1887 - 88 Directory - Waverly Village, NY

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Directory of Tioga County, New York 1887-'88 Compiled and Published by W. B. Gay & Co. Syracuse, N.Y.: The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887

The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887 Directory is arranged as follows - Name of individual or firm, postoffice address in parenthesis if different from name of town, business or occupation, figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased

Abbreviations used:
bds - boards; emp - employee; h - house; manuf - manufacturer;
prop - proprietor.
The word street is implied.
(Postoffice address is Nichols, NY unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)

I have NO information on the persons listed.
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Ackerly, Nathaniel, clerk L.V.R.R. freight office, h 47 Waverly
Ackley & Bailey (P.R.A. and J.B.B.) props. Tioga Hotel, Fulton cor.
Ackley, Perrin R. (Ackley & Vailey), h S. Waverly
Akins, Jane, dressmaker, 118 Clark, bds. do.
Albertson, Charles, milk depot and creamery, h 5 Orange
Albertson, Clarence, milk dealer, bds. 5 Orange
Albertson, Daniel, retired, h 11 Orange
Aldrich, Samuel, emp. Novelty Works, h 344 Broad
Aldrich, Vernie, emp. Novelty Works, h 344 Broad
Allen, Adolphus G. (Allen & Campbell), also att'y at law, over 203
Broad, h 8 Park Place
Allen, D. Wellingotn, att'y at law, b s. 8 Park Place
Allen, Elizabeth G., widow Peleg, h 33 Waverly
Allen, Louis S., clerk, bds. 33 Waverly
Allen, William H., resident, h 321 Broad
American House (A.P. Head, prop.), 260 Broad
Andre, Jacob, retired, bds. 19 Chemung
Angell, Edward J., market gardener, h 472 Chemung
Angell, James E., market gardener, 470 Chenung, h do.
Angell, Mary L., green-house, 472 Chemung
Aplin, Eliza, widow James, h 29 Waverly
Atkins, William, retired, h 120 Clark
Atwater, Dewitt C., livery and boarding stable, Clark, and farmer 200, h
139 Clark
Atwater, Lewis D., teller, First National Bank, bds. 139 Clark
Atwood, Mary S., widow Rev. William, bds. Pennsylvania ave.
Atwood, William W., station agent D.L. & W.R.R., h 50 Fulton
Bailey, John B. (Ackley & Bailey), bds. Tioga Hotel
Baker, Mary T. Mrs., millinery, 143 Waverly, h do.
Baker, Melvin J., carpenter, h 143 Waverly
Baldwin, Albert B., boots and shoes, 6 Fulton, h 300 Chemung cor. Fulton
Baldwin, Francis H., retired, h 300 Chemung
Baldwin, Hugh J., lumber, also builder and jobber, Broad n. Pennsylvania
ave., h 320 Pennsylvania ave.
Ball, John M. Rev., retired Baptist clergyman, h 8 Pine
Barber, Clara A., preceptress academy, bds. 11 Broad
Barnes & Miller (B.D.B. and L.C.M.), groceries and provisoins, 277 Broad
Barnes, John C., mason, h 10 Elm
Barnum & Personius (S.D.B. and D.V.P.), seed, hay and grain, 264 Broad
Barnum, Hervey J., printer, bds. 166 Clark
Barnum, John W., book-keeper, h 166 Clark
Barnum, Lillian, book-keeper, 264 Broad, bds. Bradford
Barnum, Smith D. (Barnum & Personius), h Bradford
Barr, John, upholsterer, h over 251 Broad
Barr, John C., cabinet maker, Elizabeth, h Chemung
Barrington, Michael, laborer, h Erie
Barrows, Abram H. (Wilcox & Barrows), h 120 Waverly
Barton, Alfred, clerk, h Clark
Barton, Charles, emp. pipe foundry, h 102 Waverly
Bassett, Henry, carpenter, h Orange
Bassett, James, clerk, bds. over 226 Broad
Bauer, Andrew M., painter, h 30 Broad
Baxter, Robert J., machinist, h 12 Providence
Beach, Arthur N., telegraph operator, bds. Christie House
Beach, Eliza J., physician, 208 Pennsylvania ave., h do.
Beams, Horace E., emp. Swift & Co., h 28 Clark
Beardslee, Edson E., drayman, h 2 Ithaca
Beardslee, Mary Mrs., dressmaker, 2 Ithaca, h do.
Beekman, Emma, dressmaker, 127 Chemung, bds. do.
Beekman, Sarah A., widow Isaac, 127 Chemung
Bell, Minor, emp. Novelty Works, h 25 Providence
Belles, William, emp. Thatcher & Co., h 427 Chemung
Bellis, Jacob, emp. Novelty Works, bds. 111 Howard
Beman, John, hack stble, and prop. transfer line, Clark, bds. Tioga Hotel
Beman, Merritt, h Loder, refused to give information
Bennet, Stephen, druggist, and sporting goods, Broad, h 5 Clark
Bennett, Alanson, night watch, h off Lincoln
Bennett, Alfred, retired, h 128 Chemung
Bennett, Frank, teamster, bds. 17 Providence
Bennett, Sophia, widow Amos, h rear 32 Fulton
Bentley, Abram W., livery, Broad, h 23 do.
Bentley, John L., liveryman, Broad, bds. 23 do.
Berry, Ira L., traveling salesman, h 106 Fulton
Betowski, W. Leon, merchant tailor, 123 Broad, h 10 Johnson
Bill, Mary, widow, h 343 Broad
Bingham, Jefferson, grocer, h 337 Broad
Bissett, William H., laborer, bds. Lyman ave.
Bixby, Fred, telegraph operator, bds. 47 Fulton
Bixby, Harrison, h 446 Chemung
Blizzard, Edward, messenger, bds. 131 Fulton
Blizzard, George S., drayman, h 131 Fulton
Blossom, Amanda, dressmaker, bds. 16 Chemung
Blossom, Jason B., contractor and builder, 16 Chemung, h do.
Boda & Dimmock (W.H.B. and C.S.D.) meat market, 231 Broad
Boda, William H. (Boda & Dimmock) h 32 Pine
Bodle, John D., carpenter, bds. 411 Chemung
Bogart, Henry, engineer, h 8 Tioga
Boggs, Charles, porter, Hotel Warford, bds. do.
Boggs, George, laborer, bds. 401 Chemung
Bonfoey, Hubert R., clerk L.V.R.R. freight office, h over 237 Broad
Bonnell, Benjamin W., clerk Erie freight office, h 122 Clark
Boorom, Chauncey D., carpenter, h Chemung
Borland, William, laborer, h 43 Orange
Bostwick, Silas W., painter and paper-hanger, Waverly, h do.
Botrand, Sylvester, brakeman, h 139 Howard
Bowen, George Rev., rector Grace Church, h 400 Chemung
Bowen, George H., cutter, bds. 400 Chemung
Bowen, James, clerk postoffice, bds. 400 Chemung
Bowen, Mary I., clerk, bds. 400 Chemung cor. Waverly
Boyd, Harry C., cigar packer, h Fulton
Bradley, Julian A., machinist, h 22 Johnson
Bradley, William H., resident, h Loder
Bray, James B., editor and prop. Free Press, also job printing, 15 Fulton,
h 17 do.
Brewster, Curtis, variety store, Broad, h 308 Pennsylvania ave.
Brewster, Elliot S., carpenter, h Fulton
Brewster, Harvey C., emp. Erie depot, h 180 Clark
Brewster, M. Lewis, emp. R.R., h 10 Pine
Brewster, Newton C., teacher of penmanship, h E. Waverly
Brewster, Rosanna, widow George, h 180 Clark
Briley ___, widow ___, milliner over 151 Broad, h do.
Bristol, Nathan S., clerk L.V.R.R. freight office, h 108 Waverly
Brockitt, George H., brakeman, h Spring
Brooks, Charles C., insurance, over 201 Broad, h 106 Pennsylvania
Brooks, Charles E., chief of police, bds. 106 Pennsylvania ave.
Brooks, Charles W., clerk, h 13 Orange
Brooks, Lizzie E., dress and cloak maker, 12 Waverly, h do.
Brougham, Mary C., resident, 501 Chemung
Brown, Charles E., pianos, organs and sewing machines, 267 Broad, h 125
Lincoln cor. Hickory
Brown, Charles E., emp. R.R. shops, Sayre, h Lyman ave.
Brown, Dowlington J., tea store, 261 Broad, h 29 Orange
Brown, Ella, teacher, bds. 11 Broad
Brown, Jacob M., clerk, bds. 29 Orange
Brown, Merle A.J., clerk, bds. Lincoln cor. Hickory
Brown, Orilla, widow Jesse, h 39 Broad
Bruster, George C., art and ladies furnishing goods, 232 Broad, h
Pennsylvania ave.
Buck, Abbie B., widow Josiah T., h 206 Chemung
Buck, George, resident, h 130 Howard
Buck, Michael B., brakeman, bds. Loder
Buckbee, Augusta, widow Enos, h 119 Clark
Buckley, Nellie, widow Bradford, h 466 Chemung
Buley, James D., retired, h 35 Fulton
Buley, Joseph M., town collector, and sexton Presbyterian Church, h 112
Buley, Joseph M., Jr., messenger, W.U. Tel. office, bds. 112 Chemung
Buley, Judd E., book-keeper for H.J. Baldwin, bds. 35 Fulton
Buley, Lewis J.Q., clerk, bds. 112 Chemung
Bunn, Albert R., boots and shoes, 219 Broad, h 121 Waverly
Bunnell, D. Ann, widow William, bds. 43 Waverly
Burgess, Lizzie T., teacher, bds. 505 Chemung
Burke, Mrs., widow ___, h Erie
Bush, Abram, passenger conductor, G.I. & S.R.R., room over 265 Broad
Bush, Laura S. (H.M. Wilcox & Co.), widow J.G., h 25 Waverly
Butts, Henry S., manuf. patent medicines, h 204 Pennsylvania ave.
Cadwell, Lorenzo, retired, h 123 Chemung
Cahill, Michael, foreman repair shop, Erie R.R., h 57 Broad
Cahill, Michael J., clerk, bds. 57 Broad
Cain, Daniel W., laborer, h 33 Waverly
Callahan, John, laborer, h 121 Erie
Camp, Carrie Mrs., resident, h Clark
Campbell, Abram F., carpenter, h Clark
Campbell, Clarence C., coal dealer at East Waverly, h 8 Park Place
Campbell, Emery J., resident, h 420 Chemung
Campbell, Frank J., clerk, L.V.R.R. freight office, h 48 Fulton
Campbell, William, car inspector, h 111 Lincoln
Canall, Charles W., cigarmaker, bds. 135 Chemung
Caney, Phoebe A., laundress, h Hickory
Careau, Frances, dressmaker, bds. 43 Orange
Carey, Daniel G., patent medicine manuf., Broad, h 421 Chemung
Carey, Erastus, laborer, h Hickory
Carey, Rebecca C., widow William J., bds. 45 Orange
Carey, Samuel C., traveling salesman, bds. 421 Chemung
Carmody, Thomas F., saloon, Fulton h do.
Carmoody, Simon, assistant train dispatcher, Erie R.R., bds. Warford House
Carpenter, Harrison W., laborer, h 109 Lincoln
Carpenter, Lou A., widow Stephen, resident, bds. 33 Fulton
Carr & Teachman (C.S.C. & I.P.T.) meat market 119 Broad
Carr, Clark S. (Carr & Teachman) h 34 Broad
Carr, Robert, brakeman, h 236 Broad
Carroll, John, station agent Erie depot, h 110 Fulton
Case, Angeline E., widow John, h 111 Howard
Case, Cornelius, carpenter, h 125 Howard
Case, George W., carpenter, h 47 Orange
Case, Irving, painter, bds. 125 Howard
Case, James, foreman Novelty works, h 24 Loder
Chaffee, Charles F., drug clerk, h 113 Park ave.
Chaffee, Daniel, switchman, h 12 Loder
Chaffee, Ellen A., widow William A., h 5 Lincoln
Chaffee, Myrtie M., dressmaker, bds. 5 Lincoln
Chall, John, building mover, h 29 Broad
Chamberlain, Edward, drayman, h Pine
Chambers, Catharine, widow Thomas, bds. 15 Loder
Chatam, Myron, clerk, bds. Waverly
Christie House, W.H. Goldsmith, prop., Fulton, opp. Erie depot
Christie, John M., retired, h 27 Fulton
Clark, Benjamin B., retired, h 200 Pennsylvania ave.
Clark, Charles H., bakery and confectionery, 121 Broad, h Pleasant
Clark, James A., hardware, stoves, etc., 217 Broad, h 316 Pennsylvania ave.
Clark, Lyman W., painter, h over 234 Broad
Clark, Warren M., foreman Sayre Butter Package Company, h 116 Waverly
Clarke & Ralyea (F.H.C. & W.H.R.) cigars and tobacco, 275 Broad
Clark, Floyd H. (Clarke & Ralyea) h Chemung
Clawsey, James, laborer, h Erie
Clemens, Charles H., emp. pipe foundry, h 330 Broad
Clohessy, Michael J., clerk, h Pitney
Cobb, Adolphus, locomotive engineer, bds. Warford House
Cochran, Frisby M., engineer, h 123 Clark
Coffee, John, laborer, h 112 Howard
Cole, Archie, cigarmaker, bds. 104 Waverly
Cole, Charles, porter Commercial Hotel, bds. do.
Cole, Mary, widow James, h 135 Howard
Cole, Minnie E., widow Edmond C., h 104 Waverly
Coleman, Gabriel, farmer, h 24 Park Place
Coleman, Jacob S., carpenter, h 24 Park Place
Coleman, Samuel, blacksmith, bds. 437 Chemung
Collins, Michael, switchman, h Broad
Commercial Hotel, D.S. Kennedy, prop., Fulton cor. Elizabeth
Compton, Eugene, harness maker, h over 151 Broad
Compton, James E., miller, h 140 Waverly
Compton, Richard W., shoemaker, Erie, h do.
Comstock, A.B. Mrs, art teacher, 126 Waverly
Comstock, Alphonso B., photographer over 208 Board, h 126 Waverly
Cone, Betsey, widow John, h 3 Tioga
Congdon, Lynn, emp. Novelty works, h 337 Broad
Conklin, Levi K., emp. wheel foundry, h 318 Broad
Conley, Michael, brakeman, bds. 381 B road
Cooper, Daniel H. Rev., pastor Baptist church, h 13 Tioga
Coooper, Seymour R., sewing machines, 18 Johnson, h do.
Corby, Allen W., emp. Toy shop
Corby, Ezekiel, teamster, h 17 Providence
Corey, William A., carpenter, h 310 Penn. ave.
Cortright, Lewis, switchman, h 131 Chemung
Cortright, Mrs., h 16 Loder
Corwin, Lewis, shoemaker, Broad, h Pine
Corwin, Oliver B., butter, salt, and grass seed, 270 Broad, h Fulton
Coryell, Vincent M., retired, h 20 Park ave.
Costello, John, blacksmith, bds. 147 Howard
Courtwright, William H., emp. S.A. Genung, h Fulton
Cowen, William C., conductor, h 105 Clark
Cramer, John, locomotive engineer, h 202 Howard
Crandall, Charles M., manuf. Crandall's building blocks, toys and games,
Broad n Spaulding, h Howard
Crandall, Jesse M., book-keeper for C.M. Crandall, bds. Howard
Criddle, James, resident, h 8 Providence
Crispin, Charles E., photographer, bds. over 241 Broad
Crogger, George, barber, h over 283 B road
Crowley, Jerry, laborer, h 219 Howard
Cummings, Edward, retired, h 33 Orange
Curran, Andrew, laborer, h 223 Erie
Curran, Catharine M., widow Thaddeus, bds. 159 Clark
Curran, Floyd, clerk, h 110 Howard
Curran, Merritt D., brakeman, h 2 Ithaca
Curran, Thomas, resident, h 121 Erie
Curran, William, emp. Erie R.R., h 18 Broad
Curtis, Frederick, barkeeper, h 416 Chemung
Curtis, Levi, miller, h 100 Penn. ave.
Dailey, William E., mason, 1 Spring, h do.
Daily, Harriet B., widow Peter, h 118 Clark
Daily, John, musician, h 14 Johnson
Dalton, Thomas, laborer, h 39 Broad
Dalton, William, brakeman, h 413 Chemung
Darling, Dexter H., clerk 202 Front, rooms do.
Davenport, Frank L., laborer, bds. Chemung cor. Orchard
Davenport, Jacob, teamster, h 413 Chemung
Davis, Samuel S., emp. Novelty works, h 26 Elm
Dearborn, Charles, conductor Lehigh Valley R.R., h Chemung
Dearborn, Mack, conductor, h 118 Clark
Debabery, Augustus, peanut vendor, Broad n Loder
Decker, Abram I., supervisor, also prop. Decker tannery, h Chemung
Decker, Andrew J., carpenter, h 18 Orange
Decker, Jefferson, laborer, h 45 Orange
Decker, John, emp. Decker's tannery, h 19 Clark
Decker, Seely, laborer, h 135 Howard
DeForest, Charles, supt. poor, h 114 Waverly
Deitrich, Lewis, watchman, bds. 381 Broad
Delaney, David C., emp. Erie Ex. Co., bds. 16 Providence
Delaney, Dewitt C., sewing machines, bds. Spaulding
Delaney, John, brakeman, h 113 Erie
Delany, Daisy, clerk, h Fulton
Delany, John, night watch Lehigh Valley R.R. office, h Fulton
Delany, William E., freight agent D., L. & W. depot, h 47 Fulton
Demorest, Clarence L., boots and shoes, 247 Broad, h 7 Tioga
Demorest, Elmer, traveling salesman, h 44 Waverly
Demorest, Polly B., widow Leonard, h 7 Tioga
Denn, Alfred W., resident, bds. 22 Elm
Denn, Almira, resident, h 20 Elm
Denn, Angeline, widow Alfred, h 22 Elm
Denton, Mary, resident, bds. 6 Park Place
Deuel, Amos E., harness maker, 250 Broad, h Lincoln
Deuel, Amos E., Jr., postal clerk, h 108 Lincoln
Deuel, John T., manager for A.E. Deuel, bds. 108 Lincoln
Devine, Michael J., clerk, h 244 Broad
Deyo, William S., emp. Mills & O'Brien, h Broad
Dick, Andrew, carpenter, h Elm
Dickson, Jane, widow Charles, h 337 Broad
Dilamarter, John, laborer, h Chemung cor. Tioga
Dimmick, Franklin, rtired, h 107 Chemung
Dimmock, Charles S. (Boda & Dimmock) h 192 Clark
Dingee, John T., florist, 116 Lincoln, h do.
Dingman, Edward, mason, bds. Hotel Warford
Dinmore, Joseph V., resident, h 128 Clark
Doane, Emmett A., carpenter, bds. 138 Chemung
Doane, Gabriel P., contractor and builder, 138 Chemung, h do.
Dobell, William, emp. Novelty Works, h over 151 Broad
Dodge, Ira G., lumber dealer, bds. 9 Providence
Donnelly, Owen, shoemaker, 218 Erie, h do.
Donovan, Frank, brakeman, bds. 22 Park Place
Dorsett & Faulkner (S.C.D. and J.E.F.) meat market, 215 Broad
Dorsett, Samuel C. (Dorsett & Faulkner) h 105 Waverly
Dorsey, Albert B., emp. pipe foundry, h 232 Erie
Douglass, John, night clerk Tioga Hotel, bds do.
Dove, Burr, emp. Novelty Works, bds. 18 Chemung
Dove, Fred, cigarmaker, bds. 18 Chemung
Dove, Maria, widow Samuel, h 18 Chemung
Downs, Thomas, blacksmith, h Broad
Draper, Eli S., emp. Bottling Works, h 24 Clark
Driscoll, Mary, widow Jeremiah, bs. 105 Chemung
Drobnyk, Joseph F., cutter, h 125 Fulton
DuBois, Joseph, retired, h 22 Waverly
Dunham, James J., wagonmaker, Broad n Pennsylvania ave., h do.
Dunn, Charles A., emp. pipe foundry, bds. Christie House
Dunn, Peter F., porter, bds. Broad n Loder
Dunning, Charity, widow William, h 138 Waverly
Dunning, Jacob P., retired, bds. Warford House
Dunning, Julia C., widow Jacob, bds. 47 Waverly
Durfey, Almira, widow Lyman, bds. 301 Chemung
Durfey, Edson B., milller, h Broad n Johnson
Durfey, Riton, resident, bds. 301 Chemung

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