1887 - 88 Directory - Town of Tioga, NY

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Directory of Tioga County, New York 1887-'88 Compiled and Published by W. B. Gay & Co. Syracuse, N.Y.: The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887

The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887 Directory is arranged as follows - Name of individual or firm, postoffice address in parenthesis if different from name of town, business or occupation, figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased

Abbreviations used:
bds - boards; emp - employee; h - house; manuf - manufacturer;
prop - proprietor.
The word street is implied.
(Postoffice address is Nichols, NY unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)

I have NO information on the persons listed.
Please contact the Tioga County Historical Society.

Garber, John, (Tioga Center) resident
Gardner, Frederick, (Tioga Center) nurseryman, h Main
Gasier, William H., (Tioga Center) laborer
Gavin, Michael, (Tioga Center) trackman
Geer, Rezin J., (Strait's Corners) farmer 83
Genung, Adam S., (Smithboro) wagon-maker
Gile, Adelbert, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Gile, George, (Tioga Center) farmer for his father Leonard
Gile, Joseph, (Halsey Valley) farmer for his father William W.
Gile, Leonard, (Tioga Center) farmer 63
Gile, Samuel, (Tioga Center) farmer 25
Gile, William W., (Halsey Valley) farmer 100
Gile, Willis, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Giles, Cyrus, (Tioga Center) farmer
Giles, Daniel, (Strait's Corners) farmer
Giles, George, (Tioga Center) laborer
Giles, George, (Strait's Corners) invalid
Giles, Rufus, (Strait's Corners) laborer
Giles, Rufus D., (Strait's Corners) farmer 60
Giles, Sophia Mrs., (Smithboro) resident
Giles, Waterman, (Halsey Valley) farmer 100
Gilkey, Martha M., (Halsey Valley) widow Peter P., farm 60
Gilkey, Samuel G., (Halsey Valley) farmer 102
Gillson, Nathan S., (Owego) farmer 38
Giltner, William, (Barton) farmer 100
Goodenough, Chancey J. , (Tioga Center) shoe-shop, and grape grower, Main,
h do.
Goodrich, Andrew J., (Owego) farmer 1,150
Goodrich, Charles P. (Owego) farmer 44
Goodrich, Charles T. (Owego) farmer 100
Goodrich, Ephraim, farmer 160
Goodrich, George J., (Owego) farmer 170
Goodrich, Hiram E., (Owego) farmer 85
Goodrich, Jairus T. (Owego) farmer 27
Goodrich, Louisa (Owego), resident
Goodrich, Noah, (Owego) justice of the peace, and farmer 25
Goodrich, Sarah, (Owego) widow Herman, resident
Goodrich, Sarah, (Owego) farm 12
Goodrich, Stephen S., (Owego) apiarist 15 swarms, poultry raiser, and farmer 60
Goodwin, William H., (Halsey Valley) farmer
Gould, Charles, (Halsey Valley) farm laborer
Gould, William, (Halsey Valley) farmer 50
Green, James J., (Barton) farmer 73
Green, James L. , (Halsey Valley) farmer 50
Groat, Ira, (Owego) farmer 70
Gulden, Henry J., (Owego) works for A.J. Goodrich 230
Gulden, John, (Owego) farmer
Guyles, Charles P., (Strait's Corners) farmer, works for James Taylor 50
Haddock, Andrew J., (Tioga Center) farmer 96
Haddock, Lamont, (Tioga Center) farmer with his father Andrew J.
Halsey Valley House, (Halsey Valley) Mrs. Jane P. Higgins, prop.
Hamilton, Charles, (Tioga Center) carpenter
Hamilton, George, (Halsey Valley) harness-maker
Hamilton, Henry, (Halsey Valley) teamster
Hamilton, Sarah Miss, (Smithboro) school teacher
Hamilton, Thomas A., (Halsey Valley) farmer
Hanbury, Adam Jr., (Owego) farmer 105
Hanbury, Ezra, (Strait's Corners) farmer 58
Hanmer, George W., (Catatonk) telegraph operator
Hanna, John, (Smithboro) trackman
Harding, Adna, (Owego) farm laborer
Harding, Alonzo, (Owego) farm laborer
Hardman, John, (Owego) retired tanner
Hardman, John, (Owego) farm laborer
Hardman, John F., (Owego) drug clerk
Hardman, Patrick, (Owego) farmer 100
Hardy, Lizzie, (Smithboro) widow John, farmer 60
Harford, Edward, (Smithboro) farmer 70
Harlin, Lott, (Strait's Corners) farmer
Harlin, William, (Strait's Corners) farmer 120
Heath, Rebecca, (Halsey Valley) widow
Hermberger, Adam, (Strait's Corners) farmer 42
Hess, William, (Strait's Corners) laborer
Hevland, Douglass, (Owego) cooper
Higbee, Augusta, (Tioga Center) widow Forman S., resident
Higby, James, (Tioga Center) laborer
Higgins, Jane P. Mrs., (Halsey Valley) prop. Halsey Valley House
Hill, Abner G., (Tioga Center) justice of the peace and sawyer
Hill, Ward, (Smithboro) trackman
Hoaglin, Peter, (Owego) laborer
Hobler, Peter, (Owego) farmer 50
Hodge, Adelia, (Owego) widow Andrew C., resident
Hoff, Cornelius, (Strait's Corners) farmer 75
Hoff, Hiram, (Tioga Center) farmer 100
Hollenbeck, Charles E., (Halsey Valley) physician and surgeon, and farmer 90
Hollister, William H. (Halsey Valley) farmer 95
Holloway, John, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Holloway, John C., (Tioga Center) farmer 23
Holt, C. Edgar, (Tioga Center) farmer 96
Holt, William, (Smithboro) farmer 70
Hoover, Benjamin, (Smithboro) farmer with his father Smith F.
Hoover, Smith F., (Smithboro) farmer 73
Horton, Abram, (Owego) farmer 220
Horton, Ada F., (Owego) farm 25
Horton, Charles, (Owego) farmer 90
Horton, George M., (Smithboro) carpenter, and farmer 12
Horton, Gurdon, (Owego) farmer 100
Horton, Hannah, (Owego) widow George C., resident
Horton, Isaac S., (Owego) farmer 100
Horton, John, (Owego) farmer 105
Horton, Julia A., (Owego) widow Daniel B., farmer 25
Horton, Theodore, (Owego) agricultural implements, and farmer 100
Houghtaling, William, (Owego) farmer 14
Housten, George, (Owego) farmer 5
Howard, Bishop, (Owego) farmer 25
Hoyt, Fred D., (Halsey Valley) general merchant
Hoyt, Ira, (Halsey Valley) prop. cooper shop, and farmer 95
Hoyt, LaGrange, (Tioga Center) laborer
Hunt, Theodore, (Catatonk) farmer 34
Hurlburt, Henry, (Owego) farm laborer
Hurlburt, Perrine, (Owego) farmer
Hyatt, John D., (Owego) retired farmer
Hyatt, John M., (Owego) farmer 121
Hyde, Gordon, (Owego) cooper
Hyres, Charles, (Halsey Valley) cooper
Ide, Irwin N., (Smithboro) small fruits, and farmer 52
Ide, Jacob A., (Smithboro) berry raiser, and farmer 25
Ingersoll, Susan, (Tioga Center) widow Ebenezer, resident
Jewett, Charles F., (Catatonk) lumberman, and farmer 120
Jewett, Harris, (Catatonk) farmer 110
Jewett, Henry, (Catatonk) farmer 87
Johnson, Abigail Mrs., (Smithboro) resident
Johnson, Jay, (Halsey Valley) farmer 100
Johnson, J. Edward, (Smithboro) undertaker and carpenter
Johnson, Julius, (Barton) farmer 100
Johnson, Peter M., (Tioga Center) carpenter, and farmer 18
Johnson, Thomas, (Tioga Center) farmer, works for William Ransom 96
Johnson, Warren, (Smithboro) carpenter
Johnson, William H., (Smithboro) farmer 100
Johnson, William W., (Tioga Center) farmer
Jones, Anna, (Owego) widow Horton, resident
Jones, Horace, (Owego) farmer 60
Jones, Levi J., (Owego) farmer, works for Mrs. Beers 60
Jones, Stephen W., (Owego) saw and grist mill, turning shop, plaining-mill,
etc., and farmer 10
Kane, John, (Smithboro) trackman
Keeler, Egbert, (Owego) miller for Shaw & Dean, h 2 1/2
Kelly, Johanna Mrs., (Smithboro) resident
Kelly, John, (Tioga Center) watchman
Ketchum, Ruth M., (Barton) widow Seymour, resident
Ketchum, Seymour C., (Barton) farmer 50, and works for Daniel Daily 50
King, Adam, (Owego) farmer 185
King, Charles C., (Barton) farmer 45
King, Ezra, (Owego) farmer, works for his father Adam 53
King, Frank, (Owego) farmer 50
King, George, (Owego) farmer with his father Adam
Kinney, Amzi, (Smithboro) resident
Kline, Philip, (Tioga Center) tanner
Kirk, Charles N., (Halsey Valley) blacksmith, and armer 52
Knapp, Frederick J., (Smithboro) boots & shoes, barber, Main, h do.
Knapp, Sylvester, (Smithboro) physician
Knowlton, William, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Krum, Dillen, (Owego) farmer 25
Kurkendall, Samuel, (Tioga Center) farmer 37
Lamberson, Jedusen, (Halsey Valley) farmer 100
La Monte, Allen D., (Tioga Center) farmer with his father Seth D.
La Monte, Seth D., (Tioga Center) horse farrier and farmer 60
Landers, William, (Owego) farmer 100
Lane, Charles, (Owego) farmer, works for Thomas Dundon 50
Latimer, Jonathan C., (Tioga Center) assemblyman for Tioga Co., lumberman
and farmer 1,300
Lawler, John, (Owego) farmer with his brother Patrick 110
Lawler, Patrick, (Owego) farmer with his brother John 110
Leach, Stephen W., (Owego) prop. "Leach's Mills" grist-mill
Leach, William H., (Owego) farmer 30
Leonard, Elbridge, (Tioga Center) farmer 42
Leonard, George, (Tioga Center) mason and farmer 50
Levett, Edward, (Tioga Center) laborer
Lewis, David, (Owego) farmer 15 and works for Gilbert Truman 126
Lewis, Martin V., (Owego) farmer 75
Light, Mary, (Smithboro) widow Ely S., farm 160
Link, Joseph, (Tioga Center) laborer
Lockwood, Charles (Tioga Center) peddler
Lollis, Mercy Mrs., (Smithboro) resident
Lollis, Samuel C., (Smithboro) general merchant, Main, h do.
Longley, James F., (Owego) merchant
Lounsberry, Amos L., (Smithboro) farmer 100
Lounsberry, Benjamin, 2d, (Smithboro) farmer 109, and in Nichols 52
Lounsberry, Robert L., (Smithboro) medical student
Lounsbury, Amy F., (Tioga Center) school teacher
Lounsbury, Anson B., (Tioga Center) farmer with his mother Mary
Lounsbury, Clark, (Tioga Center) farmer 32
Lounsbury, Cornelia H., (Tioga Center) school teacher
Lounsbury, Harriet A., (Tioga Center) school teacher
Lounsbury, John L., (Tioga Center) farmer with his mother Mary
Lounsbury, Mary, (Tioga Center) widow Lewis, farm 150
Lounsbury, Sheldon, (Smithboro) apiarist 52 swarms and farmer 129
Loveless, James J., (Smithboro) farmer 25
Lovell House, (Smithboro) O.E. Lovell, prop.
Lovell, Oliver E., (Smithboro) prop. Lovell House
Luce, Parmelia P., (Smithboro) widow Lot, farmer 75
Luddington, James A., (Smithboro) farmer 85
Luddington, Joseph, (Smithboro) farmer
Lunger, Alvin, (Owego) laborer
Lyons, Marvin, (Tioga Center) laborer
Mack, Anthony, (Smithboro) section boss
Madden, John, (Smithboro) trackwalker
Madden, Martin, (Smithboro) retired
Mallery, George, (Smithboro) mason
Mallery, Henry, (Smithboro) mason
Manchester, Henry H., (Owego) life insurance
Manley, Frank N., (Halsey Valley) farmer
Manley, George S., (Halsey Valley) farmer 50
Mapes, Lewis, (Owego) blacksmith, bds. do.
Martin, Fred, (Tioga Center) general merchant, Main, h do.
Martin, Jay H., (Tioga Center) retired merchant, and farmer 113
Mastin, Julia Mrs., (Smithboro) resident
Matteson, Fayette A., (Smithboro) Baptist clergyman
Matteson, Frank, (Smithboro) divinity student
Matteson, George M. (Tioga Center) laborer
McBride, John, (Tioga Center) tanner, Main
McCormick, Elias, (Smithboro) laborer
McDermott, Michael, (Catatonk) fireman N.T. Co.
McDonald, Charles H., (Smithboro) physician and surgeon
McDonald, Edward, (Tioga Center) trackman
McDuffee, Nathaniel J., (Smithboro) farmer
McNeal, Jane, (Smithboro) widow George, resident
McNeil ___, (Smithboro) works for L.B. Pearsall 160
McWhorter, DeForest, (Tioga Center) clerk, bds. 1 Main
Mead, James R., (Owego) farmer 100
Meder, Paul, (Owego) farmer 25
Meeker, Jane, (Smithboro) resident
Merritt, John, (Tioga Center) laborer
Mespell, Joshua, (Owego) farmer 40
Mespell, Willis, (Owego) farmer
Middaugh, Jacob, (Owego) resident
Middaugh, Lorenzo T., (Smithboro) carpenter, and farmer
Miller, C. Henry, (Smithboro) farmer 400
Miller, George, (Tioga Center) tanner
Miller, Julia A., (Smithboro) widow Henry, resident
Morris, Caroline D., (Tioga Center) widow Almon, h Main
Mortz, George, (Tioga Center) tanner, bds. Main
Mortz, William, (Tioga Center) tanner, bds. Main
Mulligan, Thomas, (Owego) farmer 42
Mulock, Chancy, (Smithboro) farmer
Mulock, David, (Smithboro) farmer
Mulock, Edwin, (Smithboro) carpenter
Munnahun, Charles, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Munnahun, Mary, (Tioga Center) widow Martin, farm 12
Munson, Frederick, (Owego) farmer
Munson, Heman, (Owego) farmer
Myers, Alford, (Owego) farmer, leases of Charles Catlin 40
Nelson, George, (Owego) farmer
Nelson, James J., (Owego) farmer 20
Nelson, Winslow, (Owego) farmer 50
Nichols, Addie R. Mrs., (Smithboro) resident
Northrup, James B., (Tioga Center) farmer, works for Dr. J. Wilson 200
Oakley, Joshua, (Smithboro) farmer 50
O'Connor, James, (Owego) invalid
O'Connor, John, (Owego) farmer
O'Connor, Joseph, (Owego) gardener
O'Hara, John, (Smithboro) trackman
Ohart, Moses, (Tioga Center) prop. Tioga Center Hotel, Main
O'Hern, William, (Smithboro) trackman
Osborn, Joseph, (Strait's Corners) farmer 50
Ott, Frank U., (Owego) farmer for his father Nicholas
Ott, George D., (Owego) farmer for his father Nicholas
Ott, Nicholas, (Owego) farmer 159
Ott, Sophia, (Owego) widow Nicholas, Sr., resident
Pace, John, (Tioga Center) trackman
Park, Dunham, (Barton) farmer 200
Parmentier, Franklin M., (Owego) butcher
Pearsall, John C., (Smithboro) carpenter
Pease, William, (Owego) farmer, leases Mrs. Sisson 20
Pelham, Charles, (Owego) carpenter and farmer
Pembleton, John E., (Tioga Center) lumberman, farmer 350 and wild land 318
Pepper, Jackson S., (Smithboro) farmer 50
Pepper, John F., (Smithboro) grain and potato dealer, and farmer 100
Perry, Albert A., (Smithboro) carpenter and joiner
Perry, Leonard, (Smithboro) farmer 45, h Main
Perry, Milo M., (Smithboro) hostler
Piche, Gasper Mrs., (Tioga Center) resident
Pickering, Joseph, (Smithboro) resident
Pilkington, Charles, (Catatonk) telegraph operator
Platt, Houston, (Smithboro) farmer 10
Poole, Charles F., (Tioga Center) farmer 234
Poole, Edward V., (Smithboro) retired merchant
Poole, Murray, (Smithboro) lawyer
Post, Albert W., (Tioga Center) physician and surgeon, and farmer 160
Pressure, George, (Tioga Center) laborer
Preston, Frederick, (Owego) farm laborer
Preston, Louis, (Owego) farmer, works for A.J. Goodrich 100
Preston, Silas, (Owego) farmer
Price, John, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Pudbaugh, John, (Tioga Center) farm laborer
Quirin, Charles M., (J.G. Quirin & Co.)(Tioga Center) h Main
Quirin, Edward, (Tioga Center) tanner
Quirin, Emil J. F., (Tioga Center) tanner, h Main
Quirin, Emil F., (J.G. Quirin & Co.)(Tioga Center) h Main
Quirin, George L.A., (Tioga Center) tanner, Main
Quirin, J.G. & Co., (W.C.A., E.P. and C.H.N. Quirin)(Tioga Center)
tanners, Main
Quirin, John G., (J.G. Quirin & co.)(Tioga Center) also farmer 137, h Main
Quirin, William, (Tioga Center) tanner, h Main
Quirin, William C.A., (J.G. Quirin & Co.)(Tioga Center) h Main
Ragan, Daniel, (Owego) laborer
Randall, Walter C., (Smithboro) justice of the peace and farmer
Ransom, Warren W., (Tioga Center) farmer 130
Rauch, George, (Strait's Corners) farmer 117
Rauch, Henry E., (Strait's Corners) farmer
Rauch, John M., (Strait's Corners) farmer
Rauch, Peter A., (Strait's Corners) farmer
Rauch, Wesley, (Owego) farmer, works for Rev. S. Evans 115
Reed, Maria, (Catatonk) widow George, house-keeper
Rice, Chauncey, (Owego) farmer, leases of James Anderson 125
Rice, Rachel, (Owego) widow Merrick, resident
Richards, Benjamin, (Smithboro) farmer 168
Richards, Eugene, (Tioga Center) clerk, bds. Main
Rider, Amos L., (Strait's Corners) farmer 96
Rider, Dana B., (Halsey Valley) farmer 90
Rider, David, (Strait's Corners) farmer 100
Rider, Elethere, (Strait's Corners) resident
Rider, George T., (Halsey Valley) bartender Halsey Valley House
Rider, Isaac, (Halsey Valley) farmer 80
Rider, Jacob S., (Tioga Center) thresher and farmer 105
Rider, Seymour, (Halsey Valley) farmer with his father Dana B.
Rider, Stephen J., (Strait's Corners) farmer 98
Rider, William, (Halsey Valley) mason
Ring, Jesse B., (Owego) resident
Ring, Theron S. , (Owego) farmer
Roberts, James A., (Smithboro) farmer
Robinson, Duncan, (Owego) farm laborer
Robinson, Joel, (Owego) farmer, works for Henry Young 150
Romine, Hannah, (Owego) widow Samuel, resident
Romine, William, (Owego) tailor
Root, Oris L., (Halsey Valley) billiard and pool room and farmer in Barton 36
Ross, John W., (Smithboro) farmer 300
Rousier, Charles, (Owego) farmer 30
Rumsey, James, (Halsey Valley) farmer, works for Fred Taylor 150
Russell, Holmes W., (Owego) farmer 160

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