (North Spencer), farmer 28
Swartout, Marcus L. (M.L. Swartout & Son), h Ithaca
Swartout, M.L. & Son (William R.), produce dealers, Academy
Swartout, William R. (M.L. Swartout & Son), also secretary Southern Tier
Bachelors Endowment Association, h Academy
Tanner, J. Henry, laborer, bds. Centre
Tanner, John H., physician and surgeon, h Centre
Taylor, Simeon, engineer
Thornton, Fred V., emp. Seely's mill, bds. Van Etten
Thornton, George (West Candor), carpenter
Thornton, John J., emp. Seely's mill, h Van Etten
Thornton, Mary (North Spencer) widow of Charles, resident
Tollman, Ansel B., farmer 20
Tompkins, James, farmer 217
Tompkins, James B., farmer, leases of James Tompkins 217
Tompkins, Joshua, farmer, h Tompkins ave.
Tucker, William, farmer 53
Tuckerman, Hector, laborer
Turk, Charles M., resident, bds. Maple ave.
Turk, Charles, blacksmith, h Myrtle
Turk, David, blacksmith, Academy, h Main
Turk, Stephen D., blacksmith and constable, Academy, h Main
Tuttle, Benjamin F., emp. Seely's mill, h Liberty
Tyler, George, farmer 56
Tyler, Henry E., farmer 101
Tyler, James, laborer
Valentine, Adrian A., farmer
Valentine, Electa J., widow William, farmer 104
Valentine, Elvin (West Candor), farmer 30
Valentine, Fred (West Candor), farmer 50
Valentine, Jacob E., teacher
Valentine, William O., teacher
Van Duyn, William C., emp. Seely's mill, h Liberty
Van Gelder & Son (Phineas C. and Charles J.), publishers of Spencer Herald, Main
Van Gelder, Charles J. (Van Gelder & Son), h Park
Van Gelder, Phineas C. (Van Gelder & son), h Park
Van Gelder, William, emp. A. Seely, h Railroad
Van Gorder, Lafayette, farmer 28
Van Marter, Aaron, resident, h North ave.
Van Marter, Amos, apiarist 42 colonies, farmer 58, and leases of Silas Shaw 60
Van Marter, Enos T. (West Candor), dealer in groceries, and farmer 5
Van Marter House, Jacob Van Kuren, prop., Main
Van Marter, Jared (Halsey Valley), saw-mill
Van Marter, Nelson (West Candor), farmer
Van Natta, Edwin, farmer 85, and leases of W.H. Fleming 275
Van Natta, Fred, carpenter, and farmer 111
Van Natta, John, farmer 107
Van Natta, John D., butcher
Vankleek, Jesse B., carpenter, and farmer 16
Van Kuren, Ben S., clerk Van Marter House, bds. do.
Van Kuren, Jacob, prop., Van Marter House, Main
Van Norman, Cassius, emp. Seely's mill, h Railroad
Van Norton, John, laborer
Van Norton, Warren, laborer
Van Ostrand, Peter, farmer 30
Van Ostrand, Truman, laborer
Van Woert, Lewis J., assessor, and farmer 175
Van Woert, Maria E., wife of Samuel, farm 25
Van Woert, William G., auctioneer, and farmer 65
Vorhis, A Louisa, widow Rev. Stehen, resident, h Aurora
Vorhis, James W., mason, h Brooklyn
Vorhis, John W., retired, bds. North ave.
Vorhis, J. Wallace, mason, h North ave.
Vorhis, Mary H., teacher, bds. Aurora
Vorhis, Mead, cartman, h Main
Vorhis, Rebecca (North Spencer), widow Jacob, farmer 50
Vorhis, Truman (North Spencer), manuf. washing machines, and farmer 43
Vose, Ephraim, carpenter and manuf. of lumber
Vose, George H., farmer leases of George Pierson 95
Vose, Lavina (West Candor), widow Alfred
Vose, O. Sumner, farmer 75
Vose, Othniel J., farmer
Vose, Samuel, farmer 50
Vose, Sylvenus, farmer 85, and leases of E. S. Willet, 75
Vose, Sylvester S., farmer 82
Wait, George, farmer 104
Waggett, John, miner
Walden, Charles, laborer
Warner, William W., farmer 100
Washburn, Charles (West Candor), laborer
Watkins, David, farmer 113
Weeks, Joshua P., livery, Water, bds Van Marter House
Weeks, Stephen M., farmer 100
Weeks, William W., carpenter
Wells, Josiah, blacksmith, Main, h do.
West, Marshall C., contractor and builder, h Railroad
Westbrook, Arthur, carpenter, bds. Main
Westervelt, Leslie, farmer
Wetzel, Elmer, marble-cutter, bds. Academy
Whalen, Edmund (West Candor), laborer
Wheeler, Frank E., emp. Spencer Creamery, bds. Liberty
Wheeler, Frank R., laborer, h Maple ave.
Wheeler, Jesse, farmer 103
Wheeler, William C., farmer
White, George G., farmer 70
White, Squire, laborer
Whitlock, Ramer, laborer
Wild, Joseh, laborer
Willett, Edward S., dealer in hides, and farmer 75, h Maple
Williams, Ziba, laborer, h Main
Wilson, Peter, laborer
Winchell, James N. (Halsey Valley), farmer 56
Whitherall, Henry, farmer 40
Wood, William H., wagon and sleigh manuf., Brooklyn, h Maple
Woodford, Harriet, farmer 185
Woodruff, George, farmer 31
Woodruff, S. Delevan, farmer
Woodruff, Thomas, farmer 80

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