1887 - 88 Directory - Town of Tioga, NY

"A - F"

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Directory of Tioga County, New York 1887-'88 Compiled and Published by W. B. Gay & Co. Syracuse, N.Y.: The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887

The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887 Directory is arranged as follows - Name of individual or firm, postoffice address in parenthesis if different from name of town, business or occupation, figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased

Abbreviations used:
bds - boards; emp - employee; h - house; manuf - manufacturer;
prop - proprietor.
The word street is implied.
(Postoffice address is Nichols, NY unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)

I have NO information on the persons listed.
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Ackley, Nathan G. (Smithboro) prop. pool-room
Ahart, Albert, (Straight's Corners) farmer with his father George
Ahart, George, (Straight's Corners) farmer 45
Allen, George, (Smithboro) farmer 50
Anderson, Ezra F., (Owego) farmer 125
Anderson, John J., (Owego) dentist
Anderson, Willis D., (Owego) farmer, works on shares for his brother James M. 74
Andrus, Peter J., (Smithboro) farmer 77
Armstrong, James R., (Smithboro) resident
Armstrong William, (Owego) farmer, works for his brother Fred 50
Ayers, Angelo, (Owego) farmer
Badger, Celia, (Owego) widow Lucius, farm 100
Badger, Luke, (Tioga Center) farmer
Badger, Noah, (Tioga Center) farmer 50
Bailey, Eugene, (Smithboro) trackman
Bailey, Lucy, (Smithboro) widow, resident
Ballou, Charles, (Owego) laborer
Banfield, Elmer, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Barber, Ami W., (Halsey Valley) general merchant
Barden, A.E., (Smithboro) carpenter
Barnes, Charles E., (Owedo) farmer 20, and in Pa. 80
Bartron, Alonzo, (Smithboro) farmer with his father Moses
Bartron, Moses, (Smithboro) farmer 75
Bates, William, (Halsey Valley) prop. blacksmith shop
Bauer, Adam, (Strait's Corners) farmer 100
Bauer, Christian, (Strait's Corners) farmer 130
Bauer, George W., (Strait's Corners) farmer
Bauer, Martin, (Strait's Corners) tanner
Bauer, Martin L., (Strait's Corners)(Ford & Bauer)
Bauer, Simion, (Strait's Corners) farmer
Beddell, Mary G., (Smithboro) widow Bently F., farm 100
Bedell, Charles M., (Smithboro) farmer 50
Bedell, William H., (Smithboro) farmer 100
Bellis, William L., (Smithboro) station agat. Erie R.R.
Bennett, Sabrina, (Tioga Center) widow Chester, resident
Bentley, Webster, (Halsey Valley) farmer
Best, Charles, (Tioga Center) farmer 60
Best, Jay, (Tioga Center) farmer
Best, Jay C., (Tioga Center) farmer 100
Best, William H., (Tioga Center) farmer 55
Blake, John, (Tioga Center) currier, h Main
Blake, William, (Tioga Center) drugs and medicines, Main, h do.
Bogart, Almon, (Owego) farmer 35, and works for Oliver P. Ford 60
Bogart, David R., (Halsey Valley) carpenter
Bogart, Eugene D., (Owego) farmer with his father Henry
Bogart, Henry (Owego) farmer 51
Bogart, Peter V., (Smithboro) farmer 150
Bogart, William, (Strait's Corners) farmer
Bonham, Charles H., (Tioga Center) general merchant, Main, h do.
Bonham, Morris, (Tioga Center) retail merchant, h Main
Booth, Ann E., (Owego) resident
Bowman, Ann, (Smithboro) widow Zebulon, resident
Bowman, Charles, (Smithboro) teamster
Bowman, Isaac, (Smithboro) resident
Bowman, John A., (Smithboro) rector of Emanuel Church
Bradley, Andrew, (Smithboro) farm laborer
Bradley, Edward, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Bradley, Mariette Miss, (Smithboro) resident
Brearley, John W., (Tioga Center) farmer 100
Briggs, David, (Smithboro) farmer, workss for George Eckert 60
Brink, Amos, (Owego) farmer
Brink, Edward, (Tioga Center) laborer
Brink, Frederick, (Strait's Corners) farm laborer
Brink, George, (Halsey Valley) farmer 20
Brink, Joseph (Owego) farmer 90
Brink, William, (Tioga Center) laborer
Brooks, Benjamin J., (Tioga Center) farmer
Brooks, Charles, (Tioga Center) farmer 50
Brooks, Cornelius, (Tioga Center) farmer 40
Brooks, Frank, (Smithboro) farmer for his father William
Brooks, Lot M., (Tioga Center) bridge carpenter
Brooks, Nicholas, (Tioga Center) farmer 100
Brooks, William, (Tioga Center) farmer 100
Brown, Alvah S., (Halsey Valley) shoemaker
Brown, David L., (Tioga Center) drug clerk, bds. Main
Brown, John B., (Owego) farmer 48
Brown, William H., (Tioga Center) farmer, works for C.D. Hoff 76
Brundage, Matthias, (Owego) farmer 35
Buchanan, James H., (Halsey Valley) farmer 58
Buchanan, Ephraim, (Owego) farmer 61
Buchanan, Hugh W., (Owego) farmer 100
Burlington, John A., (Owego) farmer 125
Burnham, Elizabeth Mrs., (Smithboro) resident
Burns, Robert, (Owego) farmer 60
Burns, Willie J., (Owego) farmer for his father Robert
Butler, William, (Tioga Center) trackman
Cable, Silas, (Owego) farmer, works for Mrs. John Taylor 100
Campbell, Alexander, (Owego) laborer
Campbell, Bert, (Owego) farmer
Campbell, Fred, (Halsey Valley) farmer for L.B. West
Campbell, Jacob, (Halsey Valley) famre for L.B. West
Campbell, Orlando, (Owego) farmer
Canfield, Alfred, (Smithboro) farmer, works fo rhis father Amos 160
Canfield, Amos, (Smithboro) farmer 170
Caple, John, (Owego) farmer 50
Caple, Philip, (Catatonk) farmer 100
Carlisle, William, (Tioga Center) laborer
Carmer, Amasa, (Halsey Valley) farmer 140
Carns, John A., (Owego) farm laborer
Carpenter, Charles E., (Smithboro) farmer with his father Peter R.
Carpenter, Jesse C. (Tioga Center) farmer 200
Carpenter, Peter R., (Smithboro) farmer 75
Casterline, Stephen B., (Tioga Center) farmer 54
Casterline, Warren, (Smithboro) farmer 40
Catlin, Andrew R., (Tioga Center) farmer, works for George Truman 150
Catlin, Benjamin F., (Owego) farmer 100
Catlin, Charles, (Owego) farmer 123
Catlin, Edmund S., (Tioga Center) carpenter, and farmer 51
Catlin, Emeline, (Owego) widow Jonathan, farmer 42
Catlin, Frank H., (Owego) produce dealer, and farmer
Catlin, Frederick H., (Owego) farmer 42
Catlin, George, (Tioga Center) wagon-maker
Catlin, Jacob, (Tioga Center) farmer 55
Catlin, James H., (Tioga Center) physician, and farmer 50
Catlin, Laverne, (Owego) farm laborer
Catlin, Mary J., (Owego) widow Nathaniel, farmer 27
Catlin, Mead, (Owego) emp. foundry
Catlin, Nathan S., (Tioga Center) farmer 80
Catlin, Nathaniel, (Owego) farmer 38
Catlin, Sarah E. Mrs., (Owego) farm 20
Catlin, William, (Owego) farm laborer
Catlin, Willis E., (Owego) farmer with his father Benjamin F.
Chamberlain, Oscar C., (Owego) farmer
Chandler, Horace, (Owego) laborer
Chew, Clark, (Owego) farmer
Chew, Guy, (Owego) farmer 167
Clune, James, (Smithboro) farmer 50
Coburn & Van Norstran, (Tioga Center) (C.S.B. & G. Van N.) tin and iron roofing, and manuf. eve spouting
Coburn, C. Sidney, (Tioga Center)(Coburn & Van Norstran) also tin shop
Coburn, Eliza, (Tioga Center) widow Charles R., resident
Coffin, Milton, (Owego) farmer
Cole, Alfred, (Owego) farmer, leases of James Taylor 30
Cole, Austin R., (Smithboro) farmer 50
Cole, Benjamin F., (Smithboro) farmer
Cole, Daniel H., (Tioga Center) retired farmer
Cole, Frank, (Smithboro) farmer 100
Cole, Frank, (Smithboro) farm laborer
Cole, Horace, (Owego) farmer
Cole, Samuel E., (Smithboro) farmer 50
Cole, William, (Halsey Valley) farmer
Coleman, Isaac, (Tioga Center) bridge carpenter
Coleman, Jackson, (Halsey Valley) farmer 116
Coleman, James, (Tioga Center) carpenter
Coleman, John P., (Tioga Center) farmer 180
Coleman, William D., (Tioga Center) carpenter
Congdon, Harry (Tioga Center) farmer, leases of Mrs. Mary Munnohan 12
Conklin, Elizabeth, (Owego) widow John, resident
Conklin, Sylvenas, (Owego) farmer, works on shares for Alexander Duncan 110
Conway, John, (Smithboro) farmer 50
Cook, Dewitt C., (Halsey Valley) farmer 53
Cook, Esther, (Strait's Corners) widow Samuel, farmer 100
Cook, Florence, (Strait's Corners) farmer for his mother Esther
Coon, Walter, (Strait's Corners) farmer 104
Coons, Arthur, (Tioga Center) farmer with his father Jonathan
Coons, Daniel, (Strait's Corners) farmer 100
Coons, George B., (Tioga Center) farmer, works for Mrs. Perry Ward 75
Coons, Hiram, (Strait's Corners) farmer
Coons, John, (Tioga Center) farmer with his father Johnson
Cons, Johnson, (Tioga Center) farmer 200
Coons, Lemuel, (Tioga Center) farmer 50
Cooper, Frank A., (Halsey Valley) farmer 50
Corsin, William, (Owego) farm laborer
Cortright, Alfred, (Tioga Center) laborer
Cortright, Charles, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Cortright, James, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Cortright, John, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Cortright, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Crandall, Benjamin, (Tioga Center) farmer 50
Crandall, Daniel, (Smithboro) farmer, works for Mrs. M. Richards 117
Crawford, Absalom, (Smithboro) laborer
Crawford, Abram, (Tioga Center) farmer 95
Croft, Michael, (Smithboro) trackman
Crum, Henry, (Owego) resident
Cunningham, Daniel, (Owego) farmer 33
Curkendoll, Cornelius, (Smithboro) prop. Erie Hotel
Curkendoll, Prudence Mrs., (Smithboro) resident
Daily, Daniel, (Barton) farmer 380
Dailey, Eugene E., (Barton) farmer 150
Dailey, Fred C., (Barton) dealer in agricultural implements, wagons, etc., and farmer 75
Davenport, Adelbert, (Halsey Valley) farmer 50
Davenport, Alvin M., (Smithboro), works on shares for Henry Light 73
Davenport, Emmet J., (Smithboro), farmer with his father Alvin M.
Davenport, George, (Smithboro), section-hand
Davenport, Henry, (Strait's Corners), farmer 70
Davenport, Jackson, (Smithboro), farmer 50
Davenport, Judson, (Barton) farmer, works for James J. Green 73
Davis, Albert J., (Tioga Center) farmer 82
Davis, Nathaniel W., (Owego) farmer 117
Day, George H., (Owego) farmer, works for Herbert Farnham 65
Day, Marvin G. (Owego) farmer
Dean, Franklin S. (Smithboro) resident
Decker, Alexander D., (Tioga Center) Methodist minister, h Main
DeCaytor, Ralph, (Owego) farm laborer
DeHart, Sanda, (Tioga Center) laborer, h Main
DeHart, Thomas (Owego) laborer
Delano, Charles, (Owego) mason
Delano, Sarah, (Owego) widow Reuben, resident
Densmore, Samuel, (Owego) farmer, works on shares for A.J. Goodrich 240
Deyo, Charles, (Tioga Center), farmer, works fosr Joseph DuBois 220
Deyo, Chauncey, (Owego) farmer
Deyo, Elijah W., (Tioga Center) miller
Dinehart, John, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Dinehart, Robert, (Smithboro) farm laborer
Doane, Janes Mrs., (Smithboro) resident
Doane, Leroy, (Smithboro) laborer
Doane, Timothy, (Strait's Corners) prop. saw-mill and farmer
Doane, William H., (Smithboro) farmer 50
Dorn, David, (Halsey Valley) farmer 160
Dorn, Willis (Halsey Valley) farmer for his father David
Dorwin, Asa F., (Owego) farmer
Dorwin, William E., (Owego)(Dorwin, Rich & Stone) also railroad contractor and farmer 235
Drake, C. Sidney, (Smithboro)(W.J. Darke & Son) h Main
Drake, Ezra P., (Halsey Valley) farmer 100
Drake, George P., (Smithboro) tinsmith
Drake, William J., (Smithboro)(W.J. Drake & Son) postmaster, h Main
Drake, W.J. & Con (Smithboro)(C.S. Drake) general merchants, hardward and tinshop and dealers in agt. imp., coal, lime, plaster and cement, Main
DuBois, John E., (Tioga Center) lumberman, h in DuBois, Pa.
DuBois, Lucy, (Tioga Center) resident, h Main
DuBois, William (Tioga Center) farmer, works for Charles Poole 234
Duff, Alexander, (Strait's Corners) farmer 150
Duff, Andrew, (Strait's Corners) farmer
Duff, Harry (Strait's Corners) farmer with his father Alexander
Duff, James, (Owego) farmer 90
Duff, Millie, (Tioga Center) widow Moses, resident
Duff, Robert H., (Tioga Center) farmer 206
Duff, Thomas, (Strait's Corners) farmer 75
Duncan, Alexander, (Owego) farmer 150
Duncan, James, (Owego) farmer 30
Earll, David, (Tioga Center) retired physician and farmer 28
Easton, Frances M., (Catatonk) resident
Eaton, Ambrose, P., lawyer, office at Waverly
Eaton, Daniel B., (Smithboro) cooper
Eckert, George F., (Smithboro) manf. eave-spouts
Eckert, Maria J., (Smithboro) widow Alexander B., resident
Edwards, Christopher, (Halsey Valley) laborer
Edwards, Samuel, (Owego) meat and grocery peddler
Ehle, George, (Strait's Corners) laborer
Elliot, Sarah A., (Smithboro) widow, resident
Evelien, Alfred, (Tioga Center) hay and potato dealer, and farmer in Candoe, h Main
Evelien, Christopher, (Tioga Center) farmer 100
Evlin, John, (Strait's Corners) farmer
Emerson, Charles, (Strait's Corners) farmer 160, and in Candor 40
Emerson, David B., (Strait's Corners) farmer 96
Emerson, Frank, (Strait's Corners) farmer 108
Emerson, George, (Strait's Corners) farmer 50
Emerson, Lot S., (Strait's Corners) farmer for his father William
Emerson, Luther, (Halsey Valley) farmer
Emerson, Mary, (Owego) widow Jonathan, resident
Emerson, Robert H., (Strait's Corners) farmer
Emerson, Samuel H., (Owego) farmer 200
Emerson, Walter, (Strait's Corners) farmer
Emerson, William, (Strait's Corners) farmer 70
Erie Hotel, (Smithboro), Cornelius Curkendoll, prop.
Estep, Jacob, (Tioga Center), farmer 45
Estep, Loren, (Tioga Center), blacksmith and wagon-maker, h do.
Farnham, Agnes L., (Owego) widow Frederick A., h do.
Farnham, Enos S., (Owego) commercial traveler and farmer 80
Farnham, George A., (Owego) farmer 65
Farnham, Herbert A., (Owego) wool-carding, wood-turning, cider-mill and farmer 250
Farnham, Joel S., (Owego), farmer 40
Farnham, Orin, (Smithboro) blacksmith
Farnham, Roland B., (Owego) farmer with his father George A.
Farnham, Sylvester J., (Owego) farmer 7
Fassett, Alonzo, (Tioga Center) farmer 25
Fenderson, Althier, (Tioga Center) widow Isaiah, resident
Fenderson, Ely, (Tioga Center) carpenter
Finch, Herbert, (Owego) farm laborer
Finn, William H., (Owego) sup't Campbell farm 230
Finnegan, Barney, (Owego) farmer 30
Fisher, Frank, (Strait's Corners) laborer
Foote, Jared A., (Owego) farmer 13 Foote, Jared H., (Owego) traveling salesman
Foote, Lyman C., (Owego) farmer 12
Ford & Bauer, (Strait's Corners)(L.F. & Bauer)
Ford, Lucius, (Strait's Corners)(Ford & Bauer)
Ford, Zera T., (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Forsyth, W. Henry (Halsey Valley) cooper
Franklin, Burton B., (Tioga Center) prop. grist-mill
Franklin, Ransom J., (Tioga Center) miller
French, Jeremiah, (Tioga Center) shoemaker, and farmer 13
Fox, Henry, (Owego) carpenter
Frister, Noah, (Smithboro) farmer

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