1887 - 88 Directory - Waverly Village, NY

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Directory of Tioga County, New York 1887-'88 Compiled and Published by W. B. Gay & Co. Syracuse, N.Y.: The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders. 1887

The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders 1887 Directory is arranged as follows - Name of individual or firm, postoffice address in parenthesis if different from name of town, business or occupation, figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased

Abbreviations used:
bds - boards; emp - employee; h - house; manuf - manufacturer;
prop - proprietor.
The word street is implied.
(Postoffice address is Nichols, NY unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)

I have NO information on the persons listed.
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LaBarre, Jehehiel T., carpenter, h 329 Broad
Laine, Henry T., emp. L.V.R.R., h 325 Broad
Lambkin, Russell, emp. Novelty Works, h 33 Fulton
La Mont, Phebe, resident, h 44 Broad
Lane, Irene A., widow Lewis, h Pine
Lang, Percy L., asst. cashier First Nat. Bank, h 105 Chemung
Langheed, John H., emp. Atwater's Livery, h 127 Chemung
Lantz, George W., clerk, 138 Clark
Lappla, Philip H., wood carver, h 16 Park Place
Lariew, H. Porter, agent Elmira oil company, h Loder
Larnard, Asoeph S., confectionery and cigars, 3 Elizabeth, h do.
Larnard, A. Warren, contractor and builder, Lyman ave h do.
Larnard, George H., clerk, bds. 3 Elizabeth
Larnard, Theo R., carpenter, h 129 Lincoln
Lassly, Elijah M., livery and feed stable, Clark n Broad, h 141 Waverly
Lathrop, Frederick M., emp. L.V.R.R., h 8 Athens
Lathrop, Helen, widow Simon, h 8 Athens
Lawrence, Charles, stationery engineer, bds. 330 Broad
Layman, J. Lewellyn, emp. R.R. shop, Sayre, h 19 Clark
Leavitt, Clara W., widow Harry, bds. Lincoln
Lehigh Valley R.R. Freight Office, Bert Hayden, agent, Fulton cor. Erie
Lemon, Israel G., fire and life insurance, over 245 Broad, h 17 Orange
Lemon, James, foundry and machine shop and manuf. land rollers, Broad, h 8 Park ave.
Lenox, Frank B., brakeman, bds. 263 Broad
Lenox, George F., baggageman, h 101 Broad
Lent, Clarence A., contractor and builder, Lincoln cor. Spring
Lent, W. Nelson, apiarist, bds. Lincoln
Lester, Albert J., clerk L.V.R.R. Ft. office, h 6 Athens
Lewis, John H., resident, h Pine
Lewis, Walter H., resident, h 17 Park Place
Linden, Hugh, emp. pipe foundry, bds. Christie House
Lindsey, Frances A., Mrs., laundress, h Pine
Lindsey, Grant W., cigar maker, h over 336 Broad
Lindsey, Willialm, carpenter, h 31 Clark
Lindsley, Parks, steward Tioga Hotel, bds. do.
Lockerby, George, brakeman, h Elm
Lockerby, Wallace H., barber 12 Fulton, h Broad cor. Pine
Lockwood, George, brakeman, h Elm
Lord, Louis F., (Hanford & Lord) h 16 Main
Lott, John, car inspector, h Lyman ave.
Lowman, Everett H., postal clerk, bds. 473 Chemung
Lowman, Harriet C., widow Hovey E., resident, h 473 Chemung
Lowman, Nathan B., clerk L.V.R.R. Ft. office, h 473 Chemung
Lubars, Anna D., widow John F., bds. 11 Lincoln
Luce, John G., book-keeper First Nat. Bank, h 22 E. Main
Luce, Joseph D., machinist, h Loder
Lum, Daniel J., insurance, Waverly, h do.
Lum, Mattie C., teacher, bds. Waverly
Lyford, Frederick E., cashier First Nat. Bank, h 21 Park Place
Lyman, Moses, resident, h Waverly
Lynch, James, clerk, bds. Lder
Lynch, Rose A., millinery over 232 Broad, h do.
Lyon, ___ (not given), farmer, h. 111 Park
Lyon, George F., (Hall & Lyon) h fulton
Lyons, Charles T., physician and surgeon, retired, h 204 Chemung
Lyons, Smith E., clerk, h 29 Waverly
Mack, Mary, Mrs., resident, h Broad
Mahoney, John, shoemaker, Broad, h 105 Chemung
Mandeville, Emmet, painter, bds. 16 Providence
Mandeville, Henry D., fireman, h Pine
Mandeville, Mahlon H., jeweler over 228 Broad, h 111 Fulton
Manners, Vincent C., clerk, bds. 11 Broad
Manning, Elwin W., manager for Mrs. E.W. Manning, 249 Broad, h 103 Waverly
Manning, E.W., Mrs., millinery of all kinds, 249 Broad, h 103 Waverly
Manning, Gurdon G., justice of the peace, over 206 Broad, h 37 Clark
Maroney, Daniel, railroad conductor, h 140 Howard
Moseley, George e., laborer, h 210 Howard
Masonic Hall, Thomas Salisbury, janitor, Manner Block, Broad
Masterson, Julius C., retired, bds. 21 Johnson
Maxwell, Emily A., widow Albert P., h 18 Providence
Maxwell, Frank B., conductor, h Clark
McArdle, Bernard, blacksmith, 302 Broad, h Clinton ave.
McCarthy, Daniel, engineer, h 19 Loder
McCarthy, James, laborer, h Erie
McDonald, Amanda, widow Alexander, h 422 Chemung
McDonald, David, baggageman, h 41 Waverly
McDonald, Duncan, retired, h 40 Waverly
McDonald, Duncan, locomotive engineer, h Chemung
McDonald, Duncan J., news and variety store, 247 Broad, h 422 Chemung
McDonald, Eliza, widow Morris, h 14 Clark
McDonald, Nellie, book-keeper Mills & O'Brien, h Howard cor. Spaulding
McDonald, Owen, laborer, h 201 Howard
McDonald, Owen, Jr., laborer, h 201 Howard
McDonald, Patrick, bar-tender Tioga House, bds. do.
McDonald, Sarah A., Mrs., tailoring and gents' furnishing goods, 265 Broad, h Chemung
McDonald, Wellington, clerk, bds. Warford House
McDonough, Patrick, bds. 345 Broad
McElwain, Alexander, shoemaker, h 5 Chemung
McElwain, Margarett, widow Robert, h 5 Chemung
McEwen, William, emp. Novelty Works, h 155 Waverly
McGuffie, Matthew, clerk U.S. Ex. Co., h Loder
McHale, Patrick J., emp. L.V.R.R., h 19 Johnson
McIntyre, Albert J., mason, Lincoln, h do.
McKerrow, William, car inspector, h 111 Lincoln
McKibbon, Henry, emp. Novelty Works, bds. 18 Orange
McMahon, John, brakeman, bds. Commercial Hotel
McNanara, George, cigarmaker, h over 219 Broad
McNeirney, John, laborer, h 376 Broad
McPherson, Nancy, widow Alexander, bds. 34 Broad
McShane, Edward Rev., pastor St. James church, h 103 Clark
Mead, Charles A.a, carpenter, h Spring
Mead, Eadie W., photographer, h 10 Providence
Mead, Joseph, traveling salesman, h 12 Pine
Mead, Montgomery, photographer, h 10 Providence
Mead, Tabitha J., Mrs., photographer over 204 Broad, h 10 Providence
Meeker, Mrs., widow John, h 24 Providence
Melvin, Emma, Miss, laundress, h 2 Pennsylvania ave.
Mercereau & Co. (John and Henry) cigar manuf. Broad cor. Penn. ave.
Mercereau, Henry C., (Mercereau & Co.) h 4 Park Place
Mercereau, Henry, (Mercereau & Co.) h Maple
Mercereau, John, Mercereau & Co.) h Maple
Mercereau, John D., (Mercereau & co.) h 15 Park Place
Merriam Bros., (H.G. & C.E.) hardware, 235 Broad and 3 Waverly
Merriam, Charles E. (Merriam Bros.) Broad, h 414 Chemung
Merriam, Frank W., book-keeper 356 Broad, bds. 414 Chemung
Merriam, Henry G., (Merriam Bros.) h 13 Park ave.
Merrill, Arthur T., emp. R.R. shops Sayre, h 10 Tioga
Merrill, Elisha B., retired, h 22 Lincoln
Merrill, Lena E., emp. Toy Shop, bds. 10 Tioga
Merrill, Luke T., retired, h 109 Clark
Miller, Cassandra B., dressmaker 482 Chemung, h do.
Miller, Charles, drayman, h 15 Johnson
Miller, Charles W., tinsmith, h 108 Howard
Miller, Edmund, retired, h 23 Fulton
Miller, Emma, Mrs., resident, h 26 Waverly
Miller, Louis C., (Barnes & Miller) h 15 Johnson
Miller, Samuel W., meat market, 248 Broad, h 482 Chemung
Mills & O'Brian, (T.M. &M.D. O'B.) bottling works, Elizabeth
Mills, Charles L., farmer 30, h 113 Chemung
Mills, Theodore, (Mills & O'Brian) h 25 Clark
Mills, Thomas, cabinet maker, h 103 Spaulding
Millspaugh, Paul, clerk, bds. 109 Waverly
Mink, George R., cigarmaker, h 10 Athens
Minick, Benjamin F., retired, bds. 2 Orchard
Minnick, I.H., Mrs., dressmaker 28 Loder, h do.
Minnick, Isaac H., machiniest, h 28 Loder
Minnick, Robert F., clerk, bds 28 Loder
Mitchell, Thomas S., machinist, h 3 Athens
Mix, James F., carpenter, R.R. shops Sayre, h 159 Wavely
Moelich, Julius, machinist, h 217 Howard
Monyhan, Johanna, widow John, h 138 Howard
Monyhan, John, blacksmith, h 138 Howard
Monyhan, Patrick, blacksmith, bds. 138 Howard
Morgan, William, fireman, h 316 Broad
Moore, Lemuel C., carpenter, h 129 Howard
Morgan, David, painter, 51 Waverly, h do.
Morgan, Frederick S., mason, Clark, h do.
Morgan, George B., mason, h 16 Johnson
Morgan, George, Mrs., milliner, 16 Johnson, h do.
Morgan, John W., mason contractor, h 112 Lincoln
Morley, Dwight, saloon and billiards, 6 Waverly, h do.
Morris, Charles, emp. Novelty Works, bds. 16 Providence
Mosier, Hiram W., carpenter, h Pine
Moore, Lemuel C., carpenner, h 22 Maple
Moore, William E., farmer, h 105 Park ave.
Mott, Amasa S., tailor over 222 Broad, h 28 Park ave.
Mott, William N., tailor over 222 Broad, h 28 Park ave.
Mullock, Albert, (Mullock Bros.) h Elm
Mullock Bros. (Corwin & Albert) drugs and medicines, 229 Broad
Mullock Corwin, (Mullock Bros.) h 131 Waverly
Mullock, Gabriel L. (Ornamental Sign Company) h 135 Waverly
Mulock, Lewis W., retired, h 135 Waverly
Muncey, Adolph, emp. L.V.R.R., bds. Loder
Muncey, Alfred, carpenter, h Loder
Munn, Frank E., (Sager & Munn) h 106 Waverly
Murdoch, Charles, foreman Erie transfer, rooms Campbell Block, Broad
Murdoch, Eliza N., (E.N. Murdoch & Co.) h 123 Waverly
Murdoch, E.N. & Co. (J.K. Murdoch) fancy goods, 222 Broad
Murdoch, John K. (E.N. Murdoch & Co.) also agent U.S. Ex. Co., h 123 Waverly
Murray, George S., clerk, bds. Pine
Murray, Harriet E., widow Thomas J., resident, h Pine
Murray, Hattie C., dressmaker, bds. Pine
Murray, Jacob, retired, h Chemung
Murray, Mary L., dressmaker, Pine, bds. do.
Murry, George S., clerk, 114 Pine
Myer, John M., retired, h 16 Elm
Myer, Samuel S., laborer, bds. 16 Elm
Myers, Charles K., tobacconist and gunsmith, 201 Broad, h 168 Clark
Myers, David W., carpenter, h 196 Clark
Myers, Edward D., clerk, bds. 115 Clark
Myers, George L., baker, bds. 115 Clark
Myers, Leonard D., constable and deputy sheriff, h 115 Clark
Nelson, Elmer, dentist, over 251 Broad, h Bradford
Nelson, James, mason, h 146 Waverly
Nelson, Myron H., conductor, h 123 Fulton
Nelson, Phineas, harness and trunks, 127 Broad, h Clark
Hevins, James P., clerk, bds. 37 Clark
Newland, Charles, clerk, bds. Clark
Newell, Frank M., (Newell Mfg. Co.) h Clark
Newell, Stephen H., traveling salesman, h 30 Fulton
Nichols, Eben, carpenter, h 11 Pine
Nichols, Hurley L., tobacco and cigars, 213 Broad, h Pine
Nichols, Leonard H., bartender, bds. over 209 Broad
Noble, Albert C. (Noble & Noble) h Elizabeth
Noble & Noble (W.H. & A.C.) publishers Weekly Tribune, Elizabeth
Noble, Mary B., widow Dr. Carlton M., bds. Elizabeth
Noble, William H., (Noble & Noble) h Elizabeth
Nolan, James, blacksmith, h 12 Providence
Noonan, Mortice, laborer, h 220 Erie
North, W. Edward, carpenter, h 140 Clark
Northup, Emery H., clerk, h Pitney
O'Brian, Edward, brakeman, bds. 12 Providence
O'Brian, Michael D., (Mills & O'Brian) h 36 Fulton
O'Farrell, Edward J., clerk, h Fulton
Olney, Caleb B., retired, h 16 Broad
Orange, Emily H., widow George W., h 206 Chemung
Ornamental Sign Company (G.L. Mullock & S.C. Smith) Broad
Osterhout, Katie, dressmaker, 23 Broad, bds. do.
Owen, Hannah, widow William P., resident, h 40 Fulton
Owen, Ithiel P., painter, h 343 Broad
Palmer, Kate, widow Luman, h 24 Lincoln
Parks, Albert E., painter, h 29 Providence
Parks, James R., retired, h 11 Lincoln
Parks, Ned L., emp. pipe foundry, h Erie cor. Pennsylvania ave.
Parshall, Luther, real estate, h 464 Chemung
Parshall, Ransom, retired, h 12 Elm
Parsons & Freestone, (James F.P. & George S.F.) groceries and provisions, 207 Broad
Parsons, Fred K., fireman, h 31 Orange
Parsons, James F., (Parsons & Freestone) h Loder
Paul, James M., emp. M. Lyman and farmer 54, h Moore
Payne, Frederick Y., traveling salesman, h 6 Park Place
Payne, Sarah, widow Hiram, h 204 Chemung
Pearman, Julia M., resident, h 140 Clark
Pease, David, marble cutter, h 120 Chemung
Peironnet, Emma V., widow John S., resident, h 26 Waverly
Pendell, Charles D., emp. Toy Shop, bds. 143 Lincoln
Pendell, John Lyman, emp. Toy Shop, bds. 143 Lincoln
Pendell, John R. Rev., (Bap.) h 144 Lincoln
Pendell, Mary E.O., music teacher, bds. 143 Lincoln
Pendleton, Charles E., ex-cashier Home Savings Bank, bds. 106 Penn. ave.
Penney, Eleanor, widow Nelson F., resident, h 308 Pennsylvania ave.
Pepper, Frank, laborer, h 49 Orange
Perkins, Edward F., clerk, h Broad
Perkins, Frank A., clerk, bds. Broad cor. Chemung
Perkins, Fred C., clothing, hats, caps and gents' furnishing goods, 208 Main, h 70 Fulton
Perkins, La Fayette, traveling salesman, 1 Broad
Perry, Hanson, emp. Sniffen & Scott, h Clark
Personius, Daniel V., (Barnum ≈ Personius) 12 Clinton Ave.
Persons, E. Delos, groceries, crockery and provisions, 206 Broad, h 38 Clark
Phillips, Frank W., plumber, h Chemung
Phillips, Harry E., clerk 251 Broad, h at Sayre
Phillips, John W., painter and paper-hanger, bds. Chemung
Phillips, Thomas J., (Phillips & Curtis) h 45 Waverly
Piatt, Susan, widow John, bds. 443 Chemung
Pierce, Alonzo E., emp. Erie R.R., h 108 Chemung
Pierce, Amelia M., widow John H., resident, bds. 126 Waverly
Pierce, Henry G., commercial traveler, h 323 Broad
Pierce, Josiah, retired, h 106 Chemung
Pike, George, clerk, bds. 36 Pine
Pike, Grove N., meat market, 109 Broad, h 36 Pine
Pilgrim, Frederick, bakery and confectionery, 241 Broad, h do.
Polleys, Ellen D., widow William, h 112 Waverly
Polleys, Harriet, compositor, bds. 112 Waverly
Poole, Eva M., milliner, bds. 6 Tioga
Post, Henry W., butcher, h Providence
Post, John C., laborer, h 70 Fulton
Powers, Frank, brakeman, h 111 Erie
Powers, John, shoemaker, h 130 Lincoln
Powell, Levi J., saloon and restaurant, h 115 Howard
Price, George, brakeman, h Broad n Pennsylvania ave.
Price, Nathaniel W., retired, h 5 Pine
Price, N.W., Mrs., carpet weaver, 5 Pine h do.
Price, Willis H., carpenter, h Blizard
Puff & Williams, (M.F.P. & A.D.W.) meat market, Fulton
Puff, Myron F., (Puff & Williams) h Pleasant
Purdy, Charles E., saloon, 125 Broad, h do.
Quick, Adeline L., resident, bds. 113 Fulton
Quick, Alvin, emp. L.V.R.R., bds. 16 Providence
Quick, Fannie C., emp. Toy Factory, bds. 113 Fulton
Quick, Mary, widow Stephen C., resident, h 113 Fulton
Quick, Minnie, Mrs., private school, 3 Athens h do.
Quick, Susan A., emp. Toy Factory, bds. 113 Fulton
Quigley, Michael, groceries and provisions, 263 Broad, h Loder
Quimby, Elmer, blacksmith, Broad, bds. 34 do.
Race, Jabez W., resident, h Waverly
Racklyeft, John, boots and shoes, 267 Broad, h 36 Broad
Ralyea, William H., (Clark & Ralyea) h Fulton
Randolph, Byron F., conductor, h 132 Clark
Reckhow, Sarah A., widow Isaac, resident, h 21 Pennsylvania ave.
Reese, Elias, night watchman, h Fulton
Reeve, James I., retired, h 27 Park avenue
Reigeluth, Conrad, drug clerk, bds. 164 Clark
Reigeluth, John J., tinsmith, h Clinton ave.
Reigeluth, Louisa, dressmaker, bds. 164 Clark
Reigeluth, Mary, widow Jacob, h 164 Clark
Rew, Samuel, barber, bds. Warford House
Reynolds, James, blacksmith, bds. Broad
Reynolds, Johanna, widow John, h Broad
Rezeau, Harry G., saloon 209 Broad, h do.
Rezeau, Joseph O., saloon 109 Broad, h do.
Richardson, Isaac, barkeeper, h Waverly
Riggs, George W., carpenter, h 9 Pine
Riker, James, author and librarian, h 23 Park ave.
Ritz, Joseph, shoemaker, bds. Christie House
Robbins, Harry E., jewelry, h 36 Broad
Robinson, Jesse, painter, h 9 Orange
Rodhlof, John, saloon, 273 Broad, h do.
Rogers, Charles H., contractor and builder, 413 Chemung, h do.
Rogers, Edwin E., clerk L.V.R.R. Ft. office, h 125 Chemung
Rogers, Irvin H., clerk L.V.R.R. Ft. office, h Pleasant
Rogers, William T., retired, h 28 Lincoln
Rolfe, Cornelius J., brakeman, bds. 15 Providence
Rolfe, Peter B., teamster, h 15 Providence
Rolfe, Willet W., butcher, bds. 15 Providence
Rood, Horace W., brakeman, h 125 Erie
Root, Hubert A., emp. R.R. shops Sayre, h 133 Lincoln
Rose, David A., pattern maker, h 7 Loder
Rosecrants, Abram, laborer, bds. 39 Broad
Ross, Farnk, carpenter and builder, 10 Pine, h do.
Rowland, Bert K., clerk, bds. 13 Waverly
Rowland, John R., wines and liquors, also carriages and wagons, also Burle's patent egg preserver, 242 Broad, h 13 Waverly
Rowland, Kate A., teacher, bds. Pennsylvania ave. n. Broad
Rowland, William A., carpenter and builder, h Pennsylvania ave. n. Broad
Ruher, Louis, machinist, h over 271 Broad
Ryan, Bridget, widow Michael, h Broad
Ryan, Conrad, laborer, h Erie cor. Pennsylvania ave.
Ryan, Dennis, telegraph lineman, h Erie cor. Pennsylvania ave.
Ryan, Jeremiah, town collector, bds. 10 Broad
Ryan, John, railroad emp., rooms over 265 Broad
Ryan, Thomas B., ass't yard master Erie R.R., h 7 Pennsylvania ave.

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